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Found 37 results

  1. Hello everyone, a few years ago when yahoo had a whole bunch of fan clubs dedicated to Playgirl Magazine (when it was a true print publication), there was a brief clip of a behind the scenes, documentary-style video for Marco Washington's Playgirl photo shoot for the December 1999 issue. What was great about it was that you could hear the photographer's comments/directions without any obtrusive music (like the official Playgirl video releases), and it gave you the sense of really being there. I also saw similar short behind the scenes videos for what I believe were the Playgirl shoots for Erik Kristian and Drew Fickett (one through Yahoo group, another in Facebook for a now defunct strip troupe Drew Fickett was in). I was wondering if the person who posted the videos years ago still has them (partial or full), or if there are similar filmed Playgirl unedited photo shoot videos from the 1990s/early 2000s when the focus of the magazine was different. Thanks for any help anyone can give!
  2. One of my favorite pictorial sections of Playgirl was always the Playgirl Voyeur View. The shoots were usually in black and white and featured some girl catching a really hot guy baring it all, sometimes fondling himself. Please share your favorite Voyeur Views with other AM members. Complete pictorials, please! One of my favorites was Love on the Rocks, featuring Mark Wolff.
  3. Guest

    playgirl Joe Pepitone

    Does anyone remember baseball legend Joe Pepitone? Look at the size of his penis!
  4. I was wondering if anyone could help me out with finding a few videos featuring playgirl men of the year. The first is The Great American Male Strip Off from 2002, which was featured in the Playgirl December 2002 issue. Man of the Year Matt Kenney makes an appearance, as well as a few other models and dancers. The video had its own website for ordering, so I don't think it was released directly through Playgirl. The second video is the behind the scenes of Shannon Fuller Playgirl Man of the Year 2003 photo shoot. Again, this was a video sold on Shannon's now defunct website, and not produced through Playgirl. If anyone has has these or knows someone who does, please let me know. Thanks!
  5. HI, it seems like the information on the net are quite confusing, anyone can tell me who they are? many thanks ! ^^
  6. I'm another old member, but I guess if everyone has to sign up again, maybe I'm the first woman in the new incarnation. I'm a fan of Playgirl, particularly as it was in decades past. I miss the pictures and the forums I contributed to. I hope they come back to the site.
  7. HEY ! ^^ 'm pondering to broaden me 70s playgirl lot and to see if i should get the graphic men I and II book from playgirl too, anyone has any idea what the photos inside are like? are they all magazine published shoots or are they different ones? ^0^
  8. JoelR


    Piercing blue eyes and impossibly perfect pecs make French Canadian hunk Jean-Michel Villette PLAYGIRL 2001 Man of the Year, and easily one of our favorites.
  9. just found out he has a monthly subscription based home page too, is it any good? ^^ plus..... was he a photographer for playgirl too? ^^
  10. ScruffyArtist

    playgirl Bruce Peters clip and pics

    Hello Playgirl Buddies, One of my favourite things to do is trying to find footage of Playgirl models. I think that seeing them in motion or hearing them speak adds to their sex appeal and to the voyeristic feeling of catching a real guy while naked. Here is a short YouTube clip of Bruce Peterson who obviously also worked as a male stripper: And here is what the audience of his show didn't get to see unless they purchased the October Playgirl issue with his centrefold layout... Enjoy
  11. Delvalboy

    playgirl Construction Worker...

    This is a bit of a long shot but I am looking for the Playgirl issue that would have been anywhere between the mid 80's and mid 90's where the guy was dressed as a construction worker.. wearing a hard hat. i'm going through the gallery centerfolds but there are soooo many images and it is sorted by name.. not date.. and I dont know the model name. I'm not even 100% sure it was a full pictorial or if it was 1 photo of this guy.. one of those I'll know it when I see it flashes from my past. I bet everyone has that 1 mag that was found by your parents as a kid and they threw it out. this was mine. Does this ring a bell with any Playgirl enthusiasts?
  12. Marcus99

    Married to Ironman

    I'm married to Ironman playgirl 1989. Very lucky man I am.
  13. scream4ever

    playgirl Clint Spence (April 2000)

    Can I ask why there are no pics of this guy on the site (at least not in the official gallery)? I've always found him incredibly hot in a young, bad boy way:
  14. AdonBryson

    PlaygirlTV Adam Hart

    Hunky Adam showed up to set with a buddy in tow.  They drove out from Las Vegas together, so he could show his apprentice how it’s done.  Everything that happens in Vegas, instructs Adam, doesn’t necessarily stay in Vegas.  If only every young aspiring nude model had a big brother like Adam. Adam is a bulging 260 pound pack of muscle.  When he’s not training for bodybuilding competitions, Adam goes out with girls who are classy by day and whores by night.  He prefers his ladies to wear short skirts and no panties because he likes to peek up there, he admits, “In preparation for a career as a dirty old man.”  That’s a million years off. Eventually, Adam plans on moving to Maui, because “the island girls are calling his name.” He is also a wedding photographer, and has connections on the island.  This stud occasionally gets into trouble photographing weddings.  At the receptions, guests get drunk and silly and often the girls don’t keep their hands to themselves.  Once, it was the bride who wouldn’t stop fondling his package.  At her own wedding! Out of respect for the groom, Adam wouldn’t let her have his naked cock.  Thankfully, his job with PLAYGIRL has everything with giving a woman what she wants.  And what the bride couldn’t have.
  15. His seXXXy pics and vids are on his fan page: www.onlyfans.com/Trevor-adams
  16. ColtMann


    From the album: Scott Petersen

    • 231.12 kB
    • 945x1000
  17. versguy2002

    playgirl Playgirl model Aaron

    The pictures of Aaron, I have also seen the same pictures but in black and white and shot differently, almost slighly blurred. Has anyone else seen them? He is beyond hot
  18. ajones5

    playgirl Who is this?

    Found his images on Tumblr, etc. and it looks like a possible Playgirl shoot. Anyone know who this is?

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