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Sex Confession – Manly Work Out


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@suzienudie — Thanks for posting these short stories/fantasies from http://webby.co  .  There are relatively few gay stories there, and they’re not classified by gay vs. straight, so it takes some time and patience to find them.  There’s not usually an easy way to spot them.  The title of this one is a strong hint, but some seem to be gay at the beginning, only to turn straight after you've invested some time reading the first part and gotten your hopes (and hormones) up.  This is one of the better ones; there are some others that are pretty badly written stuff, too.  And we’re obviously not talking curated, edited, National Book Award material here — even the best ones usually contain obvious typos, occasionally so many that it can become distracting and sometimes confusing.  (For example, in this good piece, we have “preyed for patience” instead of “prayed …” in the last sentence of the first paragraph and “John slipped her fingers around my cock …” in the fourth paragraph.)  But if you’re willing to overlook these occasional slips, these can be an entertaining, fantasy-rich read!  suzienudie has posted a couple of the best ones for us to enjoy!

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I actually love reading these naughty stories, the kinkiness and the taboo factors are definitely a nice escape from the boring normalcy of my actual life :) 

Agreed!  I love reading these, too.  It's fascinating how the written word can sometimes be much more arousing than any photograph....sometimes.  :)

On your other comment, I can't possibly believe your life is boring, Joel!  After all, you're a hero to all of us AdonisMale members.  ;)

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Hey Codie,

Always good to have members give their feedback!  (BTW, its an honor to give you your first community point by liking your post, dude.)

Any requests or ideas for a story, please don't hesitate!  I'd love putting your fantasies to words.  Feel free to message me if you like.  Knowing the stories here turn you two on turns me on.  


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On 8/25/2015 at 4:38 AM, suzienudie said:

Sex Confession – Manly Work Out

May 16, 2015
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John and I had gym class together every day during eighth period. I noticed him several times in class he is very handsome. I fantasized about him, as I watched him shower. He had nice abs, and a tight ass that was almost hairless. It was hard for me to keep from getting a hard on as I watched him slide the soap over his gorgeous body. I wasn’t yet ready to let anyone know I was gay so I kept my feelings to myself.

Yesterday John and I both, forgot our gym shorts and were excused from class. We were told to go to the weight room and lift, while the others played soccer. I spotted for John as he bench-pressed. I was getting so horny watching his muscles tighten with each lift. Droplets of sweat appeared on his chest as he struggled with the weights. We were so close the aroma of his body tickled my nose and teased me as if to say (here I am come and get me. I’m right here just reach out.) I preyed for patience as I struggled to control my urges.

We began comparing muscles. His abs were more defined than mine. My arms were much bigger than his. Suddenly, I don’t know what came over me. I couldn’t take it any longer I bent down and kissed John on the lips. He responded by kissing me back anxiously.

I dropped my shorts and showed him my semi hard cock. I knew I was going out on a limb. He looked at it “Mmmmm that’s a nice muscle,” he said. John slipped her fingers around my cock and gave it a tight squeeze. Just his touch made me want to explode!!

I reached for the top of John’s gym shorts and with one good yank pulled them down around his ankles. I reached out and took his balls in my hand giving them a gentle squeeze. I ran a finger up, and down the length of his cock, teasing it. John watched quietly. I took his cock in my hand and firmly began to jack him off. I tried not to drool as I admired his perfectly shaped penis. I wanted to taste his cock so badly I almost drooled on myself; I grew very excited when a drop of pre cum dripped in my hand.

John was thrusting into my hand and his erection was getting bigger. I sat down on the bench and pulled his cock towards my lips. I extended my tongue and licked the tip of it. A small amount of pre cum came out and I licked it off. I slid my tongue down the length of his shaft to his balls. I tickled his balls with my tongue and sucked them into my mouth. Then I followed his shaft with my tongue back up to the head. I twirled my tongue around the tip of it over and over again.
John let out a sigh of pleasure. I slid my lips down over the head of his cock. And began sucking it. He tasted just as good as I had imagined. I slid my lips down his shaft and took his whole cock in my mouth. John began rocking his hips lunging the head of his dick into my throat. His breathing was rapid and I could tell he was almost ready to cum.

John withdrew his cock from my mouth and pulled me to my feet. “I want you to fuck me now!” he insisted. He bent over with the palms on his hands on the bench and his legs spread. I stood behind him and spread his cheeks apart with my hands. I rubbed my thumb over his puckered asshole. Then I put my thumb in my mouth coating it with saliva. I massaged his asshole with it and slowly began penetrating him with the tip of my thumb. John gasped! I worked my thumb in and out of his tight ass. I spit on my finger and applied the spit to the end of my cock. I spread his cheeks apart a little more. Then I got on my knees behind him and licked his tasty, asshole. I ate his tight asshole like a virgin pussy. My tongue darted in and out of his asshole until it was nice and wet.
Then I stood and positioned myself behind John. I rubbed the tip of my cock over his tight asshole. I slowly forced the head of my hard dick into his glory hole. He felt so good! I slowly slipped deeper and deeper inside of him. John had taken his cock in his hand and was jacking off. He stroked his cock as I slid mine ever deeper into his asshole. “Do you like that?” I asked. “Oh Yeah,” John grunted. I slowly fucked John’s ass while he jacked off. After a few moments I began fucking him faster and faster. I felt John begin to shake, and moan as he spurted his hot load on the bench below us. When I heard his moans I became even more excited. The scent of his cum made me so horny. I fucked his tight ass hard until I blew my load deep in John’s ass. John sure is a good fuck!!!



good story

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