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Tuesday - 23rd



this has been a most up-and-down day. yesterday, I sat wistfully by the phone all day, hoping the orthopædist would call. no such luck. at 5 pm, I bundled into the car and headed for urgent care. to avoid a very long story, let me say, there is good news and there is bad news. medically, the young woman who doctored me was very uplifting, and has ordered physical therapy. great! administratively, we did not do so well. before the medical exam, which lasted 10 minutes, I spent over an hour and a half confronting people who were extremely disorganized and slow. gah! back here, I tried to get some sleep, which left me in bed quite late, unable to deal with breakfast, and out to market. happily back here and drooling over the picture collection. I added to Miscellaneous Male Models M and must acknowledge assistance from @anubis and @JackFTwist on the pix posted heretofore. I would like to get all of these dudes out of Miscellaneous Purgatory, finding the thumbnail male, Steve Mc Guire, to be inordinately attractive, toothsome, and worthy of sex. why on earth do I only have one image of the man? ah well, I have rabbited on long enough. the feature for today is called Chris Mazdzer, who appears to be an athletic teddy bear who would fit well into my arms. welcome to our new clubmembers, and thank you for remembering me with Likes and Stiffies. they are appreciated!








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