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Rules, policies, and guidelines that govern the entire community.

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Guides for new users (virgins) to become acquainted with the website.

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Rules, FAQs and other support on how to edit your Profile or account information, including changing your profile photos, changing your notification preferences, and editing your account information.

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Background information and documentation about the website.
  1. Men Types

    This guide provides a definitive categorization of men in AdonisMale. AdonisMale ascribes to the following breakdown which measures a triple axis of Musculature, Hairiness, and Age (MHA): Bear: Husky or beefy physique, usually with a belly although can be muscular; always hairy; typically older in age.  For purposes of classification, includes otters, cubs, and wolves.   Otter: Thin or athletic body; very hairy; any age.  A thinner version of a bear. Cub: Husky build; very hairy; young in age.  A younger version of a bear. Wolf: Semi-hairy; lean and muscular build; any age.  A leaner version of a bear. Bodybuilder: Extremely bulked-up and highly defined muscle, usually with highly visible blood vessels; usually waxed or shaved; any age. Daddy: Any type of body build; gray to white hair; Older or more mature in age. Hunk: Chiseled muscle development and definition, but not as much as a Bodybuilder; body hair may range from smooth to hairy; usually between a Jock and a Daddy in age.   Studs: Slender, with either slight muscularity or none; may be smooth or have some body hair; older than a Twink or Twunk. Jock: Muscular, athletic build usually associated with sports or fitness; body hair may range from waxed to hairy; any age although usually college to mid-30s.   Twink: Slender with very little or no muscle development; often smooth but may have some body hair; young, typically 18 to mid-20s. Twunk: Slightly muscular but still slender; often smooth but may have some body hair; typically 18 to mid-20s. 
  2. X Rating and Adult Content

    Throughout the website, you will find categories tagged with X.  The X rating signals content only suitable for adults, and should be considered as a warning before proceeding.   Anything that falls under an X rating must be reserved for and only uploaded into categories marked with an X, which are only available to registered Members.  If it is not, the content will be hidden, moved, or deleted with no prior notice.  Users should report any content that meets an X rating but is inappropriately placed.  A large part of the website is open to the public and Internet, and in the interest of public decency, we strive to restrict our adult content to areas only available to Members.   You are encouraged to use the X rating in your own albums or content description as a warning to viewers. X Rating The X rating is reserved for any content that is highly revealing, pornographic, or sexually explicit.  AdonisMale ascribes to a "narrow" interpretation: only clearly-explicit photos should be classified with an X rating.   Content that require an X rating:   Body Profile: Any body profile that shows full frontal nudity or partial exposure.  Ex: artistic photos with full frontal; cock peeking. Rear Nudity: Any nudity from the side or rear that shows sexually explicit body parts such as asshole, genitalia, or is sexually stimulating.  Ex: photos from the rear that include hanging cock or balls; close-ups of butts that show assholes; photos of the butt that are pornographic in nature. Image Style: Any style of photography that is sexually explicit or pornographic in nature.  Ex: photos from a porn studio; images or screenshots from adult videography. Sexual Content: Any content that contains sexually explicit intercourse.  Ex: anything sexual between two or more people that show genitalia. Public Content Content that is deemed safe for the public.  Because AdonisMale ascribes to a "narrow" interpretation for X rating, any photos that are even highly suggestive are deemed to be acceptable for the public realm.   Content permissible for general posting and public dissemination: Body Profile: Any body profile that is clothed, partially clothed or nearly nude, and that only reveals pubes, treasure trail, and suggestive but not totally-revealing poses.  Ex: pubes, treasure trail, fashion models that are nude from the rear but artistically covered by a cloth, hand, or leg. Rear Nudity: Any nudity from the side or rear that is non-sexual in nature, with no asshole, genitalia, or sexual stimulation.  Ex: fashion models nude from the rear; softcore photos of the butt; physique photos of the butt. Image Style: Any style of photography that is softcore, fine art, fashion.  Ex: photos from a fashion editorial or sports magazine. Sexual Content: Any content of a romantic nature, with no revealing genitalia.  Ex: kissing, neck rubbing, body licking and biting, romantically laying in bed To see a pictorial representation of mixed content, please refer to the Body Parts category >>
  3. General Guidelines on Posting Photos

