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  1. Would you pick this man up? A frequent guest has just called to the front desk at Loveless Motel from a pay phone at a rest stop at mile marker 234 on the state highway that he was approached by two men who held him up, took all but the coins in his pocket, and didn't steal his car but took his plates. After confirming the man had a reservation and recognizing his voice when he said "room 222", Psycho Randy asked him how it happened, he explained that his pants were down around his ankles and he had his knees under the partition of a stall in the men's room when an arm from the stall behind him reached in, took his wallet out of one pocket and his keys from another, and while his eyes were rolling back in his head from the quality of the blowjob he was receiving at the time, he didn't have the presence of mind to do anything about it except to yell FUCK YES!, after which he heard 3 people in other stalls applauding. "Not to worry sir, we'll send a courtesy van over to pick you up, and send a tow truck from the Motorpool. Room 222 is ready for you." A frequent client of Snap Wadmacher, he's not camera shy.
  2. Dirty Pool construction crew best pals take a break. The remodeling, headed by Project Manager Rock Blockhead, is nearing completion and promises to fulfill the needs of those who need to get a load done, and have a brew and shoot a friendly game of pool while they wait for their laundry cycles to complete. The Vagabond Bar over at Aluminum City is currently the happening place for all who want to rack a set of balls, since the demolition of the 8 Ball Bar and Laundry Room.
  3. Nic, the Senior manager at Loveless Motel, in one of last month's Monday morning staff meetings, started out by asking his assembled department heads a question. I saw this headline in the paper last week. "What is the connection of McDonald's hamburger chain CEO Ray Kroc, to the 1958 film Auntie Mame?" "Ugh, McDonald's" interrupted Biff Wellington, head chef of Birdwhistle's Tearoom, "One of the waiters told me he worked for them when he was in highschool. Whenever they dropped a burger on the floor, they'd just rinse if off and put a bun on it, and sell it to the next customer." "But you digress, Biff. Pipe down. We have a group coming in - any takers on the question? No? Let me read you this article" and he proceeded to read from the townie gazette. "Wait, wait! Did you see Forrest Tucker's basket in the movie?" pipes back pushy Biff, "I hear he even has a name for it - "The General" " Nic glared over the top of the paper at Biff and began to read: "Patrick Dennis was the nom de plume of the author of Auntie Mame: An Irreverent Escapade (1955), which in 1958 was made into the film Auntie Mame, starring Rosalind Russell. Edward Everett Tanner III is the real name of the author who, after a successful career as a novelist, left writing and became a butler. One of his employers was McDonald's CEO Ray Kroc, who never knew that his butler "Tanner" was the acclaimed author. After having mastered buttling, he left Kroc's employ and has opened the Mame Dennis Academy of Butlery, and has graduated a total of 56 men over 5 years in that endeavor." "The courses feature heavy instruction on manservantry, which includes becoming an expert on modern technological developments, and how to use such devices as they come to market. Here, an instructor points out the vertical hold knob on a modern television set. Here, an instructor conducts field training, demonstrating to a student the use of gas masks, in the event of a national emergency; students are trained to serve the master of the house first, then the estate heir, and then the women and children. Staff, of course, should always carry a handkerchief in the event of such an emergency, but it should never be visible, which would be a severe breech of decorum. The course also features a lecture on stress management, asserting that even on the best of days, men in service can have moments of frustration with a particularly demanding employer, and feel overwhelmed. This may lead to adopting an unhealthy attitude toward the profession and ultimately manifesting itself as stubbornness and a perceived lack of cooperation. At its worst, this can even lead to the adoption by staff of unprofessional mannerisms both in personal affectations and in attire, putting on airs in a misguided attempt to mimic the habits and style of one's employer. Therefore, the school teaches that it's always best to take advantage of personal time, to get away with friends who may also be in service, in order to find harmony and a refreshed attitude for the return to work. Upon successful completion of the course of study, students graduate with a certificate awarded, signifying they are now qualified tradesmen in the field of Professional Butlery "Son of a gun", Biff says, "but what has that got to do with us.?" "We've received a booking for several men" Nic said "who gave as their occupations