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Favorite time when Eric is on screen  

  1. 1. Which part of the movie does Eric make your dick go hard the most?

    • When he first appears in "Fathoms Below" and helps with the ropes
    • When Ariel first spots him on the ship
    • When he helps keep the ship afloat during the storm.
    • When he submerges underwater and is rescued, revealing his chiseled chest
    • When he lies on the sand unconscious
    • When he gives Ariel a tour of the kingdom.
    • When he participates in the final battle.
  2. 2. Who would you choose to play Prince Eric in the 2000s or late 2010s?

    • Beto Malfacini
    • Jorge Pérez Díez
    • Rubén Cortada
    • Tarek Elsetouhi
    • Coach Hongo / Attack No. 1
    • Gran Bacha
    • Pej Vahdat
    • Omer Shahzad
    • Arjun Kapoor

Recommended Posts

Finally, I can dedicate a post to the man that started it all for me - Prince Eric is my ideal role model of a man, even as a Disney character. When I was a kid, I would watch the "Little Mermaid" and always get a stiffy when he shows up on screen. Every single time my dick would go hard, ranging from his first moments in "Fathoms Below" to the final battle where he shows his muscular silhouette as he gets behind the steering wheel. This man is my first true love and is the real hero of the movie. He opened me to a world of men and is the reason I love them so much. Here are the moments I always waited for:

When Eric first appears on screen and helps his fellow sailor tighten the ropeslittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-129.thumb.jpg.b123936a54cef17409aa95a5aedf62f4.jpglittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-133.thumb.jpg.ffeeebd5d55eb67483cfbfeeebd0af95.jpglittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-132.thumb.jpg.305c17933163a5eb5e9e169531be7156.jpglittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-133.thumb.jpg.76476c2e1490b2298b6d0d1b2e897bb6.jpglittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-130.thumb.jpg.39927e5f37ea0444bbbe287839540707.jpglittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-136.thumb.jpg.ae921940cb5299f3376a88fd69c63058.jpglittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-112.thumb.jpg.4cda7670a811676dc4a4267744014ce7.jpglittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-138.thumb.jpg.337bb51448add6b3cfb17c431b0763b1.jpglittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-137.thumb.jpg.050f05ab79265e9239063fbdffdf975e.jpglittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-150.thumb.jpg.ade3ebe352eff287a71336633228cefd.jpglittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-139.thumb.jpg.14ced8c787db0cbbb04514d1dc29b56b.jpglittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-140.thumb.jpg.f99ed36bfae565a06ff294f7a23b1e38.jpg1979837653_little-mermaid-eric1.thumb.jpg.aff02fa00de257053ac853c92d2711ec.jpglittle-mermaid-priince-eric.thumb.jpg.8d16607c8f43b3ad9d304697f269f0f5.jpg

When Ariel first spots Eric on the ship, he looks so sexy and toned! Capture-2.thumb.jpg.8f2f2de08fdc9fc6d51d88569b612ee8.jpgprince-eric-little-mermaid-disney-art-artinsights.thumb.jpg.5563696c77ace132ffb7f52f9fd0703b.jpglittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-2546.thumb.jpg.3f5e959e2bb2147798c22fa99d3a5135.jpglittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-2555.thumb.jpg.98446fab12dc0e08be19d773fbf4cb87.jpg

When Eric and his crew keep the ship afloat. I refuse to believe that this sexy and cocky dickhead is only 18! He knows how to tighten ropes, steer the ship at the wheel, and fight. He is an actual MAN - not some puny little kid, a GROWN MAN. little-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-2653.thumb.jpg.ba72dd25e7073267624f7cbab0281ecf.jpglittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-2657.thumb.jpg.923af8e282d137eb545dc1ba5b41cc99.jpglittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-2598.thumb.jpg.b2a62d6dc522baec45eee77b3488a50c.jpglittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-2599.thumb.jpg.d3068ca4a7b7cf166526b24c59871d4d.jpglittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-2575.thumb.jpg.1f9c96298839dfc0291aaebd0234ec3f.jpglittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-2581.thumb.jpg.853334d2d27fb6f702bbd02e96768dad.jpg

