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As Time Goes By: From Fratmen Kyle to Minute Men Kyle in 10 Years





Fratmen Kyle debuted on Fratmen in 2001.  He was so popular with the fans they produced a second video Kyle II.  You can see he made a lot of progress on sculpting his body in the time between the two videos.  Between 2001 and 2003 he was featured in Playgirl Magazine as a Campus Hunk in several special issues as Chris Mitchell. 

As he continued to work on his body to prepare for fitness competitions, Jet Set Studios came calling with some more solo work.  His poolside performance is a masterpiece in auto-erotica.  It should be the standard all solos should aspire to.  Kyle got to let loose and do all the things he was not allowed to do and express in his earlier videos for Fratmen.  He could moan, he could play with his ass, and my favorite...defile the lawn chair.


In 2010, a decade has passed since he first debuted as Fratmen Kyle.  Still a handsome hunk, Colt Studios re-introduced him as Kyle Prescott in a solo video.  he looks a lot different primarily because of too much thinning of they eyebrows and lack of his usual tan.   At first he seemed familiar but I could not place him.  Then I recognized the unique shape of his cock and used the tattoo as secondary confirmation.  



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Mmm you should post his solo scene from Sharpshooter Studios: College Swim Team, No Suits Required. It features three other guys from Playgirl. The middle aged, pervy coach forcing his swimmer to strip out of their Speedos until they're all naked, dripping wet is a sight I've masturbated to many times 😁

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