butlers, who say they are coming to us to celebrate their graduation from MDAB. Just a heads up. Not a whole lot special needs to be done, but I've always looked at that profession as a bit related to the hospitality industry, so wherever you can, make considerations. It could be good business." And so it was, and they have come and gone, having booked into Rooms 222 and 221, but not without leaving a record behind of their celebratory visit. Like many, they asked Snap Wadmacher to take a few candid shots. Butler for hire - this way for service. One last visit to The Tubs at the Bunkhouse, before heading home and finding permanent employment! Upon seeing the photos, now on sale at After Midnight Arcade, located off the lobby, Biff quipped, "More like professional buggery..." On location with Snap Wadmacher, head photographer at Shutter Bug Camera Shop, located off the lobby
  4. Rock Blockhead, Construction Projects Manager of Loveless Motel, after his successful leadership of the buildout of Nutbush Campground, takes a last opportunity to conduct the pre-demolition meeting of the wall between the 8 Ball Bar and the Laundry Room, to prepare the combined space of the Dirty Pool Bar, which will include the pool table, bar and laundry machines. Rock says he spent many happy evenings shooting on this very table. Known for his casual style, his crews are eager work under him once again."You'll have to remove all this shelving in the laundry room as well," Rock instructs the crew, pointing to the floor, "and rip up this old tile afterwards. But be careful that you don't damage any of the laundry machines. We'll be moving those to storage over at the Motor Pool until we build out the new space, so we can knock out this wall" Rock works just as hard as any man on the crew - he likes to set a good example. A day's hard work has its rewards - the crew likes to yank his chain, and they frequently pull practical jokes on him, but he's a pretty good sport, as long as the work gets done on time. He's known for loyalty to his crew, and he's no stranger to an occasional pull and yank with a favorite after the shift. He says there's plenty of him to go around, and everybody eventually gets time with the boss. He likes to be efficient, so no hardhat is ever surprised if when boss starts blurting his annual review at the same time he's getting his hole spackled with Rock's big trowel.
  5. Opening weekend seems to have gone off without a hitch at Nutbush Campground at Loveless Motel. Many campers took the time to explore the trails, and Snap Wadmacher of Shutter Bug Camera Shop tagged along and got some great shots of our nature lovers' activities. Paying customers can expect to have their photos arrive in plain brown mailers soon, (with a return address of "Fishing Camp") to the addresses provided to the check-in desk upon registration. This, of course, may present a challenge for a few men, who upon receiving the news that their picture packs may fall into the hands of mothers or wives, can rest assured that if they choose instead to cancel their orders that their pictures will be sold in our shops to paying customers in order to recoup the cost of goods and Snap's time, and be part of the annual Big Book of Deadbeats sold during the holiday season here in the shops at Loveless Motel and by mail order via advertisements found in smutty magazines in arcades and adult book shops across the land.
  6. Loveless Motel is gearing up for a wet and wild season by interviewing for Lifeguard positions for both Lake Loveless and our pool. Aspirants should join other interested men at the old hangar located in the Motor Pool area for a whistle blowing demonstration to be held soon, followed by a lecture on best blowing practices, recognizing situations in which blowing is the best course of action, and how to recover from an unsuccessful blow. You may bring your own whistle (please, no slide whistles or kazoos) or you may purchase a plastic souvenir gag whistle at a nominal cost, from the remaining stock of those offered at last year's popular Lunch and Learn lecture in the Grab-Basket Conference Room, "The the subtle differences between sucking and blowing" Whistles are randomly incised with either "Blow me at the Loveless Motel pool" or "I got blown at Loveless Motel" or "I got thrown out of the Loveless Motel Pool for blowing this whistle"
