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Found 21 results

  1. Enjoy the socks!! HOT!! DJXX Scott Carter Rides Jonathan Agassi2.webm
  2. After Hours is the time for sexy-kinky Jonathan to enjoy all that Scott has on offer! Those brown sheers are very HOT! Some very nice sniffing and sucking of those socks! DJXX Scott Carter Rides Jonathan Agassi1.webm
  3. Jett relaxing in his sexy sheers. Hard on fodder, for sure Handsome businessman shows off his feet.mp4 🙂
  4. This is the first part to a rather sexy scene from LE. Manuel Skye joins in soon. The foot rub, toe sucking and worship are super by Andre! If you'd enjoy the whole scene, I shall post and it includes a very hot toy scene as well. Just say "more please" and I shall add those parts. Enjoy XXDJ Andre and Ian.webm
  5. The action continues!! Notice the very lush toe sucking! DJXX Manuel-Andre-Ian2.webm
  6. The ending of this scene is highly sock filled, ENJOYXX DJ Alex Mecum BlackMail clip3.webm
  7. Alex Mecum has great feet. Socked or bare. Today MAP has him in long dark sheers and we get many nice views of those in the action. Clips 1 and 2XX ENJOYXX DJ Alex Mecum-Backmail in Sheers1.webm Alex mecum Blackmail in Sheers2.webm
  8. Adam is a real showman. I have collected all his videos now for about 10 years. He never fails to not wear great socks and loves ass play...and cum! As promised, more Adam! If you guys want various socks-feet scenes....tell me...love to hear and will try to findXX DJ😎 PS....the sheer sock being put up his ass twice using a dildo to ram it in, that was new for meXXXXX adam sheer sox-dildo1.webm adam sheer sox-dildo2.webm
  9. Adam has been around a long time! I have collected his videos from his very early days until now. Sheer socks are his passion as well as sex with latin guys with rather large uncut cocks! EnjoyXX DJ adam sheer socks1.webm adam sheer socks2.webm
  10. Last part, enjoyXX DJ Manuel Skye, Mick Stallone – Boyfriend’s Sheer Love4.webm
  11. Clip 3XX DJ Manuel Skye, Mick Stallone – Boyfriend’s Sheer Love3.webm
  12. Enjoy Clip 2XX DJ Manuel Skye, Mick Stallone – Boyfriend’s Sheer Love2.webm
  13. GC and SU combined are culling some great scenes from older material. This pairing of two very sexy men works on many levels. A non-cum scene full of sexual fun and socks! Enjoy the scene broken into 4 clipsXX DJ Manuel Skye, Mick Stallone – Boyfriend’s Sheer Love1.webm
  14. A little taster clip of some sexy sheer socks play by Derek Parker:-) EnjoyXX DJ Derek in Sheers.webm
  15. Another smash hit pretty much from start to mid-way point in this LE video of not that long ago. Both men sexy and uncut and each wearsexy socks BUT as I shall have to say...damn, Ben's socks seem to vanish mid-way! Damn! One of my many little porn love-hates, vanishing socks or clothes....show us the strip! Never trick us! But enjoy the best of this video, from me to you! DJXX Rafael Alencar Destroys Ben Batemen’s Ass1.webm Rafael Alencar Destroys Ben Batemen’s Ass2.webm
  16. The last bit...a few good shots of Ben's great sexy bare feet, too! DJXX Rafael Alencar Destroys Ben Batemen’s Ass3.webm
  17. Top marks for this! And I am not usually a fan of wet scenes. But this one is super! The passion, the flip-flop, the rimming and the very sexy sheer socks! Both men give 110 % and each seems to really enjoy doing the other in style! DJXX Marco Rubi-Donato Reyes1.webm
  18. The last of my clips for this HOT sceneXX DJ Marco Rubi-Donato Reyes4.webm
  19. Paddy is always the BOSS, it's the way he is. In this scene from MEN, he happens to keep his sheer socks on and that is rare for him! EnjoyXX DJXX Paddy Enjoys Giving an Interview MEN.webm
  20. Handsome mature Rex lay with legs wide open wearing only Bernie's sheer moist black socks. Bernie looked completely overwhelmed and extremely excited as if he might explode. With youthful exuberance, he reached out lustily and put his finger tip into Rex's scorching hot, luxuriously moist asshole. Rex let out a sigh of great pleasure and Bernie inserted the finger just that tiny bit deeper. Rex raised his sweaty socked feet and rested them comfortably upon Bernie's wide shoulders. "This feels so good! I want more! Bernie, thank you for finally dropping by!" he stammered as Bernie massaged his nimble finger in and out of Rex's hungry ass and relaxed the tight muscles with each pass through. "My pleasure, Rex! You just let me worship you...MMMMMM!! You go with the flow as they say. Now enjoy and don't hold back," Bernie encouraged in his well trained soothing doctor's office tone. Rex moaned with bliss as Bernie continued