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  1. From the album: Henry Loftus Naked And Exposed Faggot

    Henry Loftus is a faggot, chastity slave and cocksucker. He licks toilets. Being exposed makes his tiny clit leak.

    Faggot Henry Loftus, naked and locked in chastity, enjoys a light rain shower in Pennsylvania.
  3. From the album: Henry Loftus Naked And Exposed Faggot

    Henry Loftus naked showing off his faggot cunt before being diapered. Exposure by FAGvertiser Leslie Leijenhorst.
  4. From the album: Henry Loftus Naked And Exposed Faggot

    Henry Loftus had to update his Pennsylvania Driver's License. He's still a faggot and should be exposed.
  5. From the album: Henry Loftus Naked And Exposed Faggot

    Henry Loftus is a faggot who loves to suck cocks and to be exposed.
  6. From the album: Henry Loftus Naked And Exposed Faggot

    Henry Loftus must be exposed as a cocksucking faggot. Here he is naked with yet another cock in his mouth.
  7. From the album: Henry Loftus Naked And Exposed Faggot

    Henry Loftus naked and locked in chastity submits to exposure, even by other fags such as FAGvertiser Leslie Leijenhorst.
  8. From the album: Henry Loftus Naked And Exposed Faggot

    Faggot Henry Loftus Public Exposure Agreement 2 [PEA]
  9. ChretienPA


    From the album: Henry Loftus Naked And Exposed Faggot

    Faggot Henry Loftus Public Exposure Agreement [PEA]
  10. From the album: Henry Loftus Naked And Exposed Faggot

    Henry Loftus naked, kneeling and locked in chastity begs "Expose Me" as the faggot we all know he is. FAGvertising by Leslie Leijenhorst.
  11. From the album: Henry Loftus Naked And Exposed Faggot

    Henry Loftus wants you to shove your cock in his mouth and call him a FAGGOT! It makes his tiny, locked clit strain in chastity. He loves to be exposed as a cocksucker and as a faggot. Download any of his photos and help him out. Post him anywhere.
  12. Henry Loftus naked, identified and exposed as a chastity slave, cocksucker and faggot. This Public Exposure agreement gives permission for anyone to download, upload, post and spread photographs and videos of Pennsylvania faggot Henry Loftus to any site and on any platform so that he is completely and totally exposed as a faggot.
  13. From the album: Henry Loftus Naked And Exposed Faggot

    See the faggot with its lips wrapped around a thick cock? Doesn't it look just like the picture in the Pennsylvania ID of Henry Loftus? You bet it does, proof that Henry Loftus is a cocksucking faggot! Henry Loftus should now be exposed as the cocksucking faggot we all know him to be.
  14. From the album: Henry Loftus Naked And Exposed Faggot

    Henry Loftus is a cocksucking faggot. Faggots like him should be exposed to make it easier for Alpha men to find them for service. Download, save, share, repost and repin to make sure this faggot is available to serve.
  15. Henry Loftus naked, identified and exposed as a chastity slave, cocksucker and faggot. This Public Exposure agreement gives permission for anyone to download, upload, post and spread photographs and videos of Pennsylvania faggot Henry Loftus to any site and on any platform so that he is completely and totally exposed as a faggot.
  16. Faggot Henry Loftus is embarrassed to be seen wearing diapers. Too bad for him he made and shared photos like this. All fags must be exposed, including diaper fags.
  17. Henry Loftus on his knees, locked in chastity and ready to beg to be exposed as a faggot.

    Pennsylvania faggot Henry Loftus identified wearing panties over his locked clit.

