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Found 7 results

  1. derekjames57

    DJ's World of Rex Blog

    Thanks to all who have read my erotica so far! Over 20 years I posted, re-written and revamped Rex Davenport and his wild and sexy life. My plan is to put the "cream of the crop" here now for you. The socks and foot fetish is a common thread and theme through all of the adventures and much to Rex's surprise, all his lovers go nuts for his mature feet, socks and very supple ass! The artwork is from my collection and all based on the themes in the stories. Yes, some will include women. Rex is a player and open to all sexy situations. I will always warn readers that any str8 or bisexual scenes are about to happen. Rex does loads with guys, have no fear! The first complete and oldest Rex tale is up now, The Work Medical Exam. Feel free to comment and write to me. I love to know what my readers enjoy and feel. And yes, Rex is based on a real wonderful guy. So there are seeds of real mixed with fantasy. And the socks-foot element is very much real!!! Enjoy! I shall add to this topic thread each time I have "Rex" news or updates. Thanks to all, DJXXX
  2. Percy and Mort had lived in number 102 Greenvale Terrace for so many years. Rex had been a good neighbour and been like a nephew to the two older men next-door. Ever since Rex moved into number 100, they had been there and always willing to help in any way possible. Both men lusted after this nearly six-foot ginger furry delight and his more than sexy sculptured size 11 feet, those feet just always caught their eyes. And why not! Now the six roomed house with full gardens was too much for the two men who were both in their mid- seventies. Percy and Mort both had grey hair and were a little chubby but were very fit and active for guys of their age. Rex fondly called them his "neighbour daddies" and they always smiled at the nickname. What Rex did not know about his dear chums was that they had been watching him for years! Percy and Mort had been careful to keep the hedge in their private back garden neatly trimmed so that they could see Rex when he sun bathed in his own garden on the other side. Rex had no idea he was overlooked as he kept his shrubs tall and bushy so he could go naked in his garden, thinking always that he was quite undetected by all except the occasional bird that innocently flew overhead. Percy and Mort loved the fine weather because Rex often came home from work and spent an hour nude in the late afternoon sun before tea on his lounge chair sipping a cool drink. Today was one of the last days Percy and Mort would spend next-door to Rex and they watched as he strode out in his towel to sit in the garden in what he assumed was total privacy. Laying back and opening the towel, Rex lay sipping his drink naked as the day he was born while Percy and Mort looked on from their upper window. "Look at that fit fucker! Damn fine for a fifty year old and we have been watching AND drooling over him for about 15 years. What the hell are we waiting for? We move in two days!" Mort whispered in a pissed off tone. They both sighed as Rex stretched out and enjoyed the sun as its warm rays caressed his gingery fur covered body and an uncut cock that laid in the golden glory amidst a bush of ruddy pubes. Rex lovingly stretched out his pink toes and began to doze in the warmth. A knock awoke Rex from his naked slumber and he realized it was coming from the back gate at the rear of the garden. Only his next-door "daddies" ever used that particular gate to drop off the occasional parcel that arrived while he was at work. Rex tied the towel round his waist and slipped on his flip-flops and walked to the gate. Percy was standing there and smiling. "Hey! Sorry to be a bother. You seem busy," he stammered politely. "No, just catching a few late rays. What's on your mind?" Rex asked. "We are cleaning out the upstairs rooms and came across a few items from our "slimmer" days clothing and wondered if you might like to pop over and try them on to see if you'd like them for yourself," Percy ventured with a hopeful tone. "Sure! Let me go and change into something," Rex said quickly but Percy beat him to the punch. "Don't bother! The less you have on, the better. We have swim suits and underwear and you name it!" Percy chuckled nervously. "OK. Let's have a look," Rex said as he walked through the rear gate into the "daddies" back garden. "Look at this stud in a towel! What a sight!" Mort cooed in a fun loving tone as Rex was brought into the living room of their house. Several boxes had been placed on the couch and all of which seemed to contain various items of clothing. "Wow! All this?" Rex asked his eager hosts. "Such a shame to let these gorgeous things go to a charity sale; you can put on a bit of a fashion show for us. Drop that towel and get busy, Sexy!" Percy demanded with a smile. Rex loving to be admired by other men while free of all vestiges of clothing did not hesitate to drop the towel and stand naked before the two highly appreciative seniors. "Flip-flops, too!" Mort added with gusto. Rex obligingly shucked off his flip-flops and placed his hands on his hips and