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Growing up before the internet, other than television and socks on film, magazines, catalogs, and newspapers were a tremendous source for men's socked (stockinged) feet. Probably the best part, because no one knew of my fetish, I was totally isolated, living in a vacuum. No one to judge me, no one to bitch and complain about females in the photos or listening to BS like, "The photo would be better if she weren't in it." "I hate those kind of socks. Why don't you post these kind of socks?" Sadly, the internet crashed the party and never went home.

Of course so much more is available to us with sock fetishes now. I still like to complain. I love writing novels when I know the vast majority of men (gay, str8, and everything in between) have one goal when searching the 'net for "porn" is to just get off. I'll write novels about my sock/foot fetish and who knows how many members and "guests" are here on Adonis who can access what feels like millions upon millions of pornographic media, which is available to them and they will respond to my postings with "confused emojies" or bitchy comments when they have no history of posting ANYTHING at all.

So, in conclusion, I was going to post another album containing hundreds of thousands of images of men advertising socks. Instead, I'll let you go hunt down your own images to get off on. I wasn't put on this Earth to provide you with jackoff material and not receive anything in return. I love sharing, but not tonight.

Goodnight, and happy sock hunting my friends.

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