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Found 30 results

  1. Have you posed for a photographer? Did you know them? Would you pose for a photographer you found through Craigslist or another site? What if you were really concerned about keeping the pics private? If you did pose, did you have limits on how far you went? Please share your experiences.
  2. I was curious and thought I'd open a topic and ask the community to share their favorite porn site(s), whether free or paid subscription ... other than everyone's obvious #1 choice, AdonisMale, of course ;-) I thought this could lead to some very stimulating discussions! Not to mention introduce some members to sites they were never aware of.
  3. I just noticed that the current total post count is 49,042 Only 958 hot posts away from achieving it. Let's make it happen, guys!!!
  4. ben

    sexuality Manscaping

    I am thinking it's time for a trim! I've gone bare before, and it feels so good at first, but it's tough to maintain and so hard to blend into stomach and legs. Thoughts on just a close trim all around, or the close trim with the 'landing strip' in the middle? Anyone got some tips on getting the balls and 'taint' nice and even
  5. A recently conducted sex survey revealed interesting results. The study had a total of 8,776 respondents who are a combination of gay, straight, bisexual, transgender men and women to name a few. According to the survey: 36% percent of the respondents prefer vanilla sex and this group, they say, can only take “a playful tush pat (and there’s only a 24 percent chance they enjoy that).” 25% percent of the respondents are over 50 percent more likely to get interested in “spanking, bondage (being tied up or doing the tying), domination/submission, and blindfolds.” 20% percent of the respondents were found to enjoy “voyeurism, exhibitionism, and group sex.” They are also ones who are most likely into double penetration as compared to the previous group. 19% percent of the respondents were found to be into, well, everything which means “BDSM, voyeurism, Dom/sub, double penetration, and blindfolds” But at the same time, they have a “more than 50 percent chance of being into pain and rape/intruder role-play, and a nearly 50 percent chance of being into asphyxiation and fisting.” That being said, the most popular kinks according to this study include: spanking at 60 percent dom/sub at 55 percent blindfolds (around 48 percent) group sex (around 47 percent) voyeurism (around 45 percent) double penetration (almost 45 percent) over 40 percent of the respondents are also into exhibitionism and BDSM correspondingly around 29 percent confessed to being into rape/intruder role-play 28 percent and 25 percent are into pain and uniform/sports apparel respectively 12 percent and 16 percent are into feet/toes and fisting respectively. What about you? Do you have a sexual fetish and kinky stories to share?
  6. This is a tough question that I wanted to throw out to the community. Would you be straight if you had the choice? Have you ever thought about it? I'm sure many of you absolutely love being gay, as an expression for who you truly are. But there might be some of you who want to turn back the clock by 10 to 15 years and wished you had stayed straight. What do you think?
  7. It was because of a Playgirl search that I initially found AdonisMale. And so it was the DC Playgirl Gallery that brought me here. I'm going to go out on a limb and say every member on the site has bought a Playgirl magazine a time or two in their lives, right? How many of you remember the first time you ever bought Playgirl, and who was the centerfold? For me, I was a freshman in college. I went to one of the bookstores in the mall about five minutes before the doors opened and waited. My plan was to get in and get out before anyone else came in. I didn't want anyone to see me or see what I wanted to buy. I headed straight to the magazine rack where I immediately spotted my prize in the top row on the far left. Problem is that I hesitated because I was so nervous. And of course, someone walked right up behind me to do nothing more than browse the entire rack. And before that person left, I was joined by even more people. I pretended to be interested in travel, history, cooking, remodeling a house I didn't have, coin collecting, comics.....you get the picture. I think I browsed every non-porn magazine on that rack. I wanted that Playgirl so bad! Some of you may remember the scene when Woody Allen tried very hard to get up the nerve to discretely buy a skin magazine, only to have the cashier yell out across the store "Hey, Bernie (don't remember the actual name), how much for Orgasm?". That was me. I was so afraid of what someone might think about my wanting to look at Playgirl. I laugh now when I think back on it and how obvious I must have been to the cashier whose counter was right next to the magazines. Well over an hour later I was finally alone and no one else was anywhere nearby. I had my opportunity. It was now or never! My heart was pounding wildly out of both fear and lust as I got up the nerve to reach up and grab that Playgirl! I quickly pulled out a $5 bill - it was $3.99 in those days - and paid for it as the cashier put it in a bag. As soon as I had my change and receipt I was gone! But the trouble was well worth it! I spent hours gazing at the pages of that Man of the Year edition. It was the January 1984 edition, and I fell in love with the centerfold, Kory Wolf.
  8. are you regularly nude anywhere like a gym or spa? do you find other guys looking at you a lot in a non-sexual, more curious way? what do you think of it? i go to a gym and pretty regularly see this guy in the locker room who is just huge. i can't help but stare and i see other guys staring as well. i'm not even gay but i can't help but wonder what he looks like hard. how do you deal with people checking out your tool? do you just not care?
  9. ben

    sexuality making videos?

