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  1. So the other day while perusing around the net, my curiosity got the better of me. I came across a site that offered many photos of male celebs, athletes, & others in some form of undress. After registering, I began to look around the site & came across this fine specimen, Rob Ashton. My gawd! 🤤😍 That body.... oh the thoughts! Think he does well in this orange thong & his nice butt looks really good in it!! 😍 Yum! Of course he looks even better NAKED! 😍🤤😊 Such a beautiful hairy penis! Def looks much better naked, you think? 🤔 Just look at that body let alone his beautiful penis & that really cute butt! 😍🤤 Deliciously naked outdoors with the waves putting that gorgeous penis on full display! 😍 Only later did I find out more about him being a romance novel cover model let alone he appeared in the April 1998 issue of Playgirl! 😊 See more courtesy of AM: I also sadly found out that he passed back in 2007 due to heart related issues. 😔
  2. OMG! 😲 Dunno how I should feel about this. 🤔 So my daughter Cynthia's boyfriend showed up earlier & saw 👀 me completely naked! 🚫👙☺️ Seems as though while I was out back enjoying the pool naked 🏊‍♀️🚫👙, she didn't know I was & when he showed up, she told him to go on out back to the pool as she was in the middle of putting on her thong bikini 👙! Much to my surprise when I surfaced from being underwater, there stood her boyfriend poolside waiting for her. I do know that at first he got a good view of my tanned boobs as I surfaced. 🤭 Think he was just as surprised 😲 thinking I would've had a bikini 👙 on. We both smiled as I carelessly tried to cover up but knew that he already got his glance at them. Just as Cynthia made her way out through the sliding door, I slowly made my way out of the pool giving him a first class view 👀 of my naked all over tanned body. Found it kinda funny that he tried his best not to look with some embarrassment but I could sense he enjoyed the view. 🤭 Cynthia laughed 😂 as she could see him blush about seeing me naked. He apologized for his unannounced appearance by the pool but assured him that I had no issues with it. Cynthia also assured him everything was cool as he slowly began to check her out in her thong bikini 👙. She apologized to me for it too but told her that we'll talk about it later. It kinda turned me on as I could feel his eyes 👀 take one final glance at my nudeness as I walked by him, making sure he got an eyeful. I could see his eyes glance downward stealing on last glimpse of my bare tanned pussy & could feel his eyes looking at my tanned ass as I passed. 🤭 As I made my way inside, Cynthia began to chat with him as she took his hand as they made their way to a poolside lounger. Once inside I made my way to enjoy a shower. When I was, I could only think of what went through her boyfriend's mind as he saw me in & coming out of the pool. Pleasured myself a little with that thought while showering. Afterwards as I dried off & wrapped myself in the towel, I went to glance outside to see what Cynthia & her boyfriend were doing. Much to my surprise, I see Cynthia sucking his penis! 😲😊 I made my way downstairs to get a better view to confirm of what I saw. OMG! She sure was sucking away on his penis! I could see her hand stroking it as she sucked. I got a really good view of his penis when she withdrew it from her mouth & boy was he erect as fuck & had be at least 6 inches! I will admit he does have a nice looking penis & was getting wet watching my daughter enjoying it! I reached underneath my towel & began to pleasure myself watching them. My mind became lost as I couldn't believe that I was just standing there pleasuring myself watching 👀 this happen before my eyes. So much that I I ripped off the towel that was covering me & stood there naked pleasuring myself as my hands caressed my boobs & teased my now wet 💦 bare tanned pussy! What I saw next will forever be embedded in my thoughts as I could see him slowly reach around Cynthia & pull at her thong bottom exposing her ass even more. Cynthia then stood up from him as he began to jerk off in front of her. She pulled down & removed her thong bottom giving him a full view of her teen pussy & ass. I continued to pleasure myself as I watched her reach down & grab his erect penis & slowly guide it to her pussy. She sat down on it & began to bounce up & down on that nice teen peen of his! A couple times they switched positions as I enjoy watching this happen right in front of me, watching him fucking Cynthia. I could see she was enjoying him fucking her as at times her eyes were closed enjoying the feel of him inside. I lost it & squirted all over when I could see him tensing up & getting ready to unload his semen. Cynthia pulled him out just as he erupted with a rather beautiful & impressive cumshot 💦! His semen shot everywhere on her as she smiled. Afterwards both collected themselves they entered the pool & spent some time skinny dipping. 🏊‍♀️ I collected & cleaned myself up after my nice masturbation session watching them, I threw on a thong bikini & went back outside to bring some towels for them. I acted like I didn't know what just happened between them or that I noticed Cynthia's thong bikini by the lounger. Funny thing is that I knew & could see them naked in the pool & just smiled 😊 at them. I feel comfortable with Cynthia knowing she is educated beyond her teen years about sex & knows what she needs to know about it. I do know & is comforting that she is a strong, confident teenager that will not take any crap from anyone her age regardless of who it is. Blessed to be her mother & hope she gets out of life what she wants. I love you Cynthia! 😊 Look forward to our chat later on about this. Deciding on if I will blog about it. 🤔
