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Phase 1 - Start of the club


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Hey Wes and Kelly,

Congrats on the launch of MuscleManHeaven!  I know it's a huge step for both of you, but it seems like you two are taking to it like fish to water.  (In fact, I wasn't even expecting you to start the club.  I was thinking we would go through a demo together, but it looks like it's taking off very well!)

I wanted to discuss a couple of basic items to help you plan for a successful group.  

To begin with, if you ever need any help, don't hesitate to contact me either here on the website or my email [email protected]  I always take the time to answer each and every message about the website, no matter how important or trivial.  I know what it's like to upend everything and move from Yahoo Groups to an independent website, so familiarity with the platform is critical.  Our community can do a lot of stuff.  It's on a modern platform that beautifully displays on smartphones, tablets, and desktop.  It has fun features like reactions, emojis, trophies and status updates.  And best of all, it's a permanent community where you can build up your collection of photos to always share with the world.  

In the beginning, I think the best thing you can do is to test and try everything.  Really!  Try to do everything like a user: write a new topic, upload an album, and upload a file.  Then try to do everything as a club leader: review and edit all of your settings in Manage Club.  This is your group and your space, so take the time to explore. 

While you spend the next couple of days exploring the club's functionality, I wanted to get us talking about some questions:

  1. What's your plan for MMH for the next three months to grow the content? 
  2. Do you have any critical members you'd like to bring over for private testing?  
  3. Will this be a supplement to your existing groups on Groups.io or a replacement? 
  4. When are you looking to officially 'launch' the club?  
  5. What are you missing or need from me?  



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hey Joel, thank you for bringing this up. i plan on bringing members of MMH at Groups.io over to AdonisMale, and increase the membership. Kelly is my Critical Member, so i made him a leader to help me with the site. i think this will end up being a replacement for Groups.io, although we may have some members that aren't into the nude photography. with your help, i think we will be ready to launch MMH by tomorrow!! your faq`s were awesome, and i do not plan on changing a single word!! i wont know what we are missing or need until they come up!! thank you for all your help my good dear friend!! with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

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hey Joel i wanted to touch on the try everything topic, especially after i deleted the albums section when all i wanted to do was delete the pics of Daniel so Kelly could reload them into an album. i think i`d rather ask questions or have you do a quick explanation for each of the features under Manage Club!! like Kelly suggested after my faux paux, that maybe if you clicked select all (for the pictures you want to affect), and then select unapprove. Kelly thinks this will delete the pictures that were selected within an album or that were uploaded, but not put in an album at all. i am unwilling to take too many chances as i don`t want to delete something else that i didn`t want to delete, that was full of files or pics, if you know what i mean!! i really do not want to be a pest, but touching base on things under Manage Club, would be most beneficial. maybe there's a faq related to how to use the features under Manage Club? that way i wont be pestering you every time i want to do something!! thank you for your time, my good friend, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

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14 minutes ago, bakersman94 said:

although we may have some members that aren't into the nude photography

To help you structure your club from the beginning, one thing you can do is create another album tab for nude photography.  You can have one or more galleries within your club, so you can do it like @ColtMann where he has Named Models, Category Models, and Misc Models.  

This way you can divide between non-nude and mainstream photos versus nude photos.  Click on Manage Club, and under 'Add New Features,' add Images.  

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Manage Club will have all of the settings and options to manage your club.  

There are four main sections, which I've highlighted in different colors for you.  

Manage Club.JPG

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You can add new sections to your club, in case you want multiple forums, galleries, files, or videos.  Usually one section is enough for each content type, but you can create more sections such as multiple gallery sections.  Each time you add a new club feature, it will add a new tab to the menu.  

Usually you only have to do this at the launch of your club, but you're welcome to add more sections as your club grows :) 


Settings for the club

  • Edit Club Settings - Primary setting for the club's name, description, and club icon.  Keep in mind that the description only appears on the club index (listing of all clubs) and on the Activity page.  The description doesn't appear on the Home Page, which is a separate setting.
  • Feature this Club - Doesn't really do anything.  It 'features' your club by adding a star.  
  • Invite Members - You can invite members within the AdonisMale community.  Keep in mind that this is not for inviting external (non-community) members, which you'll have to do through your own email.  
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The next two settings are specifically for the section you're currently navigating.  If you're in forum section, you'll edit your forum.  If you're in the gallery section, you'll edit your gallery section.  If you're in the files section, you'll edit your files section.  

  • Edit Category -   You can adjust the section name, description, and basic settings like tags, albums, etc.  
  • Delete Category - Will permanently delete the entire section.  This is not where you delete individual posts, comments, or albums, which should be deleted within the section.  


These are more general settings for the club. 

  • Homepage - You can write your own custom homepage.  You have full editor capabilities including emojis, @mentions, and image attachments.  You should plan on writing your group description, rules, guidelines, FAQs, and any terms here.  Keep in mind that the Homepage will not show the club description, which is shown in other spots.  
  • Change Owner - The Club Owner is the master admin of the club.  He has one additional permission over the Club Leader, which is to directly add members (versus invite, which requires the user to accept).  Both Club Owners and Club Leaders can manage members, which Moderators cannot.  Club Owners, Club Leaders, and Moderators have all permissions to manage content such as edit, hide, move, lock, delete, split and merge.
  • Change Type - There are four types of clubs.  You can read the description to choose which one is most appropriate.  There are varying levels of restricted access  
  • Manage Features - Where you can reorder sections, disable sections, or delete sections.  I primarily use it to reorder sections, since new sections are automatically added at the very end.    
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