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the silence of the fans



this time of year

most of the fans are kept running

- except the ones downstairs

(tho image.png.5586645037f4552eeac58f502bd7305b.png expects in a few weeks at least one down there will have to be kept on overnight

otherwise in the morning it will be to unpleasant downstairs to make a breakfast

and the evil, awful, obnoxious doggy will also object)


everyone in image.png.504aa0b257659a5fbd6551cb4aedafe5.png's klan complains

that the noise of the fans keeps them awake


but image.png.ef0b527043ed446ad1650f301163b721.pngfinds the whirring noise actually puts image.png.55244cf444da27c9dcafbb2dc8762b43.png to coma


it might be stuffy in image.png.4d9248fcd6a1205488e62d97ca2b6835.png's cribby

and the linens need to be changed constantly due to the humidity


but them noisy fans make image.png.813bb3547072bde9aff06fe5b866ce11.png pass out

and sometimes image.png.c98279fd3ad2c84463a12e48acf78ccd.png actually over sleeps


maybe in the colder months image.png.e99a577e6cd20588ed6176aaad9f39cc.png will continue to run the fans

just to continue a sound night's coma


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i fall asleep to the sounds of fans, white noise machines etc!!!

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