    Have you made a video? I uploaded my first solo vid to Erome, but keep it "unlisted" for now cause it's a bit... raw. I'd share if you dm me, it doesn't seem like you can post vids here anyway. What are your experiences?
  10. maleart

    sexuality Vintage Versus Retro

    Vintage Versus Retro What's the difference? An explanation with photos. A paper presented by Madd Coww to the RetromenPlus Yahoo Group. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/retromenplus/info
  11. DAVE | May 9, 2017 at 10:51 am | Credit Have you ever heard the saying, “What is the difference between a gay man and a straight man?” The answer, they say, is: “six beers.” Do you agree? Well, it appears the saying has a grain of truth in it. At least according to this study conducted in the Midwestern United States by Breanne R. Helmers, Colin Harbke, and Julie C. Herbstrith. Published in The Journal of Social Psychology, the study is titled, “Sexual Willingness with Same- and Other-Sex Prospective Partners: Experimental Evidence from the Bar Scene.” The researchers reportedly conducted the study outside of bars where they examined 83 straight male and female respondents and measured their “sexual willingness with a same- or other-sex partner.” How? By making the participants watch a randomly assigned 40-second video clip of attractive people—a male and a female—and then asking them if they’d buy the person a drink or maybe have sex with them. The researchers of course, took into account the amount of alcohol the respondents has had by asking them to take the breathalyzer test beforehand as well. Results of the study showed that the level of alcohol intake is related to women’s sexual interest for both men and women. As the women’s alcohol intake increases, so did their sexual interest for both genders but the more sober they were, the lesser the interest is as well. Men on the other hand, expressed willingness to have sex with attractive women regardless of the amount of alcohol they consumed. However, as their alcohol intake increases, so did their interest to have sex with the attractive guy in the video especially those who had over 10 drinks. The study however, stressed that the respondents’ sexual willingness is influenced both by their “alcohol intake and the perceived attractiveness of a same-sex prospective partner.” The researcher concluded that the result suggested a “potential shift in normative casual sexual behavior among heterosexual men.” Anyway, what do you think about the results of the study guys? Do you agree with the aforementioned saying above regarding the difference between a gay and a straight man? Have you ever slept with an inebriated straight guy before? How did that go for you?
  12. Guest

    sexuality Cock Preference

    Hey guys, Do you care whatsoever if a cock is circumsized or not? Do you think we prefer a cock to look like our own?
  13. luckylemon64

    sexuality Gay Dating Apps

    What gay dating websites and apps are you guys using? Not having much luck with Adam4Adam, and Grinder is not Grinding anymore. Scruff, Tinder?
  14. I'm a big fan of "Call Me By Your Name" and I came across a very hot 'reenactment' of the peach scene
  15. For those of you who haven't seen this one yet, this is a short tv segment from the Real People show covering the then new phenomenon and revolutionary Playgirl magazine. I hope you will appreciate it as much as I have when I found it on youtube. ScruffyArtist
  16. Hello Fellow Playgirl Fans, I am a new member but a long time fan and collector of Playgirl Magazine, me and Playgirl were born on the same year. I am interested to know if any of you met in person, or knew someone who posed for Playgirl. Have you ever discovered someone you know in the pages of Playgirl? ScruffyArtist
  17. Guys, I was wondering what is everyone's favorite music or playlists they use for sharing those intimate moments with their special someone. I'm always on the hunt for new music. I like almost all genres of music, but tend to gravitate towards a more exotic new age sound, sort of like the following, which I find very sensual:
  18. Good news, guys! Unfortunately, I'm way behind on my annual quota! http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/health-problems/researchers-say-frequent-ejaculation-could-save-mens-lives/news-story/dedd2ce2cb85c9cf6ff67f24c455dbe5
  19. Interesting read that published yesterday. What do you guys think? http://nymag.com/scienceofus/2017/02/how-straight-men-explain-their-same-sex-encounters.html
  20. Freddy57

