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About this blog

"Sexual Alternatives and Relational Lifestyles" I am a mature man in my 50s,  I am  partially retired. Catholic, Apostolic and Roman. I am always thinking about my health and looking for everything concerning how I can stay in shape and with sufficient vision to enjoy a little more of what life offers while respecting freewill and the way of thinking of others within respectfully. As you know, I tell you before starting this conversation, I am alone, my life in the sexual field has radically changed, but during these days of confinement I have found something called "Sexual Alternatives and Relationship Lifestyles; At first I was overwhelmed by the idea of the various ways a man can satisfy himself sexually, as well as my background and religious beliefs. For a while it made me feel like I could go to hell after this life. Not to mention the terrible idea of family, public and social opinion. In my quest for search for alternatives to improve my physical and emotional health in addition to maintaining and taking care of my body and mind. I met a club called "Sembradores" My first contact was with another mature man with similarities to my profile named Frank. Totally interested in the ideas and goals that in a long conversation and many cups of coffee we share. Frank was my first "Brofriend" He was the one who introduced me to the many varieties and alternatives of "Sexual Alternatives and Relational Lifestyles". But essentially everything with mutual respect. Sex is an important part of life and general well-being. In relationships, orgasms play an important role in bonding. Physical and emotional benefits, such as reduced risk of heart disease, improved self-esteem, a clear mind, and more, can come from sex activities. Recreational physical activities are also essential, as well as water, nutricionals food and a clean shelter. Although some psychologists may assume their oldest clients no longer have sex, research confirms that plenty of older adults are still interested and engaging in sex. ... They're helping older people overcome erectile dysfunction, menopause symptoms and other potential barriers to satisfying sex.

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