  3. OMG! 😮 My man just revealed to me where we are going next month for my birthday 🎂🎉! I will say this much, I will be wild as fuck when we go & get there! He book few days at Desire Resort Riviera Maya in Cancun! 🌴🏖️🌞🌊 https://www.desire-resort.com/ A "clothing-optional" resort, which you know what that means for me! 🚫👙 or 👚! 🤭 We will be staying in what they call the Desire Suite. https://www.desire-resort.com/desire/accommodations/desire-suite I will bring a couple thong bikinis to have on hand, which one will definitely be this one! 😉 Oh I know I will be turning heads running around wearing this or even when I am naked! 😉🤭
  4. OMG, he’s naked: The Nats game streaker Jaquan Taylor So it seems some time recently during a rain delay in a MLB game, there was this guy who decided to have some naked fun! With the spread out tarp on the baseball field, he made it into a Slip-n-Slide! 🚫👚🌧️ I will say when I first saw these photos, that he does have a cute butt! 😊 Cute butt! 😊 Too bad it was raining hard, would've gotten a nice glimpse of his peen! Hard to tell but wonder if there is a glimpse of the tip of his penis? 🤔 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9626603/Come-pants-Streaker-turns-infield-Slip-N-Slide-Nats-rain-delay.html
  5. OMG, he’s naked: Model Maximo Garcia’s hot nude beach photo Spanish model Maximo Garcia not only shows off his hot muscular tanned body but a very impressive penis! 🤤 Now only if I could find this at one of my visits to a nude beach! 😉 Don't get me wrong now, I have seen some really nice naked men when I've gone to Hedo! 🤭 This photo is just simply yummy! 😍🤤 That beautiful muscular tanned body with a gorgeous hairless huge penis! What I wouldn't do to get into some nice, steamy, outdoor sex with both of our tanned bodies together! The thought of that huge, tanned, hairless dick inside me, penetrating my tanned hairless pussy! Oh the visual I have right now! 🤤😍 Without a doubt I'd love to be right there with him on that rooftop naked with him having fun with him & that penis! 🤭🤤
  6. @anubis had posted this on the board "What Made You Laugh Today" & it reminded me of a lil incident years ago in CA. https://www.adonismale.com/forums/topic/1403-what-made-you-laugh-today/page/43/?tab=comments#comment-390231 https://www.adonismale.com/forums/topic/1403-what-made-you-laugh-today/page/43/?tab=comments#comment-390286 A few years ago I had a Wicked Weasel minimal coverage thong bikini that when wet, becomes see through and allows any onlookers to see my tanned boobs & bald pussy! 🤭 One time I made the mistake of wearing one to a public beach 🏖️ in CA. I only realized this after I had been playing in the ocean with my brothers & came time to leave. While still in the water (which was up to my neck) I decided I might as well get naked & take off my thong bikini show it all 🚫👙, since any onlookers were gonna end up seeing my boobs & pussy through my bikini anyways! As I slowly made way out of the water, I could feel many eyes begin to glare at my nakedness (which I will admit was a fuckin turn on). My brothers weren't really shocked that I did this as they know how wild I can get, were waiting for me with a open towel to cover up. By the time I got to them, I had already been issue a citation for indecent exposure in public. It was so worth it, every dollar! 🤭
  7. It's been 2 years since I've been to my favorite getaway, Hedo. Guess it would be my 2nd home as I've been there many times! 🤭😊☀️🚫👙🏖️🌴 Been talking to Tiff about for this & pondering the idea of a return girls trip to Hedo II! ✈️🌴 https://www.hedonism.com/events-entertainment/events/kandiland-wonderland/ If we do go, might have to enter the Miss KandiLand Bikini Contest again as I won it last time I was there. The contest winning thong bikini Let me just say the last time TIff & I went, things may have gotten a tad outta hand! 🤭 Both of us really enjoyed our time being able to run around naked 🚫👙, which lead to both of us getting fucked multiple times! Of course during my stay, I met DeAnthony! 🤤 I got naked & enjoyed his huge penis on my last day. He fucked me really good, in broad daylight, outdoors on a beach! 😊🤤 Hopefully we'll be able to cause just the thought of a possible return trip to Hedo has got me a tad 💦. Oh the thoughts 💭 I have of being able to put my body on full display for other men to 🤤 over is a turn on! To take in some nude sunbathing either poolside or on the nude beach with others around! ☀️🚫👙🏖️ Also being able to discreetly check out the many naked men running around with their penises & cute butts on full display! 😊🤤