  7. Jack Leyendecker, talent scout for Loveless Motel's intern program, made a trip to Tuba City, Arizona on a tip he received from an old friend that there was a cluster of young men there who showed promise and he might be able to fill half his quota in one stop. These fellows were all enrolled at the local community college voc/tech school, all had been members of the same basket ball team in high school, and continued their gamesmanship in weekend get togethers at a local desert ranch under the guiding hand of the auto mechanic instructor there. The end of the term and their training completed, Jack conducted interviews and convinced eight of them to come to Loveless Motel as interns, with the opportunity to have practical experience in the Motor Pool, and learn a bit about the hospitality industry, to boot. Naturally the men congregated together, and even stayed in one small dorm in the Bunkhouse where they interacted with some of the guests, attended classes, but kept largely to themselves. Talk soon began among the other members of the class that the Arizona lads had some interesting, nay, weird fucking notions. Uncle Joe, Loveless Motel's chief classroom facilitator and disciplinarian, had encountered them hunched around a beach ball one afternoon during a class break, and learned they had never seen one before except in Annette Funicello movies, since they'd all grown up in the desert. Seemingly amazed by the sight of it, they rolled, poked and prodded the ball around the pool deck, and Joe opened the conversation with them as he approached the group by saying "Have you ever seen the movie "The Dictator", where Hitler bounces a beach ball Earth off his ass?" And from out of nowhere, one of the beach ball gazers says "The Earth ain't round - it's flat". The other guys laughed, and one chimed in "He's a nut job, don't mind him, Uncle Joe. We all know the earth ain't flat." and then out of the same mouth "same as we all know Ike was a commie, just like we learned in Automatic Transmission Class". Uncle Joe replied "Looks like the John Birch Society is alive and well in Tuba City!" to which the kid says "How'd you know?" Fuck fuck fuck. Joe thought to himself...and I have to take these guys camping. "Okay guys, let's get showered and then it's back to class."
  8. How often does the management have to say that you should not hog the buffet line on Taco Tuesday at Pub and Grub, located on the first floor of the Bunkhouse. While it is true that there is no limit, there is a strict rule that after your first five, you can only return to the bar to claim two more at a time. This is, of course, because Jorge and Manuelito can only make them so fast, and we have a lot of mouths to feed. Therefore, when you have had a fucking keg of beer practically to yourself and it's not even 2PM, you do not want to get caught piling two dozen tacos on a tray that you stole from the kitchen and bring them to your table for the world to see. This gets you a ticket straight into the Hoosegow. On top of it, brandishing a gun to warn off the help when they come to take you away is foolhardy, especially when everyone knows its a licorice one you bought at Hit and Split, located off the lobby. And when you get to your cell, your fellow incarceree says he doesn't like licorice, he means it. Lucky you, you have a clingy sweetheart who'll be waiting for you on the outside. There is no bail at the Hoosegow; he'll have to camp out until next Tuesday. And all you have to worry about is when he asks you why your pucker hole tastes like licorice.
  9. A cold weather version of the Sunday Tea Dance, a Skate In at the 8 Ball Bar, turned into a real Ball buster as there were three collisions, one with the bartender who had a tray full of beer and schnapps which got dumped on a pool table. If it warps, somebody will pay. Down for pool, it was immediately repurposed by a couple men who drew a crowd, and guys started putting their sloppy seconds quarters on the table in a hurry.
  10. Loveless Motel is happy to announce that we have filled our House Detective position. Harrison Biggerstaff (just Harry to you) checked all the right boxes on his application and will enhance our compliance team greatly. "Drilling down to the core of the matter, I always get my man" said Harry in his interview. Just so you know, he's unspoken for, and in his free time, collects antique porcelain, loves sports, and calls himself "a bit of a fashion whore". He's eager to get to work by going undercover to catch that jockstrap thief for starters. The head of our personnel department vouches for Harry's skills. "He knows how to get to the root of the matter."
  11. A frequent guest of Loveless Motel for many years, Mr. Will U. Bonus has agreed to enter into a contractual arrangement with the firm as Manager of Hard Tack General Store, the second hand cowboy and leather boutique adjacent to the Bunkhouse. In his capacity as manager of that facility, he'll also take on the task of wrangling the work-release program, mentoring men who have been contingently released from the Hoosegow in order to repay their debt to Loveless Motel. Will's credentials include nearly making it through Wharton's School of the University of Pennsylvania, and having been the accountant of a moderately sized used furniture store which released him from its staff due to an unjustified accusation of mishandling estate sales, in particular those of elderly widowed men with sizable endowments (in the bank). "I just love the get and give of mentorship," says Will, after a week on the job. The Management of Loveless Motel congratulates Mr. Bonus on his appointment.
