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Found 12 results

  1. Confession time! 😊 So my man knows about my subscription to blacked.com. I just absolutely ❤️ the site with so many gorgeous, well endowed, & hung black men is just heaven for me! One of my favorites is Jason Luv! 😉🥰 Just look at that gorgeous body & that lovely flaccid black penis (got a cute butt too)! 🤤 From what I've seen on black.com, oh trust me that beautiful black penis is even more lovelier when fully erect! One of my favorite scenes is the one he did with Liya Silver, which she has a nice body & I wouldn't mind getting into some lesbian fun with her. Nothing get me going & wet than this beach scene! Been many times that I fantasize that I am her naked on the beach getting ready to have some awesome beach sex. 🏖️🌊🌞😉 \ Yes I am jealous that she had fun with that beautiful black penis of his on the beach! Bet that black penis is so yummy! 🤤 I can only imagine his huge black penis feels really good inside! 😊 Beautiful! Wouldn't mind getting mounted from behind from him! Beautiful black penis penetrating her beautiful body & bare pussy! To feel it deep inside! 🥰🤤 Would love to be in her position right now! mmmm... nice Def would love to taste some of that semen! 😉 Gotta end this blog so I can go pleasure myself cause I am so fricken WET! 💦
  2. So while perusing around the net, I came across this article. Found it an interesting read. Of course anyone who knows me, knows my addition started when I was 18 years old. 😉😉🍆 loriscuck The 10 phases of Black Cock Addiction The 10 Phases of Black Cock Addiction: Black Cock addiction is an addiction like no other! Once you witness the incredible power of the Big Beautiful Black Cock, you just keep craving it more and more! You will become Black Cock addicted whether you admit it or not, and it goes exactly the same way for everybody. See for Yourself. These are the 10 phases of Black Cock addiction that every male goes through once he discovers the power of the Black Cock. Check out these phases and you will see exactly what the Power of the Black Cock will do to you if it hasn’t done it already! The phases are cumulative. Each phase includes the phase before it. For example, if you’re at phase 4, then you’re also at phases 1, 2, and 3. If anything in an earlier phase conflicts with anything in a later phase, the later phase applies. Phase 1: Discovery. I just recently discovered interracial porn. Some of those black men are incredible and the women really get off to them. Interracial sex is extremely hot! Phase 2: Intrigue. I love interracial porn so much that I find myself going back to it more and more. All the other stuff that I used to like is turning me on less and less. I find myself jerking off increasingly more to interracial porn, and increasingly less to everything else. Phase 3: Exclusion. Interracial porn is the only thing that gets me off any more. It’s all I ever want to see. All the other things that I used to like have become boring. They’re a big turn-off for me now. If there’s not a Black man with a woman somewhere, it does nothing for me. Phase 4: Obsession. I’m completely obsessed with Black Dick interracial porn. I can’t stop! I think about it all the time! I won’t look at anything else. It’s incredible how much these women love Black Dick! Nobody can satisfy a woman like a Black man! I can’t get it out of my mind!! Phase 5: Realization. I’m still attracted to women, but my obsession is even greater than I realized. I’m starting to get really turned just by the Black Dicks themselves. If there’s a picture or video with a Black men and a woman, I sometimes focus almost entirely on that Big Dark Black Dick. I’ve even gotten to the point where I really love the sight of a Black Dick all by itself. How can just the sight of just a Black Dick get me hard? How can this be possible? Phase 6: Addiction. I’m hopelessly addicted to Black Dick! I love it so much that I’m even more attracted to the Black Dicks than I am to the women serving them. The Beautiful Black Dick is now what I focus almost entirely on, and the woman is basically like a prop or a back drop. I may even be jealous or envious of the women who serve those Dark Powerful Black Dicks! I have no interest in white