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    This is an open letter from the webmaster of AdonisMale to all adult groups migrating from Yahoo Groups.  

    One year after Yahoo announced the removal of their online features, Yahoo Groups announced that they would be permanently shutting down on December 15 2020.  No emails, no messages, and decades of online connections about to be lost.  

    If you need a new home for your adult group, then I invite you to read on.

    My Story

    Hi, my name is Joel and I grew up in the heyday of Yahoo! Groups (literally went through my teen years on Yahoo).  I remember the days when it was the bustling, lively, enriching place that it used to be with awesome groups, amazing members, and sizzling pixxx.  More importantly, it was the special camaraderie that led to lifelong friends that made Yahoo Groups such a wonderful place.  I'm still a member of several Yahoo Groups, stretching more than a decade of membership. 

    It became apparent many years ago that Yahoo was no longer interested in investing resources into Yahoo Groups, so I branched out into my own small gallery in 2013.  While Yahoo faltered and mistepped over and over again,  I've focused on turning my gallery into an independent  community to retain the same sense of camaraderie and friendship as Yahoo Groups.  AdonisMale is now one of the world's biggest, most comprehensive, and definitive resources of male fashion models, bodybuilders, vintage erotica, and Playgirl centerfolds.  We're proud to be one of the world's largest free gay communities, and we welcome you to a new home.

    An Offer to Yahoo Group Owners

    Some highlights of how we're different:

    • We're NOT a corporation trying to sell you a wireless plan because you have Yahoo email!  We're an independent and free website whose only mission is to provide a safe and welcoming community for adult groups.    
    • We're NOT a legacy platform with no investment into the future (looking at you, Neo!).  We run on premium community software that gives us all of the online features you've lost, and we will continue to update and invest in new features to meet modern expectations.  Our website displays beautifully on all device sizes and types; includes modern features like notifications, reactions, and leaderboards; and we offer unlimited uploading of content.    
    • We're NOT going to censor your adult content, provided they meet our terms and guidelines.  We're an independent community, which allows us to not only offer adult content but celebrate sexuality front-and-center.  Literally, our homepage has porn!  We have common sense guidelines designed for adult groups.  
    • We're NOT going to push you away.  In the world of Yahoo and Google, Groups are an afterthought.  They exist because they've been around forever.  In the world of AdonisMale, our community and clubs and members are the sole reason why I've built this place.  My mission is to help you be successful with your group, and to provide a home like no other.  

    All of this for free.  With unlimited storage, members, and messages.  Backed by the resources of one of the largest free gay porn communities.  

    When you re-launch your group on AdonisMale, I passionately believe you're not just moving to another platform.  What I offer is a community, a partnership, and webmaster that will nurture, empower, and celebrate you like no other.  Welcome to the home you've always deserved at AdonisMale.  

    Share this page with other Yahoo Groups: https://www.adonismale.com/yahoo/


    Yahoo email sent October 12 2020: "Beginning December 15, 2020 the Yahoo Groups website will shut down and members will no longer be able to send or receive emails from Yahoo Groups."

  • icons8-Info.png.e29b8eb978abab71ca516d9f075fb0fc.pngThe Details

    • Yahoo: email listserv
    • AdonisMale: web platform + member management + modern features + adult content

    AdonisMale is not a perfect replacement for Yahoo Groups email-to-email.  You move to us because you want: a web-based community that you run and control, modern features, unlimited uploading, adult content, and the support of a community that prides itself on being best-in-class and growing.

  • Alternativesicons8-user-groups-64.png

    • Facebook Groups: Does not allow adult content per terms of service
    • Groups.io:  Does not allow adult content per terms of service. 
  • icons8-Login.png.60c0c150ace1738a6b65338cc73df242.pngMigrate

    If you're ready to move to AdonisMale, it's simple to get started.  

    1. Register for free on AdonisMale
    2. Click on Clubs on the menu.  On the Club Directory page, click on "Start a Club" button.  

    If you're serious about moving to AdonisMale, you should probably also do the following:

    1. Send me an email to [email protected] with your Yahoo Groups URL, any questions that you might have, and a brief introduction of yourself and your group.  I respond to everybody within 24 hours and will answer all questions.  You've heard my story, and I'd like to hear yours.
    2. Send a notice out to your Yahoo Group about the migration to AdonisMale.  
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