And now look at his hand as he pulls out one of his comrades. Does this look like the hand of a wimpy 18 year old kid? This is the hand of a GROWN ASS MAN! I CAN JUST KISS HIS HANDS ALL DAY LONG, OH YEAH BABY! I WANT MY DICK ON THOSE HANDS! OH HOW HE CLENCHES HIS SEXY ASS FIST! THIS MFKR IS SO DAMN PERFECT! little-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-2729.thumb.jpg.aec915becc0ab9de9447e45dc5eae98c.jpg2002268224_Screenshot_20220310-141756_SamsungInternet.thumb.jpg.cc2af83db4347594bb5ee03a43d64e1b.jpg1037877629_Screenshot_20220310-141806_SamsungInternet.thumb.jpg.c8b9a08e166cbea0042bcfecc766f4a1.jpg1476173957_Screenshot_20220310-141812_SamsungInternet.thumb.jpg.dd667f2e800986960315f2334b3d2939.jpg468199753_Screenshot_20220310-141743_SamsungInternet.thumb.jpg.e6ace639431d5b90288b866095590f3d.jpg

Oh great, that sexy dickhead has to make our hearts throb as he returns to the burning ship to save his dog, only to fall from the ship and start to drown himself. Just look at the way he dives!little-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-2782.thumb.jpg.bb5cf5d0b32a9f87827536b2335ef7e2.jpglittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-2743.thumb.jpg.fe6b04489b40599f8ca27912d1e924bf.jpglittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-2742.thumb.jpg.547103519d7d0f5e1db23ccf37ac54af.jpglittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-2804.thumb.jpg.512ac432ece53de41b3eedbca28735f0.jpg1311196881_Screenshot_20220310-141912_SamsungInternet.thumb.jpg.f745e50229be373a89760d18897f98bc.jpg452146421_Screenshot_20220310-141906_SamsungInternet.thumb.jpg.ef732b7d9d0d130ccb1ec8cc71d22db3.jpg

When Eric submerges and sinks underwater. Even drowning this hunk looks fit as fuck! DAMN! LOOK AT THAT BODY, HOW TF DOES HE DO THAT?! Now pay attention, cause this is where the drums really start rollin 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁Then Ariel pulls him out and his hair covers his face like a waterfall. After he reveals his beautiful dark physique and well chiseled muscular chest, that is where my dick goes hard! OH YEAH BABY! 🍆 little-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-2845-1.thumb.jpg.4286f3f7a5e86fcf8401c720b81a8179.jpglittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-2844.thumb.jpg.72e882987f48965c150fccf7f5da6e55.jpglittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-2840.thumb.jpg.f54581a096ec032ac5ce31ec2985e8b0.jpg919434758_Little-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-2856(1).thumb.jpg.7b7dcf6d45baa579c8230ad2f70ab856.jpgd69b52d1f4a62051e43bd8d8dd38e0f9d5fef3f8.png.1056784f4a1209a54316e1aacb300a06.png15e3145c39f3624a79f28e57632af26c041551cd.png.00bf87b09f103e03ea13a470461eaf7e.png8b9b41fbe0902565cfd61226980de205.thumb.jpg.be687316048956319206a380145c16b0.jpg06835598569595e526064d213ff93fa3944e0867.png.984490d33ab0eaecb22d88c33b01725b.pngtumblr_a6c1cd4189b55898f4b16bad6909cfa8_d69b52d1_1280-1.png.0c5bad501a210f9ed480384b4e74e150.png2113882601_little-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-2858(1).thumb.jpg.748f163d516b39051c6c941286356ecc.jpg

When the beautiful and helpless hunk rests peacefully on the warm sand. Who wants to lean down and kiss the fainted man? I know I do! mesdefault.jpg.eeef3df3ad7b232da7d2a0a6e0c2e5d1.jpg

When the handsome mfr wakes up from the KO, and leans on Grimbsy and tries to be a sexy dick. OH YEAH, CHECK OUT THIS MF HAIR! LOOK AT WHAT HE IS DOING! little-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-3010.thumb.jpg.e1726429230ab068a295c0b7c9dd8643.jpglittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-3042.thumb.jpg.cfd0dd5b02dc995aa82b98561a4e1253.jpglittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-3043.thumb.jpg.bf49956501628a98c3861d519aef4f01.jpglittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-3044.thumb.jpg.592451c2955f05999bf4af73afa64385.jpg732381565_Screenshot_20220310-142958_SamsungInternet.thumb.jpg.b778fcdfa40eebede72295a2f57cf26e.jpg157565419_Screenshot_20220310-143005_SamsungInternet.thumb.jpg.da09e982feb13609ac8117d1deadc09c.jpg2135678192_Screenshot_20220310-142926_SamsungInternet.thumb.jpg.10386a0341684ec6c6c8a1091b2e0c5d.jpg1783303366_Screenshot_20220310-142946_SamsungInternet.thumb.jpg.93479bfd9a63467b62229366c40a73e9.jpg1463293024_Screenshot_20220310-142952_SamsungInternet.thumb.jpg.53b58ac3134b545977772e5df73ef9f5.jpglittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-3045.thumb.jpg.1d77e539cf9c7bf38853c8bc6dacebd0.jpglittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-3046.thumb.jpg.37907640e69824de65f781ffbaa4b941.jpg

