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  1. tbill

    media Doubling Down

    The following story is a complete work of fiction, a product of the author's imagination. It is solely intended for entertainment purposes only and is not an endorsement for unsafe sex. Please practice safe sex and stay healthy, guys! Any third party references, whether by name, hotlink, video link, celebrity or not, does not imply in any way, shape, or form to be an endorsement of the following content. If you like the story, please let me know by leaving a comment and giving me a "Stiffie" vote. A special thanks to all the AdonisMale members who contributed the photos used below for your enjoyment and a special thanks to AdonisMale member TonyP. This story is based on a personal fantasy he shared with me. I took his ideas and embellished a bit. Please enjoy, guys... ------------------------------------------------------------- Doubling Down It had been a rather exhausting road trip. I had been visiting several of my company's clients and had just finished a very intensive sales meeting with yet another prospective customer. Now that it was all over, I found myself driving back to the city where I was booked to stay overnight before my flight home the following day. Even though I'm in my mid twenties and one of the youngest on my sales team, my boss has complimented me on my initiative and assertiveness on several occasions. I've spent a lot of time traveling since joining the team two years ago, and on those occasions when I'm actually in the office, I like to take the time to sit with our development team to learn the details and inner workings of our products, and my boss has taken notice. So in the end I was the one he trusted to represent our organization on this particular occasion. It was my first solo trip. I can't even begin to describe how big of a career opportunity this was for me. And so the pressure to make this sale only added to my level of anxiety for the entire trip. But I felt that in the end things went off extremely well, and the vibes I received were so overwhelmingly positive that I could literally feel the stress I'd been carrying the past several weeks melt away as I got closer to town! Feeling the need to celebrate, I decided to reward myself, so I called the hotel on my mobile to cash in on some of the reward points I'd racked up over the past several months on the road. I had amassed such a stockpile with all of my business travel that I was able to upgrade to one of the suites with a private pool and jacuzzi on the balcony. I was so looking forward to a nice, relaxing massage, followed by a hot soothing soak in the jacuzzi and an exhilarating nighttime swim in the nude! I pulled up to the front door of the four-star hotel and surrendered my keys to the valet as I heard a male's voice walk up behind me and ask "Would you like some help with your bags, sir?" I turned to tell him "No, thank you", but before I spoke the words, my eyes made contact with the most gorgeous specimen of manhood I'd ever seen! This was the bell hop?! Holy fuck, he's cute! I felt a sudden stirring in my crotch as my libido was unexpectedly jarred awake, my groin and knees weakened in response to his overwhelming good looks! "Yes, please!" I smiled as he flashed his beautiful, perfect smile in return which caused a serious bulge to form in the jock I was wearing! He appeared to be in his early twenties, blond, about five-ten or -eleven with gorgeous hazel eyes. He wore a knit collared shirt - a very vivid fuchsia - with the hotel insignia on his left tit which fit very tightly across his obviously built upper body and chest. His short sleeves rode fairly high on his arms because they barely made it around his biceps and appeared to have been over-stretched slightly with wear. And he had on a pair of denim jeans which showcased his crotch and ass very nicely! I hoped I wasn't too obvious, but while he retrieved my bags from the trunk, I deliberately took advantage of the opportunity to admire how well he filled out his jeans as he unknowingly tantalized me with his awesome, denim-clad ass! I can't tell you how badly I wanted, how badly I really needed into those jeans! He put all of my belongings onto the hotel luggage cart he was pulling and smiled. "This way to the front desk, sir." I followed, my eyes glued to his perfect ass the whole way as he led me into the marbled lobby and guided me to the front desk where I checked in. He waited patiently, off to one side but close enough to catch my room number, and when I was done, he continued pushing the cart with my bags, leading the way to the elevators. He pressed the button to hail the next car, and when it arrived, he held the elevator door and allowed me to enter first. He then followed me on, carefully pushing the cart on board and then pressed the button for the top floor where the luxury suites were. As soon as the doors closed, I caught the very strong fragrance of Abercrombie cologne mixed with the mild odor of his perspiration which stirred my libido beyond being just simply horny. I was now in fucking heat! To add to things, the elevator was completely mirrored, even on the ceiling, so during the entire ride up I was able to check out this incredible hunk of a bell hop from just about every angle imaginable! I wanted this guy so badly! My bulge now felt as though it was getting embarrassingly obvious, so I intentionally struck up small talk with him in order to keep his eyes focused on my face. From the name tag on his shirt, I noticed his name was Shaun. I found out that he was a student working for the summer and would be starting his senior year in college in the Fall. He's a fellow gym rat, follows all the local sports teams and enjoys playing a variety of sports as well. During the entire course of conversation, my eyes kept returning to his fine ass again and again in the mirrors, but I believe I caught his eyes wondering as well. I wasn't totally sure, but when we stepped off, I could swear the bulge in his jeans had grown in size since boarding the elevator! "You'll be in one of our more luxurious suites with a private pool and jacuzzi", he smiled as we exited onto the top floor. He led the way down the short hallway, stopping at the door to the room as he inserted the card key which triggered a sharp click as the door unlocked. He pushed the cart across the living room and into the bedroom of the suite before proceeding with a short tour. He showed me around the bathroom and bedroom, pointing out where the towels and linens were, my eyes still fixed to his perfect ass the whole time. By now he had me so fucking horny, I didn't really care if he caught me looking. I almost wanted him to! I couldn't help but notice the mirrored ceiling in the bedroom. It now felt as though my dick was about to burst through my fly because in my mind's eye, I could see myself watching the reflections of the final moments of our lovemaking, Shaun thrusting his hips deeply into mine as we laid in a spooning position, his body covered in sweat as he lost complete control fucking me! Moaning as he arrived at his point of no return, he clutched my hips firmly and violently continued pounding my ass as he forced me into a mutual orgasm with him. My load discharged sloppily all over myself and the bed sheets in a warm, slippery mess as Shaun's sweet, milky fluids exploded deep inside me! I lingered for a moment and then sighed very heavily to myself as I shuddered slightly, my daydream with this hottie snapping back to reality! He then showed me to the balcony where the pool and jacuzzi were, giving me a whirlwind training course on operating the hot tub. I missed most of what he said because I was too fucking busy focusing on his body! Wrapping up, he showed me the amenities in the kitchenette and then gave me a quick run down on the entertainment equipment in the living room. "...and since your stay has been upgraded, you have complimentary access to all of our movie channels." I wasn't really interested in watching TV, but I figured "Fuck it!", this was the perfect opening to test the waters. "What about porn channels?" I asked. "Yes sir, you have full access to all of our adult channels as well, totally complimentary." "How about gay channels? I'm only interested in all-male action." "Yes, sir. We offer a complete lineup of gay programming as well. You can find all our channels in this listing" he answered as he picked up the programming summary lying on the desk adjacent to the flat screen. "You can use this authentication code to access the adult channels for free" he grinned as he wrote "6969" on the listing and then handed it to me. I couldn't help but notice that whoever was in charge of the adult programming obviously had a sense of humor! "Can you recommend a masseuse?" I asked, changing the topic. "Yes, sir. We have an excellent masseuse on staff, as a matter of fact. When would you like for me send him up?" "Can he be here in an hour or two?" I asked, deliberately checking out Shaun's crotch, this time making sure he saw me do it. It was massively larger so that I could now see the clear outline of his dick! Ha! And I was afraid my crotch was going embarrass me! How is he able to walk straight with a bulge like that?! And why did it suddenly seem to take off? Was it because I told him that I'm gay? I wondered and hoped to myself. "Yes, sir. I'll send him up then. Is there anything else I can get for you?" Pushing the envelope the rest of the way I asked, "Yeah, what time do you get off work, Shaun? I think I may need a little help with the jacuzzi." I grinned, this time deliberately making it obvious as I undressed his amazing body with my eyes, lightly biting my lip as I did so. His voice cracked a little at first when he answered. "I get off at 8 this evening, sir. I'll swing by then and see what I can do." he smiled and blushed as I deliberately over-tipped him and slipped him a $100 dollar bill. "Please bring a bottle of chardonnay when you come." I added. "Yes, of course. What label do you like, sir?" he asked. "Just bring your favorite, Shaun!" I teased, smiling as he blushed again and then smiled back at me before he left. Sure. It was an understatement that I was forward with him. I'm usually the shy one and don't normally behave as I had just done. But I'm here for only one night, and Shaun seriously stirred my libido. So I wasn't going to mince any words about wanting to spend time with him in my room this evening. And if he's gay and wants to hang out with me after work, great! If not, no harm done. I have complimentary guy-on-guy channels I can surf all night, if all else fails! I changed out of my work attire into gym shorts and a T-shirt, and then relaxed on the balcony in a chaise lounge next to the pool as I awaited my masseuse. It had been a beautiful summer day, and now the late afternoon sun was slowly beginning its dip into the western sky, a cool, light breeze replacing what had been a moderately warm day. Since this was the top floor of the hotel with no other high rises nearby, the balcony was completely secluded. Total privacy. I liked that. I started getting a hard on again, thinking about Shaun dropping by when he gets off work this evening, fantasizing about sharing that nude dip in the pool with him and then later taking him to my bedroom to enjoy the mirrored ceiling together! I took off my T-shirt to try to catch what few rays were left before my balcony slipped completely into the shade. When I'm not working, I'm a serious gym rat and take pride in the results I've attained. I played football in high school and have been addicted to lifting weights and cardio ever since I was fourteen. Although it can be challenging getting in a daily workout while on the road, I usually book my stays at hotels that are either close in proximity to the gym I belong to or that have adequate workout facilities on the premises. I normally hit the weights first thing every morning, six days a week, and had just recently completed a six week program to build my arms and was planning to start focusing on my back and chest again during the next six weeks. My abs? I work them daily, and so as I laid there next to the pool, I was admiring the washboard ripple of my midsection with my right hand, my left hand tucked behind my head. Right at about that time I heard a knock on my door. "Masseuse you requested, sir!" I heard him call out. Still shirtless, I quickly checked the peephole and saw a man dressed in blue scrubs, holding what looked like a folded up massage table with a set of linens tucked under his arm. I opened the door and was immediately taken aback when I saw his face! "Shaun?" "Shannon" he said, correcting me and grabbing the name tag pinned to his top to prove it. "We get that a lot!" he smiled. "Shaun didn't say anything about you guys being brothers!" "Identical twins, actually. I'm two minutes older. And yes, my little brother still likes playing games with people, especially ones he likes. "Where would you like for me to set up?" "Out on the balcony, by the pool would be awesome!" "Yes, sir" he replied as he carried the table and linens outside. It took him no time at all to set up the table and spread out the sheets, the corners of which were now lightly flapping in the breeze. "Any soft music preferences?" he asked as he came back inside and headed toward the entertainment center. "You pick" I replied. He smiled and turned on the music, pressed a few buttons, and suddenly the room and outside balcony came alive with a light, soft jazz instrumental with a somewhat sexy beat. "I'm ready for you, sir. I'll step out onto the balcony and keep my back turned until you tell me you're ready. Just climb up on the table and lie face down. Feel free to choose your level of dress - or undress - whatever you're comfortable with. I have a sheet folded back on top for you to slip under." I had originally changed into my gym shorts with the intention of wearing them for the massage. But fuck! Shannon was just as hot as his brother, and so I quickly decided to peal them off and do this thing totally naked! I climbed up on the table, being very careful to position my newly freed erection so as not to hurt myself as I laid on my stomach. And the cover sheet? Fuck it! I didn't care for any covering, so wadded it up and tossed it down next to my clothes instead of climbing under it, and then I laid back down. I want this stud's hands all over me, and I want him to plainly see how horny he's making me! "Ready!" I called out, my face set into the padded, ringed support at the top end of the table. "Very well, then" Shannon said as he turned and stepped up against the end of table where my feet were, reaching for his oil. "Not shy, are we?" I could hear the grin in his voice as he rubbed the oil on both hands and began by massaging my legs, his warm, oiled hands slowly working the tension out of my calves as he applied his weight and pushed his way up the lengths of the backs of my legs with his palms. The sensation was phenomenal! "Nope, not at all!" I smiled as I answered. "Is this OK?" I asked to confirm. "I'm a professional, and this is your massage. If you're okay with it, I'm okay with it." he paused as he lightly moved his hands back to the base of my calves, applying his weight yet again and sliding his hands up the backs of my legs, repeating the heavy caressing movement he had just completed. "Trust me," he continued. "I've seen it all. I have plenty of clients who also prefer the full monty, so you're not going to offend me at all. This next hour is all about you and your body, so relax and enjoy it!" I stopped talking and repositioned my face so that I rested comfortably in the padded ring as I listened to the soft, flowing jazz. Shannon's warm hands slowly worked their way up and down the backs of my legs, occasionally pausing to apply more oil, keeping at least one hand in contact with my body at all times as he did so. He was really good! After my legs he moved to each foot, which I had to concentrate really hard not to flinch or laugh since I'm somewhat ticklish. But I could just feel the tension melting away as he worked the muscles in each foot. He then moved to my glutes which was a real turn on for me! I couldn't help it, but my erection - though it was hidden for the moment - was now at full throttle! And yet Shannon remained very professional as he applied his weight into the palms of his hands to massage and caress the pent up tightness out of my ass. "I can tell you've been pretty stressed lately. I feel it in your muscles" he broke the silence. "Yeah, work has been pretty stressful lately. I just wrapped up a fairly important sales trip, but I think it went really well." I answered with both eyes still closed. "Well, what better way to wind down than with a massage!" Shannon replied as he moved to my right arm and shoulder, the relaxing music continuing to softly flow throughout the balcony. He tucked my right hand, palm up, next to my side, my right elbow slightly hanging off the table at a right angle as he soothingly caressed the tension out of my right shoulder. He then worked his way down my bicep and tricep, and then, extending my arm, he caressed my forearm and then down to my hand and fingers. When he was done, he gently straightened my elbow and tucked my arm, palm up, against my right side on the table. Keeping a hand in contact with my body the whole time, he moved to my left side and repeated the process with my left arm and shoulder. When he was done, he tucked my left arm to my side, as he had done with my right. He then gave me a soft tap and whispered, "Go ahead and roll over onto your back." Even though I was eager for Shannon to see how aroused he made me, I was still a little embarrassed when I rolled onto my back, because by now I was sporting a very rigid, purple erection. But Shannon maintained his professionalism and totally ignored my very stiff penis as he went to work on the fronts of my legs. "No need to feel awkward. Again, this is your massage. Just relax!" he whispered. "Remember, I've seen it all, dude" he softly repeated. I guess I must have had an uneasy look on my face, or perhaps I had tensed up a bit. Either way, I obeyed and relaxed. And since my erection didn't offend him, I decided to just enjoy it and concentrated on my very hunky masseuse’s good looks as he touched my body and imagined the sensation of his warm, soft hands slowly caressing my very tight scrotum and lightly stroking my raging hot penis with his very soft fingertips! I blushed when Shannon very lightly pressed down on my hip for a moment, smiling at me and smirked, politely gesturing for me to stop. "I can't massage you when you're moving like that. Just relax and let me do all the work", he whispered. Unconsciously, I had begun lightly gyrating my hips, thrusting my stiff penis into the air, into Shannon's imaginary hands and fingertips and was softly biting on my lower lip as I released a slight, deep-pitched moan. Smiling and continuing on, he worked his way up my legs, massaged my left and right hips and continued to my abs. He then worked the fronts of my arms and shoulders and then finished with my pecks. Standing at the head of the table, he applied his weight into his palms, forcing the tension from my chest, all the while my erection flying high, completely out in the open the whole time for Shannon to plainly see! I was such putty in his soft, masculine touch! So I can't begin to describe the feeling of disappointment when Shannon lightly tapped my shoulder and whispered "All done. Your hour is over." I opened my eyes to see Shannon's grinning face hovering upside down over mine. "Has it already been an hour? That was so fucking amazing! You're really good!" I grinned. His grin broke into an all out smile. "Judging by the looks of things," he said as he gazed at my obvious boner and then back at me, "I'd say no one has ever given me quite as rousing an endorsement for my work as you have!" "'Rousing'?" I laughed. "'A-rousing' would be more accurate!" Again, Shannon's face beamed. Still sporting a full erection, I slid off the table and into the jacuzzi which Shannon turned on for me. He then folded up the used linens and table and sat them by the door as I watched, the sound of soft jazz still pumping out onto the balcony, mixed with sound of the jacuzzi. I couldn't hear over the jets and bubbling water, but judging by Shannon's reaction, there must have been a knock at the door. He first looked through the peephole, and when he opened the door, I saw Shaun step in with two chilled bottles of chardonnay in one hand and three glasses in the other. Damn! If it wasn't for their different outfits, I wouldn't be able tell these guys apart at all! And both of them were smoking hot! They had a short discussion, both smiling and making occasional glances in my direction before turning and coming out onto the balcony. "I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of inviting Shannon to our party since he's also off the clock now. Is that okay?" Shaun asked. "Holy shit, yes!" came out as "Of course he can join us. It'll be fun!" "The wine is complimentary this evening, by the way, so I brought two bottles instead of just one" he smiled as he returned inside to the kitchenette to open the first bottle. "I don't know about