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  1. So a few days ago while perusing around, I came across this vid. I originally posted & commented on it to my profile then later decided to post a blog about it. Video of a guy at some gathering completely naked! ☺️ Damn he's got a really nice peen! 🍆🤤😍 In the vid, 2 women come up to him to pose for a photo / vid with him. One of them even touches & holds his penis (which yes I am jealous) while photos /vid being taken. I even told TIff about this vid & sent it to her so she can get a look at this guy's nice penis! She agreed that he does have a really nice penis & that her & I should've been the 2 women on the vid! 🤭 Qj_IAi5OGODQF44e.mp4 Can only imagine when he is fully erect! 🤔😉🍆 Bet he would feel really good inside. Def would love to get fucked by him without a condom! ☺️ Vid caps: I wanna touch & caress it too! It would be so hard for me not to resist wanting to jerk him off & suck on it! 😉🤭
  2. BhillyBitch


    From the album: My Art

    Hey buddy, what do you think of my cock? him: 🤪😳🥵🤤🤪🫠
  3. My best friend Matthew knew just how much I lusted for my straight friend Esteban and fantasized about sucking his dick. Of course, I just had to call him to tell him all about getting Esteban naked and sucking him off. “Fuck man! How did you finally convince your straight friend Esteban to let you suck his dick?” is what my curious friend Matthew wanted to know, when I told him it had really happened. “It wasn’t hard when the timing was right and his dick was hard. It kind of just happened Saturday night. If you have some time now, I’m ready to tell you all the hot details of how I finally got to suck Esteban off.” is how I responded to Matthew’s question. “Listen Bob, I definitely want to hear all the cocksucking details, but I’m short for time right now. Why don’t you write it down for me. I love your porn fantasy stories and I know this is going to be a LONG one! So write it up and email it to me. Then tonight when I’m alone and horny in bed, I’ll jack off while reading all about your conquest.” “Good idea, Matthew. It’ll make a great fact-based story. You better have lots of lube ready, man. It’s gonna be a hot one!” Immediately, I sat down at my computer and wrote down the story of sucking Esteban off, while it was fresh in my mind and in my mouth. HOW I FINALLY CONVINCED MY STRAIGHT FRIEND ESTEBAN TO LET ME SUCK HIS DICK My friend Erica’s boyfriend Esteban is a handsome hunk from Peru. Because of my tight friendship with Erica, Esteban and I also became friends over time. On many occasions, in front of Erica, I would joke with Esteban about having sex with him. “Erica can watch and learn how to give a man like you a blowjob if she wants.” We all laughed. Nothing ever happened. When Esteban and I were alone, he made sure to keep a safe distance away from me. I wanted him bad, but I allowed our friendship to grow without any physical contact other than a handshake or a hug. I had never seen him naked, but oh how I wanted to see every inch of his luscious body. Late one Saturday night, when I was entertaining a trick at my studio apartment, Esteban called me. For some reason, I answered the call. He explained that Erica had thrown him out of their apartment after finding out about an affair he was having with a female co-worker. He was at a bar getting drunk and he needed a place to stay for a few nights. “Esteban, I’m here with a man right now. Call me in a couple of hours after we’ve had sex.” “Bob, it’s closing time and I have nowhere to go. Let me come over and I’ll sit quietly in a corner and nap while you’re having sex, okay? You’ve always said to call you if I needed anything, my friend.” He was working my guilt button to the max. “Okay Esteban, I’ll leave the door unlocked. But don’t be surprised by anything you see. And take a cab, okay?” “Thanks, man.” When I explained the situation to my trick, a beautiful lean and tight young man, he reminded me that I promised to give his big black dick the best blowjob he ever had. “A promise is a promise, man. Take it out. I can’t wait to suck that monster you showed me in the bar bathroom.” As he stripped naked, he stepped over to a well lit, full length mirror and said “Let’s do it over here. I like to watch a hungry cocksucker at work.” When Esteban arrived twenty minutes later, I was on my knees giving this beautiful black man the best deep throat blowjob he ever had. Esteban sat in an upholstered chair in a dark corner across the room from us. After a moment of feeling uncomfortable, I