men but now may strongly desire an encounter with a Black man or may have already had one. Sometimes I have had an orgasm just from looking at Black Dick, and focusing completely on it. There’s nothing more beautiful and perfect than Black Dick. Phase 7: Conversion. I have an insatiable desire to convert as many women as possible to Black Dick. I want this more than anything I’ve ever wanted before. This includes both my own and other wives, girlfriends, and daughters. It extends to just about any other female who is of legal age, who is not already a complete slut for Black Cock. It is my duty! They must be converted to Black Dick and be completely Black owned! It feels absolutely wrong to ever fuck a woman, as I know that pussy should be reserved for Black men only. I am willing and eager to give up pussy completely as long as white women are only fucked by Black men. It is my ultimate source of pleasure and the only pleasure I deserve. I put the Black Dick ahead of myself. I would willingly lock my dick in a chastity belt or cock cage to show my total commitment, and to further demonstrate my complete devotion to all powerful, beautiful Black Dicks. I am also obligated to convert other white boys to Black Cock addiction as well. They too must love Black Dick. Phase 8: Expansion.. My addiction to BLACK DICK extends beyond the Black Dick itself. The Beautiful Black Dicks and the entire Black male body are the most perfect, powerful, and superior things in the world. They’re way more beautiful than the women serving them. The entire Black man and not just the Black Dicks are all beautiful, all superior, and all perfect! There aren’t enough words of describe black superiority and perfection. Phase 9: Dependence.. Orgasms and erections have become difficult or impossible without Black Dick. Sex is meaningless without Black Dick. I feel guilty about even the thought of me having sex with a woman, since only Black men deserve pussy. I can’t stand ever seeing any white man or any man who’s not Black fucking a women. It’s offensive, ugly, and repulsive. It even makes me angry sometimes. Masturbation to Black Dick has replaced sex as it is now even more pleasurable than real sex. Without a Big Black Dick, true pleasure is nonexistent. Phase 10: Defeat. I’ve given up and I accept my duty to submit completely to BLACK DICK and the BLACK man’s body. My life revolves around serving and worshiping them, as I think about them nonstop. I worship BIG BEAUTIFUL BLACK DICK and the BEAUTIFUL BLACK GODLIKE BODY. BLACK men are my gods! I live for serving and worshipping and serving my BLACK masters! I have no interest in the women who worship these BEAUTIFUL BLACK GODS! I want to be the women who worship them. I am completely obsessed and addicted to the absolute power and physical and sexual superiority of all BLACK men, their BEAUTIFUL BLACK DICKS, and their BEAUTIFUL BLACK bodies. I worship and live ONLY for BIG BEAUTIFUL BLACK GOD LIKE DICK! The best part of the movie "Any Given Sunday". Will never forget how wet I got when I first saw this scene. 💦🤭 (Upper left) Looks like Cameron Diaz checking out that black penis 😉
  3. Anyone who knows me here knows I have a fondness for & really admire a nice black penis. 🤤😍 That being said, I came across this well hung individual while on the net. 🤤🍆 Oh the fun I would have with that gorgeous, huge black dick! 😍 Makes me reflect back on my recent trip to CA & enjoy some Oreo Sex getting fucked so good by Dontel & his son Jarail. 😊 Speaking of that trip, my man doesn't know that I got fucked by this beautiful, fat black dick while I was out there! 🤫😊😉 OMG he felt so fucking good inside me! Even tried to take him up the ass! 😯😉😊 😘
  4. A little naughty this morning as I perused around the net. Shortly after my man left for the office & my daughter waking up, had some alone time. As you can see I came across this gorgeous specimen with a rather impressive black penis! 😍 Claims to measure in around 10 inches! 🤤 https://www.pornhub.com/model/mrspanxalot And yes I did find time to pleasure myself! ☺️💦 Thoughts? 🤔