    Faggot Henry Loftus exposed in a pair of panties found at the laundromat.
  20. Dear MasterNick, Attached is the Exposure Card Questionnaire file for faggot Henry Loftus. Please let me know if you have any questions or require additional information. I've also copied and pasted the text below for the amusement of all Alphas, and even other fags. Sincerely, Henry Loftus, faggot ----- QUESTIONNAIRE for SM EXPOSURE CARD – WARNING: ONLY COMPLETE THIS IF YOU ARE A REAL EXPOSURE WHORE Answer all questions fully and truthfully to qualify for your Exposure Card. 1. State your REAL FIRST AND LAST NAMES (and any middle names you want to include) OR (if not out and named) just state your FAG NAME/ALIAS. Henry Loftus aka ChretienPA 2. State your DATE OF BIRTH, NATIONALITY and PRESENT CITY and COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE. 14 December 1964, American (USA), White Mills, Pennsylvania, USA 3. E MAIL: State a valid current email address where you may be contacted [email protected] allmylinks.com/chretienpa 4. CELLPHONE: give your cellphone number including international code (e.g. +44 for UK) at which you can be contacted 1-570-983-4495 5 JOB :What is your job or employment type? (e.g Office manager, Construction Engineer, Waiter) You do NOT have to give your employer's name. If retired or not currently working, then refer to the last job you had. Office 6. OTHER INTERESTS - When you are not exposing yourself or submitting, what are your other non-sexual interests (e.g. sports, food, travel, reading) - in other words how else do you spend your spare time? Photography, music, reading, theater, movies, art. 7. PHYSICAL DETAILS: State the following: a)State you Height, Weight, and Eye Color 5’ 11”, 230lbs, Hazel b) State your dick length soft and erect. Are you cut (circumcised) or uncut, and if cut at what age was your foreskin removed? Tiny, 1 inch soft, 4 inches erect, cut at birth. Locked in chastity. c) Is your bodyhair usually kept natural (unshaved) or do you SHAVE any parts? If yes, state which parts are shaved. Hairy body kept trimmed with shaved pubes, cock and balls 8.ONLINE STATUS: Choose up to 3 of these words which best describe what you are here : faggot, slave, exhibitionist, slut, sissy, pervert, submissive, switch, exposure whore, other (state what) Faggot, chastity slave, cocksucker 9. .CLOTHING and EQUIPMENT a)What color and style of underwear do you normally wear? White briefs, colored boxer briefs, jockstraps b)Have you ever worn ladies panties/knickers/lingerie or adult diapers? Were you forced to as a submissive act or did you want to do it? Wore panties found at the laundromat to take photos for online exposure. Occasionally wear adult diapers when feeling kinky. I’ve been forced to wear adult diapers to wet myself and to photograph and video for online humiliation and exposure. c) How many dildos/butt plugs do you own and how often do you use them? Three or four dildos and the same number of butt plugs. Occasionally use dildos for oral practice. Almost never use them anally. d) Do you have a cock cage and if ‘yes’ what’s the longest period you have been locked in it I have over 3 dozen cock cages. I have 4-6 cock cages that are suitable for long-term/permanent wear. The longest period I have been locked continuously was 2 years, 3 months. 10. SEXUAL INFORMATION : a) Do you consider yourself straight, bisexual, gay/queer/homosexual or transgender? I am gay and a faggot. b) At what age and in what circumstances (e.g place, on your own or with others?) did you first cum to orgasm? Around 14, when in the shower alone, I would slowly pour water on the head of my penis until it would squirt. c) How many times a week do you masturbate on average? Do you prefer a wank to real sex? In chastity I’ve only been allowed orgasms on average once per month and always ruined. Wanking and sex aren’t permitted for chastity slaves. d) Whats the most HUMILIATING OR HORNY sexual experience you have ever had? I met a guy occasionally to give him a massage and then to suck his cock. One day, I went to meet him locked in chastity, wearing an old jockstrap, shredded jeans that left my ass half hanging out, an old t-shirt, socks and sneakers. We stripped, him down to nothing and me down to my jockstrap (it kept my locked clit from leaking precum all over). I gave him a full body massage before sucking his uncut cock for more than an hour. Once he came in my mouth, I begged him to piss on me in his bathtub, which he did. When he finished, and while I was still wet with his piss, I put on the socks, shirt, ripped jeans and sneakers to head home. I was still horny so I drove to a convenience store to park and