let his "daddies" enjoy the full view. "We have not seen you up close and nude like this! Peeking from the windows at you did not do you justice at all!" Percy confessed with a blush. "I wondered if you two spied on me. That answers my long time question," Rex giggled. He spun round and looked into one of the old boxes on the couch and found to his amazement a real sexy assortment of men's gear. The daddies took a seat on the two comfy chairs opposite Rex and watched as he slowly slipped into an old black jockstrap. "Mine from the 1980's!" confessed Percy with a modest grin. Rex turned and faced the audience and let them admire his perfect pouch. He spun and let them admire the open ass cheeks. Rex spread wide and touched his toes letting his ass crack open allowing his furry asshole a quick wink at the two open mouthed spectators. In no time, Rex was taking requests and trying on hot shorts made for those roller disco days and a pair of very tight swim trunks that hugged every curve and contour of Rex's cock. The two daddies were in awe of what a great body Rex had and how youthful his appearance was for a man of fifty. They were hard and moist as they watched Rex try on all these very sexy old clothes. Rex remained rather soft on purpose but his cock began to leak juice and that was noted as he was stripping out of a blue pair of tight boxer shorts. "Damn, you're leaking so much! You are enjoying this as much as we are!" Percy exclaimed with glee. This comment made Rex's uncut tool pop up at attention. "Percy, what a big cock! We only ever saw it flaccid from our window," Morton confessed. "Well, I am sorry but this cock of mine is now too big to fit into any more of your old under-gear," Rex said. "Try the next box, Sweetheart!" Morton insisted. Rex bent over and opened a second box. Inside were old but stylish tube socks from the early 1980's. Rex grabbed a long pair with orange bands around the tops and pulled them on over his large, slender bare feet. He looked great and wearing absolutely nothing else, he looked amazing! Rex rummaged in the box and now his eyes located a two-headed dildo made of black rubber. "Did you leave that in there, Mort? How naughty of you!" Percy laughed in a sly way. Rex wiggled the floppy dildo back and forth and laughed. His own cock was now rigid and nearly up against his tummy; pre-cum dribbled down the front of his penis and glistened in the late afternoon sunshine that filled the room. "Let's show our guest the master bedroom while we have the chance before we move," Percy said quickly as he rose from his seat and began to guide Rex up the stairs. Rex nimbly stepped along behind in only his "new" used retro tube socks. Morton followed at the rear watching Rex's shapely cyclist-toned ass cheeks bounce as he pranced up the stairs for further late afternoon fun! More to cum!!!! Comments and feedback are SO Loved!!! DJXXX Remember: The Adventures of Rex stories are a celebration of one man's journey into middle age with a raging hard-on, a passionate nature and his handsome head held high!
  3. Handsome mature Rex lay with legs wide open wearing only Bernie's sheer moist black socks. Bernie looked completely overwhelmed and extremely excited as if he might explode. With youthful exuberance, he reached out lustily and put his finger tip into Rex's scorching hot, luxuriously moist asshole. Rex let out a sigh of great pleasure and Bernie inserted the finger just that tiny bit deeper. Rex raised his sweaty socked feet and rested them comfortably upon Bernie's wide shoulders. "This feels so good! I want more! Bernie, thank you for finally dropping by!" he stammered as Bernie massaged his nimble finger in and out of Rex's hungry ass and relaxed the tight muscles with each pass through. "My pleasure, Rex! You just let me worship you...MMMMMM!! You go with the flow as they say. Now enjoy and don't hold back," Bernie encouraged in his well trained soothing doctor's office tone. Rex moaned with bliss as Bernie continued to finger his ass and gently stroke his tight, fuzzy ball sack. Next Bernie bent down and took Rex's uncut cock all the way into his mouth in one gulp. He sucked like a pro and bobbed up and down rhythmically to the beat of the finger action he was continuing in Rex's velvety hole below. Rex gasped with continuous delight and further encouraged Bernie with little whimpers and moans. "Yes....Oooohhhh.....More....Yes.....There.....MORE...MMMMMMM", Rex managed to burble. Bernie skilfully licked his way down to the ball sack and swished his tongue all over its' furry surface. In no time, he found his way to where his finger was busy pushing in and out. Bernie tenderly licked all round Rex's warm, tender ass ring whilst fucking away with his index finger. The constant sucking sound of the finger work combined with the slurping tongue noises made for an erotic symphony of sex. Rex fully reared back, further opening his ass and held his legs wide with his hands so Bert could really get in there! Rex's black socked feet waved above the bed like two triumphant flags in the breeze. Bernie hungrily took his finger out of Rex's wet hole and pulled his muscular ass cheeks wide open and begun a