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Editor Help

Rules, FAQs and other support on how to use the Editor, formatting, text, and quoting
  1. About the Editor

    (This is part of a series of general information about different components of the website's functionality.) The editor is one of the most useful, and widely-used, features of the website.  It allows users to input text for comments, reviews, descriptions, titles, and more.   There are three main components to the Editor: Formatting menu Body  Attachments Formatting Menu The formatting menu includes many different buttons to stylize and change your text, including bold, underline, and colors.  A brief rundown of all buttons in order: Remove Formatting Bold Italicizie Underline Link Quote Emoticons Bullet List Number List Align Left / Middle / Right Text Color Text Size Text Font Special buttons such as horizontal page break; source code; table The "Remove Formatting" button is especially useful if you are copying text over from another website, and wish to 'clean' the text for the website.  It will strip out any custom colors, size, and any other formatting and revert  to the editor's default format. Body The body of the text is where you enter in your text content. Attachments You can either drag-and-drop or choose files to attach.  The files will start to upload immediately.    You can also link to existing content either on the website or another website, by clicking on "Insert other media."
  2. Editing Your Post

    You may Edit your post after submitting it.  This allows you to revise your post, modify any attachments, or correct any errors. Please note that there is a time limit for which you may Edit your post.  Please see  Common Permissions & FAQs (Insert Link ###) for the current setting. Steps Click on the post's Edit link. Make your changes, include "Reason for edit." Click Save.
  3. Quotes & Multi-Quote

    Quoting another forum post can be a useful way to directly respond to a specific person or issue, and provide a reference source for your discussion.   Quote At the bottom of every post is the option to Quote.  This quotes the entire forum post.   Click on Quote, which will automatically populate the editor body with the post. Multi-Quote If you are looking for a more selective phrase to quote, then you can use Multi-Quote.  This is a feature that allows you to highlight a phrase within the forum post and only quote that phrase.  This is useful if you are responding to multiple concerns and want to discuss each concern in more detail.     Highlight the phrase, then click on Quote this.    
  4. Working with Quotes Inside Editor

    Once you quote content, it will automatically populate in the Editor.  You can then modify, move, or delete the quoted content if needed. To move the entire Quotebox, hover over the quote and a directional Placer will appear.  Click and drag on the placer to shift the Quote elsewhere in the editor's body.   To delete the entire Quotebox, click on the Placer and then press Delete.  Attempting to delete the content inside the Quotebox will not delete the Quotebox.
  5. @Member Mentions

    The editor contains the ability to mention a member by using the special @ symbol.  Once you include the @ symbol, a dropdown will appear as you type in the name.  The @member mention will appear in blue, and the recipient will receive a notification that you tagged him. Steps Type the special @ symbol. Begin typing in the username, and a dropdown will appear.  Select the member. Hints The @member mention can be finicky.  It's highly suggested that you do not begin a blank post using the special @ symbol, so include text before the @member mention.  You should also wait 2 - 3 seconds after typing the special @ symbol, to give the editor time to recognize the mention. Once the list of members appears, you can use the keyboard's Up / Down arrows to select the desired user.      
  6. Working with Images Inside Editor

    The editor contains powerful new capabilities to add pictures inline with text to create rich and beautiful posts.   By default, the images will attach to the end of the post.  You can, however, add and resize the images to align with the post's text.  Adding Images Into Post In the attachment field, you will see a list of your image attachments.  Click on the + icon to Insert the image into your post at your current cursor position. Formatting Images in Post Once the photo is manually added to the post, you can move the photo by dragging-and-dropping the image wherever you want.   You can also format and resize the photo by double-clicking on the image.  It will open up an Image Properties modal window where you can resize and align the photo. Deleting Images from Post To delete a file from the post, click on the trashcan button on the image within the Attachment area to Remove the attachment.  You must delete the file from the editor's Attachment area to fully remove the file.   If you mistakenly upload the wrong file, deleting the file from the editor's body area will not remove it from the post.  Rather, you will need to go into Edit mode and delete it from there instead.
  7. Working with Media & Community Embeds Inside Editor

    You can include share links to common video and media websites, which will turn into media embeds.  You can also include links to internal AdonisMale community resources, which will turn into a rich snippet.  This helps add a richness to the editor. Media Embeds For common media websites like YouTube that support oEmbed, simply paste the sharelink on its own line.   Do not type the link inline with text, such as this: https://youtu.be/ltXWH_2cPl0.  The link must be on its own line. Supported websites: YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, and Flickr.  Community Embeds When you paste a link to almost any kind of content, the editor will automatically embed a small preview of the community content, designed specifically for that content. Again, do not type the link inline with text, such as this: http://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/250-intimate-moments/.  The link must be on its own line.
  8. Advanced Editor Tricks

    Here are other advanced tricks when working with the Editor. Single Line Break By default, when you click Enter, the cursor will move to another paragraph (double line) per convention.  However, if you'd like to only have a single line break, you can use the shortcut Shift+Enter.   Contextual Menu The new Ctrl + Right-click (or on Mac: CMD + Ctrl + Right-click) provides a contextual menu with smart options depending upon the content. Pasting in Text When pasting in rich text from an external source, the editor will ask if you want to keep that formatting. Auto-Save  The editor auto saves your content in your browser, so if you accidentally click or close your tab, you can always reopen a new editor session to pick up where you left off.
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