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Virgin Guide

Guides for new users (virgins) to become acquainted with the website.
  1. Virgin Guide: Part 1

    Heya! A big welcome hug for joining our community and a congrats on taking the first step to join our community.   Now settle in and make yourself at home because the fun is about to start!  As a virgin that's new to the community, I wanted to give you some very simple steps to help ease you into the flow of things because the website is a lot to handle (wink wink 😉).   PROFILE A proper profile is important because it helps showcase your online persona to the rest of the members.  In our community, you can be anyone you want - your inner rockstar, drag queen diva, curious straight boy, a red-hot vixen simmering under a bored housewife veneer  - the choice is yours!  We don't ask that your details be factual, all we ask is that you let your persona shine with who you want to be! Click on your Name in upper right-hand corner.   In the drop-down menu, click on Profile.  Page should refresh to your profile. Click on "Edit Profile."  Fill it out and Save. Upload a "Profile Photo" and "Cover Photo."   INTRODUCE YOURSELF A good first impression makes all the difference in the world, and instead of going around giving fist bumps or polite handshakes, we ask that you write about yourself!  It's your way of "coming out" to the rest of the community and building your first bonds of connection with others. Navigate to Forums > Pavilion > Introductions Click on "Start new topic" button.  Fill it out. Suggested topics: where you're from, how you found the website, your favorite celebrity crush of the moment. Congrats, you've taken the the first steps in joining the community by sprucing up your profile and making your first public greeting.  You're well on your way to making new friends. 😊  
  2. Virgin Guide: Part 2

    Hey there again, Looks like someone can't get enough and you're still a virgin, eh?  No worries, these next few steps will open you wide up by exploring all the nooks and crannies of the website! The community is a large place filled with many parts and it's easy to get lost.  But no worries -- this guide focuses on the website's orientation and tools to help yourself, so you'll always know where you're at 🤩  ORIENTATION The community is divided into major components, each with subdivisions and categories underneath them.  You can't go wrong by sticking to the Menu, which will always bring you back to the top-level. The website is divided into Forums | Gallery | Downloads: The Forums are the beating heart of the AdonisMale community, with discussions and image boards where anyone can contribute.   The Gallery encompasses one of the Internet's largest and most beautiful photogalleries, filled with hot hunks.   The Downloads contains photosets and image packs to download and save.   HELP If you're ever feeling lost, dazed or sexually confused (kidding about that last one!), then there are multiple ways of asking and receiving help.  Thee website contains help tutorials, a feedback forum, and search.   The Help Tutorials contain extensive articles for each section of the website for more detailed reading and exploration.  These articles address advanced features with step-by-step instructions and photos.  Is the website not working the way you're expecting or you'd like to give feedback?  Then post in the Feedback & Suggestions topic, where it can be tracked and monitored by the @Administrator.   Finally, no matter where you're at and where you want to go, you can always use Search to find content.  Great job! You've figured out how to explore all the different parts of the website from a high level. 🏔️
  3. Virgin Guide: Part 3

    Hi there again, Awesome job!  You're sticking through to the end like a true Virgin who can't wait to fit it all in!   Fantastic effort on your steely determination and your sweaty perseverance to get this far 😊.  This final section focuses on discovering content from other users.  It's like online hook-ups but without the awkward meetups -- half the fun is discovering new stuff from total strangers 😍!   NEW CONTENT With all the fantastic content being posted in all the parts of the website, it can be hard to find what's what and where everything is!  The website makes it easy with many different ways to discover new content.  Every page includes a link to New Content, which shows a much more detailed view of recent content.  Check it out to surf the newest content. 🌊 RATINGS So you've uploaded your content, but how do you reward others for their great content?  Did you get a throbbing erection on someone else's content?  Mark the item with a range of ratings, from Agree 👍 to Dislike 👎 to Informative ℹ️ to Stiffie!  It's your virtual way of saying you got a hard-on and the uploader will get a notification saying you liked his content!     Wow!  You've completed all 3 parts of the entire Virgin Guide!  You've learned how to introduce yourself and make a good first impression; you cruised around a little and explored everything; and finally, you learned how to both give and take like a champ!  You've de-flowered yourself in all the right ways 😜. There's a lot to explore in the community, so take it slow and come back for repeat visits.  Some things are meant to be a one-night stand; this isn't one of them!  Your satisfaction and pleasure will increase over time as you learn and interact more with the other members.  There's also too much content for one visit; so while you may no longer be a Virgin, you're certainly not a Power Bottom!  Come back and browse at your leisure. The community is also what you make out of it.  You're a hot stud by now after completing the Virgin Guide, and you know how to get around and do things.  By adding hot new studs like yourself to our community, we can all benefit more together with more photos, more discussion, and more people.  You're also invited to give Feedback, to shape the future of the community and our progress!  You're taking part in something larger than yourself, and you should be proud for being a member of one of the premier free gay communities on the web!   Thanks for joining AdonisMale.  
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