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This section of my Blog is about the b eauty of men........I could resist to express my deep appreciations to "Thick" and the posting of his Cock.......so smooth and delicious at least to me. The tiny veins right before the mushroom head is very attractive to me because it indicates that he has a sensitive neck full of veins and nerve and after three or four nibbles in that area whether on his cock or on the side of his neck his milk will flow like the river of the Nile.....


and I just want to drain him of his delicious milk......MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm








One of the most attraction views to my vision is viewing a beautiful male physique in the midst of Amber or Emerald fibers of grass in the field. This pic captures that image of one embracing him and rolling with him in that field.

A video I created for the beholder to imagine these works of art becoming your canvas. Take a look. 



He is not just opening his chest to you.....he is opening the pulsing red flames of his heart for you to explore every chamber.




The key to tranquility is taking a deep breath and quieting the noise in the mind......this video I created is about to do just that and then more if you are will. Imagine these men in the depths of your mind creating an alter state of consciousness many call, "Ecstasy." Take a look.



That side of the moon is too dark. Can you image this Chocolate man melting into soul and heart all the way down to your testicles causing you to spill your milk every where? I can...Been there.....Done that!!!!




Emptying him chocolate essence over you until you are merged......



Pouring unto your lips into your mouth and sliding smoothly down your throat like silk milk chocolate.....just take it in and feel energized!!!



Drink....drink...and LIVE!!!!


Look at you guys melting into one flavor of Ice Cream.......Chocolate and Vanilla making Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. The contrast is Astoundingly beautiful!!!! 





For some of you who love the veins on men's necks......here's one for you.












Sven is one of best muscle gods on the web.....he flexes here that triggers those of us who have a fetish for men's muscles and veins to cum....check him out!!!



This guy reveals his gorgeous delicious neck veins for you......

And he among other men love other people loving their neck veins.....here is another video displaying his neck veins....Absolutely beautiful.


Wolfman displaying his muscles and veins for you. Take a look!!!


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