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  1. Hope this works. Please join and view and leave feedback hereXXXXX ThanksXX DJ
  2. Now I know first and foremost we are a sock group. I do know that and this little thread here is just a sideline to our love of all things sock, and it's a little tribute to what lay under the sock. Sometimes socks and bare feet can be joined up, sometimes not. Our first clip of Marcus Rivers is from BSB and is a nice little finger job that includes some nice bare feet up in the air. The over-eager Denver Dubois to not last long in the porn world...he really works on the few guys he was paired with in a rather "full on" way and maybe just tried too hard. But the moment with Marcus is rather sexy. If you enjoy it, great...if not, don't bother watching. My love of socks will always rule, don't worry, but I want to just tickle those bare feet from time to time and chew a toe! Bare with meXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX DJ Marcus Rivers.webm
  3. I know not all of us enjoy the styling of these films but I find them hot. They always manage to have some very nice legs up and socks on shots! Two clips of another Str8 man being enjoyed! And his socks are sweaty, he's just come from his office job! DJXX ps...the sound kicks in at about 45 seconds into the first clip. ice_video_20200322-100517.webm ice_video_20200322-101144.webm
  4. More of this little T and T studio classic! 3 thumbs up said you wanted more:-) DJXX White Socks Ass 3.webm
  5. As promised, more!!!! And do notice the extra close camera work by one shooter...he gets his Sony so close, it might go right up the guy's..um, just watch it! DJXX White Socks- Ass 2.webm
  6. I have posted white socks before and several members enjoyed the scenes or photos. I do enjoy these older VHS videos that were marketed for the socks-ass lovers of the gay world:-) Typical low budget backroom style...but funXXXX If you enjoy, let me know and I shall add the rest of the clips. DJXX Butt Play with White Sox1.webm
  7. Now I know there is a vast rainbow of sock styles for us sock-foot lovers to enjoy. Low -rise dark socks worn for sport and casual wear sometimes are not to all tastes BUT...this dark haired sexy man has his feet up, ass open and stroke his uncut meat alone in the woods, for USXX His socks are sweaty and you can almost smell them! EnjoyXX DJ Private JO in Woods.webm
  8. The group action continues with more ass eating and socks on show! DJXX Deep Rim with Socks2.webm
  9. In this last taste of our sexy bearded tuber, we see the socks come off. For those enjoy a bit of hot barefoot viewing...this is for youXX DJ More Sexy Bearded Tuber.webm
  10. A few years ago I enjoyed encouraging this fellow to "really show off those sweaty socked feet and hot ass" and he did just that!!! Notice you can really see toe-imprints on those socks he wore all that day! DJXX Sexy Bearded Guy1.webm
  11. This is the solo bit of this scene from Men! If you'd like to see Alex Mecum get down and dirty with boss Kit, just say...YES! DJXX Kit Cohen.webm
  12. Trenton does a sexy strip from his suit and then shows off his sexy sheer OTC socked feet and more! DJXX Trenton1.webm
  13. Adam is a real showman. I have collected all his videos now for about 10 years. He never fails to not wear great socks and loves ass play...and cum! As promised, more Adam! If you guys want various socks-feet scenes....tell me...love to hear and will try to findXX DJ😎 PS....the sheer sock being put up his ass twice using a dildo to ram it in, that was new for meXXXXX adam sheer sox-dildo1.webm adam sheer sox-dildo2.webm
  14. Tubers love to please the viewers, sock lovers are LOUD and often get heard. This guy wears sexy tube socks and uses a drill-do toy for us. Clip one of a few....if you want more, say so please:-) DJXX cowboy in sox1.webm
  15. Adam has been around a long time! I have collected his videos from his very early days until now. Sheer socks are his passion as well as sex with latin guys with rather large uncut cocks! EnjoyXX DJ adam sheer socks1.webm adam sheer socks2.webm
  16. Here is Silver Steele and Kyle Prince from BMR enjoying a bit of feasting. Note the ass shots and bare feet! DJXX Silver Steele and Kyle Prince1.webm Silver Steele and Kyle Prince2.webm
  17. I pulled my not too small body up onto the base of the bed and found my nose nuzzled against her smelly fishnet clad toes. Just as I was about to reach up to stroke her big fat ass, she moved up from Rex's ass with a triumphant cry. "Do him, honey!! Do him good and hard with that old French fuck wand!" Carol moved around Rex's lifted leg and pulled her chubby body alongside his pulsating form as Eric finally unhooked himself from Rex's bursting ripe manhood. Carol lying playfully on Rex's well shaped fuzzy chest grabbed Rex's copiously dripping uncut glory an
  18. "Stop for minute!" Carol ordered, "I want to snap a few close-ups of Rexy pooh's moist ass bud after your superlative rim job!" Eric ceased tonguing Rex's toned ass and moved his head sideways so that Rex's furred man crack was wide-open to the lens. Rex raised one long leg up from his resting pose against Eric's bony shoulder so that his rosebud bloomed for us in moist, supple hues of reddish pink with his manly rusty red ringlets encircling it like a crown. "Fucking hot....No, I mean SUPER HOT man! Your daddy ass is th
  19. My hand dropped to my crotch automatically searching for my now burning- and pleasingly hard cock through my trousers. My hand stroked gently though the material but I stopped before I got carried away. Rex saw me enjoying myself in the corner and smiled with a knowing look that told me all was well and worth having these two strange guests. Eric rolled over and pulled the leather bag up onto the bed. Both men sat crossed legged as the toys were dropped all over the duvet between them. There were lots of dildos and some very old style,
  20. Carol promptly left the bedroom to phone Eric from her phone which was still in her bag downstairs in the living room. I looked at naked six-foot Rex as he lay on his back with his eyes closed pumping his uncut tool gently with his strong hand. His erection stood like a sword and dribbled pre-cum all over the back of his busy hand. I looked at his perfectly shaped, elegant dark socked feet as his toes wiggled with excitement. I wished Carol and Eric were not part of our fun but I did not want to spoil Rex's
  21. I directed a wide-eyed Rex to lay nude before me on the bed and I turned on a small bedside lamp and twisted the shade to illuminate Rex's fully reclining nudity. I sternly directed Rex to relax and close his eyes. He was just to allow me, the figure now shrouded in the darkness next to the bed, to just ever so gently...Explore my new model from handsome head to tasty pink toes. I took this first opportunity very seriously to explore a perfectly passive, very well-endowed, exquisitely handsome and almost virginal male who was all mine to dominat
  22. Percy led handsome ginger haired Rex Davenport into a splendid bedroom with a large king size four-poster bed with a red satin sheet covering it all over. "Hop on, Sexy!" Mort said from behind their guest, who crawled up on the cool satin and lay back on the fluffy pillows to face the daddies as they each pulled up chairs alongside the bed. Rex pushed back his reddish, just slightly grey hair as he sat feeling regal while his naked ass was massaged by the sexy caress of satin beneath him. He spread his legs wide and each daddy grabbed a tube sock clad
  23. Handsome mature Rex lay with legs wide open wearing only Bernie's sheer moist black socks. Bernie looked completely overwhelmed and extremely excited as if he might explode. With youthful exuberance, he reached out lustily and put his finger tip into Rex's scorching hot, luxuriously moist asshole. Rex let out a sigh of great pleasure and Bernie inserted the finger just that tiny bit deeper. Rex raised his sweaty socked feet and rested them comfortably upon Bernie's wide shoulders. "This feels so good! I want more! Bernie, thank you for finally dropping by!"
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