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I: The bus ride

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PART I: The Bus Ride.


I rounded up a few guys and suggested a pub crawl. Pub crawls are always popular. The statement "How about coming to hell and back with me" might have made some of the guys uneasy.

The meeting point was arranged along with the time the coach was leaving. So, I started up a few drinking games during the bus ride, so the guys were relaxed and having a bit of fun.

We entered through a tunnel, and came out the other side in The Twilight Zone. A billboard was erected on the side of the road advising that temporary visas has been issued to the BGP members,. welcoming them to the real Hell.

I doubt we needed to see that video playing just below the Welcome sign of Justin Bieber laying on the bed slowly masturbating. Apparently one of his music videos his Management Team refused to release.

They agreed on organising the paparazzi shots in Bora Bora and leaked them appropriately. What an exhibitionist.


Old Nick met us at the bus station. Apparently there is a bus station, a train station and an airport. Who would have guessed.

At that point he walked off and told us to follow. "Walk this way", he said. I had never seen anyone mince like that before, but we followed anyway. A few tried to imitate him as a joke.

Upon entering the foyer, he turned around, looking at the jokers with a slightly irritated stare. "Like goody two shoes up in the penthouse, I see everything." He then turned to one of the offenders, looked into their eyes and repeated it. "Yes sweetie, everything. I keep notes. A previdex system on all of you. Who you are, what you think, who you've done . One of you, we needed extra stationery. There's a party planned when you finally choke on that oversized cock.". A look passed over his face, as though he thought, Oops, too much information, these guys don't need to know.

Then a mysterious smug little grin followed. Why was this guy so smug?

He turned and walked over to a large window on the furthest point from the door Turning back towards us and he almost squirted out, in that strange high pitched voice, just so camp,  "And don't believe everything you hear about God either, Don't be surprised if you see him in the gym, or in the bar. He usually only drinks water when he is down here". Followed by a really wicked little grin. Most curious, really.

Apparently the devil wasn't all that computer literate. Comes with the age I guess.

I was curious about the origins of the universe, and why God took so long to invent humans, but it wasn't really the moment to ask. Especially having had a quick glance through that window.


Part II: The Induction

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