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endless scripts



image.png.fc7066b23f8ed2e9279e6cdb1367ea65.pnghad writer's meeting again for "talent show"

the first couple of things image.png.2de8d9cc45eb8a4f93aa33fd549bd0be.png wrote:

1 - a song parody - not image.png.fb0d6c023584c59b541c4f8e75df20d5.png's actual foray - but it worked into what we were THEN doing but now they agreed with image.png.1adeafe1a3afe2946e8bf1829f9782da.png that it would be way to complicated to pull off - so we got no finale

2 - gangster kids running a "pay to play" scam on the playgroud. they loved it at first though considered it "a little dark" - will be used sometime in the future maybe

they have been trashed


image.png.9c3e60de4e4ac95e342068673a7a9ccd.png again has to revise a skit so it is "less dark" and fits better in how the show will be staged

and image.png.e1b6ccf386d3423843db5caf5df6bec8.png assigned SOMETHING about making a "smart house" - yech stuff image.png.323c364af5ff6676aeda1a4ea3948ef7.png knows ZERO about

and - as such - it is kinda difficult to write a satire on a topic you really do not know enough about

but - if image.png.dc7f1c77dbe830c50282f9031df70118.png wants image.png.e176ccd3ef5c0661c3c0a47641acfebf.png's stuff in the show as opposed to the decidedly unfunny stuff

then image.png.1567b93981ba7321664d67cb8429de24.png better write it


at least the producer and image.png.798f09f81d2b7abbf138abe6cfb0eb04.png are on the same page as far as humor is concerned


"but what about image.png.9b48828687759407f60dab4df6241d32.png's homage to the Marx Brothers?" you ask

thus far it seems to still be making the cut

however they fell in love with the Three Stooges bit image.png.305173e3b18c67fe4727b55cc65c9fbe.png provided tonight


Three Stooges over the Marx Brothers?

this kinda displays what image.png.af5301a2f01e56945332bbfe4406fae2.png is dealing with here


nothing against the Three Stooges but....come on! really?

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Three Stooges, Marx Brothers - I want to send you a rainbow to bring back some color into your life.


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the marx brothers' did test in color! (note harpo out of costume and in his bathrobe. there is just something about harpo...even out of costume.)


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