completely forgot that Esteban was in the room and focused completely on sucking my trick’s beautiful thick long dick. My trick got even more verbal after Esteban’s arrival. “Hot man, you give the best blow job ever. Your throat feels fucking better than a wet pussy, cocksucker. Open up and let me fuck your face. I know you want it.” I guess having an audience really turned him on. For me, his verbal encouragement drove me wild. I hungrily sucked his awesome cock. My face was dripping throat slime from his rough face fucking. “Fuck man, take that big black cock. You got me so close, cocksucker. Keep that up if you want my cum.” I certainly wanted his cum. While he fucked me wildly with long strokes, I used my lips to engorge his huge shaft. I knew what I was doing, expert deep throat cocksucker that I am. “Here it cums, man...” is all he said as he covered my face with several shots of cum. Then he pressed back into my throat until his balls were empty. When he pulled his cock out of me, he gathered all his cum off my face with his fingers and fed me every last drop. His big load was absolutely delicious and I licked my lips. We exchanged phone numbers. It turns out his name was Theodore. I told him to call me when he needed to unload. He said he would definitely call me. And then he left. I went into the bathroom to splash some cold water on my face. When I came out, still naked, I sat in a chair near Esteban. “I’ve never had a blowjob like that, Bob.” is what he said, simply. “Like what?” “Deep throat.” “Really? Why?” “Too thick. And a huge head with lots of foreskin. No way it get’s into someone’s throat.” “I’m an expert with thick, Esteban. You know I’ve offered to blow you, but you were never interested.” “I’m interested now, Bob. But I don’t think you’ll be able to throat it, my friend.” With that said, he unbuttoned his jeans and struggled to get his semi-hard dick out of the fly. When it did pop into view, it was very impressive. “Wow, Esteban, that is one fucking huge dick, man!” “It’s not even fully hard, being trapped in my tight jeans. Why don’t you see if you can make me hard, cocksucker?” I played just a little hard-to-get after all this time of lusting for Esteban: “What’s in it for me, man?” “How about a fucking huge load. I haven’t cum in over a week, Bob.” “Are you sure you want to have sex with another man, Esteban?” “After seeing you suck off that black guy who was just here, Bob, there is nothing I want more than to see your lips stretched around my thick shaft and find out if you’re able to deep throat my cock to the base.” “Get out of those clothes if you’re serious man.” When he jumped up to get out of his jeans, I threw a thick towel over the armchair. Esteban was stripped naked in a flash. He was just as beautiful naked as I had always imagined. Long lean muscles, smooth light colored skin and that dick, omg what a dick! “Okay, so this is how this is going to work, my man. You just sit back down and let me explore your dick and balls for a while so that I can get used to it’s size. I want this first time to be as perfect as my fantasies. Don’t rush this, okay?” “No problem. I’ve got nowhere to go. You can suck my dick for hours if that’s what you want. I know I’m gonna love getting my dick serviced. Is it cool if I smoke some weed?” “As long as you share, no problem! Smoking will relax my throat, so light it up.” “This is some strong shit, Bob. A really sensual high. It will help both of us relax for a good time.” We smoked a joint, and then I knelt in front of Esteban who was sitting in the armchair with his legs spread wide and his dick semi-hard. “I’m gonna coat your dick with some almond oil now, Esteban. I want to feel you grow in my hands.” “I’m all yours, Bob. Show me what you do, man.” I poured a generous amount of slick, edible almond oil on Esteban’s dick and also coated my hands with the slippery stuff. It didn’t take long for him to be fully hard. With one hand squeezing the base and another squeezing the shaft, there was still more than an inch, plus the foreskin covered head, sticking out above my squeezing hands. “More than ten inches of cock here, man!” “Yeah, it’s big.” I squeezed harder making the mushroom head pop out of his thick wrinkly foreskin. “Wow, look at the head on that monster, it’s huge!” “Yeah, it’s big, cocksucker. Is that gonna be a problem?” Squeezing the base of Esteban’s cock with one hand, I put my thick sensuous lips against the enormous head of his huge cock. I looked him straight in the eyes before I answered his question. “No, not