  12. Manager Will U. Bonus "If you plan to shoplift, let us know" Hard Tack General Store at Loveless Motel tells us they have just received a good quantity of freshly laundered jock straps and denim jeans in several sizes. Hard Tack specializes in used cowboy, denim, uniform and leather gear, often left behind by guests, consigned, or purchased in the local town. Our work-release program offers gainful employment to those errant men who have been released from the Hoosegow where they've spent time for breaking the rules of our establishment, and some of the gents acquire a work ethic and personal polish which allows them to graduate into our Certified Hustler program. Stop by Hard Tack General Store for the best in personal service and merchandise selection. Manager Will U. Bonus is eager to personally see to each customer's needs, and guides the progress of his work-release charges with a firm hand.
  13. At Loveless Motel, the guy you eyed across the dancefloor last night is describing in detail how his morning is going. The party-line is hopping this morning, and there are even a few familiar voices. Nic, a senior manager, is also in on the fun. If your verbal skills are a bit rusty, or you're a bit of a novice, you can take Nic's class, held on any rainy Tuesday in the Grab-Basket Conference Room, entitled "Talking Dirty is My Second Most Favorite Anonymous Thing To Do"
  14. CalHowdy

    398. Ho Ho Who?..Guess

    RubItOutSanta.mp4 Every year we drop hints regarding who will be hiding under the beard a Santa for the Christmas Show at Footlight Fairies Cabaret, located off the lobby at Loveless Motel. Our holiday artist in residence for this year is shown below. His reputation precedes him (by about 8 inches) and he'll be holing up for the holidays at Aluminum City. All you holes can start lining up to sit on his special lap on December 20th. Extra charges may apply.
  15. Literally, these guys just can't wait to get to Loveless. The whole point of the trip was privacy, a pool, sauna, new friends, new experiences, but it looks like car head is inevitable, and that 2 night room guarantee deposit is non-refundable. Fuel is not cheap this year at 65 cents a gallon. And deposits, as it turns out, cum in all kinds of flavors
  16. At Loveless Truckstop Cafe', customer satisfaction is king. Whether you have wandered over to the cafe' from Loveless Motel or from Aluminum City Trailer Court, or just pulled into the parking lot with your big rig, getting your order quickly and just the way you like it is the goal. How do you like your meat?
  17. CalHowdy

    254. Sex on the floor

    One of our favorite guests, an executive who hangs out at Loveless Motel whenever making money gets stressful, is inhouse this weekend entertaining a man whose taking a break from his sugardaddy. The anticipation of draining a well-formed mature man while he provides you with just the right amount of tactile stimulation can sure put you in the zone. If you fancy sex on the floor down on all fours, getting your hose drained at all hours of the day or night, while you give your accommodating buddy the helping hand he's been craving, call the front desk for some floormats - we're happy to oblige.
  18. At Loveless Motel, even our deluxe carpeting can be cause for concern if you find yourself straddling a new buddy's chest on your knees while you fuck his face. That grinding action can do a number on your knees when the heat of the moment takes over. Chaps can help your knees, and our carpets! Head over to Hard Tack General Store f or all your used leather goods needs.
  19. CalHowdy

    189. Stiff Punishment

    Meet our weekend security team at Loveless Motel. Left to right, Officer Rod, Officer Dick, and Officer Peter. They're local cops moonlighting for extra cash and a free drink per shift. Don't be afraid to say hello - they won't bite unless you ask. They have been known to toss a few guys into the Hoosegow at the Bunkhouse for crowding around the laundry room. Punishment is stiff at Loveless Motel.
  20. One of our interns who hails from Dallas has just been promoted to Junior Manager at Loveless Motel (manager of what, we don't quite know yet) - Meet Taylor - he's apparently among those who believe that you should dress for the job you want, and lucky for us, places as much emphasis at undressing to to get the job you want, too. Ultimately, you can't help but hire a man who knows how to put his hands in his pockets. Pocketpool never fails during an interview.
  21. It's the perfect summer day at Loveless Motel. Get out of your room and explore the grounds. Take some sun screen, and get some exposure...
  22. It's likely that Saturdays are busy check-in days. While you're waiting, you may wish to entertain yourself by exploring some of the retail shops off the lobby. For your convenience, the restroom is located down the first corridor to the right of the service desk
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