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Phase 2 - Migration of Members


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Hi @bakersman94 and @anubis 

Now that you've officially launched your club, I wanted to discuss some best practices for a smooth migration.  In general, I recommend you think about the following:


Because the new club is so new, I recommend a phased migration to invite the key users first and help them get acquainted for a couple of weeks before you invite general membership.  If you have especially active posters, I encourage you to privately reach out to them individually to help them tour the new digs and see everything they can do with our site.  They'll have full access to the discussion boards, gallery albums, and files and can upload whatever is permitted within your club.  They'll also have full access to everything else in the community including our extensive gallery, which includes the world's largest Playgirl gallery, and our downloads, which includes files from sites like LegendMen, Paragon Men, BBPics, MuscleHunks, and JimmyZ.  


If you are opening up MMH to your members on Groups.io, then you need to be clear in the instructions on how to join.  It's a "Texas Two-Step":

  1. Register for free on AdonisMale.com.
  2. Join MMH

You need to repeat these instructions over and over to your members, because they will skip the second step, get confused, and become frustrated when they can't view your material.  You chose the club to be Closed, which means members must join in order to see anything.  


The direct link to MMH: https://www.adonismale.com/clubs/4-musclemanheaven/

You can start sharing your club address on a regular basis to Groups.io with links to recent albums, files, and topics you've posted in MMH.  This will help introduce users to your club and get them to join.  Once again, they won't see anything until they do the Texas Two-Step.  


Let me know if you'd like my assistance in helping your members take full advantage of everything you have to offer.  I hope this will be a wonderful new home for your group :).


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hey Joel, thank you so much for all the helpful advice!! i will keep in touch, if i need any help with anything to do with MMH on AdonisMale!! if you don't mind, i`d like to post this message from you to MMH on Groups.io so they can see it too!! i have all but 2 of the group`s contributors are at AdonisMale now. i don`t have Zach or John from Groups.io at AdonisMale yet. John posts a few times a month and Zach posts something here and there, but only in a random manner!! most of the posts from Zach are youtube video`s. i`m not sure how we can accommodate links to youtube on MMH at AdonisMale, do you have any suggestions? you have been most accommodating, and gracious, my good dear friend!! it is greatly appreciated!! 

Kelly AKA anubis and i have idea`s for a wallpaper album or maybe even a wallpaper club. as you may know, yahoo is going downhill, or to put another way, it's going to hell in a handbasket!! the wallpaper group i have been running in the owners absence could use a new home!! i made a copy group for it on Groups,io, but 90% of all the wallpapers that are created feature naked Men, and Groups.io has that damned No Adult Content rule!! Kelly wants to do a unico`s club too!! he's not sure yet if he just wants to do an album for unico`s at MMH or have a separate club for it. we`ll keep you up to date on them all!! with love from Wes!! hugs!!!  

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Just now, bakersman94 said:

i`m not sure how we can accommodate links to youtube on MMH at AdonisMale

Good news, we support YouTube and Vimeo videos and PornHub, so you're covered with videos! 😀 😎

Are you looking to have a dedicated Videos section?  Or to post the videos into a post like below?  We can do both.  



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hey Joel, the latter would work best, as we only need the link to a video for a specified period of time!! anyone wanting to go back again and again, can either bookmark the video or save the link to their computer. with love from Wes!! hugs!!! 

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