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Contest 1: Identify your ideal man and say why


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Post a picture of your ideal man, and say why.  Maybe it is someone with blond hair and blue eyes. Maybe you like someone who can sing and dance.  Maybe you like someone who is funny. 

Whatever makes him your ideal guy, we want to know.  The reason can be as long or short as you want, so long as you can convey why he is ideal.

Contest runs until midnight, December 30th, East Coast time in the US and Canada.


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i`d like to talk about my ideal Man and why, to see if we can get the ball rolling!!

i have many interests regarding Men, and i have combined them into a fantasy Man that may never exist, but i still fantasize about him!! my ideal Man is a bodybuilder, who works as a cop, wears cowboy gear on his days off, and wears leather for any given occasion. i`m usually at home, cooking for my Man, when he comes home. he walks up behind me, and wraps his massive arms around my torso, whispers in my ear how much he loves me, and then takes his clothes off. sometimes, he`ll throw me over his huge muscular shoulders and carry me to the bedroom, and fuck my ass off. then he`ll bring me back to the kitchen to finish cooking while he goes for his shower. we eat our meal together, as he tells me about his day. i tell him how proud i am of him, and he always smiles when i tell him how much i love him!! we do the dishes together, and then go to the living room, where he watches his sports, while i give him a blow job. he loves to hold my head in place with his thick muscular thighs, because he knows i love it!! i usually manage to break his attention from the tv, and we go to the bedroom for more sex!! he`ll fuck me in at least 3 different positions, before laying me on my back and fucking me missionary style, because he knows its my favorite position. after sex, he`ll collapse on top of me, and fall asleep, with my legs still draped over his hips. i giggle with glee at the prospect of having the perfect Man for my husband, and fall asleep buried in Muscle!! in the morning he wakes me, fucking me, taking extra care to be as gentle and passionate as possible while driving his cock deep inside me. he kisses me with his hot mouth, apologizes for having to go to work, then slips out of bed, and gets dressed for work. he looks so handsome in his tight fitting Police Man uniform, stretching it to the max, without tearing it. this is why he is my ideal Man!! 


Zeb Atlas.jpg Edited by bakersman94
adding a pic of what my ideal Man might look like
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"How can I speak of /his/ virtues?
I don't know where to begin..."

My ideal husband would be pornstar Rocco Steele. Everything about him fascinates me - the body, the piercing eyes, the deep voice and - of course - that 10X7 rockhard piece of manmeat between his legs. What I like about him the most, however, is that intoxicating mixture of roughness and gentleness he shows in his scenes.


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hey majikthis, Rocco Steele is indeed a hot Daddy. and with a most impressive cock to boot!! although he is totally new to me, i can really appreciate this hot hunk of STUDMUFFIN!!

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12 hours ago, bakersman94 said:

hey majikthis, Rocco Steele is indeed a hot Daddy. and with a most impressive cock to boot!! although he is totally new to me, i can really appreciate this hot hunk of STUDMUFFIN!!

Glad to be of service 🤗

(I posted a whole gallery of him in the male pornstars gallery)

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