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Found 31 results

  1. olifant

    Dariusz Dabrowski

    Dariusz Dabrowski, a Polish guy, was previously a stripper in Spain. Now he works as a model or actor in Madrid.
  2. olifant

    Stephen Dorff

    Stephen Dorff, an American actor, born in 1973.
  3. olifant

    Josh Duhamel

    Josh Duhamel, an American actor, born in 1972.
  4. olifant

    Taye Diggs

    Taye Diggs, an American actor.
  5. olifant

    Justin Deeley

    Justin Deeley, an American actor and model, born in 1986.
  6. olifant

    Brad Davis

    Brad Davis, an American actor (1949-1991).
  7. olifant

    Jim Davidson

    Jim Davidson, an American actor, born in 1963.
  8. olifant

    Gary Daniels

    Gary Daniels, a world kickboxing champion and actor from England.
  9. olifant

    Tim Daly

    Tim Daly, an American actor, born in 1956.
  10. olifant

    Ven Daniel

    Ven Daniel, an American Broadway actor.
  11. olifant

    Antonio Velázquez

    Antonio Velázquez, an Spanish actor. He was born in Granada in 1981.
  12. olifant

    Greg Vaughan

    Greg Vaughan, an American actor and former fashion model. He was born in 1973.
  13. olifant

    Travis van Winkle

    Travis van Winkle is an American actor. He was born on November 4th in 1982 in Victorville, California, US. His family moved a lot when he was young so he moved to Oscoda, Michigan when he was only two years old, and then again to Peachtree City, Georgia when he was only eight. There, he graduated high school and attended college, before going to Hollywood. He went there when he was 20 and worked hard on his acting career. During this time, he even picked up a few modeling gigs in order to earn some money. He did a modeling campaign for a swimwear company which is the most revealing one he's done. However, he has also taken on revealing roles in movies and TV shows where he had the chance to show off his buff physique. He looks like a true college jock, even though he has never finished college. In fact, in many movies, he even had a role that accentuated these characteristics such as his role as a Frat guy in National Lampoon's Dorm Daze 2. He has had much success in his acting career having acted in dozens of movies and TV shows, but also music videos and even web shorts. In the 2008 film Meet The Spartans, a parody movie of the film 300 which came out two years before that, he had a very convincing role as Sonio. This is also a role many people go to when they want to see his physique. (AdonisMaleBiography)
  14. olifant

    Paul Vandervort

    Paul Vandervort is an American is a former model who has since turned to the world of acting. He is currently an actor, writer, as well as a producer in this regard. He is an Aquarius, having been born on February the 5th, in 1985. He was born in Aspen, a small town in Colorado with only but a few thousand residents. Being that he is from a small town, he needed to find a way to break through and get noticed by the big producers in the city. That's when he decided to start working on his physique and become a model. His buff physique definitely drew the attention of several agencies and he was soon employed in many photoshoots that exist to this day and are a pleasure to look at. His best modeling was done for Abercrombie & Fitch and it was also a turning point for his career as he then went on to earn starring roles in series and movies alike. He is most well-known for his starring role in the series Youthful Daze and has also starred in the successful films Altitude and Limelight. During his modeling career, many people would describe his physique as that of a jock. He would even model for a company called International Jock which sells really skimpy underwear for men. While it might have only been a job for him, if you're looking for the sexiest photoshoots of him, those are the ones you should be aiming for. (AdonisMaleBiography)
  15. olifant

    Casper van Dien

    Casper van Dien is an American actor and film producer born on December 18th, 1968. He was born in Milton, Florida, where he was brought up in a military household. His father was a fighter pilot and commander, and his ancestry was closely linked to the army ever since they emigrated to the US from the Netherlands. He grew up with dashing good looks, making many guys jealous in the process to the point where he had gotten into fights over it. He has been described as the perfect life-sized Ken doll, after the character Ken from the Barbie franchise. It was obvious from the start that he wasn't really interested in pursuing a career in the military, so he went on to the movie and TV business to become an actor. Given his good looks, it was obvious that he could easily score a role in any film or series. He went on to star in dozens upon dozens of TV shows and movies, many times as the main role. He is definitely a star in that regard, and you could see that in his performances where he doesn't shy away from showing off his amazing body. It's obvious that his military upbringing had a role to play in which characters he played and in which movies he played them. He could often be seen in military-based movies and TV shows such as "Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars," "Starship Troopers 3: Marauder," and "Beastmaster III: The Eye of Braxus." (AdonisMaleBiography)
  16. olifant

    Drew van Acker

    Drew van Acker was born in New York in 1986. He's an Aries, having been born on April the 2nd, just one day short of April Fool's Day. Though he was born in New York, he actually lived in Medford, New Jersey pretty much his entire life. There he attended Shawnee High School where he was prominent in both soccer as well as theatre. He wanted to further his acting skills, so he decided to get a soccer scholarship which would allow him to do that. He used the best of both worlds in that regard in order to get what he wants. After getting the scholarship, he continued his acting endeavors, going to drama classes and theatre courses. After that, he decided to move to New York and then Los Angeles shortly after that. He acted in many successful series including Castle, Greek, and The Lake. These are all very popular TV shows, but he didn't stop there. He went on to have roles in Training Day and Titans, and he even had a guest appearance on the TV show Hell's Kitchen. He has also taken up modeling roles to help himself out financially, and there have even been some skimpy photoshoots for underwear companies. He isn't a stranger to g string thongs either, having promoted them in one underwear clothing campaign. His body is noticeably muscular and his blond hair only makes him seem all the sexier whether you see him acting or modeling for a clothing company. (AdonisMaleBiography)
  17. olifant

    Rodolfo Valdés

    Rodolfo Valdes might be in his 40s, having been born in 1979, but his physique is nothing to scoff at. While he might be in his 40s, he still has that chiseled look that he has been sporting for so long. This is what got him the role in so many movies as well. He was born on January 23rd in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. He always had an interest in acting since he graduated with a bachelor's degree in Dramatic Arts at CEFAC and afterward, in Casa Azul, he even went for a theater course. That wasn't the end of his theater education as he later went on to join the TV Azteca Actoral Training Center in 2001. He finally had his debut in 2002, when he starred in "Lo que callamos las mujeres". He went on to star in many Mexican TV series over the years, his latest one being in 2019 when he played the role of Camilo in "La usurpadora". He has an upcoming role in "#LoveMyRoomie" which is scheduled to air in 2020. Overall, he seems to have had a lot of success in the world of acting, going so far as to star in several movies and even in a theater play. He starred in "Sofia" and "Te apuesto y te gano" in 2004 when it comes to cinema, and he starred in a 2002 theater play called "Al filo de la navaja". His sexiness is always something that you should definitely check out. (AdonisMale Biography written by the website, not by the original poster)
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