a problem, a challenge. But I’m a cocksucker who loves a challenge, Esteban. And see how the shaft bulges out extra thick in the middle here? That will be challenge number 2, but once I get past the swollen center of your shaft man, I will be in cocksucker’s heaven.” “That will be a first for me if you get past that thick bulge. I will be in heaven with you if you can do it.” I kissed the center of his shaft at the thickest point for emphasis. I was certain that this deep throat cocksucker was going to be the first to go down on that thick shaft, past the bulge, until my lips were wrapped tightly around the base of Esteban’s cock. “Fuck yeah, I’m gonna do it, Esteban. And after I get my lips wrapped around the base of your cock and work the shaft with my throat for a while, you can stand up and fuck my face, man. I want you to fuck my face and feed me your load, Esteban.” “Enough talking, Bob, suck it.” I like to be in control, so I teased him first by licking his hairy balls, taking one then the other into my mouth. When I got both of his big balls into my mouth at once, Esteban moaned loudly and I knew I had him where I wanted him. I popped his balls out of my mouth and licked my way up his long shaft. Some straight guys look away when they’re getting a blowjob, but Esteban was focused intently on what I was doing to him. I pulled the foreskin back, added more almond oil, and took the cock head into my mouth. It was like having a whole plum in my mouth. Swirling my tongue around it, I explored it with special attention to the sensitive corona. That got a response from Esteban. “Fuck man, that feels good.” It was time to surprise him. I slid the head to the back of my mouth, worked up a lot of saliva, and swallowed. The cockhead slipped into my throat. “Ohhh, fuck.” is all Esteban said. To open up the entrance to my throat, I slid the head back and forth between my mouth and my throat. My throat sphincter relaxed and adjusted to the size of the cockhead. I worked my lips forward several inches to the start of the shaft bulge, sucking about one third of Esteban’s shaft with my mouth and tongue. I took my time and enjoyed that first third thoroughly. “So I guess that’s it, cocksucker. Is that as much as you can take?” I backed off his dick. “Listen fucker, you are not in charge here. I will take my time and do this at my own pace, using your cock to pleasure my throat. You will go at my speed, following my lead. I will tell you what to do and when to do it. Understand? “Whatever you say, man. You’re in charge. I understand. Actually I like being told what to do.” “Now you’re talking, my handsome friend. And what you need to do now is light up that joint and chill out.” We smoked and got stoned. I guess Esteban was relaxed enough to make a confession. “You know, Bob, you said I was never interested in your offers to blow me, but that’s not true.” “Well that’s how it seemed to be to me, Esteban.” “That’s because Erica is extremely jealous. She’s has a great pussy, but orally she’s just not there. Her mouth is too small and her lips are too delicate to give my big old buddy here a blowjob. And she never, ever sucked on my balls, too gross she said.” “Her loss, man. You have beautiful hairy egg-shaped balls and I love them.” “No it was my loss. So every time you talked about giving me a blowjob, I got a boner and had to clear out and away from you. I never had sex with a man, but you are one hot stud and I couldn’t stop thinking about your thick sexy lips wrapped around my hard dick. But I knew it would destroy Erica if we had sex, so I suppressed my desire to experiment with you. I am 35 years old and have never had a deep throat blowjob, Bob, never.” “Well let’s put that never behind us by getting my thick sexy lips around the base of your awesome cock. I won’t tell Erica, if you won’t.” “Fuck Erica, I need some new sexual adventures and I’m not gonna let thoughts of her stop me.” “Enough talking, Esteban, let me suck it!” “Whatever you say, boss, it’s all yours!” I knelt back down in front of the armchair Esteban was sitting in and looked him in the eyes. “I like when you call me boss, but I like it even better when you call me cocksucker! So this huge dick is all mine, Esteban?” “Every thick fucking inch, cocksucker.” Quickly I got the first third of Esteban’s shaft back into my throat. Then using a see-saw type action, I moved forward slowly on the extra thick bulge in the middle. “Fuck Bob, use my dick. Give your throat what it wants.” And so I did. That bulge was like a wedge pushing my throat walls out ridiculously. But I knew that as soon as I could make my way past the thickest center of the bulge, that I would slide right down that shaft and plant my sexy thick lips around the base. So with focused determination I pushed onward to that thickest point and then over it. The rest of that long shaft just slid down my amazing cocksucking throat until my lips locked around the base of Esteban’s cock. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, Bob. That cock is yours, man. You own every inch of it now, cocksucker!” I backed off his cock completely, applied more almond oil and said “Let the cocksucking begin!” With less resistance now to it’s size, I slid right back down to the base of Esteban’s awesome shaft. When I squeezed my lips repeatedly around thick base, Esteban moaned and shouted out incomprehensively. That thick bulge in the middle helped me to hold his cock deep inside me, but it still felt just a little uncomfortable. Using my strong flexing throat muscles, I began massaging all of the bulging shaft, helping my throat conform to the shape of the intruder. “Fucking unbelievable, Bob, you are a master cocksucker. I have never felt anything like your deep sucking throat, man. I’m in heaven, stud, blowjob heaven.” With all that enthusiasm, I stepped it up a bit with some slow short thrusts, fucking my face on Esteban’s manhood. My throat issued copious amounts of what I call throat cum. Mixed with the almond oil, it was a perfect lube for fucking my face on this monster cock. Once my throat feels the length and thickness of a cock like Esteban’s thrusting deep inside me, it gets greedy for more. Taking long strokes on that hard shaft, my face was dripping as I fucked my own face hungrily on that awesome dick. I got lost in my enthusiastic sucking until Esteban spoke up and brought me back to reality. “You got me so close, Bob. Your sucking on my cock is gonna make me explode man. You are a fantastic cocksucker, stud. Just keep that up if you want my load, man.” I reluctantly backed off of Esteban’s hard cock once again. “I thought you wanted my load, Bob. You had me so close.” “Fuck yeah, Esteban. You promised me a huge load and that’s what I want. But lets go over here by the mirror so you can take charge and watch yourself fuck my handsome face. Don’t hold back. Just fuck my face and feed me that huge load.” “Okay, cocksucker, let’s get over there because I’m gonna fuck you deep and drown you in cum. I need to unload bad, so give me that throat to fuck and feed, cocksucker.” I had lusted for Esteban for too long and fantasized about sucking his dick. I never imagined it would be this incredible, this uninhibited. I knelt in front of the mirror and assumed a position that I knew would give Esteban ideal access to my mouth and throat. I could tell how much he needed to unload. I could tell how much he wanted to fuck my face. I knew that this was a fantasy for Esteban as well as for me. He didn’t hold back. He buried his cock to the base in my deep throat, then pulled all the way out with a sexy slurping sound and lots of slime. He covered his hard cock with a generous amount of almond oil. He looked down at me waiting to service him and pleasure my greedy throat. “Give me that fucking awesome cocksucking deep throat, stud. I’m gonna fuck your face just like you fantasized about for so long, cocksucker.” And Esteban did fuck my face. But in an unexpected way. I thought he would be rough and pounding, but instead he was steady and smooth, sliding his huge hard dick in and out of my velvet throat like a well oiled and fitted machine, our parts working together like they were made for each other in perfect harmony. He stroked my throat sensually, passionately, erotically, coaxing me open with tenderness. Yes, I felt his tenderness. He knew his big dick could hurt me. That’s not what he wanted. He wanted to connect with me in mutual pleasure. “That’s perfect now, Bob. You are making me feel too fucking good, man. No one has ever sucked my cock to the base before, and I can tell how much you are loving the feeling of my manhood deep inside you. Let me do the work now, open up and let me pleasure your stud throat. Let me make love to you, Bob. You are an awesome fucking cocksucker, Bob, and I want to make love to you.” I used my lips and tongue to give this hot man even more pleasure from his first deepthroat blowjob. When I flexed my throat muscles to massage every thick inch of his shaft, I knew we had gone past the point of no return. Esteban’s throbbing hard dick