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  • Why Start a Club on AdonisMale?

    icons8-people-100.pngWe'd love to have you start a club on AdonisMale!  A club is your own social community that you get to manage.  Build your own social community with a rich set of tools like discussion, galleries, files, staff, and more – backed by the resources of the free gay community AdonisMale.

    • Start your club for free with unlimited storage
    • We allow adult content and gay groups
    • We care about your success

    Discover if you’re a good candidate by reading through the following information. 

  • icons8-checked-100.pngBenefits

    Running and owning a club is a rewarding experience where you get to manage and empower your own community of users. 

    • Modern Platform – You build your club on a premium community platform with all the features of the main community and more.  This means a beautifully responsive design for all devices, unlimited storage and global content distribution, and a server and software that we manage so you can focus on your club.
    • Independent – AdonisMale is an independent gay community that is self-funded.  This is important because we’re not tied to any corporate interests where user data, privacy, and advertising take higher priority than our members. We proudly allow adult content; we don’t arbitrarily take down content or delete clubs; and we care about our community above all else. 
    • Gay Focused – Your club will be a star in a constellation of other gay-interest clubs. Our community is focused on gay interests, enabling you to tap into a like-minded community. 
  • icons8-services-100.pngClub Features

    We offer a rich set of tools and resources to help you build the club of your dreams. You can mix and match these features in way you want. All features are free and available for club owners.

    Features include:

    • Homepage: Design an attractive homepage to bring in new members
    • Staff & Members: Promote members to staff and give them moderator abilities
    • Forum: Converse with members in discussion boards, polls, and question-and-answer forums
    • Gallery: Create image albums with unlimited categories
    • Blogs: Write a club blog with daily news and updates
    • Downloads: Upload files and resources 
    • Calendar: Host events and set up a club calendar 
    • Links: Compile web links into a link directory
    • Plus: Unlimited content and storage

    You can turn these features on at any time, empowering you with a powerful set of community-building tools.

  • icons8-omnichannel-100.pngClub Types

    You control the permissions and privacy for your club.

    • Public - Everyone can see the club and its posts, and members can participate without joining.
    • Open - Guests can see the club and its posts, but only members can participate. Any member can join.  Recommended for most groups
    • Closed - Everyone can see the club and who is in it, but only members can see posts and participate. Users must be approved by leader to join.  Recommended for clubs that need to control their privacy or sensitive content.
    • Private - Only club members can find the club and see its posts. Users need to be invited by a leader to join. 

    You can always change your club type.

  • icons8-trust-100.pngYour Club, Our Love

    You manage your own club. You approve your members. You control your club direction and strategy.  And you will also be a valued and trusted part of community growth. 

    We invest in your club as a valuable new addition to the AdonisMale community over many months, and will work with you on everything from club features to community management best practices to help you succeed.  You’ll be backed by the full resources of AdonisMale to launch your club. Your success is our success.  

    Because your club is one part of the overall community, you and your club will need to follow our community’s Terms and Guidelines.  We also ask for common courtesy from Club Leaders:

    • Treat Members with Respect - You are expected to serve as a trusted leader in the community and, as part of that leadership, to always treat members with professional courtesy.  
    • No Discrimination - Club Leaders can set requirements for their club, but no discrimination for club membership is allowed based on race, color, religion, age, disability, or sexuality.  
  • icons8-rating-100.pngOwner Qualifications

    To ensure the best chance of success, we ask for new Club Owners to demonstrate a strong case. When you contact us to start a club, you should be prepared to present one or more of the following:

    • Community Management: You should demonstrate a history of successful group management  
    • History: You should have a dedicated passion to your niche or topic with a history of posting or participation
    • Content: You should have a large and comprehensive collection of content, discussion, or resources ready to share.
    • Niche: You are able to fulfill a new community, such as a new language, interest, or niche for AdonisMale.
    • Passion: If you're looking to start a new club from scratch, pitch your idea and show your passion.  We're here to listen.  

    You are also expected to be a member of AdonisMale in good standing and to abide by our community Terms and Guidelines. Starting a club is a new and exciting chapter for you and your followers, and we look forward to helping you launch your club!

    The next step is to contact me so we can begin talking.  You should expect to hear back from me within 24 hours.  Contact us to get started.

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