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​ πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰ HAPPY Birthday to me! (Summary)πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰



Hey all ☺️

I've been meaning to compose this for some time since my birthday trip to Cancun. Just a summary of some of the happenings from my stay.

Let me start with when we arrived. The weather was just awesome upon our arrival toΒ Desire Resort Riviera Maya. After checking in & getting settled into our suite, we went out to explore our surroundings for the next few days.

In an earlier blog post during my stay I had mentioned about spending time at the nude beach. It seems while I was peeling off my cover up & thong bikini to get naked, I caught the eye another female with her man that was admiring from afar. As stated in a photo post (https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/image/2126547-bath-time-after-day-of-travel-dcaf998f79ab375720f7/Β ). After joining them for dinner, all 4 of us met up for some late night fun. We started out meeting up at a club which I wore this club dress (which I wore no bra or thong underneath).


With a few drinks in us, we all hit the dance floor. Then after a couple songs Jill & I switched as I began dancing will James. I gyrated my ass up against James & he seems to enjoy it. ☺️. We all stepped  away from the floor after a few songs & lounged around with drinks.

Then this black guy stops by our table & asked me if he could dance with me for a song or 2. I glanced over to my man & he didn't seem to mind as he gave me "his" nod of approval. I got up from our table as I reached for this guy's hand as he offered it to help me. He was fairly attractive with a nice built body. We introduced ourselves as he introduced himself as Trent. With my hand in his, he leads me onto the dance floor as we begin to dance. During the first song, we made our way to another part of the club that had little lighting & was away & out of sight from where I left my man, Jill, & James.

This is when things got very interesting & hot. While my back was to Trent with me once again dancing all erotic & shit, I tell him that I wasn't wearing a thong & was naked underneath my club dress. Trent picked up on my hint as he slid one of his hands up underneath & began to feel around my pussy. He compliments me about my bare pussy as he then sticks 2 of his fingers inside me & begins to slowly finger fuck me. We exchange a kiss as I let out a lil moan of approval. He then begins to rub & probe my pussy even more. I then tell him that I was close to an orgasm & cumming πŸ’¦Β & suggested him to mellow out as I didn't want to right then in front of everyone. We find a better spot in the club & make our way to it. While dancing I let him cop a feel of my pussy, even gave him a lil flash of my boobs as quickly pulled down the top part of my club dress. Sometime during the 2nd song is when I had my fun with Trent. As I teased him through his pants & could feel that he was VERY equipped 🀀. While I was he let me undo his pants just enough to expose his penis. I glanced down & boy was it a sight that made my pussy wet! πŸ˜‰Β With this beautiful black penis in my hand, I squatting down like I was doing a dance move & quickly stuck his penis in my mouth & began to suck it! After a minute or so I stood back up to be greeted by a big smile from Trent. We collected ourselves & made our way back to the others. While we did, I told Trent that I wanted to get fucked by him by the time I left. He agreed & tells me that he had noticed me a couple days earlier when I was on the nude beach. He tells me that his rooms faces the nude beach & that he had just got out of the shower when he spotted me. What he told me next turned me on & got me wet. Trent tells me when he spotted me, he grabbed his penis & began to jerk off, which he says ended with him unloading a huge cumshot! 😍 As we got to the others, he stayed for a lil bit but left me with his contact info. After a while all of us called it the night at the club. As my man & I made our way back to our suite, we decided to invite Jill & James in for a night cap.

I really hate to end this here but I got to before I really get all wet & horny & then need to pleasure myself. I will def continue more of this in next blog post!
Trust me you will wanna stay tuned!Β πŸ˜‰β˜ΊοΈ

Before I end this, I'll leave yall with a few photos I took prior to going out to the club while waiting for my man. Enjoy!Β πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜






Better proof that wore nothing underneath my club dress! 🀭

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