was covered in my throat cum, slime dripping down steadily off his cock and my mouth as he skull fucked me. I felt his dick swell even tighter against the walls of my throat. There was a throbbing intensity as his cock filled to the max with blood. I could feel his heartbeat quicken through his engorged manhood and I knew he was going over the edge. “Oh my god, oh fuck, here I cum cocksucker, here cums my load.” Esteban fucked into me and exploded deep in my throat. He was lost in his delirium and unable to move. So I re-took control and gently eased back until his cockhead was over my hungry mouth and tongue, shooting repeatedly his thick creamy seed. It was an absolutely copious delicious treat. I kept my mouth open and he kept shooting. He promised a huge load, and that is what he provided this hungry cocksucker. He is a man who keeps his promises! As Esteban shot his seed into my mouth, I climaxed without touching my dick. I shot over and over again onto the floor in front of me. My body orgasmed and sweat poured from every pore. The simultaneous release into my mouth and onto the floor seemed almost endless, transported as we were to some other plane of existence. After I don’t know how many shots into my mouth, the explosions subsided. I sucked the head of Esteban's cock back into my mouth. Esteban’s cum continued to flow steadily out of him. I knew his cock would be super sensitive now, so I stopped sucking and just let Esteban empty his balls into me. His cock was still throbbing hard. Amazingly, Esteban pushed forward into my throat until my sexy thick lips were once again around the base of his thick shaft. I stuck my tongue out and licked his balls. Esteban looked down at me, looked down at the way we were connected man to man, and said: “That was well worth waiting for, Bob. I love the way you connect to my swollen manhood, without separation. United in lust, for sure, but making love to each other with explosive mutual pleasure. I sure hope you’ll take charge often and tell me what to do to give you pleasure. Anywhere you want to go, I want to go there with you. Take me on a sexual adventure, stud. I’m ready and willing.” Esteban backed out of me. He knelt down in front of me, put his arms around me and held me close. Hugging him back, I told him: “Esteban, the reality of sucking you off was better than any fantasy I ever created in my dirty mind. You are a sexy stud and connecting to you is a fucking awesome fantasy. Since you’re ready and willing, let’s go on an adventure together, Esteban.” “Fuck yeah, cocksucker! This cock is all yours now, man. Whenever you want it, every thick fucking inch of my big cock is yours.”
  4. After sucking Esteban’s 10+ inch dick and swallowing his enormous load, I was really tired. Saturday had long passed and it was already Sunday morning. I rinsed off and told Esteban he was welcome to sleep with me in my full size bed in an alcove of my studio apartment, but he preferred to sleep on my small couch. I was out like a light after all that intense sexual activity, but I didn’t sleep soundly. To tell the truth, my throat was sore from deepthroating Esteban’s huge cock for the first time. I got up several times to soothe my stretched throat by gargling. The light was already rising before I fell into a deep sleep after taking care of my fucked throat. It was eleven am when I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom to empty my bladder. When I got to the kitchen to make coffee, Esteban was there sitting on a counter stool in sexy Sukrew underwear. “It’s about time you got up, sleepy head.” Esteban said with a big smile as I got the coffee brewing. “Yeah, buddy, I had a sore throat and didn’t sleep well at first.” “Sucking two big dicks in one night too much for you, cocksucker?” he said with a sexy smile on his face as he shook the big stretched pouch of his underwear. “Not really, but this deepthroat cocksucker needs to take good care of his equipment so he’s ready for the next adventure. Those Sukrew underwear are seriously sexy, man, but so gay!” I teased him as I placed a mug of strong black coffee on the counter in front of him. “Yeah, I like these gay briefs a lot. Erica got them for me because of the big pouch. It’s great the way my big meat hangs so free in them. You gay guys sure know how to take care of a big dick, stud!” he teased in response. “We sure do, Esteban, right down to the fucking thick base, man!” I shot right back. “And your ass sure does look sexy in your Tommy Hilfigers. Are you gonna let me fuck your hot bubble