full tongue assault on the quivering, tender rosebud before him. "Bernie, you are one hell of an ass eater. GO DEEPER. Oh, Yes! There! Push in more. Suck it a bit. That tickles! Fuck me with your tongue. Yes! YES!!!! That's it!" Rex shouted with joyful praise. "You think my tongue feels good? Why not try this?" Bernie asked as he pulled his rigid, medium sized manhood out from beneath his now unzipped trousers. Ripping open a handy condom, always kept in his pocket for times just like these, Bernie sheathed his wide fuck-stick in the dim light. Spitting into his palm, he lubricated his eager cock with speed. Pulling Rex forward on the bed and kneeling between his wide spread legs, Bernie slid his cock right into Rex's eager hole. Rex's ass was so ready, so wet...so perfectly prepped for a good fucking! "Man, you feel like a warm silky glove in there!" Bernie shouted with enthusiasm. "My first man to man fuck in ages! You feel so nice and thick. Push harder. Pull me onto your cock!" Rex demanded. Bernie pulled on Rex's manly legs; those delicious sheer socked feet lay inches from Bernie’s face and thrust deeply so Rex received a good, long overdue ass fuck. He could not help be snuggle up to Rex’s right socked foot and just inhale the scents that lay along his curved sculptured arch. Bernie’s nose rode that sheer socked archway of Rex’s smelling his own Man-smells on knowing it was now all over Rex’s large sexy foot! Bernie thrust wildly into Rex's open ass and soon cried out, shuddered and then held still for a moment. His eyes closed and he said timidly, "I came inside you just now. Is that OK?" "Yes, stay in there and watch this!" Rex said with pride. Quickly Rex stroked his turgid erection with a few accomplished foreskin moves and spewed a shower of white cum all over his furry tummy. He yelped and sighed with relief. Bernie took his finger tips and picked up a bit of Rex's man spunk and licked it cautiously. The taste was divine and Bernie lapped it all hungrily from his sticky fingers. Rex gently pulled Bernie forward and he collapsed down into Rex's waiting arms. The two lay entwined in the dim bedroom and enjoyed a series of gentle kisses and warm snuggles. The shrill sound of Bernie's cell phone ended the post-orgasmic bliss once and for all. Bernie rose and answered the phone. Rex sat and waited quietly on the bed. Bernie finished speaking to his wife and looked lovingly at Rex. "I enjoyed tonight so much! And you, my sweet Rex will always be a wonderful memory!" Bernie said in bittersweet tone that touched Rex deeply. Rex grabbed the fallen, sweaty blue dress socks he had removed earlier that lay upon the floor. "You take these....another little gift from me and reminder of what we shared tonight. And....if you ever change your mind about this being a "onetime only event"...then you know where to find me!" Rex said with a playful grin that lit up his handsome face. Bernie moved to the door holding Rex's beloved gift socks in his hand. "Don't get up. Just sit there all naked and gorgeous on your big bed. I want to always think of you just that way and wearing my sheer socks!" Bernie said in a husky whisper as he slid out and noiselessly closed the bedroom door. The End...of this erotic chapter in our hero Rex's life. More adventures on the way soon!!! Comments and feedback always welcome!!! DJXXX
  4. Bernie pushed his way into the master bedroom, Rex's private space and led his captive behind him. Gently but with purpose, he pushed Rex down onto the king size bed. He fell back onto the white silky duvet and looked up at Bernie with wonder in his eyes. "Let me close these curtains and make us....more private!" he hissed. Pulling the curtains closed with a snap, he next moved over to the small bedside lamp and switched it on with a click. The lamp illuminated Rex in a warm, soft light that made him look very sensuous to Bernie who already found him perfectly irresistible. His shirt lay fully open and his hair was mass of ginger-red tangles....he looked delightfully dishevelled and ready for.....anything! A playful, six foot rogue if ever there was one. Bernie stepped back and eased himself into a chair in the dark corner, to Rex he looked like a shadow now...a form...a voice. "Rex! I must confess I played a trick on you! Tonight, when I knocked...well...I had been in before. I had let myself in and found you....playing with yourself. You did not see me...I was soooo quiet. I loved what I saw! YOU must show me more....how you please yourself....I want to watch you....PLAY for me!!" Bernie ordered in a way that Rex was very aware of the nature of this command. "You see, I am and always have been an incurable voyeur. I love to watch and really get off on seeing men like yourself flaunt their wares and really show off...just for me...I LOVE IT!" Bernie added for clarification. Rex moved his hands down and released his trouser button and then slid the zipper open. His flesh tool popped upward from the open boxer fly, free and in full glorious view. Rex heard a delighted gasp from the corner as he peeled back his moist foreskin, exposing his red cock knob. The knob shined with pre-cum and Rex squeezed tight and created a