  5. OMG! 😮 So some of you already know about him from my previous blog entries & have inquired about if & when we meet up. Well good news is that I am finally going to meet up with DeAngelo (Tony & Troy's cousin) sometime this weekend! 😊 He sent me these photos with the most recent one at top along with a msg telling me that he is looking forward to finally meeting me! 🤤😊 He has such a really nice black peen! 😊 Oh the thoughts 💭 I am having right now! 😉🤭 Such a beautiful black penis! 🥰🤤 Oh without a doubt, I am sure I will end up getting naked & getting fucked by his gorgeous, huge black dick! 😉🥰🤤 Gawd I can't wait to have my fun with it, being able to touch, caress, fondle, kiss, lick, & suck on it! 😉 I am so fuckin wet 💦 right now with so many dirty thoughts 💭! Just the thought of feeling him sticking it inside me has me so excited! Sure some of you have the image of him ramming me with his gorgeous black penis as it penetrates my bare, tanned pussy! 🤭 In relation to: https://www.adonismale.com/blogs/entry/556--🍆-my-black-penis-heaven--🍆-/ https://www.adonismale.com/blogs/entry/864-🍆-my-black-penis-heaven-pt2🍆/ https://www.adonismale.com/blogs/entry/1301-🍆-my-black-penis-heaven-pt3🍆/
  6. OMG! 😲 DeAngelo (Tony & Troy's cousin) sent me this lil snip of him jerking off, playing with that beautiful huge black penis! 😍 Says he was jerking off to one of my nudes, fantasizing about fuckin the hell outta my tanned body! Also sent me these: Yummy! 🤤 Naked & jerking off that beautiful black penis for me! 😍🤤 Time to go pleasure myself with my 8 inch black dildo, fantasize it's him fuckin me! 😉 doCtYJLSm4FxXwS5.mp4
  7. Came across this video of this young black male with a rather impressive & massive black penis! 😲🤤😍 I would think he is pushing close to 12 inches in length & does look pretty girthy. And now for the beautiful part of the video when he begins to jerk off! After a bit he unloads a rather impressive & beautiful shot of semen! 💦🤤😍 Oh the fun I would have with it! 🤭🤤😍 Due to it's massive size there is no way I would be able to get fucked by it, but nothing wrong with enjoying being able to hold, caress, kiss, lick, & fondle it! Though I would try to at least take some of it in my mouth & suck on it! Would love to try see just how much of his semen I would be able to enjoy either swallowing it or getting my tanned body coated in it! ☺️ I will say this, out of all of the huge black penises I've had fun with & enjoyed getting fucked by, THIS IS THE LARGEST BLACK PENIS I HAVE EVER SEEN! ☺️ And yes I have pleasured myself multiple times fantasizing about this gorgeous massive black penis with my largest dildo! 😉😊
  8. So in a recent blog, I had mentioned that Troy had sent me a below photo of his cousin completely naked, showing his rather very impressive black penis.🥰🤤 I absolutely lost myself soaking in the sight of his cousin naked & that beautiful huge black dong 🍆 when I first saw it. So much that I ended up pleasuring myself to multiple orgasms with my mind filled with so many dirty sexual thought of him fuckin me rough & dirty like I've never been fucked before! I pleasure myself so much that I squirted all over 💦 everywhere! 😂 A few days later I find out that his cousin lives in the Atlanta area, which for me is a bonus! I tell Troy that I am seriously thinking about wanting to meet up with his cousin. Troy brought up about my man & told him that only I need to worry about that. I ask him to mention something to his cousin if he is willing to meet me & tell him he can show him a photo of me. Troy then tells me that his cousin kinda knows about me & has seen a couple of photos as him & Tony had brought me up in past conversations & he would most likely want to. I tell Troy that I am getting wet again after hearing that, even more so when later when he tells me that his cousin has jerked off to me! 😮 Now I am really turned on knowing now that his cousin has jerked off to me! 🥰 We chat for a lil bit longer, while we are Troy sends me another photo of his cousin & OMFG its even better from the previous photo! 🤤😍 My god he is absolutely fuckin yummy! 🤤😍 Just look at that gorgeous hung dong, just hanging there! What's even better.... he is bare clean, which is def a bonus! I so wanna get fucked by him! I want & need to feel that huge black penis of his deep inside me, filling me with his semen! 😊 I am so fuckin wet & horny now that I need to go pleasure myself fantasizing again about getting savagely fucked by him! SN