Shaun," Shannon began, "but I didn't come prepared with a swim suit or anything. Is okay if I just strip and join you in your jacuzzi?" he asked. Fucking incredible! I almost spewed in the bubbling water right then and there! "Absolutely! I'd love the company!" I smiled eagerly. "By the way, just so there's no confusion, I officially became your guest and stopped being your masseuse about ten minutes ago." Shannon confirmed, smiling and maintaining his professionalism. He then pulled off his scrub top, displaying the most incredibly chiseled chest and abdomen! I felt the head of my penis swell even further, my boner extending about as far as it possibly could, this guy was so fucking hot! Shannon continued to strip, dropping the bottoms of his scrubs just as Shaun carefully brought out three glasses of chardonnay. I half-payed attention as he handed me my glass because my eyes were still glued on Shannon, enjoying the strip tease. He was down to nothing but a really sexy jock when he accepted his glass from Shaun. He took a sip, sat down his glass on the edge of the jacuzzi, and then pulled off his jock, throwing it on top of the pile with the rest of his clothes as I admired his really cute ass! When he turned to step into the water, I was mesmerized by the size and beauty of his cut, semi-erect penis! I saw that he kept his pubic hair neatly trimmed and that he shaved his torso so that every ripple and bulge was well defined. The entire package was magnificent! I just couldn't get over how gorgeous Shannon's toned, naked body was as I watched him slip into the water, up to his large, very suckable nipples. He smiled at me the whole time with exactly the same knee-weakening smile as Shaun's. Speaking of, Shaun wasted no time in simultaneously kicking off his shoes and stripping off his polo shirt. He seemed to undress a bit more hurriedly than Shannon, throwing his shirt next to the pile that I had started earlier with my massage. His back was to me when he dropped his jeans, revealing a beautifully firm ass, totally free of any underwear whatsoever! This explains why I could so easily make out the shape of his cock in his bulge earlier in the day! Throwing his jeans onto his pile, Shaun turned to display an equally impressive member, also semi-erect. Like his brother, his pubic hair was also neatly trimmed with a shaved, out-of-this-world body. He stepped down into the jacuzzi next to his equally hot brother and slipped into the water. "This feels so nice!" Shaun exclaimed as he nestled in, opposite me and next to Shannon. "Thanks for letting us come up and share your evening with you!" "It's my pleasure, guys!" I replied. And I truly meant it! And what a pleasure it was spending the evening with these two exceptionally hot and completely naked brothers! For about the next fifteen minutes, we sat and talked, soaking in the hot tub as we sipped our wine. When fifteen minutes was up, the jets on the jacuzzi stopped, prompting Shaun to jump out, reset the timer and open the next bottle, refilling all our glasses, this time sporting a full erection the entire time! He slipped back in next to Shannon and continued with the party. "Shaun mentioned he hits the gym regularly, what about you Shannon? You look like you work out, too!" "Yeah, we're usually together at the gym. Our apartment complex has a pretty elaborate facility. We usually spot each other when we go." he smiled, followed by a short silence. "So being identical twins, do you guys do everything together?" "Not everything...", Shaun smiled as he looked at his brother, Shannon grinning back, followed by another awkward moment of silence. I could tell he had something else to add. "Well, I think what my little brother is trying to say is that some of the things we like to do together might blow your mind", Shannon volunteered, smiling a rather mischievous grin. "Like what?" I pressed curiously, followed by another bit of silence. "Well..." Shaun replied, smiling and leaning into his brother as they both met in the middle for a very wet, passionate kiss, embracing each other, tongues playing, darting in and out and sucking on each others' lips. "Okay, you're right. My mind's blown!" I said more to myself in disbelief. Were they doing this to score some sort of shock value? Or were these guys truly into each other? I didn't know, but the way these guys were carrying on, watching these gorgeous, muscular hunks tongue wrestling each other was such a fucking turn on! After watching them make out in front of me for several minutes, Shaun gave Shannon one more tongue-filled kiss and then lifted up out of the water and sat on the edge of the jacuzzi. With his feet spread wide apart under the water, he leaned back on his arms with locked elbows for support, his penis very erect and his eyes glued on his brother. Almost on queue, Shannon waded over between his brother's knees and began tenderly kissing and licking on the wet, glistening head of his identical twin's cock. He wasted no time, slowly taking in his full length and pumping his sibling's penis with his lips and tongue as he then hungrily devoured it. Shaun's head gradually cocked back with eyes slowly rolling back and then closing in total rapture as Shannon continued his brother's exceptionally sexy blow job. "So do you guys do this a lot...? You know, ...being brothers and all?" I asked. "Do you enjoy jerking off in front of a mirror?" Shaun asked, looking back up at me, Shannon still playing, slurping and sucking on his brother's erection. "Well, yeah..." I replied. "Who doesn't?" "We like to think of it as masturbating", he said, suddenly exhaling sharply, reacting to being serviced. "Difference is...", he let out another slight gasp of pleasure, his voice cracking slightly. "...the guy in the mirror happens to be interactive and can touch you in return" he smiled, his torso suddenly twitching as Shannon continued his oral play between Shaun's knees. At this point, I climbed out of the jacuzzi and sat on the edge, my feet still hanging in the hot, churning water as I continued to watch, my penis now achingly stiff as I continued watching Shannon giving his brother amazing head. Shaun's breathing was now becoming more labored, his torso and abs beginning to randomly twitch and spasm. "Whoa, dude!" Shaun gasped, trying to interrupt his brother. "You need to stop. You're seriously about to make me cum!" Shannon reluctantly complied and lifted himself up out of the water to sit on the edge of the jacuzzi next to Shaun, both brothers glancing at each other, then kissing again, and then smiling at each other before turning their gaze back at me. I couldn't help but stare at their beautiful, wet bodies, penises flying seriously high. Obviously, they really were into each other! "So when did you guys discover each other was gay?" I asked. Both smiled again at each other. "Do you want to tell him or should I?" Shannon grinned. "We were in high school," Shaun turned to me and began. "One morning Shannon stayed home because he was 'sick'", Shaun making air quotes and winking as he emphasized the word sick. "And so I was jealous because Einstein here was at home, faking being sick, Mom and Dad were at work, and there I was stuck in class." He continued, "So during lunch, I decided to skip class and went home. "When I got to the house, I walked in the kitchen door, and the TV in the upstairs game room was blaring really loud. I could hear loud grunting and moaning. It was pretty fucking obvious that sick boy, here, was watching porn and had the volume cranked. Never heard me come home. "So I went upstairs and happened to walk in behind him. Found him butt naked on the sofa and jacking off to a pretty hot guy-on-guy flick." "Out of Athens", Shannon interrupted, looking down and blushing. "Yeah, that was it." Shaun confirmed. "I was so fucking afraid you were going to tell Mom and Dad." Shannon added, looking back up at his brother. "Yeah, but I didn't though." "No, you didn't." "So what did you do?" I asked. "I did what any other concerned, caring brother would do." Shaun chuckled, looking back at me. "I shared all my hidden gay porn site links from my phone to his, of course." "Yeah", added Shannon, "up until then we'd always wondered how identical we truly were until Shaun came out with me right after he caught me whacking off to gay porn." "Yeah, it was a major relief for me when I discovered that Shannon's gay, too." Shaun added, Shannon nodding in agreement. "So when did you guys first start... you know... doing each other?" I asked. "Not long after we discovered the other was gay." Shannon explained. "Our parents were out at dinner with friends one weekend, and so Shaun and I hit their liquor cabinet and popped in some of our secret gay video stash we managed to collect together." "It was all Shannon's idea." Shaun jumped in. "After a few drinks and watching some hot guy-on-guy action, I guess our inhibitions were lowered enough that when Shannon told me he wanted to know what it would be like to sixty-nine with me, I was willing to go along with it." "Yeah, we sucked each other off that evening in front of the TV, and both of us..." Shannon paused, looking for the words. "Well, we really sort of liked it!" he shrugged, smiling at his brother. "We wound up doing a lot of experimenting with each other after that night" Shannon continued. "By the time we started college, we were able to date guys confidently without all the awkwardness that comes along with inexperience." "Yup, the only thing better than being gay is having a gay twin!" Shaun agreed. Flashing me a wicked grin, he sprang up and shoved his brother into the hot tub, causing Shannon to lose his footing, his head going under the churning water. "You little shit!" he yelled when he came up out of the water. Laughing, Shaun turned and cannon-balled into the pool with Shannon jumping out in hot pursuit. Flying out of the jacuzzi and into the pool, Shannon got his revenge as he wrestled and dunked Shaun, holding him under. Shaun came back up laughing as the two continuing the naked horseplay! Fuck, this was so hot to watch these brothers at play in the nude! We spent the next half hour horsing around, Shaun and Shannon taking turns chasing and dunking each other in the water. I joined in, playing and frolicking around with these well hung studs, all the while absorbing the stunning beauty of this naked pair until I had to stop to rest and catch my breath. I noticed the pool and jacuzzi lights had come on automatically as evening yielded to night, casting an eerie, watery glow that continuously danced to the soft tempo of the music all along the walls of the outside balcony. That's when Shaun waded over to me with an intentionally wicked smile as I stood in the shallower end of the pool. He came up to me, his very sexy eyes gazing up and down my body, and then placing his left hand on my waist, his right on my ass, his lips met mine in a tender embrace as we sucked on each other's tongues, causing me to sprout another very intense erection. Shaun's left hand quickly found it and began fondling me, causing me to exhale a very strong sigh. I felt him smile in response as he softly sucked on my lips. I eagerly responded, aggressively inserting my tongue into his lips, flicking my tongue against his, my hands finding his erection as we mutually caressed each other's very aroused genitals beneath the water. I was ready to take this evening to the next level, these boys were so fucking hot! After several minutes of fondling each other's lips with our tongues and exploring each other's bodies with our hands, I pulled away and smiled at Shaun, patting the concrete edge of the pool with my hand in an unspoken gesture. He complied by placing his hands on the edge while still facing me, and grinning widely in anticipation, he leaned forward for one more slippery, passionate kiss before suddenly lifting himself up out of the water so that his bare ass now sat on the concrete with legs dangling in the pool. He then spread his knees, offering me complete access to his wet, throbbing erection! Once again he rested back on locked elbows as I waded between his thighs and eagerly wrapped my lips around the end of his pulsating cock. Badly wanting to taste him, I engaged him in some very badly needed fellatio! For the first several minutes, I concentrated only on softly kissing and tonguing just the head of his penis, tenderly outlining its soft ridge with the tip of my tongue, pausing at its opening as I slurped on his hole, trying get a taste of precum from when Shannon was here earlier. I felt his testicles quickly tighten as I softly caressed his balls with one hand and, holding his penis steady with the other, I began going down on him very aggressively with my lips and tongue, furiously stroking him with my hand while kissing, tonguing and slurping on his now very purple head. It was obvious I was driving him crazy because he began moaning and lifting himself up, eagerly thrusting himself into my hands and mouth. It was so fucking hot to have this gorgeous hunk finally freed from his very sexy jeans that had made me so damn horny earlier in the day, now completely wet, naked and literally in my hands as I took complete control of him! I could tell this stud wanted me to make him cum so very badly, and I was equally eager to find out just how wonderful his sweet milky seed tasted! Judging by how Shaun was now squirming against my lips and hands, I could tell I was only minutes away from finding out! By this time, I felt a pair of submerged hands firmly grasp each cheek of my muscular ass. With palms up and thumbs out, Shannon came up behind me and began caressing my buttocks and then slowly leaned forward, hovering over me from behind as he tenderly slid his hands up my sides and out of the water. I could feel his muscular chest settling up against my back and his erection bumping up against my ass in very watery slow motion as he reached in to fondle my nipples with both hands and softly sucked on the base of my neck, driving me completely wild! I felt as he continued playing with my chest with one hand while his other hand carefully slid down across my abs and slipped again below the water, down to my crotch until he reached and began slowly caressing my throbbing penis with his very tender fingertips! I let out a very intense sigh as he made me shudder, the feeling was absolutely electrifying! While Shannon's hands and lips were busy working over all of my major pleasure points, I reciprocated by taking it out on Shaun as I quickened my pace, driving him ever closer. I alternated between slurping and sucking on his gorgeous cock, pumping him wildly with one hand, and then slipping my index and middle fingers of my other hand into his warm ass, I fondled the shit out of his prostate, deliberately doing everything I could, trying to drive him crazy! Meanwhile, Shannon was busy as he took my queue and carefully slipped his fingers deep into my ass with one hand, his other still caressing my very stiff penis! He then very slowly began pumping my cock as he simultaneously massaged my prostate, tenderly violating my ass! I could feel my own orgasm building as I worked to bring Shaun closer to his. I surrendered absolute control of my body to Shannon, yielding total access to this amazingly attractive hunk! Nothing of mine was off limits to him! Shannon continued fondling me and playing with every inch of my body for another short while before I felt him pause in order to take hold of my hips and then slowly, carefully penetrate me with his pulsating penis! His hands worked their way up my sides and lats as he gently inserted himself all the way into my wet, submerged and very hungry void! He then leaned down across my back so he could continue playing with my nips and genitals as he proceeded to slowly fuck me! The warm sensation of having this gorgeous, blond-headed hunk thrusting himself deep inside me as I submitted to him was exhilarating! It must have been equally hot for him because it didn't take long before Shannon increased his rhythm to the point so that he was now pumping my cock and fondling my chest and abs with his soft, muscular hands while pounding my ass with total abandon! The musky, sweaty scent of Shaun's wet crotch as I continued with his fellation, combined with the sensations of Shannon fondling every inch of my body as he fucked me was getting me seriously close to the edge! You can't even begin to imagine the huge, fucking turn on it was to be sucking such a beautiful, amazingly throbbing penis while its clone was busy fucking me, probing the deepest recesses of my ass from behind! I was now furiously plunging my fingers deep into Shaun's ass and pumping his sizzling hot dick with my lips and tongue while simultaneously grinding my ass further into Shannon's penis and gyrating my erection into the increasing pace of his pumping hands! Having already been edged by Shannon earlier, it didn't take long for Shaun's breathing to once again turn very heavy and labored as he was now moaning loudly, his body beginning to shudder and jerk in sudden spasms. He began gyrating his hips madly, wanting so badly for release, and believe me, I wasn't about to fucking slow down or stop until I gave it to him! As a matter of fact, I actually sped up, knowing that he was about to blow! It probably wasn't more than a few seconds later that I could tell I had finally succeeded in pushing Shaun past his tipping point! His moans turned sharply into cries of pleasure as his body suddenly shuddered severely, slipping into an all out spasm. "Oh, fuck, yeah!" he cried out in short, gasping breaths. I felt his ass tighten around my fingers, his PC muscle contracting as this hot, naked bell hop yielded to his orgasm, his penis abruptly blowing its sweet, creamy load against my tongue and into the back of my throat, shooting in an endless series of powerful ejaculations! He moaned in powerless surrender as I refused to stop, continuing to finger his ass, my lips and tongue furiously bobbing up and down between this stud's muscular thighs. Turned on by watching his twin brother cum, Shannon's thrusts suddenly increased, rhythmically pounding me and making it impossible to contain Shaun's cum, causing me to make a complete mess of his freshly sprayed jism as it spewed all over my lips and chin, some spilling onto Shaun's lower abs. But I stubbornly continued milking his balls completely dry, intending to swallow every warm, delicious drop of his sweet, musky orgasm! My own orgasm was approaching very quickly at this point as well. Shannon had accelerated his pace and was now thrusting himself very deep and hard, seriously pounding into me while caressing my balls and pumping my cock furiously with both hands. His thrusts were bumping my face into Shaun's lap in a rhythmic cadence as Shannon's orgasm edged ever closer! Shaun continued to lay back on extended arms, gasping now to catch his breath as I struggled between the intensity of Shannon's powerful thrusts to clean Shaun's crotch with my tongue, lapping up every slippery pool of sperm from his abs and then from his slowly deflating, but still semi-erect penis. I then followed the slowly dripping trail of clear and milky fluids with my lips and tongue down to his testicles, slurping as I went. By this time, I had Shaun purring in slow, deep moans of satisfaction as I busily buried my face between his legs, cleaning him thoroughly of his creamy semen, including the cum hiding between his thighs and scrotum! I reveled in my own satisfaction that I had succeeded in getting this very hot stud out of his pants and was now tasting every warm, delicious drop of his cum that his testicles had been making all day, just for me! This hunk tasted and smelled just as unbelievably hot as he looked, and the best part was that his equally hot twin brother wasn't finished fucking me yet! As soon as he was able to, Shaun slipped back into the pool next to me so that he could take over for Shannon as he now stroked my smoking hot penis as his twin brother continued pounding my ass! Shannon placed his hands on my shoulders and pinned me against the edge of the pool and began fucking me at a very furious pace now! I leaned against locked elbows, my hands spread wide, grasping the edge as I was getting seriously fucked now! These hot guys were double-teaming me to make me cum, and at this point they had me so very close! Shaun looked so amazingly hot as he stood next to me, the lights from the pool dancing across his well-defined body as both his hands were busy jerking me and fondling my balls below the water. I couldn't help it. He looked so fucking hot! I leaned in a little to indicate I wanted to suck on his tongue again. In response he leaned down to kiss me, asserting his full control by slipping his tongue across my lips, seriously probing my mouth as he worked with his hands to bring me closer. My submission to him and Shannon was nearly complete as I hungrily kissed Shaun, slurping on his dominating tongue. I stood slightly to briefly turn and kiss Shannon as his hands moved from my shoulders to play with my nipples. He was now panting heavily as he drove himself into me in very strong thrusts, sweat rolling off his face and forehead. His kiss was equally forceful and dominating as he tongued me, strongly panting and exhaling heavily