stream which flowed down and covered his fingertips. "YESSSS.....MORE!!! Show me MORE!" Bernie called from his dark corner and Rex now moved with confidence....he would show him just what he liked and how! Bernie's eyes were glued to Rex's magnificently long, slender uncut cock, a precision tool covered in pre-cum and shining in the dim bedside lamp light. Bernie who was cut for medical reasons as a youth and always lusted after ample, natural and perfectly unaltered foreskin! Bernie's smaller, thicker cut flesh-stick rose to complete attention as Rex played on. "Mmmmmmm....Watch me stroke my cock for you....like this......Yesssss!" Rex sighed as he manipulated his long foreskin up and back. The skin flowed in fluid undulations before Bernie's wide eyes, the same way as it had back in the doctor's office the other night. Bernie carried on watching and felt so erotically charged, so totally aroused...more alive than he had in years, or possibly ever! He was very aware that his body trembling with excitement, this growing lust for Rex was thrilling and all consuming! Rex carried on playing his instrument and gently moving his legs back and forth along the soft duvet cover. His toes flexed and wiggled delightfully inside his thin socks as he let himself go fully, showing his audience exactly what pleasure meant to him. The shadow of Bernie rose up and moved into the light at the foot of the bed. Rex gazed up and stroked with an increasing speed but never let his eyes leave the eyes that beheld him. Bernie placed one knee down on the soft bed and reached forward, grabbing both sides of Rex's trousers. He pulled forcefully, yanking the trousers and boxers downward so that Rex's throbbing tool got caught in the fly. Nimbly, Rex lifted and released his precious plaything from the tangle and Bernie whisked the mass of clothing from him. Rex rose up from the pillows and Bernie took hold of the dress shirt and it, too joined the growing pile of discarded clothing on the floor. Lovingly, Bernie removed each warm, moist thin blue sock from his slender toed feet thus leaving Rex bare, hard and all his! The musky scent of Rex's warm, pink feet wafted upward and Bernie enjoyed the manly fragrance anew. Rex watched as Bernie groped inside his deep trouser pocket and plucked free a sheer black mass of silky nylon. Rex smiled. He recognized the expensive pair of socks as those Bernie had worn the night his exam with Doctor Martin. "Mmmmmm...Nice socks, Bernie. I loved it the other day when you shoved them in my face!" Rex said as he yanked his turgid fuck-stick with forceful strokes. "I really fucking hope you did NOT wash them!" Bernie chuckled and waved the socks in the air. "You can smell them a mile off! I wore them until this morning, just for you. I want you to wear them now...and keep them as my gift to you!" Rex raised one of his large, size 11 bare feet and flexed his shapely toes provocatively. "You put them on then...my feet are yours to enjoy...as well as any other things that may catch your fancy!" Bernie knelt by Rex's sculptured feet and slow licked his lips; his round face glowed in the lamplight and accentuated his high cheek bones and sharp, pointed chin. He looked older than 60, a bit weary but the twinkle in his lustful eyes was unmistakable. Bernie spoke softly, "Rex Davenport, man about town, stud muffin supreme...have you ever been worshipped?" Rex looked into those searching hungry eyes of Bernie and replied, "Worshipped...mmm...well, I have been enjoyed in various ways but worshipped???...I am going to say....not as fully as I will be tonight I imagine!" Bernie smiled broadly, "Welcome to my special temple, oh, perfect man...let my quivering tongue delight in your glory!" Bernie moved forward and found Rex's still raised bare foot, with toes flexing joyfully in the air. Placing the sheer socks down on the bed, he grabbed hold of Rex's round, right heel and let his mouth engulf his tasty big toe. The salty bouquet of taste filled Bernie's watering mouth as he sucked and licked all round Rex's big toe as if it were a little cock. Rex lay back, feeling faint and moaned, "Bernie, that is sooooo amazing. I love my feet to be played with...always have....but you....shit...you really know how...aaaahhhhhhhhhh!" Bernie slowly devoured each toe along the right foot and then let his tongue lash down in long, lavish strokes to take in the full length of Rex's large, high arched foot. The taste of Rex's long day at the office along with the pleasing leathery aroma left Bernie as high as if he were on some new feel-good drug. Rex admired closeted, hen-pecked Bernie, his skilled mouth moving like the wind over his bare foot and that grey hair bouncing up and down on his round head. Rex carried on beating his meat and letting his foreskin slide upon a mounting lather of pre-cum that oozed forth like a stream. Bernie grasped Rex's other waiting foot and brought it up to his eager mouth as well. Bernie managed to shift between Rex's manly feet and taste every bit of his 11 inch wonders. His tongue played between Rex's flexing slender toes and he teased, tickled and tantalized an enraptured Rex for nearly 20 minutes! Rex stroked his