butt today, Bob?” Esteban asked in all seriousness, “Wow, Esteban, you really are direct. I like a man who knows what he wants.” I said in surprise at what he was suggesting. “Well last night you said you wanted to go on a sexual adventure together. I thought, maybe, that you would want to show an adventurous straight friend some more new things. I have never fucked ass before, but I sure would like to see how that feels.” he explained as his pouch stretched bigger. “I got a tight man hole, Esteban, that’s not as talented as my deep throat. I’m a Suck & Fuck guy, I’m usually the one doing the ass fucking. I’ve been fucked, but never by a dick like yours, stud.” I explained. “I understand, buddy. But you know I don’t want to hurt you ever. I just want to connect with you, make love to you, and discover new things with you. So it sounds like me fucking your ass would be new for both of us. Don’t you think that would be a fun adventure?” he asked. He made it sound so fucking appealing. “Not sure I’m gonna be able to take your awesome man meat with my tight hole, it’s so fucking big. But if you’re patient, I’d sure like to try.” is how I expressed my willingness to let him fuck my ass, but I knew that would be no easy task for me. “Hey. I’m a patient man and you’re a man who loves a challenge. It’s Sunday and I have no plans all day. You’re in charge, tell me what to do to help you get there. I’ll do what ever you think will help, stud. I’m eager to learn.” Hmmm, Esteban wants me to tell him what to do. This is an opportunity I just can’t pass up. How many times does a man have a chance to be fucked by a cock as big as Esteban’s? Okay here goes. “Let's give it a try, Esteban. Why don’t you roll a few joints while I make us something to eat. After we eat, I’ll tell you what to do if this ass fucking adventure is gonna work.” “Thanks, boss! My meat is pumped up just wondering what you’re gonna tell me to do.” Esteban shook his stretched Sukrew pouch again. Fuck, I sure would like to feel that huge dick deep inside me, filling me up like never before. That is one dick I want to be a total bottom slut for. Esteban showered first. When he climbed out, I climbed into the shower. I told him I’d be a little while because I needed to clean myself out. He wanted to know what that meant and I explained the details to him. The straight man seemed surprised at the preparation necessary for getting fucked in the ass. “Just close the bathroom door when you’re done in here and hang out in your sexy underwear until I’m done. And have those joints ready.” I instructed. “Yes sir” he replied “I like it when you tell me what to do, boss.” I had brought a good sized buttplug into the shower with me. After flushing my insides with the enema hose, I coated the buttplug with lube and inserted in carefully into my shit chute. When the thickest part of the plug squeezed past my hole, I held it there a moment adjusting. The buttplug was long enough to reach my inner sphincter and tease it open. Once I felt comfortable I started using my ass muscles to work it in and out of me without popping it completely out. Then I repeatedly pulled the fattest part of the plug out of my asshole and pressed it back in to loosen my hole. That’s just what I needed if the huge head of Esteban’s cock was going to be able to get in. I wanted my rosebud to be spread wide open and ready to get fucked. I reinserted the buttplug with ease. The buttplug was feeling really good now, my asshole’s resistance was gone. Well, the resistance to the buttplug was gone, but I knew Esteban’s cock was much thicker and longer than the plug. I left the plug inside me and put on a pair of underwear that had a tight seam up the back that would keep it in place and allow me to continue to stretch my hole with it. With my preparations complete, I was ready to put Esteban to work. While we smoked a joint, I explained to Esteban how I had prepped myself with the buttplug. I showed him a large dildo that I had used on occasion on some willing fuck buddies. “Actually, Esteban, I have never had this dildo inside me.” I held up the dildo for Esteban to see it clearly. “Wow, that is one big dildo!” “Yeah but not quite as big as your fucking huge hard cock, man.” “I got a fucking huge dick, Bob, but I know you want it, man. I know you’re curious to find out what it would feel like deep inside you.” “You got that right, Esteban. I want to be a total bottom slut getting fucked by your huge hard dick. But to get to the point of being sufficiently stretched open to take it, I’m