into my mouth as he did so, Shaun's hands and fingers busily bringing me closer to the edge! I returned to my original position, bracing myself against the pool with locked arms, continuing to kiss Shaun, who gladly received my lips and tongue again so that he could dominate them! Did I mention he was really hot? I so very much enjoyed kissing on this boy as he brought me ever so closer, Shannon wildly fucking my ass until it happened! Shannon and I came together! I felt his grip on me tighten as he paused to drive two really hard thrusts into me, his penis erupting and showering the insides of my ass with his thick, slippery fluids! The warmth of his load and the accelerated pace of Shaun's pumping and fondling my very tight testicles was all it took! I exhaled sharply into Shaun's mouth as I slipped into my orgasm. I felt him smiling now, satisfied that he and his brother were making me cum! Shannon continued spraying my ass in forceful thrusts as I released my load under water, my body twitching in uncontrolled, orgasmic spasms, Shaun still fondling me and refusing to slow down! I briefly looked into the water, watching Shaun's masculine hands playing with my groin as the sight of my milky release appeared as cloudy trails of cum slowly flowing into to the pool as my fluids ejaculated from my penis! I looked back up at Shaun in submissive approval, lightly biting my lower lip as Shaun smiled at me and then continued to aggressively kiss me, my orgasm still raging! I could feel Shannon's sweaty upper frame now leaning against me, his heart pumping incredibly fast as he tried regaining his breath. "That was incredible!" he finally managed to get out. My own breathing was also extremely heavy as my orgasm gradually wound down, but I so badly enjoyed kissing on Shaun as I came, I didn't need to say anything. My tongue was too busy expressing my feelings for him in other ways! But Shannon was right. It was incredible, and I didn't want this evening to end! So leaving our clothes out on the balcony, we dried off and came back inside, continuing our talk from the jacuzzi as we drank more wine to the continuing sounds of soft jazz. During the course of conversation, I found out that Shannon is a permanent member of the hotel staff and helped Shaun hire on for the summer. The two bedroom apartment they share is walking distance from the hotel and only a short commute from campus. Both have dated guys on and off and have frequently had boyfriends stay over. But rarely have they ever shared a guy. I was their third. Their first was a one time boyfriend of Shannon's who insisted on a ménage-à-trois with Shaun. The second was a guy they dated at the same time for a couple of weeks, unknowingly. They met him under differing circumstances and neither thought to tell him they had a twin. Meanwhile, this guy thought he was dating the same person and had no clue. When Shaun brought him home to meet Shannon, they all realized what had happened, laughed about it and made it up to the guy with a full night of raw, hot sex! We talked late into the night, and so I offered to share my king sized bed to which they both graciously accepted! We adjourned to the bedroom for a bit more horseplay and naked pillow fighting before settling down and falling asleep beneath the mirrored ceiling in a tangled mass of arms, legs, sheets, and pillows. At first light, I woke to my own reflection, spread eagle with my right arm under my head, my left hand softly stroking my abs. My cock soon began inflating when my focus widened to include the view of the entire bed, the beautiful reflection of three naked bodies in an arousing eyeful of masculine skin! And what a gorgeous sight to wake to! Shannon was to my left, sound asleep on his stomach, the sheets pealed back so that I could clearly see his tight, muscular butt. He was clutching a pillow and had one knee bent so that his beautiful ass stuck up into the air a bit as he slept. To my right was Shaun who was on his back, sheets draped partially over his crotch. My erection continued growing in a pulsating fashion as I admired his body, my eyes following his washboard abs up to his smooth, granite pecks and then to his muscular right arm and bulging bicep. His hand was tucked behind his head as I caught him smiling back at me in the reflection. That's when I realized he was awake and must have been watching me sleep for some time. I rolled over and smiled into his eyes for a long moment before leaning in to kiss him. He gladly reciprocated as we just laid there, making out, our penises blossoming once again into full blown erections, our hands exploring each other's bodies! Shannon must have been exhausted. He continued to sleep as I made out with his brother, our lips and tongues and our heavy breathing making the only sounds in the room. Then slowly I began working my way from his lips, to his neck, and down to his nipples where I spent considerable time circling each one with my tongue, playing and lightly sucking each one as I alternated between them numerous times, unable to decide which one was better! I caught Shaun gazing up at the ceiling, a look of total rapture on his face. I realized he must have been watching my ass in the reflection as I played. I then kissed on his abs and followed the hard, well-defined washboard ridges down to his very sexy navel, tonguing it for a while as I continued my way south, making my way once again to his erect penis. I began by tenderly kissing and stroking him, causing him to moan and lightly pump his hips. I was so fucking captivated by Shaun's gorgeous penis, I simply couldn't get enough of it! I had swallowed every delicious drop of his last load, completely emptying his balls as I did so. And now I was only focused on claiming total ownership of his next load as well, only this time wanting to play out the mirrored lovemaking scene I had so vividly envisioned both of us playing out less than eighteen hours earlier when he first showed me this room! I eagerly took him into my lips as far as I could, swallowing him until I felt the head of his penis striking the back of my throat, my fingers stroking the base and caressing his balls as I continued bobbing my head and stroking his aroused member with my lips and tongue! The tantalizing scent as I buried my face in his crotch was a fucking delicacy of male pheromones, masculine sweat, and semen, all lingering and emanating from the night before! I loved outlining the ridge of his penis head before going down on him over and over, mapping out the precise shape of every vein and ripple with my lips and tongue as I did so, lubricating Shaun and saturating his penis with my saliva, getting it ready for my penetration! I couldn't wait any longer! I climbed up and straddled Shaun as our tongues embraced, slowly lowering my ass down on his very wet, stiff penis until he was all the way in. He placed both hands on my thighs, right above my knees as we began grinding our hips together, our eyes passionately focused on each other for a very long time as we started making love. His breathtaking good looks caused me to softly bite my lower lip and sigh deeply as I shuddered uncontrollably for a moment. This prompted a slight grin from him because he could tell that mentally I was submitting to him, that I now belonged to him, as this very cute, blond-headed stud slowly began fucking me! I spread my knees further and arched my lower back slightly so that I could lean forward on my arms and grind my very erect penis into the ridges of Shaun's abs, his cock rubbing across my prostate with each and every lunge of his hips. It all felt so very fucking good as I ground my ass further into his lap, sweat beginning to bead all over my body. I was literally melting in his very dominating hands! Shannon hadn't stirred yet. He was still out even though Shaun and I stepped up our rhythm, making enough noise and movement now to wake him. I bent my elbows so that I could lean down and slurp on Shaun's lips and tongue for a while, my erection now slipping and sliding across Shaun's rippled abs as our mutual sweat began to pool. Shaun's hands moved from my thighs to my ass as he firmly grasped each cheek, his stiff cock methodically persisting in its cadence as it continued to seductively drill my hole in between. Fuck! This felt so good! I looked up and noticed that Shaun was now staring into the ceiling, enjoying the view, as he began pumping me harder. Wanting so badly to watch us as we fucked, I indicated to Shaun I wanted to change positions so that I could watch, too! We slipped into a spooning position so that Shaun laid behind me on his left side with right knee slightly raised. I extended my left leg straight out and, lying on my left side, lifted my right leg over him and behind his raised knee so that my leg rested across his, my right foot on the bed behind Shaun. Shaun was then able to penetrate me from behind, his arms wrapped around me, his right hand now stroking my penis as we continued our awesome good morning fuck! Now I could watch Shaun's incredible body in motion as it glistened with sweat, his hips slamming into mine as he pounded my ass and fingered my erection. It was easier now in this position to lean back and kiss on Shaun, our lips and tongues imitating what our genitals were doing, Shaun's tongue taking full control, darting in and out of my lips. We alternated over and over between passionate kissing and looking up repeatedly to watch ourselves mate, the scent of masculine sex from our dripping wet bodies now completely filling the bedroom. By now, I noticed that Shannon was now wide awake, lying quietly on his back and watching our reflection as I was getting fucked by his twin brother, slowly stroking his fully erect penis, the same one that had fucked me so intensely last night, the matching clone of the one fucking me now! He continued to play with himself for a while and then slid over to free my now smoking hot penis from Shaun's grip, using his lips and hands. And so once again I was being double-teamed by these two very buff brothers as a very sweaty Shaun pounded away at my ass, his arms wrapped around me with hands now freed, caressing my abs, chest and nipples, and Shannon's lips and tongue were now tantalizing my very welcoming genitals, his hands busy fondling me everywhere between my upper thighs and tenderly caressing my tightening scrotum as his head bobbed up and down on my erection. I could tell I wasn't going to be able to last much longer like this! Both of these blond cuties were getting me so very fucking close! I wanted so badly to be kissing on Shaun at the very moment I came, so I turned my head to face him, the look on his sweat-covered face was very determined and intent indicating he was close too! Our sweaty bodies reflected back from the ceiling, my right leg still resting across Shaun's right knee as I watched him rhythmically flex his muscular ass, plunging his penis further into me in accelerated thrusts. Rivers of perspiration now poured down from his sweat-matted hair and forehead, drenching his face and lips, causing his kisses to taste very salty! I could feel his heart beating wildly as our breathing was now very fast paced and heavy, keeping in perfect sync with our hips as they slapped together, his smooth skin sliding in tandem against mine in messy pools of sweat! I could feel Shannon's tongue caressing the underside of my flaming hot penis as he slurped and pumped on me, stepping up his pace, sensing that I was about to cum! Shaun and I kept going with our salty, sloppy kisses and wrestling tongues until I felt him suddenly exhale, his body shuddering violently as he came. It was then when I felt the satisfying warmth of his ejaculate as his penis exploded deep inside my ass, coating my insides with his thick, lubricating seed, his persistent thrusting finally sending me over the edge! Shaun was still busy cumming, pounding me savagely as I wholly surrendered to him, my abs and body twitching uncontrollably as I followed suit, my orgasm flowing wildly from my brain down to my sweat-soaked pubes! "You guys are so fucking hot!" I panted into to Shaun's ear, momentarily pausing our kissing and causing him to grin with satisfaction. "You're making me cum!" I tried to cry out, but Shaun's tongue, driven by his intense climax, overpowered my lips, feverishly kissing and silencing me before I could finish speaking, my penis suddenly erupting its fountain of pearly white spray, blowing its load and spewing its salty release into Shannon's eagerly awaiting lips and onto his flickering tongue! Shaun's strong hands and fingers were still playing with my nipples, his penis still busy unloading its flowing, musky treasure, but he slid one hand down to my lower abs, right beneath my navel as he firmly held me into his thrusts, my orgasm causing me to arch my back into Shannon's hands and face. This only encouraged Shannon to violate my pubes at a severely hungrier pace with his fingers and tongue, prompting me to squirm and twitch even more as he wildly fondled my now highly sensitive genitals. He was trying his best to milk me completely dry while Shaun kept driving the last of his sweat-driven release deep into my ass! Shaun's thrusts finally began slowing as his orgasm faded, but mine continued raging as Shannon made a total mess of the cum that he was unable to swallow. Fingering my scrotum and pumping my slippery erection, my exceptionally hot sex partner refused to let me stop cumming, now that he had me in a full blown climax! His brother's cock slowly rubbing now against my prostate and forcing the last of my fluids to flow, my orgasm was only gradually subsiding as I closed my eyes and bit my lower lip, feverishly grinding myself into Shannon's persistent face and hands! I stayed in this position for a while, gyrating my hips and rewarding Shannon's persistence with free reign of my smoldering genitals now that he had completely emptied me of my cum! Once my orgasm finally settled down and I was able to breath normally again, I found myself in Shaun's embrace, his heart still beating rapidly, his semen slowly flowing from my ass while Shannon was busy cleaning my groin, slowly lapping up my spilled cream with his tongue. The bed was now a 180 percale random tangle, completely drenched in sweat and saturated by the intoxicating fragrance of male perspiration and cum! Fuck, I love the smell of cum! I love its taste! I love its lubricating warmth when it's freshly ejaculated from another guy! But from twins? Definitely a very exciting first time for me! With a tongue-full of my cream, fluids dripping from his cheeks and chin, Shannon came up from my crotch so that he could kiss me, tonguing me deeply and sharing the flavor of my own protein-laced semen. Okay, sure. I admit it. I love the flavor of my own cum, too, especially when its offered to me for breakfast like this! I kissed Shannon eagerly in return, sucking and exploring his tongue in return, searching for more of my flavor on his lips and realized that Shannon was still sporting a very full erection! He hadn't cum yet! By this time, Shaun's penis had fully deflated and withdrawn from within me. And so climbing out of bed, he made his way over to help Shannon up, leading his brother by the hand out to the sunny balcony. "Your turn, dude!" he smiled at his twin as both men walked out, Shaun guiding Shannon to sit in one of the chaise lounges, erection in its full glory and obviously in need of service! I watched as Shaun wasted no time in kneeling down and, holding Shannon's penis steady at the base, went down on his brother with his lips and tongue, sucking and slurping as Shannon laid back in the chair, a look of total ecstasy on his face as he slowly closed his eyes. Shaun's head continued bobbing up and down between his twin brother's thighs as Shannon began squirming a little, Shaun intermittently using his hands to pump and caress his brother's penis so that he could look up and gauge his progress before going down on him again fully with his lips and tongue. When Shannon appeared to be getting close, Shaun stood up and then stepped one foot over and across the chair and then slowly lowered himself, holding himself open and inserting Shannon's fully erect penis into his ass as he carefully strattled his brother! Once they were fully engaged, they slowly began to fuck as they made out! Watching these two extremely hot and muscular men at sex was totally amazing! Shaun was hanging onto the upper corners of Shannon's chair back as he and his brother slurped and sucked on each other's tongues, his muscular legs and ass supporting his weight as Shannon firmly held on to each of Shaun's cheeks, thrusting his hips into his ass! I admired Shaun's sexy lats as he flexed, bending down as he kissed his brother. Equally impressive were Shannon's abs, their definition standing out vividly as they contracted between his thrusts! "Just like masturbating in a mirror", I reminded myself. Clearly, they had done this before because it wasn't long at all before Shannon began pounding away at Shaun furiously, his hands now clinging to Shaun's hips, the look on his face clearly showing the signs of a man on the brink of orgasm! Shaun sat up and with one hand still clinging to the seat back and supporting himself with his muscular legs and thighs, he leaned back and reached with his other hand to fondle Shannon's inner thighs and balls. And then suddenly, moaning loudly, Shannon began pounding Shaun feverishly as their thighs were now slapping rapidly together in a rhythmic sort of applause. Shaun steadied himself with both hands again as I watched Shannon's driving intensify. Clutching Shaun's hips and moaning loudly, his massive chest and arms flexed in orgasmic delight as he spewed his load deep inside his brother, his clear and milky semen running and dripping down the insides of both of Shaun's legs as it leaked from his ass between thrusts! Shaun just smiled and watched his brother come, still holding himself steady as Shannon continued thrusting his hips, his orgasm slowly beginning to fade until he was completely spent, his pulse racing and panting heavily for air. All I could do was catch my own breath and sigh! That was so incredibly fucking hot to watch! Once Shannon caught his breath and regained his composure, the three of us slid back into the jacuzzi where our three-way encounter had begun the evening before. ---------------------------------------------------------- Shannon had another client to attend to, so he threw his scrubs back on. But before he left, he came over to me to thank me for having him up to my room and planted another very wet, tongue-filled kiss as he reached down to softly fondle my now semi-erect dick one last time and left. Shaun also had to get ready for work as well, so he and I showered together, but we spent more time kissing and making out than actually scrubbing. After showering, I lent him some of my stuff - deodorant, toothpaste, brush and hair gel - so that he could finish getting ready. He then got back into his clothes and headed downstairs. My flight was an early afternoon flight, and so I took my time packing my stuff and then waited for Shaun to return to help me down to my car. When I opened my door for him, he looked just as hot as when we first met downstairs. I smiled as I checked him out in his sexy jeans and knit shirt, the sleeves again riding high on his biceps. I'm probably the only one who knew he had on the exact same clothes he wore yesterday! But fuck! He was just as hot in them now as ever! He loaded my luggage onto his cart, and I followed behind to the elevator, my eyes glued to his ass the whole way, just as before. I was getting horny again, watching that cute ass hidden under its denim facade, remembering what it was capable of doing as I recalled watching it flex in the mirrored ceiling as he fucked me less than two hours before! When we entered the elevator, it was just the two of us, and so when the doors closed, I leaned into him and slipped my tongue into his mouth as we kissed one final time before the elevator dinged at the lobby. We smiled at each other as the doors opened, and then Shaun proceeded to pull the luggage cart off the elevator, out to the front door where the valet had my car ready. "I hope your stay was a pleasant one" the valet said as he held the car door open for me. "Oh, you can't even begin to imagine how much I appreciate your hospitality!" I replied and smiled at Shaun who heard the entire exchange. He smiled back and waved as I got into my car and headed for the airport. At the first stop light, my phone buzzed, and I noticed it was Shaun texting me. "Please let me know when you come back to town. XOXO. -Shaun." And come back, I did. The contract for the sale I was trying to make did manage to go through, and since this was now my account, I traveled on site a lot - probably twice as often as was really necessary! Shannon would pull some strings for me each time I came to town and would upgrade me to the same room so that the three of us could spend more time together in a four-star romp. On the occasions when the hotel was busy, and the luxury rooms were unavailable, Shaun and Shannon would just put me up with them in their apartment which - in my opinion - was just as much fun as meeting them in the hotel!
  2. tourist

