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Locker Room Lust

Locker Room Lust
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I find that the bodybuilders muscle guys usually came in their workout clothes and did not change in the locker rooms or take showers,  the out of shape guys were the ones to change and take showers.  I did not want to see these guys naked.  When a bodybuilder did change and take a shower I really got turned on usually getting hard.  More than once I had to j/o to get my cock to go down.

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I love seeing the nude men in the locker room, particularly watching them walk to the showers or shave totally naked. 

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On 1/18/2020 at 11:24 AM, ColtMann said:

I find that locker room/gang shower pix are more alluring with 2, 3, or 4 porn stars. anyway, did I ever tell you that, in high school, the drippiest nerd in my class was also hung halfway to his knees. I think the rest of us were more like scared rabbits, wishing we were dressed and outta there!


So true.

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Most bodybuilder types usually came the gym in workout clothes and did not shower.  We did have some competitive bodybuilders that did however.  They would use the tanning bed in the locker room after their workouts.  Tanning naked, then they would pose naked.  I would try to hit the locker room when they would finish tanning and start posing.  I would have to jerk off in the shower to get my erection down.  We had open showers where I would get hard seeing naked bodybuilders.

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