  8. As well as many of you know by now, if you don't already know this about me, I am a avid nude sunbather. ☀️🚫👙 Have been since college. 😊 My usual spot to enjoy the sun & layout naked is usually in my backyard. I though have been to other places that I've enjoyed being able to get naked & rip off my thong bikini to nude sunbathe as well such a my favorite spot in Negril, Jamaica at Hedo II! 😊 So a lingerie & bikini site that I have perused around at, Pour Moi has dropped the 411 (info) about where in the US one can get naked & enjoy the sun ☀️ https://www.pourmoiclothing.com/inspirations/740/rules-for-topless-and-nude-sunbathing-around-america/ ☀️🚫👙 (Below) at home, selected spot in FL, & Hedo As you can see in the below map (indicated by green shading) that GA is one of many that allow &/or offer places that one can get naked outdoors. 😊 Even where I am originally from (CA) you can. I already knew about CA, especially So Cal as I have visited a nearby nude beach many times. Went as far as to where internationally as well! 😊 https://www.crossroadstoday.com/i/map-shows-where-you-can-sunbathe-nude-or-topless-around-the-world/pic/1142242/ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-9512913/Map-reveals-countries-allow-nude-sunbathing-theres-state-state-guide-U-S-rules.html https://www.foxnews.com/travel/nude-sunbathing-guides-pour-moi
  9. Last of my Hedo II 🏖️ updates as we are getting ready to head back home in a couple hours! ✈️ HEDO UPDATE 08/18/2019😊 https://www.adonismale.com/blogs/entry/224-🏖️🌴☀️🚫👚👙 hedo-trip-w-updates-0813-182019-🏖️🌴☀️🚫👚👙/ https://www.adonismale.com/blogs/entry/232-🏖️🌴👙 miss-hedonism ii-bikini-contest 👙🌴🏖️/ 🏖️💦🚫👙 My one last good fuck in Hedo! 🏖️💦🚫👙 So yesterday being our last full day here at Hedo, Tiff & I decided to find each of ourselves one guy to have one last good fuck from before we leave Hedo. 😂 We each went on our ways for our cock hunt & I met up with this gorgeous man, DeAnthony. Our paths had crossed a couple times earlier during the stay & we had fooled around a little then, but yesterday I told him that it was my last day at Hedo & I wanted to really get fucked by him! 😏 He tells me that he knows of a really nice secluded spot on a beach down the road from Hedo. I told him that was fine & that I'd meet him in the lobby as I needed some time to find & let TIff know & what time to meet up later. After getting that taken care of, I met him in the lobby wearing my blue thong bikini (same one that I wore in the bikini contest a couple days ago) underneath a pair of shorts & sandals. We jump into his Jeep & take off down the road for a few miles & on a side road that lead near this beach. We made our way onto this beautiful beach & he wasn't kidding that it was secluded! While he was laying out the towels for us, I kicked off my sandals & began to pull down my shorts leaving me in my thong bikini. I proceed to taking off my bikini as I begin making my way into the water completely naked to play around. While I am, DeAnthony tells me that he will join me after he takes a pee! 🤪 I am glad I turned around when I did cause that is when the most beautiful sight I had seen! There he was, facing me completely naked giving me a great view of his muscular body! 🤤 And of course while my eyes went straight to his gorgeous well endowed black penis! DeAnthony was packing around 7 1/2 inches hung! 😍 He then turned around to make his way to the dune to pee. Then crazy me, all horny a shit decides to follow him! 😂 As I make my way toward him, I grab my phone as I WANT pics of him (for future use 😉). As you can see below I got a couple of him naked! 😊 DeAnthony thought I was crazy taking this pic of him getting ready to take a pee! 😂 He does have a really nice body & did I mention he has a cute butt? 😊 After this, we made our way on to the towels as we proceeded to fuck! OMG he felt so fuckin good when he entered my pussy! Both us naked, fucking right there on this beach in broad daylight without a care in the world! I had multiple orgasms & cummed so hard when he fucked me! 🥰 He really enjoyed it when I took him up the ass! 😊 It was so beautiful seeing him tense up & letting him drain his semen 💦 inside my tanned bare pussy! Felt so good feeling his seed enter me! He then pulled that lovely black dong of his outta me, I then proceeded to suck it to get any remains of his yummy semen! As we collected ourselves as I grabbed him by that beautiful black hung penis & made our way into the water to wash up & fool around a lil bit more! We eventually made our way back to Hedo as I then met up with Tiff. My god, DeAnthony was a really GREAT fuck! 🤤😉🥰 Oh trust me, I WILL be fantasizing about this for quite a while! ❤️ SN
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