When Eric smiles at the dinner table and his hair is parted neatly behind his neck. Suave! little-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-6497.thumb.jpg.0decc77b870ffb20eb77ed14343139a2.jpgtumblr_7e9a2a983aa05467a1b4969f561d5fa7_362a1c0f_540.thumb.jpg.15c07565042516e2aa3590d7efd67b49.jpg

When Eric takes Ariel for a tour of the kingdom, the beginning his thin pizza shirt when he holds the horse reins gets me hard every time! Just look at this confident and suave mfer! THERE IS THE CHILDHOOD BONER! 🌶 


Now the mfer is going to show his true warrior side. He is not going to take shit from anybody! He was once rescued as a helpless man, now he is going to fight and defend his title as a ruler! little-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-8501.thumb.jpg.417ba0d7adb2de1c04d01201e00531ac.jpglittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-8502.thumb.jpg.06134800a977c077487be60b6a809239.jpglittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-8503.thumb.jpg.31081ecff5f5638e0c8c1f9a704ad14c.jpg

Just look at those massive fists! This guy breaks the walls for those boring Cartoon romances - HE IS THE REAL DEAL! maxresdeft.thumb.jpg.b2a75c2574add3a4bcce8f2078319a78.jpglittle-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-8835.thumb.jpg.42410d353c4a47269ef4f888140f4577.jpg845039226_b0a1a869ff9ec20988960b47a2c7ff5618efc693_hq(1).thumb.jpg.76db1257aa8c6c088d2660f1b4cc72a3.jpg

Damn, even now he makes me cum a volcano! This man is my life, and damn he is cum-worthy for a cartoon. Stay tuned for the next few parts with book pics and casting images. Now YOU share your favorite moment when Eric is on screen. 























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Some book and sex pics of this handsome dickhead. He is so dam fine and cocky. 


Images hidden from guests. Please register for free.

From the ship.        That bulge...That hidden bulge is everything 😋 What a yummy and perfect hunk! What is this sexy dickhead smiling about? He looks so cocky here 😏

Does anybody sink sexier than this hunk? Does he really have to look so helpless when later he plunges a harpoon into an enemy? 

 What is she listening to? And what is HE doing? I love this man 😌

Being a sexy dickhead and just chilling on the sand. SEA SEX AND SUN BABY! Can you believe that this is thesame powerful man who steered the wheel at the ship and tried to keep the ship afloat with his crew? He is the one who constantly handles and ties ropes, something very few can do? He looks so beautiful and helpless here, wanna take him in my arms 😍

After the rescue. OMG, I JUST CAME A VOLCANO - THIS IS EXACTLY HOW I PICTURE HIM 😍🥁 🌋 That deep v neck, how I wanna open it wide like a banana peel...

Oooh, love those hands 🥰


And tired after the battle. 

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Some more images of the hunky man and his romance novel pizza shirt from the sequel. Damn, that was a BONER that I got when I first saw this movie. That was a really hot experience at the time, seeing a fully unbottoned man in a kids cartoon. Try not to cream yourself just looking at this muscular hunk! 🤤

Images hidden from guests. Please register for free.

DAMN, I literally watched the film just for him and my heart beat like a drum everytime he appeared. Like that moment on the ship where he asks Ariel to return their daughter while showing his massive chiseled Greek chest and in the end when he invites the crowd into the water. I wanna jump in with him, because I felt like he was inviting me! 😍

Edited by Lala
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I am going to start a casting page up next with my favorite men in the role of this handsome hunk. For now, vote everybody, vote on your favorite scene! I wanna hear everybody's opinion! Also post your stiffie, I cannot be the only one who's dick goes hard for this man! He is not just a cartoon! 

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Potential Men Who Can Play Prince Eric

Ah, finally. The part I want to get to if I do not cream myself - which irrestible hunk can play this handsome and muscular seaman? Here are my top picks: 

Beto Malfacini

Images hidden from guests. Please register for free.

 like thesame man? Thesame handsome face? Beautiful hands? That sexy wet body, oh that wet clothing really gets me hard...OMG I JUST CAME A VOLCANO 🌋 😍 🤤 Ariel struggled pulling Eric to the shore because he is a strong, muscular hunk. Same with Beto, he has a well toned body. I will still pay anything to pull him to the beach and cradle him in my arms 😊 He would be excellent in toggling his duties on the ship, especially with the ropes. He is perfect for such work and I can definitely see him defending his crew. Beto is my Prince Eric and I will be happy to sail away with him anytime. 

