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These mothafuckers are Gay. and they are not hiding it. No respectable straight men have sleepovers or hangs out in that way. I am just saying....sounds a little bit gay to me.

Charlie-Puth-and-Adam-Levine.jpg (1200×675)


Puth & Levine worked closely with one another on The Voice, where Charlie served as an adviser for Team Adam, but their friendship didn't start there. Puth actually saw Levine while driving in LA and rolled down his window to ask him to hangout. The two quickly became BFFS and were soon working out with one another and enjoying frequent sleepovers.
And I have seen them in their underwear on video which hey recorded.....
maxresdefault.jpg (1280×720)


Look at this video and tell me at this sleepover that they aren't gay. I Dare you....Hahahaha....lol......hahahaha




Well.....I am showing pics of me that I think are my best shots....younger here..........man...how things have changed over the years.......Shorter now....lol.......oh well.....It is what it is.....















Taking a bubble bath......



















So, when I first met him it was on Porn network....I was captured by a number of reasons that only he and I will shared. I have had videos sent to me before but not like this....this one is personal and getting more personal as it goes on....It's been a week....here's what I got from him. You tell me.

He was suppose to cum 3 times but he only came once. so, I told him that the next video I like to see him cum 3 times.....he took my request seriously. Check it out.





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