rock hard, oozing manhood all this time, not climaxing...just edging, enjoying and delighting in having all of Bernie's masterful attentions focussed on him. Rex felt Bernie begin to slide a soft, sexy sock upon his right foot; skilled fingers pulled the black sheer nylon sock right up to just below Rex's knee, encasing the very top of his well developed calf muscle. The silky feel of the sock sent tingles all up and down Rex's spine. Rex had so many little "kinks" that he had been storing up all through his life, many never acted upon, but very much part of him. Sexy socks always caught his eye, the scent, the feel, the look...and Bernie knew this and read him like a book! The left sock now moved into place against his calf and Rex lifted his black sheer clad feet up in the air, his tight cycler's ass spreading wide open before Bernie's gaping eyes; pushing his two large, whiffy feet up to a nose just begging for a sniff. Bernie inhaled his own pleasing sock aromas, brewed over several long days, that now encased Rex's gorgeous feet and he pushed forward into them, feeling Rex's strong arches cup against his face as he held both feet tight. "Rex, this is heaven. I have always wanted a guy like you to worship and devour, but I never found one as perfect or as willing! My pleasure tonight does not involve my orgasm...only yours...and you are going to have as many as I can squeeze out of you before my fucking phone rings!" Bernie shouted as he pulled Rex's sheer socked feet apart and hungrily admired Rex's throbbing uncut manhood and his rusty ringlet framed ass crack. The stealth speed with which Bernie swooped down upon Rex's moist rosebud took the intoxicated stud completely by surprise, "YESSSSS......AHHHHHHH....MMMMMM!!" Rex extolled in a high pitched voice as Bernie began to feast upon his waiting ass flesh. To Be Continued...Oh, Yes!! Write or comment, love to hear from you! DJ
  5. Sexy mature Rex laid with his legs spread open and moving in rhythm, engulfing Bernie's two probing fingers deep inside his anal canal. Bernie's index finger tip just managed to hit the right spot to make Rex moan all the more with pleasure. Doctor Martin continued to milk Rex's stiff cock for all the pre-cum he could produce but carefully stopped for breaks if it seemed that Rex would come too close to a climax. Bernie, intoxicated by Rex's hot socked foot aroma, gently withdrew his fingers and replaced them with the anal probe. Rex felt the change within him and waited for yet more new sensations to begin. "You may feel some pulses and gyrations while I use this device. Let me know when I hit the right place to ensure maximum effect," Bernie explained, as he pushed the anal probe deeper into Rex's ass and switched on the small motor on inside the handle. "Yes, that's good. A bit more. Yes!" Rex moaned. The probe buzzed and Bernie pushed further causing a second and louder moan of pleasure. "Ah, you have it. Right there! More. Press harder!" Rex instructed in a raspy tone. As he noted a perfect pre-cum stream now issuing forth from Rex's cock, Doctor Martin continued his stroking and ball sack massaging. He could not help but notice how bright Rex's cock knob was growing, almost a purple color and swollen as it peeped out from the foreskin between Martin's purposeful strokes. Bernie admired the gorgeous nest of red pubes surrounding the base of Rex's cock and how the hair worked its way right up Rex's chest. Bernie lovingly stroked Rex's legs and inner thighs, enjoying the furry man's treasures. Then he removed the buzzing probe and fingered Rex's very wet ass deeply until he reached a very swollen prostate, hard as a walnut. "It's extremely moist inside his ass! He's going to go any second, Doctor," Bernie concluded, letting his finger rest against this most sensitive zone while pushing the fingers of his other hand through the fuzzy forest of fur offered by Rex's chest. Bernie reached one of Rex's nipples and noted it was hard and firm. He decided to squeeze it and Rex smiled and winked up at him. "Ha! Another zone of pleasure to explore," Bernie thought to himself with a sly grin. Rex edged ever closer to an explosive orgasm. His cock throbbed and pulsed all the while creaming Doctor Martin's expert fingers with delightful clear juice. "For the sake of science, I must taste this pre-cum," Doctor Martin announced with conviction. Quickly he placed his fingers to his lips and licked away the shiny cock juice. He greedily consumed more from his other hand and pronounced, "Bernie, this is the sweetest, purest pre-cum I have ever sampled. You must take a sample and see!" Using his free hand, Bernie scooped up some of the juice puddle that had formed in Rex's belly button and tasted it carefully. "So true, Doctor! Perfectly sweet and delightfully pure!" he exclaimed with glee. "I am going to cum!" Rex burst out. "Wait! Hold back!" the doctor directed and he stopped stroking for a few seconds. "We are nearly done but Bernie was about to explore your nipples. This might be yet another key to your excess pre-cum situation," the doctor added. Rex breathed deeply and held back the ever building explosion. He tried in vain to divert his mind's focus