to finger his ass and gently stroke his tight, fuzzy ball sack. Next Bernie bent down and took Rex's uncut cock all the way into his mouth in one gulp. He sucked like a pro and bobbed up and down rhythmically to the beat of the finger action he was continuing in Rex's velvety hole below. Rex gasped with continuous delight and further encouraged Bernie with little whimpers and moans. "Yes....Oooohhhh.....More....Yes.....There.....MORE...MMMMMMM", Rex managed to burble. Bernie skilfully licked his way down to the ball sack and swished his tongue all over its' furry surface. In no time, he found his way to where his finger was busy pushing in and out. Bernie tenderly licked all round Rex's warm, tender ass ring whilst fucking away with his index finger. The constant sucking sound of the finger work combined with the slurping tongue noises made for an erotic symphony of sex. Rex fully reared back, further opening his ass and held his legs wide with his hands so Bert could really get in there! Rex's black socked feet waved above the bed like two triumphant flags in the breeze. Bernie hungrily took his finger out of Rex's wet hole and pulled his muscular ass cheeks wide open and begun a full tongue assault on the quivering, tender rosebud before him. "Bernie, you are one hell of an ass eater. GO DEEPER. Oh, Yes! There! Push in more. Suck it a bit. That tickles! Fuck me with your tongue. Yes! YES!!!! That's it!" Rex shouted with joyful praise. "You think my tongue feels good? Why not try this?" Bernie asked as he pulled his rigid, medium sized manhood out from beneath his now unzipped trousers. Ripping open a handy condom, always kept in his pocket for times just like these, Bernie sheathed his wide fuck-stick in the dim light. Spitting into his palm, he lubricated his eager cock with speed. Pulling Rex forward on the bed and kneeling between his wide spread legs, Bernie slid his cock right into Rex's eager hole. Rex's ass was so ready, so wet...so perfectly prepped for a good fucking! "Man, you feel like a warm silky glove in there!" Bernie shouted with enthusiasm. "My first man to man fuck in ages! You feel so nice and thick. Push harder. Pull me onto your cock!" Rex demanded. Bernie pulled on Rex's manly legs; those delicious sheer socked feet lay inches from Bernie’s face and thrust deeply so Rex received a good, long overdue ass fuck. He could not help be snuggle up to Rex’s right socked foot and just inhale the scents that lay along his curved sculptured arch. Bernie’s nose rode that sheer socked archway of Rex’s smelling his own Man-smells on knowing it was now all over Rex’s large sexy foot! Bernie thrust wildly into Rex's open ass and soon cried out, shuddered and then held still for a moment. His eyes closed and he said timidly, "I came inside you just now. Is that OK?" "Yes, stay in there and watch this!" Rex said with pride. Quickly Rex stroked his turgid erection with a few accomplished foreskin moves and spewed a shower of white cum all over his furry tummy. He yelped and sighed with relief. Bernie took his finger tips and picked up a bit of Rex's man spunk and licked it cautiously. The taste was divine and Bernie lapped it all hungrily from his sticky fingers. Rex gently pulled Bernie forward and he collapsed down into Rex's waiting arms. The two lay entwined in the dim bedroom and enjoyed a series of gentle kisses and warm snuggles. The shrill sound of Bernie's cell phone ended the post-orgasmic bliss once and for all. Bernie rose and answered the phone. Rex sat and waited quietly on the bed. Bernie finished speaking to his wife and looked lovingly at Rex. "I enjoyed tonight so much! And you, my sweet Rex will always be a wonderful memory!" Bernie said in bittersweet tone that touched Rex deeply. Rex grabbed the fallen, sweaty blue dress socks he had removed earlier that lay upon the floor. "You take these....another little gift from me and reminder of what we shared tonight. And....if you ever change your mind about this being a "onetime only event"...then you know where to find me!" Rex said with a playful grin that lit up his handsome face. Bernie moved to the door holding Rex's beloved gift socks in his hand. "Don't get up. Just sit there all naked and gorgeous on your big bed. I want to always think of you just that way and wearing my sheer socks!" Bernie said in a husky whisper as he slid out and noiselessly closed the bedroom door. The End...of this erotic chapter in our hero Rex's life. More adventures on the way soon!!! Comments and feedback always welcome!!! DJXXX
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