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  1. Stiffie

    Congrats!  You earned your first Stiffie award by receiving your first stiffie from another member.  Keep postin' and strokin' for more awards!

  2. Double Stiffie

    Wow!  You got two other members so excited, your posts require a double fister.  You earned the Double Stiffie award for your second Stiffie.

  3. Pitching A Tent

    There's a bonfire going on below the waist, and you make others want to camp in your pants.  You earned the Pitching A Tent award for your Third Stiffie.

  4. Fully Erect

    Wow!  You make other members stiff and swollen with your awesome content.  You earned the Fully Erect award for 5 stiffies.

  5. Ding Dong

    Great work!  Hotdogs taste so juicy when you write about them, and your content makes others salivate.  You earned the Ding Dong award for 8 stiffies.

  6. Boner

    You're doing a great job!  You make the blood rush out of others' brains and into their heads.  You earned the Boner award for 13 stiffies.

  7. Joystick

    Nice!  You make other members waggle their todgers left to right like a true 80's gamer.  You earned the Joystick award for 21 stiffies.

  8. Super Soaker

    Good for you!  You make other members drench themselves from head to toe with your steamy hot posts.  You earned the Super Soaker award due to 34 stiffies.

  9. Long Dong Silver

    It's an adventure on Treasure Island when you make others plunder their loot in the naughtiest way possible.  You earned the Long Dong Silver award for 55 stiffies.

  10. Love Torpedo

    Ready, aim, fire!  You make other members blast off into an explosion.  You earned the Love Torpedo award for 89 stiffies.



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