from the sensations he was feeling. It proved impossible as Bernie's finger probed deep inside his ass, to rest deliciously upon that secret spot; the doctor's warm hands working his cock and balls skillfully all the while. Rex believed he could hold off just a bit longer. Bernie moved his free hand now over to Rex's left nipple and squeezed it firmly. Rex moaned softly and Bernie pinched tighter. Next Bernie moved over to the right nipple and pinched and rubbed it with purpose. Rex felt four distinct zones of pleasure now and it was fantastic! The doctor carried on with some gentle milking and yet more pre-cum continued to flow. Rex rubbed Bernie's face with his socked foot which remained propped against the older man's cheek. Bernie's own cock was bursting inside his trousers and this sock massage was driving him insane. Rex slid his socked foot down to rest it against the throbbing mass located at Bernie's crotch. Rex loved the fact that both men were fully clothed in contrast to his own nakedness. Naked that was apart from the gold-toe socks which Bernie seemed to love! Rex moved his foot along the stiff member tenting Bernie's pants, fully aware of the pleasure he was giving the doctor's assistant. "You are a very healthy man! The amounts of pre-cum you make are fantastic! Very healthy, nothing at all to be worried about," the doctor exclaimed, his delight unashamedly obvious in both his voice and lustful smile of satisfaction. It was at this point that Bernie had inserted another device into Rex's yawning asshole. The new object was a thick, black battery operated vibrator with a control at the base. Bernie switched it to high pulse and moved out from between Rex's legs. Rex wriggled about on his back now to absorb totally the great vibes pulsing from this delightful toy. Bernie sat in a chair near the head of the table and removed his black leather lace-up shoes. His sheer black socks were very warm and moist. Bernie loved to wear sexy socks to work and prayed for events like this to unveil them. Carefully he lifted his sheer socked feet up and placed them on Rex's cheek. Rex noticed the aroma of Bernie's sheer clad feet and moved his face sideways to enjoy the full effect. Rex felt himself being taken beyond that point of no return. The pulsing in his ass, the stroking of his rigid cock, the fingertip massage of each of his balls and now Bernie's magnificently aromatic socks engulfed him in a rush of energy. He pushed down on the vibrator which sent pulses up into his innermost being. Meanwhile, Doctor Martin added a pressured stroke to his cock massage that was truly astounding. Cum gushed up and lathered the doctor's still moving fingers. Cum spewed forth in a perfect set of explosions landing on Rex's tummy and chest. "Perfect response from a fifty year old male! Outstanding performance all around!" the doctor congratulated. Rex took a parting whiff of Bernie's great size ten socked feet and smiled weakly up at the doctor. "Thanks so much! I feel amazing!" Rex stated in all honesty. Bernie stood up and replaced his shoes and tied his laces. "Always a pleasure to assist you, doctor!" Bernie added as he gently removed the buzzing vibrator from Rex's butt. "A quick visit to our blood lab next week and your health exam is finished for this year," Doctor Martin told Rex as he began to rise from the table. Bernie offered a wet paper towel and assisted Rex in mopping the copious cum from his torso. Some was caught in Rex's fur but that was to be expected in such a situation. Doctor Martin left the room and sat at his desk in the outer room to record his findings on his computer. Bernie shut the door. Rex stood completely naked apart from the gold-toed black socks in front of an appreciative Bernie who smiled with please as he watched the slow demise of Rex's erection. Bernie's enjoyment of the gorgeous body before him was tinged with regret that his own aging body now lacked such appeal due to the inevitability of the aging process. "It was a treat to examine you today with the doctor! I want to ask you if I may call round your home sometime just for a visit, if that's ok with you?" Bernie coaxed gently. "By all means, yes! Any night this week I am free, just drop by. My home address is on the medical form. I would really enjoy a little visit with you again!" Rex assured him, gathering up his clothing while Bernie just stood watching. Rex was about to put his loafers back on, when an idea struck him. He grasped his black socks and pulled them from his feet. "Here, another little token from me to you for making today so special," he said as he offered the socks up to Bernie's eagerly waiting hand. Bernie smiled broadly and moved the socks to his pocket for safe keeping. Rex Davenport went home that day minus his socks but very much in the pink! The End...for the moment! Stay tuned for much more! P.S. This is only the first in many "Rex" stories I have written and saved over the last near 20 years. I am pleased to have begun to put my collection here and will be adding more of our handsome mature stud's adventures for you to enjoy. Please write me...I love to hear from readers! [email protected] or here at Adonismale!!!