    media Fashion Show: a story

    I thought I'd try my hand at creating reading material for the group. Hope you enjoy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Did this night I’m about to describe really happen, or is it just something I dreamed? You can decide for yourself. This was years ago. Before AIDS. Before we knew about AIDS, anyway. Which meant before condoms. Also before New York’s 42nd Street became a Disney subsidiary. It would be silly to say we New Yorkers miss the old, pre-Disney 42nd Street. It was a scary, threatening place; especially after dark, you could feel you were putting your life on the line just trekking through the area. But there was one element lost from the milieu that’s worth mourning. Those few blocks REEKED of sex. Sex of every kind – hetero/homo/whatever, casual hookup or for sale. It was all there, to be had, purchased, or at least heavily pondered, in various movie theatres, massage parlors, and what we euphemistically called bookstores. Walking across 42nd, headed to 8th Avenue, or beyond, toward 9th, you’d almost get hard purely from anticipation. It was the reason you’d come to the neighborhood: to stroll through a sex bazaar, feel a heightened arousal just from the surrounding environment. That’s certainly how I felt, that early autumn night. I didn’t have much going on in my life– maybe, to be honest, hadn’t in a while at that point. I’d stopped for a drink or two at a neighborhood bar, then deciding-without-really-deciding, took a swing to midtown. I ended up right in the middle of it all -- on the corner of 42nd and 8th. It only remained for me to decide how to spend my time. There were two gay movie theatres on 8th, but they were, to put it mildly, not pristinely maintained, and I had SOME standards. Plus the movies were generally lousy – they somehow made sex boring – and you could sit there a long while without evoking any interest. I didn’t want to dig in for what might be a long haul. I wanted to drop in someplace, indulge my lust a little, maybe even only privately. If anything did happen, I preferred it happen quickly. So, I settled on a magazine/book-store on 42nd closer to 9th. It was a modestly large, equal opportunity store -- there were heterosexual wares to the right, gay to the left. Horny patrons of each variety pretty much stuck to their lanes, a peaceful co-existence. I steered myself left, and stopped first to peruse the bulging racks of magazines. A lot of titles we think of as familiar weren’t yet in existence, but most of the then-popular group – Blueboy, Mandate, Honcho, the ever-popular Playgirl – were on exhibit, and men up and down the racks were greedily flipping through the pages. Unlike at a store in a midwestern mall, there was no one to look askance or intimidate you; here, ravenousness for sex was in the open and went unchastised. Everyone just looked at what they wanted – including some more cutting-edge magazines: hardcore offerings, images I presume taken from porno films, displaying gay sex in pretty explicit terms. I lingered a while, enjoying the pictures immensely. But, finally, I moved on. Further back, the store had more to offer. There was a rack full of pornographic paperbacks, covering every possible interest or fetish. A bin held a few very early films on video (this being before the arrival of universal home VCR). And, along the back wall, there were open cabinets displaying assorted types of sexual paraphernalia – tacky little things like playing cards with nude men, all the way up to leather regalia, whips and sex toys. Oh – and underwear. Again, to locate you back in time: this was well before the name Andrew Christian became known. It was even before 2(x)ist, with its technically-neutral-but-screaming-gay advertising. Men’s underwear at that point was pretty drab stuff…unless you knew where to look. And this store was one of the places to look. It was, in fact, one of the reasons I’d gravitated there. The cabinet offered underwear in little plastic packs, with pictures of models on the labels, helpfully illustrating what you (at your best) could look like while wearing them. The pictures indicated that the briefs were…well…extremely brief, as well as generally transparent -- either mesh or sheer nylon. Which is to say, the models were displaying their equipment quite openly. Which couldn’t help but make one wish to partake. “I’d like to see you in those,” I heard to my right. I turned to see a guy about my height standing there, pointing toward the underwear. I could tell you he was an Adonis, but there’s no need to juice up the tale. He was roughly my age, light-brown hair, clean-shaven, and perfectly good-looking. If he was up for an encounter, there was no reason to turn him away. What he was pointing to was a pair of very tight nylon briefs, white and translucent. If he wanted to see me in them, he wanted to see everything. Well, I could play along. “I’d like to see you in that.” I indicated a black number -- also quite sheer, but with the added attraction of having mostly no back. It was what eventually would be labelled a thong, but in those days would probably have been deemed a G-string. “Nice,” he said. Then he turned to me and said, “We could go back to my place and model them for one other.” Well…that escalated quickly. Though perhaps not as quickly as my cock had sprung to attention. Or as quickly as I reached out and grabbed the packet of white briefs. I gave him an acknowledging smile that I hoped was sexy. He in turn grabbed the G-string, and indicated we should head right to the cashier. I wondered if the cashier could tell we were two guys in full-on heat for one another. Probably – but it’s also likely it was something he saw all day and (especially) night. When we hit the street, I realized I should ask how far away he lived. “Just a block or two from here,” he answered. Well, that made things easy. We headed down to 9th Avenue. In similar circumstances, I might have cupped the guy’s ass a bit while we walked, grabbing a feel, but here it seemed like that might violate the agreement. So I just strode along beside him, even as we turned up 9th Avenue. Neither of us spoke. Whatever we were heading toward, we’d go there quietly. He wasn’t lying about how close his place was. It was a third-floor walk-up on 43rd between 9th and 10th. When we got there, he opened the door, and showed me in. It wasn’t much more than a studio apartment. There was a lengthwise couch that bisected the room to create something of a living area. Beyond it was a bed on the floor, along the back wall. I wouldn’t describe the place as spotlessly clean, but it was perfectly decent, well above the living-standards of most single men. Before I could ponder the logistics of how we’d manage our little show, he said “You put yours on in the bathroom. I’ll knock when I’m ready for you to come out.” The bathroom was along the far-right side wall. “Fine,” I said – then walked over there and stepped inside. The bathroom was, like the rest of the place, well-enough maintained, which put my mind at ease. I began undressing. It was only when I had all my street clothes off, and was pulling the mini-briefs up over my trunk, that I truly focused on my situation. I was about to be 90-95% naked (and, realistically, 100% soon after) in front of a guy I’d met less than half an hour ago. Was I up to that? I looked at myself in the mirror, and saw that the packaging photo hadn’t lied: my cock – now noticeably stiff – was quite visible through the material. A glance over my shoulder revealed my ass was equally on view, crack and all. To all intents and purposes, I was already close to 100% naked. I sure hoped he liked what he saw. I didn’t have much time to contemplate, as the knock came at the door. I took a breath, waited a moment, then walked to the door, and opened it. He’d retreated most of the way to the couch. He’d also lowered the lights a bit. They weren’t dim, exactly – I could see him clearly enough. But they were softer; sexier. They certainly showed him to advantage. He fit snugly into the number I’d chosen for him. His chest was hairless, which is the way I like it. I could have jumped him on the spot. “Give me the whole picture,” he said. “Turn around.” I did as he asked – not so slow as to feel on display, but slowly enough he could take in the full view. When I was back facing him, the satisfied look on his face told me I’d passed any and all tests. “Well,” I said. “Your turn.” He likewise made the pirouette, slow enough for me to catch every nicely-appointed aspect of his body. I, of course, got to look directly at his ass-cheeks, without the interference of even thin nylon. He seemed to have something of a tan line, another thing of which I fully approved. When he was facing forward again, I glanced down to check out his cock, but, before I could fully focus, I heard him say “Come over here.” He was beckoning me to where he was standing. I wasted no time, and stepped nearer. When I got there, he reached around and put his hand on the small of my back. He pulled me even closer -- tight against his body. The moment of contact made clear we were dealing with two cocks at full staff, rubbing against one another for maximum male pleasure. I moved my hands down to his bare ass-cheeks, gripped them and then pulled them toward me – bringing his cock even closer, grinding it into mine. I heard a bit of a groan from him, which is always encouraging. I shifted my hands slightly left, then slightly right, creating additional friction. I didn’t get the feeling he had any objection. In fact, he joined in the action – first gripping my ass cheeks through my briefs, then, daringly, putting his hands under the waist-band of my briefs to grab them directly. This seemed to me to be advancing the game a bit, but I didn’t mind. I stood there enjoying the pressure of his cock as our bodies rocked and rolled together. After a short while, he said “I know I said I wanted to see you in those briefs. But now I can’t think of anything but seeing you out of them.” Well, damn – how could I resist? “Don’t be shy,” I said. “Slide them off me.” His face lit up. He moved his hands from my backside to the sides of the waistband, and began to slowly tug the mini-briefs down. He seemed to savor every individual moment, as first my pubic hair and then each inch of my cock came into view. At last he yanked them past my erect – very erect – member and pushed them to my knees. I quickly stepped out of them and stood before him nude. I thought he might grab my cock and start yanking hard, but he surprised me by using more delicate gestures – fluttering his hand gently along the shaft both top and bottom, slightly flicking my balls when he got down below. It sent a major thrill through my body. This guy really knew what he was doing. There remained, though, the fact that, for this to really work, both of us needed to be naked. “You need to take yours off, too,” I said. “I’m waiting,” was his quick response. I happily set to work. I tried to match his slow, sultry strip, lowering the G-string inch by inch, till his full cock was revealed. It wasn’t the huge cock of some centerfolds, but it was plenty enough for me. Oh, and I could now see that his tan line was quite real and well-defined; also that his bush was jet black. Since these are 1) and 1A) on my list of Things I Like When Seeing Naked Men, I was a very happy man. Even happier when we resumed our embrace, our cocks now fully unfurled and unadorned. There are a lot of things to like about man-sex, but I think the sheer pleasure of rubbing cocks together often gets short shrift. Standing there, rubbing together, grabbing one another’s asses to grind our cocks even closer -- it was hard to imagine anything that could give greater pleasure. Some people might note that at this point we could have been kissing. A lot of people would have – including me, in other circumstances. But the whole boyfriend thing wasn’t what this night was about. We were in full-on carnal adventure, and love, as Tina Turner would later more or less sing, had nothing to do with it. We let our other organs do all the communicating. I could probably have stayed in that state for hours, but at a certain point he put his mouth to my ear and whispered “I hope you don’t mind being a top.” Which eliminated any need for awkward debate. I can be versatile on occasion, but my preference has always been to top, and his agreeing to it – hell, requesting it – was one of many things that made this night feel like the luckiest ever. He indicated we should move. I thought he’d lead me to his bed, but he surprised me by angling instead toward the couch. Which seemed instantly appropriate: a couch fuck was right in line with the whole outlaw nature of the evening. He sat down on the far end of the couch. I sat next to him. He reached and ran his hand over my cock – in light strokes, the way he had before. It felt just as good. I reciprocated, and his short breaths suggested to me he enjoyed it, as well. Then, after a short while, he spread his legs apart. He reached around under my ass, and pulled me toward him. I quickly grasped he was maneuvering my body into position between his legs – a position I was happy to assume. We resumed the frottage we’d been doing standing up. It seemed to make us even harder, though I’m not sure such a thing was humanly possible at that point. Finally, he said “Are you ready to put that hot thing into me?” For a brief moment, I hesitated -- thinking, well, am I? In many situations, I’d view it as too soon. I’d expect a bit more licking and sucking and rimming; a fuller panoply of foreplay. But I looked at him, saw the desperate desire in his face, and it struck me that our foreplay had begun back there at the dirty bookstore; that we’d waited plenty long enough. That the time for fucking was now. As if mind-reading my assent, he pushed me slightly away, and moved himself into position, lying on his back across the span of the couch. He gave me a conspiratorial smile, and opened his legs wide to show what was on offer. Then he tugged on my arms, gliding me along till I was on top of him. We did a little more of the cock-rub – we just couldn’t get enough of that – but then, from the look he gave me, I knew it was time for something more serious. He lifted me up a little, and touched my cock. But his hand wasn’t just giving pleasure this time – he was applying lubricant. I didn’t see where the lube had come from, but I was delighted to receive it… especially for the delicate, sensuous way he applied it. When he’d got enough on to satisfy him, he made a move as if to put the remainder into his ass. But I gripped his hand, stopped him. I took the lube, put some on my fingers, and gently applied it around the opening of his rectum. He moaned a little – I guess I was doing it right. Then I put more on one finger, and slowly inserted it between his legs. I rubbed the lube around inside his ass. I pulled my finger out, put more lube on, then inserted two fingers and repeated the process – lubricating his insides, and hopefully providing him a bit of pleasure along the way. When I’d finished, and withdrawn both fingers, he looked at me and said “Now I’m really ready for you to fuck me.” Which, needless to say, gave my cock a jolt. I’m glad he was ready, because I sure as hell was. I put the lube down on the floor, pushed his legs a bit apart, and climbed up to mount him. Once above him, I angled my cock toward his hole. He eagerly guided me so I was right at the entrance. We were doing this together. I pushed forward slightly, and the head of my cock went just barely across the threshold. I checked to see he was okay with it; his expression said, if anything, faster! I slid in about an inch; he gasped. I withdrew. Then I pushed it in a tad further. He seemed more relaxed now. I withdrew one more time, then plunged in full force, all the way. Of course, it felt fantastic. Tight and slick and warm – all the sensations you want your cock to experience. When you haven’t had sex for a while, you forget how good it is – but once you’re back having it, it all comes flooding back. I slid in and out of him, reveling in sheer sensual pleasure. Which isn’t to say I forgot him – I kept looking at his face, to be sure he was still with me. He was. He even became slightly talkative. “That’s an amazing cock you have,” he said. “It helps being inside an amazing ass,” I tossed back. He smiled broadly. Then “You’re harder than I even thought.” “Too hard?” “No such thing.” It was, truly, heaven. I was in that place you want to stay forever because it feels so great, but you know the fact it feels so great means it’s going to reach an end before too long. I tried to put that thought out of my head; to just enjoy the moment for however long it could last. “Take a deep breath,” he said. Before I could say “What?”, I heard a snap and could smell the legendary odor of poppers. Where was he hiding all this stuff? He inhaled lustily, and I did the same. I quickly felt that familiar flush cover my body, head to toe. Which took everything to another level. It’s not as if we’d been suffering inhibition prior to this – my cock was between his legs, for Christ’s sake. But this removed our last guard-rail. We both started crying out in passion. “I want you to fuck me deeper” “Spread wider; I’ll give you every inch” “I want you to come between my legs. I want you to christen my insides” “I want you to come with me” From the look on his face, he seemed perfectly capable of the latter without anyone’s help. But I decided to pitch in anyway. I grabbed hold of his cock and started lightly stroking it, even while I continued pumping his insides. He looked almost alarmed. “You’re going to put me over the top,” he said. “That’s what I want,” I said. “I want you to shoot onto my chest.” “You have to promise to come the same time.” “That’s a promise I can keep.” It didn’t take long. I was in the last, “it’s too good/I can’t hold back” stage anyway, but when, after I'd stroked him a few more times, I saw the fluid shoot out of his cock – a drop or two actually making it to the chest target I’d set – I exploded, shouting “You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had,” as my cum went off and christened his hole just, as he’d wanted. “I want you to fuck me forever,” he said back, still panting from his own orgasm. The next five minutes or so are a blank. When you’ve got that close to heaven, you lose yourself and all your surroundings. I remember more or less coming to, looking down and seeing a beatific emptiness on his face. He’d obviously been gone, too. But now he smiled – the events of the last hour flooding back. “All things considered,” I said, still a tiny bit out of breath, “I prefer you out of that underwear.” He rejoindered, “I think I like you in and out of your underwear.” “In and out”, I repeated. “That works for me on a lot of levels.” We both laughed mildly, and I rested my head back on his. That wasn’t all there was to the night. We eventually made it to the bed. We smoked a joint there, which had to have been hash or something like it, because I got blisteringly high. Which might account for the fact that we had an even longer bout of sex later…this time including sucking and rimming, and even (I can’t swear to this; maybe the hash fogged my brain) me going versatile, having him serve as top for a go-round. Whatever it was, it knocked us both out pretty good. We fell asleep totally spent. I woke up shortly before dawn. I looked over at him. The blanket had come off, and I saw the same naked body that had roused me to such feats the night before. My brain could conceive of more of the same, but my body was simply incapable of any more. Not for…well, for at least 12 hours. I got up and retrieved my street clothes from the bathroom. I headed quietly to the front door, but stopped when I saw the two pairs of purchased underwear lying on the floor. The aphrodisiacs that had set this wild night in motion. I decided I should take one with me – after all, I’d paid for it. But which should I take? The white briefs, that had fit so snugly and made me feel like an object of desire? Or the black thong, that had looked so tantalizing on him and had propelled me to such a titanic fuck? I made my decision, picked one up, headed for the door, and silently let myself out. Which did I take? That’s another thing you can decide.
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    media My Drawings