  9. So I've fantasized & pleasured myself many times over Milan Christopher! 🥰💦 Especially when & after I saw his beautiful nude spread displaying his rather impressive well endowed black penis! 😍🤤🍆 My gawd he has such a beautiful body & that black penis is so gorgeous! 🤤😍 As most you know me, you know that I'd love to have fun with him & get fucked by that huge black penis! 🤭 Only if I could find him like this in my pool.... def would be fucking the hell outta me poolside! These photo are yummy as a nice tease as you can tell he is packing! His gorgeous black peen is so big it can't fit as his balls exposed! Above 4 photos, it's pretty obvious that he is packing a huge black penis! You don't even know just how bad I wanna pull down those bottoms & expose that huge black peen of his! 🤤 When I saw some of the above photos earlier, I got so damn horny & wet that I found this! And yes I ordered one of these of his 9 inch peen! 😊😉 Product Description: TAKE YOUR FANTASIES TO NEW HEIGHTS WITH THIS REPLICA OF MILAN'S GORGEOUS COCK. After his Paper Magazine spread in 2017, it’s no secret that Milan is sporting a massive dick! Lucky for you, we’ve got a lifelike dildo for you that is as close to the real thing as is possible. Just like his real cock, Milan’s dildo has all of the length and girth that you want in a sex toy. No need to admire him from a distance anymore – now you can take him to bed with you every night! Made with the highest quality, platinum cured silicone. Length from base to tip: 9" including balls. Insertable length: 7.25" excluding balls. Circumference at base of shaft: 5.75". My gawd I can't wait to get it! Have my enjoyment & fun ramming it into me with the dirty thoughts 💭 of him fucking me! 🤤😉 Who knows, if I get really adventurous I might just try to stick it in my ass!
  10. So I have been thinking about doing a blog about this for some time now. A blog about either celebrity or athlete that has some nudes of them out there. A blog series about this with nude photos that I have collected over the years of celebrity or athlete. First up is Rap Artist Chris Brown: I had heard about this being out somewhere on the net. I gotta say that he really does have a beautiful penis! I sure wouldn't mind having fun with it! 🙂 I also had came across a vid of a radio interview that he had done later after this had been publicized. He says that his penis was flaccid when he took the pic! 😲 Listen to the 2:00 mark through 2:15 mark, is when he says his peen was flaccid. Even the female host sounds impressed. OMFG! 😲 If his yummy looking penis is this large when flaccid, then I can only imagine what it's like when he has a hard on! 😍 This was the entry on Perez Hilton's Twitter when he found out about it: Def would suck on it! 😊
  11. A few years ago while enjoying a "Girls Night" with Tiff & some others, we all ended up watching some documentary show that featured this black male stripper who happened to get all of us gals attention. 😍🤤 While he was talking about his career as a male stripper, I remember it showed him on stage slowly stripping nude & walking into some on stage shower thing. Then proceeds to go on stage fully nude dancing around. Had some good brief views of his cute butt & his beautiful black penis! 🤤 I had grabbed a few captures from it! I remember having to hit pause each time we wanted a good look at him! 🤭 Cute butt! ☺️ You can just barely see his hairy dick! 🤤 The first glimpse of his huge black penis! Yum! 😍🤤 Nice look at that gorgeous huge black penis & side view of his cute butt! 🤤😊 All of us were in awe of his huge penis & so wanna have fun with it! A glimpse of his balls & huge penis! ☺️ Damn, just look how thick (fat) his penis is! 😲🤤 Another look at that beautiful huge black dick! ☺️ I really do like the tip of it & so want to have fun with it! 🤤 After watching that show about that black male stripper, seems that all of us gals couldn't get enough as we all wanted to see more naked black men & some huge black penis in person! ☺️😉 A couple weeks later for our next all girls night, we all made a lil road trip to a "Ladies Night" in Macon, GA which feature many gorgeous naked black men! 🤤
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