  6. The Adventures of Rex II: - Bernie Drops By (Part One) Three days passed since the medical exam experience and Rex Davenport kept his fingers crossed that Bernie might get up the nerve to come by and visit him some night after the doctor's office closed. Rex was not ashamed of the playful events of that delightful evening with Bernie and the doctor, not at all! Rex had spent nearly most of adult life working his ass off in the city at a large advertising agency to get where he was now at 50 and his sex life had taken a real backseat to all else. The last year or so had been a turning point for Rex and discovering what his budding mature sexuality had to offer was all he could think about. His intense lust, abiding curiosity and completely open mind seemed to be an aura that followed him around and he now found himself in wild and sexy situations more often than not! Gay or adventurously bisexual best described his very liberal sexual attitude now. A life of avid cycling on weekends and health eating had paid off royally as he looked as tight and agile as he did at 25. Rex, deliciously ginger haired with a touch of white frosting, looked a dashing figure in all types of wardrobe. His ample body hair sprinkled about in perfect golden ringlets decorated his nearly six foot frame from head to toe. He was stunning and all who saw Rex admired all he had to offer! The underground trains had been packed and Rex was glad to be home before 6 pm and not stuck in the centre of London until later. He loved the feel of stepping into his plush home from the busy streets and finding peace and quiet. He loved it! His home was the house that all on his street envied. Simple garden out front and a private sanctum out back. The terraced Victorian home’s interior offered large rooms spread over three floors and was furnished with a mix of modern functionality and a dash of antiquity. The door closed behind him, not quite latching- Rex was just too tired to notice. He bent down and unlaced his black leather Italian shoes, pulling each off with a flourish. The new carpet recently installed felt delightful under his warm nylon socked feet as he strode into the living room and poured himself a healthy scotch from the small table decanter in the corner. The day was ebbing away and the light fading. Normally most people would pull curtains shut...not Rex. He actually had his favourite chair right by the handsome bay windows of his front room. He knew a few houses across the street watched him. Tonight he stood by the chair, lit the floor lamp and saw the upper bedroom window across the street go dark. He knew he was being watched, maybe even recorded. He loved it! Rex was very much becoming an exhibitionist. The very fact he knew the occupant across the street was now focussed on him...his ample uncut tool just swelled inside his trousers with that knowledge. He plopped himself down on the comfy chair and put his feet up in that "I am home...Thank God!" pose. The antique footstool was a throne for his size 11’s and the socked glories were on full display. He hoped the watcher got a good view of them, he twiddled his long socked toes as if waving a greeting. He carefully undid his blue stripped tie from his white button-down collar shirt and pulled it free from his aching neck. Tossing the navy suit coat over in the corner quickly, he then resumed his cocktail sipping at a leisure pace. Rex's head sank into one of the soft chair back and he mused playfully about his newly discovered erotic life so far. His semi-hard uncut tool held in his white boxer shorts began to show further signs of life, uncurling and flexing it moved through the fly slit until it encountered resistance from his tight suit trousers. Rex's skilled hands moved downward and released his trouser waist button and undid the zipper, allowing his now hard cock to pop free. Taking a large gulp to finish off the scotch, he placed the glass on the low table by the chair and began to explore his man rod. Using his right hand, he nimbly stroked the silky foreskin back and forth. Soon pre-cum began to ooze from the top of his pink knob and dribbled down his warm shaft toward his ginger haired pubic nest. Luxuriously he rubbed his soft, thin blue OTC dress socks back and forth on the brocade footstool. It felt so good to relax, think about sex and play with his favourite toy! His dick felt good in his hand and he watched as the ample foreskin travelled back and forth, leaving a wet coating of pre-cum all over his cock top. He juiced so copiously and many a playmate nearly drowned in his flow! His eyes wanted to close, he felt so relaxed and aware of his whole body...head to flexing socked toes. The air filled with the scent of his musky workday feet...he loved that smell! The warm afternoon fading sunlight dappled the chair and his body felt golden and so warm as he lay, playing...thinking...and craving. His eyes closed and he began to hover in and out of that place just on the edge of sleep. His hand kept stroking and his cock remained stiff and alert. ************ The lovely evening had brought Bernie out tonight. No longer could his thoughts of sturdy mature Rex be ignored. Sure, Bernie was married and very much in the closet. His wife would be horrified at the things he and the doctor got up to sometimes, but they both loved men and Bernie wanted to explore Rex alone now without the doctor hovering over him. He could still picture a very naked Rex on the exam table and see his huge, uncut cock gushing cum. He cherished those aromatic socks that Rex had pulled off and presented to him that hot night after the medical exam had finished and he deeply inhaled their manly scent often in a few private moments over the last few days. Those socks of Rex’s were a treasure! Bernie now paused by the front of Rex`s quiet house and felt....a certain urge...a lustful craving...to mount the steps and approach the door. The bearish 60 year-old with greying hair made his way up the few front steps and waited. His breath was short with excitement and anxiety. He nearly turned away but his legs did not want to obey. Angry with himself for being so shy, he held his ground by the large front door and noticed that it was not quite shut. This was strange he thought to himself and knew that if Rex was at home he surely would have shut and locked it; this was still London after all! Fearing that the house had been robbed while both Rex was at work, Bernie quietly pushed the wooden door inward. It swung open and revealed the tidy front hall with a pair of black expensive leather shoes tossed near the base of the staircase. Bernie crept in on his toes, wondering what was going on. Why the open door? The living room door was wide open and he moved to gaze inside. The comfy chair Rex loved was rather centre stage and the timid medical assistant did a double-take as he noticed a very aroused Rex laying in full side view before him. A quick intake of breath prevented him from gasping aloud at this delicious image or possibly passing out from over excitement. Rex, still dozing ...gently stroking his turgid meat stick through the open front of his boxers was a sight Bernie had not expected to see in a million years. Bernie felt he should quietly leave. This was not proper he thought to himself. I must get out he kept thinking...but his body was not his tonight. He could not force himself to leave, try though he might. He felt as if he was watching an erotic play or a perfect porn flick unfold before his very eyes...but he was in the play, too! Lucky him! Bernie took in the beautiful sight of Rex pleasing himself. He admired, with great awe, his incredibly stiff cock. Such an erection for a 50 year old, so solid and virile he noted with ever growing interest. Rex was as fit as he had been that night in the doctor's office just a few days prior. The way his manly hand stroked his tool, the look of his tussled ginger hair atop his sculptured, handsome face; Rex was someone he wanted to be close to at least one more time. He never dreamed of seeing Rex like this...ever! Rex all stretched and his large sculptured moist socked feet undulating-as if pulsing and elegantly crossed at the ankles on the handsome brocaded footstool. Rex could have been posing for a centrefold in Bernie’s private world! He looked so alive and SEXY! Bernie felt a great gush of lust well up within, he thought Rex was a darling man...but now he was...His PASSION! Bernie dropped his hand down and stroked his growing cock inside his trousers. The sight of Rex alone could make him cum if his was not careful. Bernie hatched a plan of action and quickly went to work. Much more to come!!! Remember the motto: The Adventures of Rex stories are a celebration of one man's journey into middle-age with a raging hard-on, a passionate nature, perfectly sculptured socked feet and his handsome head held high! Make comments or write me...I love to hear from my readers! [email protected] or here at Adonismale!!