first going to carefully guide this dildo into my tight man hole. When I have the thick base of the dildo pressed against my hairy hole, that’s when you can drop your sexy briefs and fuck my bubble butt, just like you asked for.” For emphasis I grabbed his fabric covered swollen cock, obviously growing in his Sukrews. “Fuck yeah, stud. My cock is raging just at the idea of getting inside your beautiful stud butt! Why don’t you let me open up your hot hole with that big dildo, Bob? Why don’t you get up on your knees on the bed here and let me play with your hole?” This was unexpected but very appealing. I handed the dildo to Esteban. After removing the buttplug, I lubed up my hole real good and stretched it open with three fingers. I got up on the bed on my knees and gave Esteban a nice view of my gaping hole. “Fuck man, that is so hot!” I pushed my ass out and opened my hole for Esteban to see how ready I was to get fucked. “You like that hot hole, Esteban?” “You got me throbbing hard, Bob. I had to take my shorts off to let my cock free. Tell me what you want, man.” “Put the head against my hole, but don’t push it in. I’ll do that.” “Okay, buddy, here it is.” I felt the dildo’s head against my hungry rosebud. I pushed my hips back and popped the dildo’s head into my asshole. It spread me open and had my ass on fire. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh shit. The head of that dildo is bigger than I thought.” “That’s not the dildo, Bob, it’s my cock. I told you I was throbbing hard and you said “Put the head against my hole.” “Fuck, fuck, fuck Esteban. Your huge cockhead is splitting me open.” “Should I take it out?” “No, no, no! Let me get used to it now. The initial pain is subsiding.” “You are so tight, Bob.” “Your cockhead is so huge, Esteban.” “Yeah it’s big, buddy. Tell me what you want me to do.” “Move it in and out a little inside me.” “Okay, like this?” “Fuck yeah, Esteban. Like that. Mmmm, that feels great. My preparation with the buttplug is paying off.” “Now just relax and feel me.” “That’s not so easy, man. You’re huge.” “Feel me, Bob. Give yourself up to me. Feel the connection, my big hard cock in your hot tight hole. Man to man.” “Hmmm, man in man. I feel so full.” “Full with my manhood inside you. Take a deep breathe. Open up and take me like I know you want so bad.” I took a deep breathe, as instructed, and focused on the thickness of the man inside me. Esteban’s huge cock was really inside me. Oh how I have lusted for Esteban for so long. And now I have him inside me. “Perfect, Bob. I feel you feeling me, man.” “It feels awesome, Esteban. I didn’t think I’d be able to take it, but it feels awesome having you inside me. I want you inside me all the way now. I want your huge dick inside me fucking my hole, Esteban, every fucking thick inch of it.” “All the way, Bob. You sure you’re ready?” “If we’re gonna do this, Esteban, you need to give me all your dick to the base and hold it there, even if I scream. I’m gonna take another deep breathe, then give it to me.” As I breathed in, Esteban buried himself inside me. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. I have never been so full, Esteban, never. Fuck me, Esteban, I need you to fuck me with your huge dick, man." “Oh shit, man, I got you inside me, just like I’ve wanted for so long, fucker. And I love it, the pleasure of the pain. The pleasure of the fullness.” “Fuck yes, stud, the pleasure of connecting to you. You own my dick now, stud, it’s all yours.” It’s all mine. It’s all mine. It’s really all mine. I used my ass muscles to feel all eleven inches of its length. I could feel the enormous head deep inside me stretching me open where I had never been touched before. The intensity of the pain subsided. Amazingly, I adjusted to the massively huge, enormously thick dick deep inside me. “It’s all mine, Esteban, and I want you to fuck me now. I want to feel you take me and possess my ass. Fuck me, Esteban. I love the way you’re stretching me open. Give it to me.” “And I want to make love to you, beautiful man. But I want to turn you over on your back so that I can see your face every time I thrust into you. I want to see your handsome face and every one of your facial expressions as I fuck you.” “Whatever you want, Esteban. I’m all yours. And I want to see your face as you make love to me.” Esteban backed out of me slowly. I was on my back in a flash. I put a pillow under my butt and pulled my legs close to my body with my arms so that Esteban had easy access to my gaping hole. His throbbing dick loomed