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Found 22 results

  1. clothing Shorts in B&W

    Shorts, slackers, and cut-offs in black and white photography
  2. clothing Pulling On Up

    Pull it up and clip it on with men's suspenders, a stylish alternative to a belt. Christopher Hopkins
  3. clothing Unzipped & Unbuttoned

    Hunks wearing clothes in various states of being unzipped or unbuttoned.
  4. clothing Hooded in Hoodies

    Hoodies and pull-overs Colby Lefebvre
  5. clothing Shirts in B&W

    Men in shirts, t-shirts, sleeveless or V-neck shirts, and sweaters in black and white photography Italian model Artur Dainese by Robert Chiovitti
  6. clothing Jeans in B&W

    You combine a classic pair of jeans with the timeless quality of black and white photography and you get an absolutely magical combination. Here are hunks wearing jeans, in black and white photography. Xavier Serrano
  7. clothing Playful in Plaid

    A topic dedicated to men in plaid David Heucke
  8. clothing Decked in Denim

    Handsome guys wearing denim Lawrence Sikkorski
  9. clothing Men in Long-johns

    Hot soccer stud. I don't think I've ever seen a guy play soccer in long johns before, but I think this would be entertaining.
  10. clothing Smoldering in Shirts

    #0002 Adam Gumula #0025 John Kortajarena
  11. clothing Draped in Towels

    Guys draped in towels
  12. clothing Short Shorts

    Guys in Short Shorts.
  13. clothing Haute Homme

    The sharp cut of men wearing suits and ties #0010 Luke Crawford #0029 British supermodel David Gandy
  14. The casual look in black and white #0009 Jackson Marshall
  15. clothing Jeans

    Hunks in jeans All of the images prior to Feb 7 2017 were unfortunately unrecoverable from the storage server. I am unable to determine the reason why, but I thank you for your patience as we rebuild this popular topic.
  16. Minimal Clothing on top or on bottom?

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