    sexuality Gay For Pay

    Many of the "gay" pornstars we idolize are not gay men but straight men being paid to preform in gay videos. I am wondering how this sits with other members of the site? On one hand I have to ask myself just how straight these men really are if they are willing to suck dick, kiss and get screwed by other men. But if you think about it gay videos are a form of fantasy entertainment so does it really matter? Below is a full episode of the Tyra Banks show which deals with this subject.
  21. Hey Guys: Would love some advice on this. A few years ago I was at a local nude beach. I discovered I enjoyed going to it and on one occasion, while there alone, an older man I know from the gym saw me and said hello. He had just arrived and was still dressed. Shortly afterwards I made the bold move to go over and talk to him by the water. We were both fully nude and, in the middle of the conversation, he suddenly quickly touched my cock. I told him I liked that and he jokingly put his arms on my shoulders and said he could not do anything about it there. They made that beach textile only, unfortunately, but I still see him on occasion in the locker room at my gym. A few months ago he came over the speak to me when I was changing and before walking away he rubbed my penis again. I was totally turned on and, as he was exiting, I had my cock out and asked him to touch it again. He shook his head no and left. I still see him on occasion...he owns a local deli. But he never approached me again. What should I do? I totally want to fool around with this man. Thank you.
  22. A user named Puelca from an online community needs some advice: How would you advise this guy who can't control his urges?
  23. I am posting this Chart of Playgirl Magazines for Years 1973 to 2006 in my own collection that I am gradually listing on eBay For Sale. If anyone is interested in any of these issues please message me. The number indicated in the chart is the number of copies I have of each to sell. Please be aware that any of these issues may have already been sold by the time of your request. I cannot edit this post to show that, but I will, however, let you know if they are still available. If they are, I can then list them to sell to you. Thanks for your interest. Eric YEARCALENDARJANUARYFEBRUARYMARCHAPRILMAYJUNEJULYAUGUSTSEPTEMBEROCTOBERNOVEMBERDECEMBER1973 1 11212221974 2222221222221975 2221222222221976 11333232222221977 12222233222221978 12222222222221979 2222222322221980 2222222222221981 2222222222221982 2223222222221983 2122222222221984 2222222222221985 2212221222221986 21211 1111111987 1111111111 11988 12111112111989 11 1111111111990 1111111111111991 1 1992 1993 1 1 1994 11 1995 11 1996 1 1 1997 1111111111111998 1111111111111999 1111111112112000 1122222211112001 1111112111112002 1111111111112003 1111111111112004 1111111 11112005 11111 1111112006 1
  24. The guy in this video is such a tease, but he has a great bulge! No nudity, but still very erotic
  25. Steve

    sexuality The Gay Hanky Code

    In a recent episode of The Huffington Post Love+Sex Podcast about sex tourism, co-hosts Carina Kolodny and Noah Michelson chatted with Matt, a DJ from Australia who travels halfway around the world each year to attend San Francisco's Folsom Street Festival, the world's biggest leather event. While chatting with Kolodny and Michelson, Matt brought up "the hanky code," a form of covert communication that some gay men used in the '70s and '80s to signal their sexual interests and desires to other men. As Fusion.com notes, "Men who participated in this form of flagging placed differently colored handkerchiefs in the back pockets of their pants: the left side for dominant sexual partners (tops) and the right side for submissive sexual partners (bottoms)." For instance, if you are wearing a light blue hanky in your left back pocket, you're looking for someone to perform oral sex on you. If you are wearing a light blue hanky in your right back pocket, you're looking to perform oral on someone else. After the sex tourism episode of the Love+Sex podcast aired, many listeners remarked that they had never heard of the hanky code and were curious to learn more about which colors signified which acts and preferences. So, in the handy hanky chart below, I've included a variety of colors and their corresponding interests. The origin of the hanky code is unclear. One legend claims it may date back to the mid-19th century when San Francisco's population began to explode and was made up of a large majority of men who had traveled to the city looking for work. According to SFGayHistory.com, "as a result, men were forced to dance together at socials, with some men wearing a blue bandanna to show that they were assuming the male leading parts in the dance while others wearing red bandannas to show they were taking the female following role in the dance." Another theory suggests that in the 1970's "a journalist from the Village Voice wrote that instead of wearing keys to indicate if someone was a 'top' or 'bottom,' gays should be more subtle and just wear different colored hankies." Wherever it came from, the code, though rarely used today, offers a revealing glimpse into queer history and how some men overcame the problem of identifying men who were not only interested in having sex with other men but also had the same (or in some cases, opposite) desires.

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