    Posting and uploading photos to the website can be one of the most enjoyable parts about the AdonisMale community -- it's what makes the website thrive and grow with new content, it helps other members find and enjoy your awesome images, and there is something incredibly satisfying about sharing your hot new discovery with others!  At the same time, there are some general guidelines that should be addressed if you're planning to upload.   These aren't strict rules, but rather voluntary guidelines.   Technical Quality High-resolution photos at least 500x500 pixels and 50 kb or larger High-quality photos with sharp focus and bright colors JPEG or JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP are allowed file types.   Image Quality No obtrusive text or markings besides photographer's imprint No fuzzy, grainy, unsharp photos. No morphing or warped photos unless intentional No partial or torn photos Other Notes Credit -- As a best practice, it's good form to include the copyright, credit source, or link to the photographer's portfolio Heterosexual photos -- We may be a gay website, but we appreciate a sexy man even if he's straight Please refer to the Image Content Policy for prohibited content.
  4. + Rating and Member Uploading

    Throughout the website, you will find categories tagged with +.  The + rating signals areas where members are allowed to upload. For the most part, the website is freely accessible as much as possible to all members.  However, there are some areas that are restricted to uploading by AdonisMale Partners, such as certain categories in the Gallery or Downloads.  To help differentiate between what categories allow member uploading and what categories do not, the + rating is used to show all areas where it is permissible for members to upload.   + Rating The + rating is reserved for all areas where members are allowed to upload and contribute.   For example: Forums (all) Gallery > Member Gallery Gallery > Main Gallery Downloads > File XChange ∅ Rating If no symbol appears, then the category is reserved for AdonisMale Partners only.   For example: Gallery > DC Playgirl Gallery Downloads > Magazines
  5. Image Content Policy

    This document forms the basis of the AdonisMale Image Content Policy.  All members are expected to abide by these rules.  Repeated infractions of these rules may result in a restriction of membership privileges, including removal of posting rights and banning.    Please use the "Report" button for any photos that need to be moved, moderated, or deleted.   Prohibited Content The following types of content in any representation or likeness is prohibited from the site.  This applies to any artwork, drawings, comics, links, text, representation or any other submissions.     Snuff (Murder) Necrophilia (Sex with dead people) Cannibalism Bestiality (sex with or using animals) Mutilation & Blood Consumption Non-Sexual Bondage & Torture Intravenous Drug Use, Slamming, Shooting Hate Speech Anything that violates our website's Terms or Guidelines or any sovereign laws that govern our website and / or your use of this website.  Please use the "Report" button for any photos that need to be reviewed.  All content is subject to moderation and removal.  
  6. FAQ

    Here are the most frequently asked questions. Why is this site asking me about receiving browser notifications? If you keep AdonisMale.com open in a browser window, the site can inform you about new activity (new replies, new personal messages and so on) without the need for you to check for new activity manually. You can set your browser to allow or disallow those notifications.   Which of my content is public and appears on Google? The content you post in our public areas (such as Forum > Male Beauty) are always public and open to guests. The content in members-only areas (such as Gallery > Member Gallery) are not available to guests and will not be searchable by Google.  Content published here will only be visible to other members and will not appear in search engines.  Keep in mind that we have no control over content already indexed by search engines. If you delete certain content (e.g. content on your profile page) or even your whole account, it might take some time until that content disappears from the search indexes.  How can I delete my content? In the community, there is a time limit for editing your content. This helps to correct things like spelling mistakes you might have overlooked while typing. But you cannot remove all your content from this site. We might occasionally agree to delete individual posts. But when others have already started to reply to your posts, we usually can’t delete your content anymore, because it would also delete the content of others or would render their posts pointless.  I am getting too many notifications or emails! Please edit your notification settings in Profile > Account Settings > Overview > Notification Settings or unfollow content in which you are not interested anymore.  How can I delete my account? Please request the account deletion in Contact Us.  I can’t download files. Members must post 100 items before being allowed to download.   Members are allowed 3 downloads in a rolling 24-hour period. VIP Olympians are allowed 10 downloads in a rolling 24-hour period and bypass the 100 items rule. Pledge to become a VIP Olympian.
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