    Re-edition of my drawings with new and intense colors
  4. I got a kick out of this. Parts 1 and 2
  5. Exclusive to AdonisMale Black and white stills (including full nudity) from the 2017 Warwick Rowers documentary in England. https://warwickrowers.org/ Set A
  6. I just thought of coming to Adonismale with this query, i dont know why i didnt think of it sooner. I recently saw on line, that the original Colt magazines, numbers like 1-20, are a rare find and i believe it was number 2 or 3 that was going for like $500.00! To my utter disbelief, (and with a "who's crazy now" smirk on my face), I dug deep into my porn collection of hot beautiful men and sure enough, in protective sleeves even, i am the proud owner of 5 or 6 original colt magazines, in PRISTINE condition!. Now my question to the forum, and even the webmaster, is ,(and NOT considering ebay please, lol) , does anyone know where i could possibly list them for sale, and where the enthusiasts are? The website i found the crazy prices on did not offer a way to sell only to buy and it wasn't from private owners either, and i cant for the life of me find it again. If anyone can lead me in the right direction, i would be most greatful. Thanking you in anvance, Joey
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    media Stolen Porn

    http://www.jeff-stryker.com/gaylibrary/tease.html Jeff Stryker http://www.tlavideo.com/gay-razor-close/p-129600-3 Arron Gunn <<-- This was a favorite! http://www.tlavideo.com/gay-jarhead/p-109721-3 Mason Jarr http://www.gayeroticvideoindex.com/V/9/1629.html Portholes with Johnny Rey <<-- This was another favorite!
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    media David