  7. Bernie handed Doctor Martin the latex gloves who slid each of them on with skill and speed. "Glad you are open to our help. This is the type of work in which Bernie and I relish," the doctor said with gusto. Rex agreed with his eyes and keen smile. The pre-cum pool at the tip of Rex's cock glistened in the office light and the clear liquid seemed to be filling his belly button. Doctor Martin leaned in and placed his bifocals on the tip of his nose so as to have a better look at the situation. The doctor then took hold of Rex's cock and moved his foreskin back and forth exposing the knob which was very moist with pre-cum. "Doctor, I think you may begin to see my problem. Carry on, please," coaxed Rex in a breathy voice. Bernie watched as the doctor gently manipulated Rex's rigid pole managing to get a fairly steady stream of pre-cum oozing forth. It trickled down the foreskin covered shaft to make the doctor's latex gloves wet. Rex could feel sweat beading on his chest and forehead as he began to become fully aroused. His mind swam and he moved his hips along with the gentle pulses of the doctor's steady hand strokes. "Bernie, we must see how much pre-cum he can make before full ejaculation occurs. Any ideas on making him even wetter?" asked the doctor. "Prostate stimulation often aides in this type of situation and I have several devices on the instrument table we might use to get a better result," Bernie offered. Doctor Martin continued stroking with his right hand while using his left hand to explore Rex's tight ball sack. "Hmm... very tight and his balls go so far up inside him the more he becomes aroused," the doctor noted. "Amazing! So tight and compact," gushed Bernie as he carried over a long slender anal probe with a battery operated stimulator tip. "I shall remove these latex gloves now. I need more direct contact at this point," the doctor announced. Bernie took away the gloves, holding them to his nose and inhaling the manly scent of Rex's juice prior to their disposal. However, Bernie decided they were worth holding on to as a souvenir of Rex's exam session and placed them where they could be recovered later. Doctor Martin carried on stimulating Rex's cock and balls using his warm, firm bare hands. Rex continued to respond to this therapy as his juices kept flowing from his cock head. Meanwhile Bernie lubricated the anal probe and gently tilted the foot of the exam table downward. "Bend your knees and place your feet at either side of the table here," Bernie directed Rex. Rex, clad now in only his black, thin gold-toe socks, did as asked and placed his feet and knees in position. Bernie eyed Rex's magnificently furry hole as it appeared under his tight ball sack still being fondled with tender care by the doctor. Rex closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensations his body was experiencing. Bernie moved the exam stool into position at the foot of the table and sat facing Rex's perfect and enticing hole. Next he placed a lubricated finger gently upon the tender rosebud before he pressed it inward, causing Rex to utter a moan of pleasure. "Very good Bernie! I see an increase in pre-cum already... Amazing!" the doctor extolled. "Keep at it and probe deeply," he added for good measure. Bernie pushed his index finger all the way into Rex's moist tunnel and found his secret spot. Rex yelped an unrecognizable word or two and opened his legs wider. Bernie pressed by adding another finger inside simulating the rhythm of the doctor's cock strokes. Rex was feeling total stimulation and desperately wanted to climax. Bravely, he held back in the name of science. "We shall see soon how much stimulation he can take. He is producing great amounts of pre-cum now," Doctor Martin announced. Bernie was busy using his right hand within Rex while letting his left hand roam over to Rex's right leg. Feeling the muscular calf, he knew Rex must be a keen cyclist or runner. Bernie grabbed hold of Rex's foot and moved it up towards his face so that the socked foot lay against his cheek. Bernie could smell that manly leather scent he loved coming from Rex's gorgeous foot. A day at work had produced a warm, moist pair of socks for Bernie to enjoy as he skillfully fingered Rex's ass, slowly he reached for the anal probe now... To be Continued ... Comments are always welcome!!!! [email protected] or here at Adonismale!!
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