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Found 7 results

  1. OMG, he’s naked: The Nats game streaker Jaquan Taylor So it seems some time recently during a rain delay in a MLB game, there was this guy who decided to have some naked fun! With the spread out tarp on the baseball field, he made it into a Slip-n-Slide! 🚫👚🌧️ I will say when I first saw these photos, that he does have a cute butt! 😊 Cute butt! 😊 Too bad it was raining hard, would've gotten a nice glimpse of his peen! Hard to tell but wonder if there is a glimpse of the tip of his penis? 🤔 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/a
  2. It's been 2 years since I've been to my favorite getaway, Hedo. Guess it would be my 2nd home as I've been there many times! 🤭😊☀️🚫👙🏖️🌴 Been talking to Tiff about for this & pondering the idea of a return girls trip to Hedo II! ✈️🌴 https://www.hedonism.com/events-entertainment/events/kandiland-wonderland/ If we do go, might have to enter the Miss KandiLand Bikini Contest again as I won it last time I was there. The contest winning thong bikini Let me just say the last time TIff & I went, things may have gotten a tad outta hand! 🤭 Both of us really
  3. As well as many of you know by now, if you don't already know this about me, I am a avid nude sunbather. ☀️🚫👙 Have been since college. 😊 My usual spot to enjoy the sun & layout naked is usually in my backyard. I though have been to other places that I've enjoyed being able to get naked & rip off my thong bikini to nude sunbathe as well such a my favorite spot in Negril, Jamaica at Hedo II! 😊 So a lingerie & bikini site that I have perused around at, Pour Moi has dropped the 411 (info) about where in the US one can get naked & enjoy the sun ☀️ https://www.pour
  4. OMG, he’s naked: Model Maximo Garcia’s hot nude beach photo Spanish model Maximo Garcia not only shows off his hot muscular tanned body but a very impressive penis! 🤤 Now only if I could find this at one of my visits to a nude beach! 😉 Don't get me wrong now, I have seen some really nice naked men when I've gone to Hedo! 🤭 This photo is just simply yummy! 😍🤤 That beautiful muscular tanned body with a gorgeous hairless huge penis! What I wouldn't do to get into some nice, steamy, outdoor sex with both of our tanned bodies together! The thought of that huge,
  5. SinisterDouglas

    w stick in woods

    From the album: Forever Favorites

  6. Last of my Hedo II 🏖️ updates as we are getting ready to head back home in a couple hours! ✈️ HEDO UPDATE 08/18/2019😊 https://www.adonismale.com/blogs/entry/224-🏖️🌴☀️🚫👚👙 hedo-trip-w-updates-0813-182019-🏖️🌴☀️🚫👚👙/ https://www.adonismale.com/blogs/entry/232-🏖️🌴👙 miss-hedonism ii-bikini-contest 👙🌴🏖️/ 🏖️💦🚫👙 My one last good fuck in Hedo! 🏖️💦🚫👙 So yesterday being our last full day here at Hedo, Tiff & I decided to find each of ourselves one guy to have one last good fuck from before we leave Hedo. 😂 We each went on our ways for our cock hunt & I met up with this gor
  7. @anubis had posted this on the board "What Made You Laugh Today" & it reminded me of a lil incident years ago in CA. https://www.adonismale.com/forums/topic/1403-what-made-you-laugh-today/page/43/?tab=comments#comment-390231 https://www.adonismale.com/forums/topic/1403-what-made-you-laugh-today/page/43/?tab=comments#comment-390286 A few years ago I had a Wicked Weasel minimal coverage thong bikini that when wet, becomes see through and allows any onlookers to see my tanned boobs & bald pussy! 🤭 One time I made the mistake of wearing one to a public beach 🏖️
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