    The following story is a complete work of fiction, a product of the author's imagination. It is solely intended for entertainment purposes only and is not an endorsement for unsafe sex. Please practice safe sex and stay healthy, guys! Any third party references, whether by name, hotlink, video link, celebrity or not, does not imply in any way, shape, or form to be an endorsement of the following content. If you like the story, please let me know by leaving a comment and giving me a "Stiffie" vote. A special thanks to all the AdonisMale members who contributed the photos used below for your enjoyment and a special thanks to AdonisMale member wolfe. It was a comment he made to a post of mine in "If you could turn a Straight into Gay, who would he be?" which led me to jot down a few ideas for a new story. I started writing and was totally unable to stop! Please enjoy, guys... ------------------------------------------------------------- David A guy never forgets his first time or his first love. Mine was David. I'd had a very serious crush on David ever since the day I first met him in high school. I was a freshman, and he was a gorgeous, dreamy-eyed junior with light brown hair, dimpled smile and a muscular body, fit from working out and playing lots of varsity football and baseball. Every time we passed in the hallway, it was all I could do to keep my knees from buckling as I'd shyly smile at this cutie and manage a quick "Hey, David", fearful that my eyes might linger a bit too long at him and give myself away. I dreamt so many times of telling him how he really made me feel, but I knew that would never be possible, because you see, David was my older brother's best friend. ----------------------------------------------------------- "Hey, Baby Brother!" Only one person other than my brother, Kevin, ever called me by that nickname, and now I suddenly found myself looking into that familiar, smiling face and falling into those dreamy blue eyes of his, my groin stirring again for him like it hadn't in years. "David! What are you doing here?" I smiled as I stood to give him a strong, yearning embrace. We held onto each other for a lingering moment before sitting back down in my seat, David taking the first class seat next to mine. "I'm headed to London to pick up a couple of cars, vintage Jags, and - get this - I managed to track down a '37 Rolls Phantom some guy near Essex has had in his shed for the past fifty years. It needs some restoration work, but I was glad to find it. Business is really good." he smiled. David formed a circle of investors that restores classic cars from all over the world and then sells them at auction for a hefty profit. An extremely lucrative business, I understand. He, unlike me, could afford his seat outright. I on the other hand, was also traveling on business, and cashed in my remaining miles to upgrade my seat because I hate riding coach when I travel overseas. David still looked the same since I last saw him, still just as handsome, still as much a hottie as ever. We were now in our mid and late twenties, respectively, but it seemed like only a couple of short months had passed since we were last together. Our relationship being each other's first. ----------------------------------------------------------- David first started coming around during my freshman year in high school. Because he and Kevin played football together, they hung out together a lot and soon became best friends. And since they had become so inseparable, David was a regular visitor at our house all through high school, coming over every other weekday after school and almost every weekend morning, staying until late. My parents must've thought they had another son join the family, with all the meals he shared with us! I always looked forward to his visits, though. He had such a hot body, good looks, and an amazing scent that seemed to be a mix of his own sweet perspiration and Aeropostale cologne. But because I didn't want anyone to notice how hot I really was for him, I tried my best to admire him from a safe distance whenever he came over. He and Kevin usually spent time in Kevin's room while I would eagerly strip completely down in my own room and jack off with fresh visions of this hunk in my head, his scent lingering in my nostrils, hearing his golden voice coming from the next room. If only he knew how much he really turned me on! After graduating high school, Kevin and David both opted to stay home and attend college locally since we lived in a university town. Kevin, because he managed to bag a very generous football scholarship, and David, because of Kevin. Fortunately, this meant that David continued to be a permanent fixture at my family's dinner table, and I was happy because this awesome piece of eye candy continued to come around my house regularly, even though I only felt safe to appreciate his hot body from a manageable distance. And then one weekend during my senior year, only a few weeks after my eighteenth birthday, everything changed forever. It was a Saturday, and David came over in the morning as usual. He was wearing a really short pair of white shorts and a half-shirt T-shirt that showcased his awesome six-pack and gave me a totally unobstructed view of his firm, muscular ass. I could also make out, just barely, that he was wearing red and white striped bikini briefs. David hung out with Kevin all day that day, making me so very fucking horny everytime he passed by in those shorts! I was so mesmerized and unable to peal my eyes away, I was afraid someone was going to catch me staring at that gorgeous ass of his! It was especially embarrassing while I was practicing my piano after lunchtime, and he came into the den to listen to me play. I was doing fine until he did that. Suddenly my pubes began stirring, and I started making all kinds of mistakes, hitting bad chords and sour notes. I just couldn't focus on my music with David in the room! He managed to stay so late that day that my parents invited him to sleep over, convincing him it was too early in the morning for him to drive home alone. I was only too happy to help accommodate! I helped my mom turn down the sofa bed in the den for David to sleep on, while David called his parents. Soon afterwards, everyone retired to bed. But I just couldn't sleep. I was too fucking horny knowing David was in the house with us. I tossed and turned, my groin demanding service! I just couldn't keep my hands off myself! So around 3 am, I snuck out of my room, down the hall, and into the den where David was sleeping, lying under a single sheet on his stomach. The sheet was lightly draped across his lower back, covering his lower body so that I could see the soft, bare skin of his back reflected in the faint outdoor light coming in through the window. I took in his amazing beauty as I stood in the dark, listening to his deep, relaxed breaths as this angel slept right in front of me! It was then that I noticed that he left his clothes in the chair next to the sofa. I could see the half-shirt, white shorts, and piled on top was the pair of red and white striped bikini underwear. Holy shit! David was sleeping on our couch in the nude! I almost spewed right then and there! I couldn't resist the temptation. I quietly grabbed all his clothes and snuck my way to the bathroom. I then stripped off my shorts and began masterbating furiously in the dark as I sniffed his shirt, shorts, and underwear. His musky man-scent in his T-shirt was outdown ten-fold by his wonderful shorts and underwear! I was in total ecstacy as I pumped my erection with one hand while practically smothering myself with David's briefs, the heavenly smell of his body and the image of David sleeping naked, hidden by a single thin sheet was more that I could handle! It didn't take long before I felt my brain tingle and my body spasm into one fantastic orgasm, my penis spewing it's satisfying warm, milky release! As my body began spasming, I could hear the sound of my cum spurting onto something fabric, a sound I wasn't really expecting. As soon as I finished ejaculating, I turned on the light and saw that there on the floor, I had just cum all over David's shorts! Shit! I quickly, quietly dampened a wash cloth and tried my best to clean my jism from off his shorts, but I managed to make one big fucking mess even bigger! The smell of David's strong man-scent seemed enhanced now with the damp, warm water from the wash cloth and was now mixing with the fresh odor of my warm cum! If I wasn't so fucking scared about getting in trouble with my parents, the wonderful, musky smell of male pheromones now permeating the bathroom would have easily made me go for round two! I continued cleaning my mess as best as I could, but David's shorts were now thoroughly soaked and smelling strongly of semen. I quietly snuck his clothes back to where I found them, placing the wettest part of his shorts so that they'd get the most air exposure, hoping they'd be dry by morning. Turning to sneak back to my room, I paused to take in the sight of David's beautiful, masculine body one more time, trying hard to make out his bare ass under the sheets and noticed that the strong, musky aroma had followed me from the bathroom, down the hallway, and into the den. I was so fucking busted! My heart pounding out of my chest with fear, I climbed back into bed and didn't get any sleep at all the rest of that night, tossing and turning from worry now rather than lust. I dreaded what I would be facing in the morning when David went to put his clothes back on. Surely, he was going to know it was my sperm all over his shorts. I dreaded what he was going to tell my brother and my parents. The next morning, I didn't get out of bed until I was called for breakfast. By the time I made it into the kitchen, everyone else was serving up and sitting at the table. I got my plate and took the last seat at the table, right next to David. To my horror, I caught the very faint smell of my own cum drifting from David's direction. I just kept my eyes on my plate as I ate. I was too ashamed to even look David in the eye, or anyone else for that matter. After a couple of minutes, I noticed that my brother and parents were the only ones talking at the table. I got up the nerve and slowly turned my eyes to look at David. He was looking right at me as he smiled and shoveled a fork full of scrambled eggs into his mouth, smiling as he slowly chewed, never breaking his gaze for a moment. He never said a single word. He didn't need to. His eyes said it all. ----------------------------------------------------------- "So how's Kevin doing these days? How's married life treating him?" David inquired as I found myself once again staring into his gaze, broken only by the stewardess as she handed us our preflight drinks. "He and Tiffany are doing great. I found out last month I'm going to be an uncle in February." Kevin married his girlfriend from college about five years ago which was the last time I saw David. David was Kevin's best man. "Hey, that's terrific! Boy or girl?" "Boy." "Wow! I bet you're excited about having a nephew." David smiled. "Yes, actually I am." I grinned. "So how are YOU doing? You have a significant other? Dating?... Married? Still seeing that guy you were with at Kevin's wedding?" "No", I shyly looked down at my drink. "Just a couple of boyfriends since then, but nothing that ever became serious. What about you, David? Anyone in your life right now?" "Nah, not really. Too busy traveling and all. I'm like you. A boyfriend here, boyfriend there." He paused. "Nothing serious." he smiled back up at me. "You know, I was thinking about you just the other day." he continued. "I was thinking about our first time. You remember it?" "Shit, David, how could I ever forget it? We were each other's first. We were both fucking virgins for crying out loud!" ----------------------------------------------------------- David never said anything to anyone, not even me, about having cum all over his shorts. He kept it to himself, which I greatly appreciated! But deep down, the curiosity was killing me, wondering what was going on inside his head. Did he think that maybe I was some sort of perv? Did he feel repulsed by what I did? Did he feel less inclined to be around me now, fearing I might try to make a move on him? I seriously hoped I hadn't damaged his relationship with Kevin or with me. After a couple of weeks had passed, I was relieved that David continued coming around just as he always had. He acted as if nothing had happened. With one exception, though. Every time he came over, he made it a point to wear that same pair of white shorts and a half shirt T-shirt. After that night in question, David only ever wore just those shorts when he came to our house. He must've been washing them every couple of days or so! Surely, he did it just to taunt me. But was it an "I know what you did and so I'm dangling this over your head" kind of taunt, or was it a "So you like my shorts, huh? What do you intend to do about it?" kind of taunt. I couldn't quite figure it out. But regardless, it was a huge turn on for me to check out his body in that outfit, and he was enjoying his control because by now he knew damn well he was driving me crazy! This particular week, Kevin and I had the house to ourselves because my mom and dad had to make an emergency trip to visit my aunt and uncle in New York. Fortunately, my brother and I both are accomplished chefs, and so my folks had left enough cash with us so that we could make grocery runs whenever we needed to. Kevin and I took turns doing the cooking. It was Kevin's night to cook because I had a major calculus exam the next day and needed to study. The fridge was empty, and we were out of everything. So Kevin ran to the store while David and I stayed at the house - me so I could study, and David because he grinned and convinced Kevin "Someone needs to stay here and take care of your baby brother, dude." Kevin had been gone about ten minutes, and I was up in my room trying to study. But it was kind of hard to concentrate, being alone with a hunk like David in the house. In retrospect, this was probably the very first time David and had ever been left alone together. And I couldn't get him out of my mind. Visions of his perfect, firm ass filling out those white shorts replayed over and over again! I reached down with my left hand and began nursing a boner that had been developing ever since Kevin left. "You know I had to bleach these shorts like three times to get your cum stains out?" David's voice nearly made my heart skip a beat. I turned and saw David leaning against my doorway, arms furled, dimples smiling at me. It was almost as if he knew what I was thinking! "I'm really embarrassed about that, David" I blushed as I nervously stood, ready to be chastised. "Don't be" he paused, grinning to himself as he looked at the floor and then back up at me. "You know who I was dreaming about, why you found me sleeping in the nude the night you jizzed all over my shorts?" he paused while he carefully considered his next words. "I guess I'm the one who should be ashamed because I never had the fucking balls to tell my best friend's baby brother that I'm fucking hot for him!" Longer pause. "That's why I was smiling at you at breakfast that next morning, why I was staring at you. Because when you did that, it became pretty fucking obvious that our feelings were mutual" he grinned and paused, looked down again for a moment, only to look back up to make brief eye contact before looking away again. This time he spoke in a softer, slightly quivering whisper. "Do you know how badly I've wanted to be alone with you since that night but have been unable to tell you?" I smiled at David, tears beginning to well up in my eyes in joyful disbelief as I casually stepped forward, David taking me into his muscular embrace. He then slipped his tongue into my mouth as he kissed me hard. I eagerly reciprocated as we kissed a very passionate first kiss. David slowly slid his hands down my lower back, while I reached around with both hands and caressed his firm butt cheeks that for so long I'd only been able to admire from a distance. After a couple of minutes of sucking on each other's tongues, we came up for air and sat down on my bed to continue making out. I wasted no time in getting his T-shirt off so I could caress his chest and abs and suck on his gorgeous nipples. David then reached down to loosen my jeans which I gladly removed for him, the bulge in my underwear now desperately wanting out! David rolled me onto my back as I lifted and spread my legs so that he could climb on top of me. David wrapped his muscular arms around me as our kissing became even more passionate now, our tongues wrestling for control while our hands explored each other's bodies! After what seemed like fifteen minutes of fantastic tongue play, David and I sat back up. I could plainly feel the bulge I was creating in David's shorts, so I reached down to unbutton his top button and partially unzipped his fly. I then reached in and caressed his steely erection, continuing to kiss David as I freed the tip of his penis from its restrained hiding place. David then pulled my shirt off over my head and then yanked my underwear down to my ankles, freeing my very erect penis. I continued kissing him while he slowly began pumping my stiff dick with his fist. David then shifted his attention to my nipples, gently sucking each one as he laid me back down in my bed, never pausing his fist action for a moment as he played with my erection. I laid there, slowly grinding my hips into his hand, David now sucking on my abs and slowly making his way down to my cock. I kicked off my underwear, my fully naked body was now completely in David's hands. David then very gently slid his lips over the purple head of my penis, the soft, silky touch of one hand now caressing my thighs and knees as the smooth fingertips of his other was fondling my chest and nipples. The sensation was exhilarating as I felt him take more of me into his warm, slippery mouth, the tongue I had been sucking on earlier now softly playing with the underside of my erection. I was on cloud nine, slowly grinding my hips into David's soft, supple lips as I watched this amazingly hot stud continue exploring every inch of my body with his hands. I could have very easily stayed in that position all night, but I so badly needed more of David! I sat up in the bed and had David stand in front of me while I finished unzipping his fly and tugged on his shorts, pulling them down. I could see he was wearing his red and white striped bikini briefs again, so it was rather obvious that he had been planning this evening for a while. It didn't take me long to get David out of his shorts and underwear, all of our clothes now littering the floor of my bedroom in random, scattered piles. David's erection now stood only inches from my face, ready to be tasted. All of my adolescent life, I'd wanted to know what it was like to perform fellacio on another guy. So not only was it surreal that this moment was even taking place, but it was even more so because the first dick I was about to suck belonged to David, the one really cute guy that, for such a very long time, I'd been in such very serious heat for! Slowly I took the head of David's penis into my mouth, gently kissing it with my lips and tongue. His skin felt warmer and much softer on my lips and tongue than I had imagined a fully erect penis would be! His salty, musky flavor tasted the same as his damp, masculine scent had smelled from his briefs a couple of weeks earlier. I continued sliding my lips down the length of his erection, and being very careful to not let my teeth touch him at all, I took him all the way in, the tip of his penis now striking the back of my throat. I began playing with the underside of his erection with my tongue as I slowly pumped his cock with my mouth. David released a slow, low pitched moan as he closed his eyes and slowly cocked his head back in complete ecstacy. I spent the next several minutes exploring his penis with my lips and tongue, familiarizing myself with every inch, every vein, every fold, occasionally slurping and sliding my lips as they sucked in concert with my tongue along the full length of the his erection. I deliberately paused and played with the soft area of skin right beneath the underside of the head of his penis with my tongue and lips which drove David crazy, causing him to grind his hips and moan a little deeper. We'd been going at it now for about half an hour. I guessed we probably had about another thirty minutes before Kevin came back home. I ran into my parents' room to grab some lube from their not-so-secret secret hiding place where they kept all of their toys and magazines. When I got back, David was lying on my bed, softly stroking his cock to maintain his erection until I got back. The image of this gorgeous angel slowly masterbating on my bed was such a beautiful sight to behold, I paused to take in the scene, my libido flaring from overheated to scalding hot! I eagerly handed David the lube as he applied some to his penis while I laid back down on my back. David then applied some lube to my ass as he slowly inserted his middle finger, intentionally lingering and playing with my hole as he did so. David then sat the lube on my nightstand and then leaned over to his phone. My heart pounded with unexpected delight as my room suddenly came alive to the sounds of a very soft, romantic piano instrumental across my WiFi sound system. As I listened, it's light, upbeat melody was a rather beautiful composition, very fitting for two young lovers, a piece certainly worthy of losing one's virginity to! Knowing how much I loved piano, David obviously had given very serious thought to planning our first time together! David rolled back on top of me and gently lifted my legs again, resuming our missionary position. The sensation of David's naked body lying against mine, his soft, velvety skin calling out to my hands for attention as they admired his face, chest, and shoulders was more physical arousal than I could reasonably process! Once again our tongues embraced, our lips hungering to taste even more of each other, our breathing now very heavy and our erections at full throttle, anticipating what we were about to do. Then David very gently, very slowly penetrated me as he took special care guiding his penis into me, his arms propping himself up over me. I closed my eyes and tried relaxing, sharply hissing through my teeth a couple of times in slight pain and discomfort, but David took his time so as not to hurt me until I was able to gradually take him all the way in. He then ever so slowly began fucking me, his penis caressing my prostate as he carefully pumped his hips. Slowly and deliberately, we gradually worked up a rhythm, David's firm ass flexing as he drove his erect penis in and out of me, my erection and tightening scrotum softly sliding against his chiseled lower abs as he fucked me. The sensation of David's penis as it methodically massaged my prostate was incredible. Sure, it was a bit uncomfortable, but David was so fucking hot and I was so fucking horny for him, my lust and my desire to have him cum deep inside me more than made up for any discomfort. Gradually, David began increasing his rhythm as I eagerly followed his lead, sweat beginning to roll off his body onto mine. Our breathing began getting heavier as our pace quickened even more, the scent of our lovemaking now permeated my bedroom. I watched David's face as he began thrusting himself into me. With eyes closed and concentrating, his face turning a tinge red, his hair now soaked, and sweat pouring off his forehead, I could feel myself beginning to cum as my tight balls and penis were now slipping and sliding between us in a pool of mutual sweat. David came first. I watched as he opened his eyes and with mouth open, the look of ecstacy on his face was absolutely gorgeous as he lost control and exhaled sharply, breaking his rhythm to thrust his hips sharply as his whole body shuttered, his abs twitching randomly. I could feel the sudden flow of his sperm as it showered me from the inside, David now gasping for air as he continued to cum, his arms weakening and showing difficulty supporting himself over me. I smiled up at him and realized he was finished when he smiled back, our lips embracing in yet another passionate kiss as we continued thrusting our hips together, David wanting to make me cum before he lost his erection. The sweet aroma of David's slippery semen filled my nostrils as it began leaking out of me, making a mess of my bedsheets. I could feel myself getting closer as David continued his thrusts, my eager erection continuing to grind against David's soaked, washboard abs as his penis stubbornly continued its unrelenting penetration. David's determination to make me cum, seen on his sweat-covered face and forehead, is what pushed me over the edge as he tightened his lips and teeth and increased his pace. Everything suddenly seemed to move in slow motion as my body began to spasm, slipping into a full orgasm. The harmonious sounds of strings and piano climaxed as it flowed throughout my room, David grinning with satisfaction as he watched me lose control to my own beautiful climax! My mouth wide open, breathing in short labored gasps, I arched my back and with head flung back, I cried out in unrestrained surrender, making David grin all the more. My body shuttered and my groin spasmed into sudden, forceful twitches. David's dimpled face broke into a complete smile as we both felt my penis erupt into a milky white fountain of cum, first in two forceful spurts followed by several smaller ones. David continued driving his penis deep inside me, tightened his abdominals and forced my orgasm to persist as long as possible, causing my groin to continue twitching uncontrollably. But as things finally did begin to subside, David leaned down as we embraced and resumed kissing, the final spasms of my orgasm echoing throughout my body. By the time Kevin got home, David and I had hastily cleaned ourselves up and put our clothes back on. There was no time to shower, so we reeked of each other's sweat and cum. Besides helping bring the groceries in, David and I tried our best to keep a safe distance from Kevin the rest of the evening because the odor was so fucking strong. If he noticed at all, he never said anything. The last thing David or I wanted was for Kevin to figure out that his best friend had just fucked his little brother! But, of course, the evening couldn't end without David being David, feeling compelled to taunt Kevin at dinner and making me cough milk out of my nose as he casually reminded him. "See? I told you I could take care of your baby brother!" ----------------------------------------------------------- We were now three hours into the flight. Dinner had already been served, and I could see the sunlight fading in the few windows that remained open, yielding quickly to the glow of overhead lighting inside the cabin. Early evening conversations had given way