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About this blog

I’m a discreet bi 33 year old, I use the term “bi” rather loosely seeing as how I only date women. For as long as I can remember, the idea of an older, mature middle aged man, selecting  a younger boy (legal age of course) and pursuing him for the sole purpose of having total sexual control over him. I’ve been fortunate to have enjoyed several experiences in this dynamic. The first time I was introduced to it was not long after my 18th birthday. I was a senior in high school and worked part time as a server at a restaurant owned by a gay couple in their early 50s. They overlapped their time their with one of them(Tim) opening and then leaving after the dinner rush while One of the owner (Keith) staying until closing. Keith and I had a great rapport and I caught him checking me out quite frequently. I was curious about what being with a guy older then my parents would feel like, I imagined it would be fun to be objectified, but I was not nearly brave enough to go out and take the first step with any older guy. Not to mention my boss who had a husband. He asked me to stay late and help with inventory, and said I could sneak a few glasses of wine if I did. I quickly agreed,  once we were alone, he opened a bottle and began the inventory. About 30 minutes into it, he decided that was enough and we went to his office to watch a little tv. He and his husband shared the office and essentially had a living room set up in there, once we were a bit tipsy the conversation turned a corner towards a sexual tone. Long story short, it wasn’t long before he had my pants and briefs down around my ankles and with my cock in his mouth. From there it was not very much of a challenge for him to put his finger in me which naturally led to me bending over his desk while he buried his face in between my ass cheeks. It was an eye opening experience which I will forever be grateful To him for introducing me to. I felt some guilt over the fact that he was cheating,  but I later learned that they had an unorthodox interpretation of the definition of monogamy. 

I would be thrilled to hear from anyone with a similar story. I’d  especially like to hear from any older fellas that seek out younger guys to play with, and how you go about meeting those needs345B1043-F30E-4F86-A5A7-93886496A4C0.jpeg.1b8c69bc25fe0ee363b710d524fb5859.jpeg



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What is it about older men

Ever since I stumbled across an image of a heavyset bald man (in his 50’s ) complete with a beard and glasses, that had his face buried between the ass cheeks of a slender young blonde boy(legal age of course) with a perfect body, I knew that I had discovered the role I was meant to play. I Only date women, but I am always interested in fulfilling the fantasies of a man twice my age. I’m 33 and have had several long term arrangements over the years since I’ve been 18. I would love to share my ex


Jared513 in Older men

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