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I'll Take Both, aka Marine Furlough (Brentwood, 1975)



I'll Take Both, aka Marine Furlough (Brentwood, 1975)

I'll Take Both (aka Marine Furlough) is one of three Brentwood loops featuring Gary Boyd, and costars Bill (in the opening sequence) and Marc Stevens. Gary also appeared in Service Station (with Mike Savage, r. 1976) and The Biggest I've Ever Had (with Dino, r. 1976). He was reportedly a Canadian ex-marine, and apart from his work with Brentwood also posed for Junior Studio (based in Los Angeles). Less is known about Bill, who is credited as Jim in Ebony Love (Brentwood, r. 1975) and Mike Savage and the Woodsman (Brentwood, r. 1975). The most prolific of the three was Marc Stevens, who performer in mainly straight porn (and is interviewed in In Heat  magazine [No. 1, 1977, pg. 12]). 


Brentwood was founded in 1974 by Jack Dufault (aka Matt Sterling), in partnership with Jim Hodges (aka David Shields / John Travis), and was based in San Francisco. (More info in Manshots, Vol. 2, No. 6, March 1990, p.6).

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Great post! Gary was always one of the better looking of the big-dicked guys from that era.

And, where can I get that shirt?!

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