to the quiet, steady sound of the plane making its way into the night. Everyone was either reading, sleeping, on their phones, or watching movies or television. David was lying in his seat next to me, sound asleep. He had been traveling all day, starting out from Seattle. I just sat there and watched him in awe. It brought back many memories as he laid there so peacefully, still as angelic as ever. I thought back again to the first night he slept over, how I stressed over making such a mess all over his clothes, and I realized that had that never happened, neither of us would have conjured up the courage on our own to admit how we felt about each other, that we would never have had experienced such a beautiful first time together, and we would probably never have spent the following summer together as we did. ----------------------------------------------------------- As the final months of the school year wound down, prior to my graduation, it was difficult for David and me to find time alone. Getting away alone together without someone wondering why David and I were out together without Kevin was damn near impossible. David still came over all the time as always, though I knew that now that his visits weren't quite so much about visiting Kevin anymore as they were about visiting me. I also no longer kept as much distance as I had before. Whenever David and Kevin went somewhere together, David would always convince Kevin to invite me to tag along, which I always gladly accepted. For those rare opportunities when David and I were certain we'd be alone for a few hours at his house, he would arrange to meet me somewhere after school, and I'd call and tell my parents I was staying late, studying with classmates in the library. Then David would take me to his place where we experimented with every conceivable position, aggressively fucking each other in his bedroom. It was my favorite place for making love to David because his sweet scent was all over the place, especially in his pillows and bedsheets. The more we had sex, the more I felt I couldn't get enough of him! Words simply cannot describe how much I had fallen so totally in love with David! As summer quickly approached, Kevin managed to land a summer internship at my dad's office. And so when David got a job with a local pool maintenance company, he let me know right away that they were looking for more help. We figured it would be the perfect way for David and me to get to spend the summer together without my brother or parents around and without needing to explain to anyone why we were out together without Kevin. David convinced his boss, Charlie, to pair us up to do our rounds. The job was fairly easy. We had our checklist which included: check the water quality, add chemicals when needed, scoop out leaves and other debris, and check to make sure all the equipment was still in good working order. Any problems we came across were called into the main office so that more experienced personnel could take over. David and I always started as early as possible, and we divvied up the tasks so that we could finish in half the time. This way, we could finish our rounds early, return the truck to the office and clock out, and then go off in his car somewhere to spend time together. As long as we were home at a reasonable hour, no one ever questioned whether we had been anywhere other than cleaning pools all day. One afternoon after finishing our rounds, about a week or two into the summer, Charlie called David into his office to let him know we were being assigned a new customer to our schedule. Because of the location, David worked it out with Charlie so that it would be our final stop for the day. The next day, David picked me up early as usual to start our rounds for the day. We divided up our tasks as always, managing to make our way to the final stop for the day much earlier than scheduled. "I know the family who lives here." David told me as we carried our equipment from the truck, including a couple of beach towels David brought from home. "One of their sons, Adam, played football with Kevin and me." I looked around at the house, the yard and the pool, and it was obvious they had money! "They left last week to spend the whole summer with relatives in Europe. How cool is that?" The pool was part of a completely secluded courtyard, surrounded by the house on three sides and the garage on the fourth. A narrow walkway between the house and garage was the only outside access via a hidden wrought iron gate from the driveway. "Kevin and I came here for a party that Adam hosted after one of our games. When I saw they were Charlie's newest customers and how long they planned to be gone, I pounced on it!" With that, David proceeded to strip, tossing all of his clothes on a chaise lounge under the cabana adjacent to the pool, and then dove into the water. "Jump in! This feels incredible!" he yelled to me when he resurfaced, treading water completely naked. I wasted no time taking off all my clothes and throwing them on top of David's before following suit and resurfacing in the pool next to David. I'd never skinny dipped before. The pool water felt wonderful against my bare skin as I felt my erection rapidly growing, the sensation totally electrifying! "This is awesome! You said they're gone the whole summer?" I confirmed. "Yup. Got the pool all to ourselves for ten weeks." I swam over and, smiling into his eyes, I put my arms around David and began kissing him, David wasted no time in finding my eager erection with his fingertips. I reached into the water and began caressing his ass with one hand and gently fondled his penis with my other as we tasted each other's lips, our tongues enjoying their wet, slippery play. Smiling at David, I gently pulled away and, treading water, I took him by the hand and led him to the shallow end of the pool. I then had him hop up and sit on the edge of the pool with knees spread, David leaning back on locked arms to support himself, hands palm down on the textured concrete. I had his full attention as I smiled up at him, lovingly taking his erection in my hand as I began giving him a hand job and softly kissed on his abdominals. I then focused my attention on servicing David's very stiff penis, his gaze intently on me as he watched me tenderly wrap my lips around the purple, throbbing head, my right hand holding him steady as I tasted his manhood, the fingers of my left hand arousing my own genitals in the water. I slid my lips and tongue down his erection, taking in the full length and pausing for a long time with David completely enveloped in my mouth. He tasted and smelled of swimming pool and salty chlorine as I tickled and massaged the underside of his penis with my tongue, causing David to shudder and moan. Then sliding my lips and tongue up and down his cock, I took my time pleasuring him, totally turned on by the knowledge that this same penis I was now fondling with my lips and tongue was going to be fucking me shortly! After orally stimulating him for about fifteen minutes, David stood up on the edge of the pool and smiled, then reached down with his hand to help me out so that we could move under the cabana to begin yet another mating session. I spread out my towel across one of the chaise lounges and climbed on my hands and knees as David mounted me from behind. I moaned as he slowly inserted his beautiful, throbbing penis inside me, taking his time as he always did so as not to hurt me. I always found this part of our lovemaking to be most exhilarating, our souls embracing, becoming one, at the very moment our bodies joined together physically. I was so in love with this hunky boy! I felt David's heartbeat and his warm, bare skin as he rested across my back, his hands extended, tenderly caressing my body as I rested on all fours. I gladly welcomed his soft touch, his boyish curiosity always a turn on as his fingertips lovingly explored my chest, nipples, and abs, gradually making their way down to my ass and down between my legs while he tenderly worked his penis further into me. Slowly he worked up a cadence as he began fucking me, his erection exploring the deepest depths of my hungry void. I responded in kind, fucking his penis with my ass, wanting so badly to pleasure him, for him to once again shower his warm, milky seed inside me! I slowly lowered myself onto the chaise lounge as David alternated between pumping his hips into mine in a steady rhythm and then occasionally slowing in order to grind our hips together, extending his penal reach. I slipped my hand down and fondled my erection as I was being fucked by my incredibly hot boyfriend, feeling my orgasm quickly approaching. Lying on my chest, I reached down with my right hand so that I was delicately masterbating, caressing my tight scrotum and the soft underside of my penis with my fingers. It didn't take very long before I could tell David was getting closer. He began increasing the rhythm of his hips, his breathing getting deeper. Taking my left hand in his tender grasp, he positioned my arm above my head to steady himself, his other hand on my shoulders at the base of my neck as he hovered over me and moaned softly, his thrusts now deeper and faster. Anticipating his orgasm was near, I stepped up the pace of my own pubic arousal, totally engulfed in the rapture of the moment. David's breathing was now fast and shallow. Wildly pounding my ass, he let out a sudden gasp, loudly exhaling, "Fuuuuuuck!" I felt the warm sensation as David thrust his slippery boy fluids deep into my void, his rhythm now erratic as his body shuddered, David floating through his orgasm. He continued pounding my ass, releasing the last of his creamy load into my anus as his orgasm gradually faded. His movements then slowly subsided, replaced by the intense sounds of very heavy panting, David spent a moment trying to regain his composure as he lifted himself up and then had me flip over onto my back. And David wasted no time getting to work! He spread my knees and immediately took my erection completely into his mouth, his lips and tongue enjoying every inch as he went down on me. The sensation was overwhelming. My body shuddered a bit as I could feel the warm, moist roof of his mouth across the top of my penis, the soft, damp sensation of his darting tongue stimulating the sensitive underside. He then slid a couple of fingers into my ass, caressing and playing with my prostate, his thumb slowly massaging the very tight region between my anus and scrotum. I slowly began grinding my hips in responsive instinct, fucking his lips, David milking my penis with his mouth, determined to make me cum. His unrelenting rhythm increased its pace, David used his right hand to stroke me in unison with his lips and tongue as his left hand kept spelunking the depths of my ass, randomly massaging me wildly with his hand, his fingers deliberately rubbing my very sexually sensitive prostate and causing me to grind into his hand in excitement. He picked up the pace and was now pumping me rather quickly now, my breathing getting much faster, my body beginning to twitch in anticipation of David bringing me to yet another fantastic orgasm! I couldn't stand it any longer. I was now furiously digging my my hips into his face as he pumped me aggressively, totally unwilling to stop his pace until he had his trophy mouthful of my jism. Knowing he was about to win this, he stepped up his cadence yet again and was now milking me with wild abandonment, his fingers furiously massaging and undulating inside my ass as I felt myself slip past the point of no return! I exhaled suddenly and sharply. My abs tightening and twitching, I could feel my cock ejaculate it's warm, flowing juices into David's throat, his tongue contracting against the underside of my exploding penis as I felt him swallowing my cum. I looked down at David as our eyes met, my orgasm continuing, the corners of his lips unable to contain my full load, some of my semen leaking out and running down his chin. After a couple of more orgasmic spasms in my groin, my orgasm finally began to fade, my lungs gasping for air. David gently pulled away from my spent penis to kiss me, sliding his tongue into my mouth, the unmistakable taste of cum as my overflow fluids ran from his lips and chin onto mine in messy pools of pearl. I sucked feverishly on his tongue, so badly wanting to taste more, not wanting to end one of the hottest fucks we'd had up that point! And that was our first day of "servicing" the new pool. And we had ten more weeks to go! ----------------------------------------------------------- I continued watching David as this very gorgeous man continued to sleep. There was so much I still loved about him, so many things I missed. Sure, I'd had plenty of other boyfriends since him, but none of them were as special as the relationship I had had with David. They all turned out to be mostly fuck buddies, and I needed so much more than that. David was special. He was the first man, the only man, I'd ever actually fallen on love with. And then tears suddenly began welling up in the corners of my eyes, as I recalled how our relationship came to an abrupt end. Just then, almost on queue, a soft, unmistakable airplane "ding dong" sounded throughout the cabin as the voice of a stewardess came across the intercom. "The captain has turned on the 'Fasten Seat Belts' sign. If you're up and about the cabin, please return to your seats and fasten your seat belt. The captain is anticipating severe turbulence ahead." ----------------------------------------------------------- For the rest of the summer, David and I took advantage our alone time, frolicking in the pool at Adam's house, the last pool on our daily schedule. We horsed around, played around, and made out in the pool. We'd spend hours laying out in the nude as we lathered each other up with lotion, soaked up some rays, and talked. When playtime and talking were done, we managed to have very intimate sex in just about every corner of the courtyard. One of our favorite games was to sixty-nine each other and try really hard not to be the one who came first. David won most of the time, but I certainly didn't mind loosing to my hunky boyfriend at all! Sometimes I lost on purpose! By the end of the summer, David and I had golden, allover tans! The time we had alone together those ten weeks was so amazingly beautiful, and because of David, I'll always treasure the summer between high school and college for the rest of my life. As Autumn came back around and school started back up again, I began classes at the university with David and Kevin, having been accepted on a music scholarship. The course material was certainly harder, and I had to spend additional hours studying and practicing piano, but I felt that I had managed the transition from high school to college rather well. And then. About a quarter of the way into the semester, I came home from my afternoon classes, only to find that both of my parents had been waiting all day to speak with me. They had gotten a call from David's father. As it turned out, right before summer had ended one of Kevin's former football teammates had spotted David and me out together. Apparently, we were seen kissing in his car in the parking lot of the local movie theater, and this person felt it was his duty to call David's father, who in turn, called my parents. I remembered the kiss. We had finished our rounds early as usual and decided to catch a matinee, a newly released film. David and I were pretty careful about our behavior in public together, and we were pretty certain that no one was around at the time, but apparently we had misjudged. During the course of my rather awkward conversation with my parents, I learned that under intense questioning (David's dad is an attorney as well as a rather controlling father figure), David's parents also found out that he and I were sexually active! This was never how I had imagined coming out with my parents! So many times I had rehearsed in my mind how I wanted to break the news to my mom and dad, to let them know that their baby boy is gay. And this was certainly not what I had imagined! But surprisingly - and I'd never expected this from them - they went to great lengths to assure me that they were very supportive of me, that they understood that as an adult I'm fully capable of making my own decisions, and most importantly, that they still loved me very, very much. I couldn't help it. I could no longer hold back the tears as they welled up and began running down my cheeks. They went on to say that they loved David, too, that I had very good taste in such a respectable young man and that they were OK with our relationship. They just asked that as long as I was living at home to please be honest with them. At this point, all I could do was nod my head in agreement because the tears were now flowing nonstop. My mother then gave me the biggest, most important hug of my life as I totally broke down in her arms and cried. "I was so afraid", I sobbed after several minutes of crying nonstop. "Afraid of how we'd react if we knew you were gay?" she finished. I nodded. The tears were coming in buckets now. "Afraid you and dad... would be disappointed in me" I managed to cry to even more tears. "Oh, baby!" my mom broke her embrace enough so she could look me in the eye. "The only way you could ever disappoint your father and me would be if you tried living your life as someone you're not! OK?" she smiled up at me. Of course, this caused even more tears as I embraced my mom, relieved that she and my dad finally knew the truth and were still there for me. A little while later, after regaining my composure, I tried texting David, worried about his parents' reaction. I waited anxiously for more than an hour until I got a reply, but it wasn't from David. It was from his dad. And it wasn't good news. He stated that our relationship was wrong for his son and that he and his mother didn't want me near David anymore. He planned to send David to the east coast where he would live with his aunt and uncle and transfer his studies there to finish out his degree. He made it clear that he and David's mom were intent on keeping us apart and told me not to try to see David, otherwise he would call local law enforcement. I felt as though I had been kicked in the stomach! I was totally crushed! I threw my phone across the kitchen as I let out a very angry scream and collapsed at the kitchen table, crying again! My mom came into the kitchen to check on me, my dad just a few paces behind. She saw the text on my phone through the shattered screen as she picked it up off the floor. I saw such a hurt, apologetic look on her face, looking back up at me as I raced to my room, sobbing bitterly. Time stood still. I totally lost track of it, staying in my room, literally wailing the whole time, refusing to eat or drink anything at all. I needed so badly to talk to David, to be with him, to have him hold me! But I feared that I'd never be allowed to ever see him again, and that hurt like hell! I've never cried as hard and as intensely for anyone as I did for David. I felt as though my soul had been completely ripped from my body and shredded! Up to this point in my young life, I'd never experienced pain quite like this before. For the following days, the only time I wasn't crying was when I had cried myself to sleep. And when I woke, the pain kept rushing back in, as if it had been standing there next to my bed, watching, waiting for me to open my eyes again so it could continue the torment. This unrelenting cycle continued for I don't know how long. I just remember the light in the window in my room kept alternating between morning, evening, night, and then back to morning again with no foreseeable end in sight. And then somewhere in all this, I heard a knock as my bedroom door opened. I turned and looked through red, puffy eyes and saw it was Kevin. "Hey, Baby Brother" he said in a sheepishly quiet voice as he entered. "I'm so sorry about everything you're going through right now. " I didn't answer. "I went with dad today to talk to David's dad" he said as he sat at the end of my bed. "And?" I weakly asked, hoping he'd changed his mind about David and me. "It didn't go well. It turned into a shouting match and ended with Dad calling him a 'fucking asshole'." "Really?" I chuckled through my tear-soaked voice. "Dad?" "Yeah, hard to believe for such a mild-tempered guy as Dad, huh?" I nodded and sat up, sniffling. "Yeah, Dad really stepped up to bat for you and David." He paused for a very long moment, thinking about how he would continue. "You're really scaring them, Mom and Dad. They've been sleeping in shifts for three days just so one of them can keep an eye on you." he paused again. "It's really hurting them to see you suffering like this." I felt awful. Guilty that I was worrying my parents to the point that they felt I needed to be watched. "I spoke with David." he added. "What'd he say?" I asked, eager to hear word from David. "He and his dad had a really big fight a couple of nights ago. He threatened to quit school, leave and move out on his own. But his dad threatened to file an injunction against you, to keep you guys apart." "Can he do that?" "He's got enough clout in this county. I suppose it wouldn't be too hard for the little prick to do." It was so unfair! "Why does he hate me so much?" tears rolling again down my cheeks and chin. "It's not you, Baby Brother. The bigger issue is that David's dad refuses to come to terms and accept that his only child is gay." Kevin went on, shaking his head, "He's a fool, really, if he thinks separating you two is going to somehow make David stop being gay. All he's accomplishing is he's driving a permanent wedge between himself and David. Something he's going to regret, something he's never going to be able to take back or undo later." "What'd you tell David when he asked about me?" "The truth. That you haven't stopped crying since all the shit hit the fan with his dad." "How'd he react?" "He broke down and starting crying too, apologizing for the mess his father was making of things, apologizing for how badly you're being hurt, getting caught in the middle." Kevin continued, "He wants to see you so very badly, but his father has him on a very short leash right now. I had a tough time convincing his dad just to let me talk to him." "I'm sorry we never told you." I apologized to my brother. "It's OK." he replied. "I admit I was pretty much hurt at first. I thought that maybe you guys felt like you couldn't trust me." he said, "But over the past couple of days, I've been able to see how serious you guys are about each other...." he broke mid-sentence for a moment, pondering, and then continued. "I realized you guys weren't actually out to hurt me. You were just afraid of what I was going to think if I found out my best friend and my brother are having a gay relationship. That sound about right?" I nodded. "Well," he smiled, placing his hand on my shoulder, looking me straight in the eye "I forgive you guys - if there's anything to forgive at all - and David's still my best friend, OK? I made sure I told him that, too." "How did he react when you told him that?" "Well, he smiled and gave me a really big hug and whispered 'Thank you!' in my ear. I admit it was a side of him I'd never seen before, but ironically, I feel a lot closer to him now." At that, I leaned forward, tears slowly streaming again, and gave my big brother probably the first hug I'd given him since we were kids. I too whispered a teary "Thank you!" in his ear. "Hey, you're my baby brother. I could never turn my back on you, OK? Mom and Dad and I just want you to be happy." he reassured. I held on to Kevin tighter, the tears now streaming down my cheeks again. I felt so much closer to my brother after that, and I was so very thankful that my family was as supportive as they were. I just regretted that David never received the same loving support from his family, and it hurt me so very deeply knowing how much David needed me, but I wasn't allowed to come anywhere near him. I just wanted more than anything to be there for him, to reassure him, to be with him! But his parents went to great lengths to keep us apart until they were able to send David away to live with his aunt and uncle. But David and I were able to get messages to each other, thanks to Kevin, although I was never given the opportunity to see David off, to tell him once more how much I loved him! I was truly heartbroken! Fall turned into winter, and winter to spring. And painful as it was those next several months being apart from David, life went on. I was able continue my studies at the university, and once things had settled down a bit, David went behind his family's back and bought a new phone, so that we were able to stay in touch. We spent hours upon hours talking every day, planning our future together once we finished school. But as happens to all long distance relationships, time passed. The calls became less frequent, we eventually met other guys, and we moved on with our lives. But even though, I never stopped loving David. ----------------------------------------------------------- "So where in town are you staying?" David asked. The early morning sun was coming up through the open windows in the cabin as we crossed over the British coast. I was a little embarrassed because I had to dig into my itinerary to look up the name of my hotel. It was a small economy hotel I found online, out on the edge of town, but it had easy access to the London Underground and access to the heart of town. "Bullshit!" was David's response. "I'm booked at The Montcalm London Marble Arch" he said, reaching for his phone, auto dialing a number. "Jeffery, I need for you to cancel a friend's reservation for me and add him to mine." he paused, looking at me. "You're staying with me." he whispered, covering the mouthpiece. My heart suddenly raced with excitement. "Yes." Jeffery was back on the line as David continued. "Have them bill any cancelation charges to me, please." "Also, while you're at it, see if they can upgrade the room to one of the lavish suites with a jacuzzi, if you would, please." "Yes." "Thank you, Jeffery." He hung up and turned to me. "We have some catching up to do, you and I." he said with a dimpled smile. And catch up, we did. It was so wonderful spending time in London with David! Yes, we caught up on each other's lives, but we also caught up on seven years of fabulous sex we'd missed out on. We discovered that we were both still deeply in love with each other and that none of the guys we'd met since our relationship ended - or rather, was placed on hold - satisfied either of our needs. And so when we returned to the states, we were married. David sold a quarter of his business to his partners, and with the money we built a brand new home together. Totally high-end with a piano studio. And complete with a pool. Surrounded on three sides by the house and on one side by a garage. With a single narrow accessway between the house and garage. Through a wrought iron gate from the driveway.
  9. Cosmo57

