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Wednesday - 6th



different kind of day today! I went to the orthopædist for a follow up, and was met by a most attractive nurse 🤩 I couldn't just stare like I would like to 😞 and there wasn't a lot to see with scrubs, surgeon's cap, and mask - he seemed to have an odd colour of gold hair. still did not have time to analyze if it came out of a bottle. anyway, my thrill for the day. did I ever tell you that the dirtiest, most foul, vile, four-letter word in the language is WAIT!? I have about a week to wait to see if we shall go forward with my vacation plans or so sideways. man! in the mean time, men!! I hope you like my lineup for today. they represent a head-spinning variety of handsome hunks who, sadly, are not within reach. my featured fella is Mark Kleckner, late of playgirl fame. I read somewhere that sex is like bridge - if you don't have a good partner, it helps to have a good hand 😛  a warm welcome to our newest clubmembers, and thanks for the Likes and Stiffies awarded to me - they really light up my mornings [broad hint][also, they don't cost you anything]







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