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James Critchley

James Critchley
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New photographer to me but very sexy guys! 

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With very rare exceptions, Critchley seems to have specialized in very muscular models who have at least a moderate amount of ink.  Very few of his models seem to be completely ink-free; Rob Pickering, Justas Jes, Daniël Montana, and a very few others are notable — and hot — exceptions.  Robbie Taylor appears to have only one modestly sized tattoo, high on his right thigh.  Plus, other than Jes and the grossly over-inked (IMHO) Andrew England, I don’t remember seeing any of these models before.

Two things I do like about Critchley’s album, though:  

(1) In most cases, there are at least several photos of each model (grouped together, thanks to @Steve), instead of just one or two scattered here and there.  In a few cases, Critchley seems to have fallen in love with some of the models — 44 photos of Robbie Taylor, 40 of Marshall Arkley!  (Maybe they were giving Critchley some extra benefits on the side! ;) )

(2) The images are almost all in very large formats, typically 1345 x 2048 or larger.  (I noticed only a few smaller than that.)  If you’re a tattoo fan, the landscape-mode images are easily suitable for wallpapers/desktops on even the biggest desktop monitors, although perhaps NSFW.  I’m growing increasingly bored with the much smaller-format images typically released by some of the big-name photographers.

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1 hour ago, JackFTwist said:

With very rare exceptions, Critchley seems to have specialized in very muscular models who have at least a moderate amount of ink.  

Seems like a lot of mainstream photographers are going with guys with ink.  Guess that is what it takes to be a model today.  Everyone seems to be sporting tattoos of some kind today.  What ever happened to the clean cut All-American guy?  I guess he has become an extinct species.  

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