Jorge Pérez Díez

His beautiful and mesmerizing eyes. The way he walks around unbottoned to the bellybutton. Could this be my Prince Eric? Jorge is perfect for this role, he is a policeman and is trained in combat, mirroring Eric's role as a Prince defending his kingdom. He is truly beautiful on the inside and outside 😍 ❤️ 

Ruben Cortada

Looks like thesame man! Eye color is different, but still another beautiful hunk. 

Tarek Elsetouhi

 perfect match - thesame man, and oh damn, keep digging deeper into that wet shirt...OH YEEEAAAHH, MY DICK IS GETTING HARD. I JUST CAME A VOLCANO! 🌋 

Coach Hongo

Ok, this hot dickhead appeared on Japanese TV screens two decades before Eric hit the screen. He is from the anime "Atrack No 1" but too looks like he can pass for Prince Eric with that chiseled, muscular chest! 

Gran Bacha

Now that is a perfect hunk! Tall, dark, and handsome. He is the ideal man, so handsome and always ready for combat! And that bulge is everything 😍

Pej Vahdat

Another one who is tall, dark, handsome - what more could one ask for? That is how I always pictured this man. 

Omer Shahzad

Beautiful dark skinned man who has a tender gaze and well sculpted body. Just look at him as he rolls on the sand and reveals his muscular physique. He literally just came out of a fairy tale! 😍 My handsome prince 😘

Arjun Kapoor

That masculine yet childish gaze, that beautiful chest that shows from the unbottoned shirt, those gestures, those lips waiting to be kissed...

Miscellaneous Model Gallery


More to come, in the meanwhile vote for your favorite Prince Eric!

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More models have been added, be free to cast your vote and join the conversation. Would love to hear your preferences 😊

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  • 1 month later...
On 3/20/2022 at 11:17 PM, Lala said:

More models have been added, be free to cast your vote and join the conversation. Would love to hear your preferences 😊

Kudos. My vote goes to none of the above. I'm suggesting Ben Palacios: he's got the hair, the teeth, the dick (presumably) and, most importantly, he's got the chin!

Images hidden from guests. Please register for free.

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Wow, good point! I usually prefer the older types, but he seems like a good fit! Thanks for the suggestion, really appreciate it 😉

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16 minutes ago, Lala said:

Wow, good point! I usually prefer the older types, but he seems like a good fit! Thanks for the suggestion, really appreciate it 😉

Re: dick (It's so important when casting Disney animated heroes). Can't you just see him cast up on a desert island?

Images hidden from guests. Please register for free.

Edited by jakester
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You sure bet! He is sexy, he reminds of the Barberni Faun 🥰

Images hidden from guests. Please register for free.

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5 minutes ago, Lala said:

You sure bet! He is sexy, he reminds of the Barberni Faun 🥰

Images hidden from guests. Please register for free.

I think they may have been the inspiration. The photo's by Michael Downs.

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13 hours ago, jakester said:

I think they may have been the inspiration. The photo's by Michael Downs.

Thanks for the credit, his pics are fantastic. This is my favorite one:

Images hidden from guests. Please register for free.

Ben Palacios is very well done. With this album, he might as well be cast as Disney's Hercules as well, young and grown up ☺️

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Damn PG Disney. What they don't show is that after the shipwreck somewhere N.N.E. of Vanuatu, or maybe it was S.S.W. - no one's quite sure - instead of Grimsby, when Eric wakes on the 'desert island' he is discovered by a local prince. This guy :

Images hidden from guests. Please register for free.

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Just now, jakester said:

Damn PG Disney. What they don't show is that after the shipwreck somewhere N.N.E. of Vanuatu, or maybe it was S.S.W. - no one's quite sure - instead of Grimsby, when Eric wakes on the 'desert island' he is discovered by a local prince. This guy :

Images hidden from guests. Please register for free.

What's even worse, while we're supposed to believe he was ever interested in fish girl they leave out the whole episode where he's captured by pirates, is raped by the captain, and discovers he likes it. I mean the real story.

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Oh that would be awesome! Disney did a good job making him look hunky, why not just give him a back story where he falls into a "trap" for another muscular hunk? That would be the perfect erotic fanfic! 🤤 Also, after he is left on the beach, he really should not be waking up near his home - I too would prefer a deserted island where he becomes vulnerable and is raised by another "family", for whom he develops lust. That would be amazing 😍

Edited by Lala
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5 hours ago, jakester said:

What's even worse, while we're supposed to believe he was ever interested in fish girl they leave out the whole episode where he's captured by pirates, is raped by the captain, and discovers he likes it. I mean the real story.

Images hidden from guests. Please register for free.

Omg, found some fantastic pics of him in the process of rule 34 after he was shipwrecked. This is EXACTLY how I love to picture him in the fanfic. The man deserves his own movie! Gorgeous hunk 😍 🥰 

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