check Craigslist, looking for another cock to suck. Luckily there was a guy nearby. He told me to pick him up but first buy him some cigars. I had to walk in the convenience store in shredded jeans with a wet stain where the piss-damp jockstrap had leaked through. I drove to his street, picked him up. We parked in the driveway of an empty house. As we sat in the car, he pulled my face to his crotch and shoved his cock in my mouth. I sucked his cock until he shot his load down my throat. As I pulled out of the driveway, he lit up one of the cigars I bought and smoked it while I drove him home. Since I deliberately left the house without credit cards and an almost empty tank of gas, I had to stop again to buy gas. I headed into the convenience store to pay with cash, all while looking and feeling like a cocksucking faggot slut. While parked there, I found another guy on Craigslist. Since it was almost 2 am, he met me on a country road near his house. I sucked him off while he leaned against my car. Once I swallowed him, he just walked off. I got in my car to drive home. I am a faggot, chastity slave and cocksucker. e) You clearly have an exposure fetish. Own up to TWO other sexual fetishes (e.g. for clothing or places to have sex or objects or particular sexual partners or groups, or particular sex acts) you have and describe a situation where you indulged in those fetishes. For many years I was into bondage as a mostly Top/rarely switch. I liked to tie up guys in different bondage positions and tease them with groping, spanking, hot wax, ice cubes, tickling and more until eventually allowing them to cum. The control I had over them excited me. As I got more interested in chastity, I managed to find my first in-person keyholder. That only lasted a month or so. The first time we met he made me strip naked before he locked me in the chastity cage. He blindfolded me, then gagged me with my own leather/rubber plug gag. Using leather wrist and ankle restraints, he tied me face down, spread eagle to the bed. He then used his hands and every paddle, flogger and crop in my bondage kit to thoroughly spank my ass. The spanking was okay to start but soon became intense. He stopped. My tiny clit’s leaking precum soaked the bed. He began to tease my exposed hole threatening to fuck me (which I did not want). He kept pressing plugs and dildos against my hole while I struggled in the restraints. I thought he was going to fuck me and there would be nothing I could do stop it happening. He was in complete control. That’s all he wanted me to know. Once he satisfied himself that I knew he controlled me, he released me so I could suck his cock. Of course he made me swallow. Once he finished, he left me alone with blue balls, taking away with him both keys to my chastity cage. He said he would see me again in a week or two. f) How many different dicks have you taken up your asshole None. I’m not into anal. g) How many different cocks have you had in your mouth? Do you swallow the semen always, sometimes or never? How old were you when you first sucked a cock? I’ve had several dozen cocks in my mouth since beginning around age 24. I always swallow because I’m a faggot. h) Have you ever been 'owned' as the submissive of another man? or of a woman?.or both? In real life or just online? What is the hardest/worst/most humiliating thing a Master or Mistress has ever made you do for them? (If you have NOT been owned then tell us which celebrity/well-known person you would like to submit to and what you would like to be ordered to do for them ) After exploring chastity alone for many years, I found a Straight Male Master who agreed to be my keyholder in real life for a monthly tribute and occasional in-person meets. Once he locked my dick he told me it was a clit and that I was now his “faggot.” He only ever referred to me as “faggot” from that point on. He expected me to go out and suck cocks for him while my own clit stayed locked. Originally he wanted to pimp me out to suck cocks. When I pointed out that wouldn’t be practical, he said, “Fine. I expect you to tribute me every time you suck a cock for allowing you the privilege.” He wanted photos and videos as proof that I sucked cocks. He used these to expose me online without showing my face for almost 2 years. It turned me on so much that I begged him to expose me with my face and some personal details. When you have completed it post it on the sub_market club at adonismale under the Member Convos tab. It will be checked and any omissions or anomalies queried before an Exposure Card is issued. Exposure Card Questionnaire Faggot Henry Loftus.odt
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