over me as he coated it with lube. “What a fucking hot hole, Bob. Tell me what you want. stud.” “Oh fuck, Esteban. I feel so empty now. I want your dick back inside me. I want you to split me open with that monster of a dick, man. I want you to fuck my tight hole and fill me with your load.” He put the head of his cock against my rosebud. “Ready?” I nodded without speaking and took a deep breath. He pushed back inside me. “Fuck, Esteban. That feels incredible. I love how your dick feels inside me. You made me a total bottom slut for your beautiful dick man. Give it to me, Esteban. I need it bad. I want it all.” Smoothly and without any rush he pushed that enormous shaft further inside me. I couldn’t help but cry out, stretched to the max like that. That dick was just so fucking big. I couldn’t believe how it felt pressing inside my tight hole. “Show me how much you want my dick, Bob. Relax and push onto me, stud. Work my dick with your tight stud ass. Never fucked ass before. Show me how good you can make me feel.” Fuck yes, I can do this. I can give Esteban the fuck of his life. I relaxed the walls of my ass, and then tightened, relaxed again and tightened again. Fuck yes, I can give myself the fuck of my life riding Esteban’s massive meat. I gave up all resistance and possessed that cock, using it to pleasure my unbelievably stretched hole. Feeling the change of receptivity of my ass muscles, Esteban pulled out of me with a sexy swooshing sound and then plunged back down into me. “Your hole is mine, stud. I feel it. I feel you.” “My hole is yours, Esteban. I feel you. Fuck me buddy. Take my manhole, fucker.” I locked eyes with Esteban as he began thrusting in and out of me. My previous thoughts that I wouldn’t be able to take him were all forgotten. I worked my ass muscles on his shaft with every thrust. My cock was throbbing hard. I was in heat for this man and I could tell from his eyes that his first experience fucking a man was more intense than he had expected. And the pressure of that huge cockhead against my prostate with every thrust was bringing me ever so close to the edge. “You got me so close, Esteban. Fucking me like that has me right on the edge of exploding.” “Let it go, stud. I want you to cum.” And with those simple words, Esteban grabbed my hard dick and stroked my cock as he fucked me. I couldn't hold back any longer. I started erupting. It was the most incredible prostate orgasm I had ever experienced. Every time Esteban's huge cockhead thrust back and forth over my prostate, my dick shot streams of creamy cum over and over again onto my abs and chest. I covered myself with a huge load of cum. Feeling my ass muscles spasm on his cock and seeing me shoot my load brought Esteban to the point of no return. With a change in his facial expression to a mix of pain and pleasure and with the further thickening of his shaft deep inside me, I knew Esteban was about to go over the edge. “Oh my god, oh fuck, fuck, fuck. I’m gonna shoot. Here it cums...” Esteban pulled his cock out of my hole . I watched as he convulsed over me, shooting arcs of creamy cum, hitting my face several times, shooting into my open mouth, covering my dick and abs with his hot cum. As his dick fired shot after shot of a huge fucking load, his whole body orgasmed over and over again. It was incredible to watch the intensity of Esteban exploding all over the first man he ever fucked. As his dick and body explosions slowed, his intense expression calmed to convey pure pleasure and release. There was a moment of stillness as he still hovered above me with his eyes closed. Then every pore of his body flowed with sweat that dripped down onto my cum covered body. Esteban opened his eyes, smiled with certain sexual satisfaction. He lowered his body onto mine. His sweat mingled with our cum and we were glued to each other with our fluids. Our bodies slid sensuously over each other as our hearts pounded together in our chests. When our breathing returned to normal, Esteban lifted his head off my shoulder and looked me in the eyes. “Thank you for that sexual adventure, stud. I have never felt like that before. I’m glad I convinced you to let me fuck your amazing bubble butt, Bob.” “Me too, Esteban. My ass has never been fucked like that before. I was hesitant, but I fucking loved it, Esteban, every huge fucking inch of it.” “A new adventure for both of us.” “Where do we go from here?” I wondered out loud. “Anywhere you want, boss!” Esteban replied without hesitation.
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