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Monte Hanson (AMG)



A selection of Monte Hanson posing for AMG. 


Info from Physique Pictorial (Vol. 13, No. 2, Oct. 1963 [p.3]):

"Monte was loaned to us by Champion Studios who brought him on a trip by car from New York to Los Angeles. Part way across country they were to meet up with Jim Stryker who was riding his motorcycle. The photographer had magnificent plans, but had failed to consider the temperamental natures of his models. To put it mildly, he met so much opposition and so little cooperation that he was mentally and physically exhausted. 


Monte Hanson & Jim Stryker by Champion

  On the day he was to do a cover shot at an airport (for which executive arrangements had been made far in advance) Monte was off tom catting in some lady's apartment. The day was saved because Evret Lee Jackson happened along and took his place (and not only for that picture, but for the rest of the way back to New York). Monte was undaunted however, quickly and magically (and honestly) gathered $150 together and started hitchhiking across country to his wife and children in Indianapolis. Before he left he completed the pictures for AMG: Military school Initiation, Travelers and the Thieves, Cruel Cop and His Prisoner, and Monte Hanson Posing"


Monte Hanson Posing (c.1963), Dir. Bob Mizer

Related album:

Monte Hanson Outdoors (r. 1967), Dir. Bob Mizer


Monte Hanson by Bob Mizer (c.1967)

Monte Hanson [on Rooftop] (1967), Dir. Bob Mizer

Related album:

The Complete Monte Hanson (trailer)


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Always like to see Monte's big dick bouncing around!  About six years ago I was talking to Dennis Bell, the guy who bought all of the AMG films and slides) and urged him to make the DVD of The Complete Monte Hanson(Hansen) which he did.  So nice so much of Monte's films in one place.


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Watching the first films, I was thinking "A bit more muscle and definition, plus that face and smile, and he could do Hollywood."  The last "biker" segments kind of proved my point, but not with the "summer blonde" look.  Thanks for sharing!

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