    media Morphs and Fakes?

    Does anyone have any x-rated morphs or fakes that they's like to share? Cosmo
  10. JoelR

    media The Barista

    THE BARISTA BY: DAN VD Every single morning, I would go to my neighborhood Starbucks and order a tall, extra hot, nonfat dry Cappuccino and the same Baristas would be there day in and day out. The same smiling faces, the same green aprons and the same amazing customer service I had gotten accustomed to over the years. I had gotten to know most of the baristas quite well, most of them in University studying `poli sci' or history of art. I had gotten to hear about their private lives, their loved ones and mostly their sex life. They seemed to have no barriers; they let all of their most intimate secrets out in the open. Mostly, I think, is because they just don't give a crap who listens. It seemed that all of the Baristas had that cool, hipster attitude. They were always hungover from last night's `hottest party' and they were all extremely good looking! I don't know what it was but I think Starbucks just hires people for their looks, and secondly their customer service abilities. All fine by me, an openly gay 26 year old hoping to score his latest hunk. Luckily, my day was about to get even better. I walk into my Starbucks and I see the manager, a now close friend of mine surrounded by new fresh faces. "Daniel! It's good to see you! Have you met any of our new fresh batch of baristas?" said Danika, the beautiful 28 year old manager. "No, I haven't. " I said as I scanned all of their faces. Some of them were cute, nothing out of the ordinary, just cute. I kept scanning their nervous faces until I saw Him. He was the hottest guy I had ever seen. He was abut six feet tall, lightly tanned skin, bright green eyes and messy jet black sex hair that always drove me crazy! "Hey..." he said after I continually stared for what seemed like an eternity. "You okay?" "Huh... Yeah... Sorry... I'm Daniel. Nice to meet you." I awkwardly managed to say as I stuck out my hand. "I'm Jacob. Jacob Ashworth. Do you work here...? "No! Dan is one of our favorite customers, a regular. You must get to know his order and eventually you'll be telling your regulars all about your life, friends and even more." said Danika. "Well, I come here so much I might as well quit my job as a Financial Advisor and work here!" I said, jokingly. All of the new Baristas burst out laughing. My God, they were all so nervous. It's not like my joke was even funny. Over the course of the new few days, I conveniently stopped by Starbucks more frequently than usual. I just wanted to see him so badly! Actually, I wanted to fuck him so badly. I got to know all of the new baristas quite well, all of them working to pay for school since it was the middle of summer. I pulled Danika aside and asked where Jacob was. "You horny fuck! Keep it in your pants! He's still in High School! Mind you, if he wasn't so young... Damn... Plus, I think he's straight as an arrow." said Danika, crushing my dreams. "Gooooooooooood joke, buddy. No way he's THAT good looking and straight. And if he is, I'll convert his straight ass gay." I said, with a smirk on my face. "He's 17." said Danika. "Age of consent is 16..." I happily said in a sing songy voice. "You're gross. If you really need to know, he works mainly afternoon shifts, since High School kids have don't end finals until the end of June and he still has some classes. I'll tell him you stopped by if you want me to..." Danika said jokingly "Don't even joke with me. I can't have you ruining my chances with this sexy hunk." That afternoon, on my way to my hair appointment, I stopped by Starbucks to see if Danika was right. Luckily, bitch was 100% spot on right. There he was, in his hunky godliness. He had the most defined jaw line, the highest cheekbones and the hottest lips I had ever seen. I just wanted to jump over that counter and fucked him right there and then. He immediately recognized me as I reached the counter. "Dan! How are you? I haven't seen you in a while!" He excitedly said. "I've seen you and your ass in my dreams..." I thought. "I've been great! I've been really busy with work but I love it! How's your summer going? Hey, you're in law, right? I said, knowing he was nowhere near a law school. He immediately blushed. Teenagers always love when you think they're older than they already are. "I'm finishing my Junior year of High School... I still have final exams until the end of this month!" "Really? I thought you were in law! I'm sorry. I'll remember that for next time." "No. Don't worry about it. It's really a compliment. With all my friends turning 18*, I've been wanting to go to their birthday parties at the club with them but I don't have an ID and I thought I looked too young to even use a fake!" "Well, you certainly fooled me! Hey, can I get my usual?" I said as I winked at the high school hunk. He blushed until he could blush no more. I knew this kid was a fag. Just my luck.
  11. Sure wish I could trade places with Davey Wavey. I would sure in Hell try harder then he did to seduce Phil.
  12. maleart

    media Playgirl (1973-06)

    COVER (Premiere Issue) 0 Lorelei and Eldon • photographed by Norbert Jobst I asked myself "Who are the people on the front cover?" The credits list them as models in the Table of Contents with another very small picture of them. They do not appear anywhere else in the magazine. This was a common practice in the early years of Playgirl, however most times it was a celebrity on the cover to get the magazine to sell. Read a review from Vintage Gay Media History Blog here and
  13. Welcome To The Doll House Zine 1 (2015-05) ^Click/Tap link above^ Table of Contents: Phone Sex - Comics / Photography by Brett Butler
  14. JoelR

    media My Buttslut

    Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2017 10:46:51 -0500 From: Riley Keith <rileykeith1818@gmail.com> Subject: My Buttslut #1 My Buttslut Rileykeith1818@gmail.com I'm writing this story because I noticed there is a lack of stories on this site about my #1 turn-on: a guy's ass. I hope this inspires others to unleash their love for the butt. This story is about a guy named Keith who falls for a guy named Maximillion, with you guessed it, a nice bubble butt. I hope you enjoy the story and feedback is welcome. I spotted him everywhere on campus. Walking to class, the dining hall, the gym, and hell even the occasional party or two. He was hard to miss. He was about 5'8 with silk like black hair, creamy skin, a gorgeous face, and light muscles. But to be honest, none of that really compared to his amazing ass. I consider myself a top. In fact, I have very little interest in a guy's penis. Not that I dislike a guy's penis or anything, but I just prefer a guy's backside and this guy's backside was one that I couldn't help but to notice. He had a nice fat bubble butt that seems to be only further accentuated by the clothes he wore. He tended to wear a lot of tight fitting pants and shorts. I loved it even more when he wore things like gym shorts, it made his butt just about irresistible. In fact, the first time I saw him a while back in the dining hall, he was wearing these short black shorts that rose just above his knees and showcased his smooth legs and taut, tight butt. When he was leaving, he bent over to pick up his backpack and I thought I had died went to ass heaven. I had a feeling he may have been gay, not because he particularly acted liked it, but you could just call it a guy's intuition. After that, I had seen him a few more times around school and when I wasn't watching him from behind, I was attempting to engage him in an eye sex. Fortunately, he accepted my invitation and our eyes seemed to frequently fuck each other. I knew that I meant i may have an in. We first initially made contact one night at the gym. I usually like to go to the gym at night. It's not too crowded and the atmosphere is chill. And I'm glad I did go to the gym because I saw him. I saw him walk in and head right into the locker room. I didn't think he saw me. I saw him walk out about 5 minutes later wearing some thin white shorts and a nice black t-shirt that made his light biceps look nice. When he noticed me, I saw him form a little smile and walk away. I saw his big ass walking away with a nice jiggle to it and I wanted nothing more to get a nice feel of his ass. I saw him start doing some squats so I decided to move to the bench-press not too far from behind him to get a better view and to kind of let him know I was watching him. When he would go the whole way down his ass would flex and when he would come back up his shorts would get stuck in between his big butt cheeks. I wanted to assist him in pulling out his wedgie from in between those firm globes. As he continued to work out his ass began to become sweaty and I could tell that he either wasn't wearing anything underneath his white shorts or he was wearing a thong. Either way it turned me on a lot paired with the glances we kept on sharing. Deciding to take things to the next level, I asked him to spot me. I actually didn't need any help. What I was bench pressing was not that heavy, but there was hardly anyone at the gym and I thought now would be a good as time as ever to get to know this sexy stud. After spotting me for a few reps, I decided to introduce myself. "I'm Keith by the way," I said as I stuck out my hand. "Hi, I'm Maximillion, but everyone calls me Max," he replied as he took my hand. We shared intense eye contact as we were shaking each other's hands. It was like neither one of us wanted to let go. I eventually let go, but if we were alone, I'm not sure I would have ever let go. "What year are you," he asked me clearly as a way to break our unflinching stares at each other. "I'm a junior marketing major," I replied, "how about you?" "I'm a freshman, undecided." This guy was definitely right, he was definitely fresh. He was fresh and sexy, just like I like them. We continued to conversate here and there while working out. He was doing a lot of lower body exercises giving pretty much anyone with eyes at the gym a free show. But since I'm assuming most of the guys at the gym probably were not interested in him, he may have just been giving me a free show. You could see the outline of his round juicy bubble butt and it was driving me crazy. I decided to go up to him and be bold. "Damn you really need this thing to get any bigger," I said as I jokingly slap him on the ass. "Hey I always get told I got a pretty big butt for a white guy, but I never get any complaints," he said pretty much letting me know that he was comfortable with me having touched him there. "Hey well I'm gonna get out of here, it was nice to meet you man." Max stuck out his hand again and I grabbed it. This time our eye contact was even more intense. "Yeah maybe we will see each other around campus," I said as I let go. "Yeah I look forward to it." Max smiled and walked away. I watched his sexy rear end walk to the dressing room. I worked out a little bit more and then I headed off to the dressing room. I was starting at myself in the mirror admiring my coal black hair and years of progress I had been making in the gym when I noticed Max's pile of clothes sitting on the bench with surprisingly a black thong sitting on top. I had assumed he had already left. This dude must either be really brave or just not give a fuck I thought to myself. He must be in the shower or in the steam room. Knowing that he had been wearing that tiny thong between his big butt cheeks really turned me on. I kinda tried to stop myself before what I was about to next because it was kinda nasty, but I almost didn't care because he was so hot and that ass was sent down from Heaven. I picked up his thong and sniffed it. I first sniffed the front and got a nice musky smell coming from his crotch area. I then flipped the thong over to where it had been riding up his ass and put it up to my face. I got this sweaty assy scent that made my dick start leaking. I imagined the thong riding through his ass as he went on about his day. I sniffed the part where I imagined his asshole rested and I was rewarded with a very sexy pungent scent. Not a scent that smelled bad, but a scent that smelled like a hot sexy ass that was cleaned well but still can't prevent itself from becoming sweaty and dank throughout the day. I suddenly heard the shower water stop and I hurry up and tried to put his thong down, but I feel like he may have saw me. There are mirrors right outside of the shower that reflect into the changing area. If he did see me he did not say anything when he came into the changing area. "I thought you had already left," I sputtered nervously. "No, I'm heading to a friend's house after this so I wanted to shower up first." Just right at that moment he removed his towel from around his waist and I was rewarded with the most pleasing sight I had ever seen in my 21 years alive. His creamy white bubble butt. The type of ass you just want to slap and jiggle. I had to resist from getting right down behind him and burying my face right in his ass at that instance. He put on another thong this time a white one. He definitely saw me checking out his ass. "Hey you maybe wanna hang out tomorrow night," he asked which slightly diverted my attention from his ass, "my friend works at the Cineplex in town and I can pretty much get free movie tickets to any movie in." "Ugh yeah that'd be great," I said. "Alright cool," he responded as he finished getting dressed. I watched as he put his sweatpants on and his ass raised up as he put them on over his thonged butt. I desperately wanted to play with ass and then fuck till I deposited every last bit of cum I had in me. We exchanged information and he left. When I was about to leave, I noticed his thong was still sitting on the bench. I know now that he definitely saw me. I grabbed it quickly and ran out. I knew was in for quite a day tomorrow. I got to my apartment and quickly run up the stairs. I live alone which definitely is a good thing when you wanna jerk off or have sex and don't have to worry about anyone catching you. I pulled his thong out and started picturing the hottest fantasies while sniffing his hot ass scent. I first imagined he was some sexy stripper who was giving me some hot lap dance. He kept rubbing his booty against my big boner and it was getting me so hard. I then imagined we were having a hot twerk contest and I got to be the judge. I'm not usually into guys twerking, but I'll make an exception for that ass. He naturally won since all of the competition was just identical twins of him doing different techniques such as split twerking and twerking on the wall. I then finally imagine us wresting with him wearing nothing but his tiny black thong. I naturally overpower him, but he eventually gets me in a position where he sits his round fat cheeks on my face and I let him think he is in control. He then reaches his sexy size 10 feet around my dick while he is sitting on my face and starts jacking me off with his feet and I cum in my fantasy and in real life. I take away the thong which I had turned inside out on my face and prepare for bed. Tomorrow is going to be a good day. I rush through the majority of my day. Just thinking about his sexy ass seemed to make the day go faster. When it is finally time for us to hang out, I picked him up outside of his dorm. He doesn't have a car which I don't mind because I like to drive anyways. When he gets in the car he tells me it's good to see me. "It's good to see you too." I see he's wearing some nice tan pants that makes his butt look nice even when he's sitting. When we arrive, I realize that the theater doesn't play new movies, but older ones. I couldn't really complain much because it is free after all. We ended up seeing some random flick, I don't even know what it is, but I didn't really care much either. The theater was completely empty except for the two of us and I think I may have started to understand why he invited me here. We didn't really do or say anything until about 30 minutes into the movie until I decided to just look over at him and smile. He smiled back at me. I took that as my sign to put my arm around his shoulder. He responded by nudging in closer to me and putting his head on my shoulder. We stayed like for 15 minutes before he looked up at me and kissed me. It was at first just a 3 second smooth before he backed away and we just looked at each other and then we both leaned right back in and started making out. He started grabbing my dick which was bout semi-hard and I returned the favor by grabbing his through his pants. He reached his hands into my pants and started jerking me off. I whispered into his ear that I wanted to finger his ass and he responded by unbuckling his belt and loosening his pants. I put my fingers in the back of his pants and felt along his smooth ass. It felt good to the touch. I then reached his warm asscrack and ran my fingers along his asscrack. I thought to myself "damn, how many thongs does this guy own." I moved the thong to the side and started exploring his asscrack. I then stuck my fingers in my mouth and tasted his delicious ass and got them wet and then stuck my finger up his asshole. I heard him moan. We stayed like that for a few minutes with him jacking me off and with me jacking him off with one hand and with my other hand playing with his ass. Everytime I went to wet my fingers again I got a deeper taste of his butt. He had this irresistibly funky sweet and sour taste that only horned me up even more. I eventually stuck two fingers into his asshole and he felt so good inside. It was so smooth and silky. Shortly thereafter I came and the sight of me coming from fingering him must have set him off because he came too. He went to the bathroom for paper towels and the movie ended shortly thereafter. When we were leaving, he looked at me and said "good movie" and we both started hysterically laughing. When we finally reached his dorm, he was about to get out, but then turned around and gave me a kiss. I'm not really a boyfriend type of guy, but I was starting to think this guy might just change that. While I was riding home, I stuck the two fingers that had been up his ass up to my nose and jerked off while driving. I came as soon as I hit my parking space. Tonight, was fun, but I needed to get into his ass for real. The weekend was coming up and I texted to see if Max possibly wanted to stay with me all weekend. I usually spend my weekends getting shitfaced with straight dudes who know I'm gay, but don't really want to hear about my personal life so usually I just end up watching them gyrate against some chick hoping they'll score with her. The partying scene isn't really me anyways, besides who the hell needs to party when you have a guy like Max at your apartment. That's all the party you need. Max agreed to spend the weekend with me and I knew I was going to stick my hot dog between his hot buns. Max arrived on Friday afternoon after his classes and as soon as he knocks on my door I pull him in and start making out with him. I start running my hands all over his fat booty and he starts tugging my dick. We make out all the way upstairs. I hope my neighbors aren't home this weekend because they are going to hear a lot of butt pounding. When we get to the top of the stairs, I shove him down and turn him over. This time he is wearing a pink thong. It's a little gay, but there's something so hot about seeing a guy, meaning someone who is supposed to be masculine and strong, wearing something so revealing and a little girlish. I looked at his heavenly cheeks and I knew I was a lucky man. I started by planting kisses all over his ass starting from the creases at the bottom of his ass up to the back of his waist. I did this on both cheeks. Then I opened up his cheeks and saw his pretty pink asshole and smooth asscrack. I was going to go slow, but after seeing that, I just buried my face right in his ass. I kept shaking my head to feel his buttcheeks bounce on my face. I then grabbed them and squished them against my face so hard that there is no way my face was not beat red. I ran my nose up and down his crack and he smelled as delicious as he always does. He smelled like fresh butt and honey mixed together to make deliciously nasty combination. I then licked along the smooth sides of his asscrack. I could hear him moaning enjoying what I was doing to him although I'm not going to lie, I'm not sure if I liked him or his butt better. "You sure know how to worship an ass", he told me. "Just the big sexy ones like yours," I told him as I slapped both of his asscheeks and then bit down on his ass. He screamed out. I then buried my tongue right in his dewy middle. I plunged my tongue in and out of his ass so fast like I was trying to knock out some type of target. He took his hand and pushed my face further into his ass which I liked, but I slapped his ass harder to remind him who is in control here. "Who's ass is this," I practically yelled at him while I slapped and ate his ass out some more. "It's yours Keith," he responded sounding overwhelmed. I yelled out more, "Who's butt is this." "Keith's," he screamed delirious. "Who's booty is this," I demanded as I finely freed myself from in between his cheeks and slapped his asshole. He looked back at me really sexy and looked me dead in my eyes and said "Keith's." With that I dove right back into his asshole and rimmed his sweet pink pucker. I just couldn't get enough he just tasted so good. I jiggled his asscheeks against my face. I told him to do all types of things like flex his cheeks against my face and twerk against my face. This ass was just made to be played with. He told me he wanted to suck me off so I pulled out my rock-hard dick and shoved it in his mouth. I sat there and fucked his face right there on the stairs while still smelling and tasting his hot butt on my face. I started wondering where the hell this hottie has been all my life. I could feel my self-starting to tense up so I started licking my lips to taste his sexy ass juices and suddenly I blew a huge load all over his sexy face. I'm usually not a big fan of cum eating, but he looked so sexy covered in my cum that I leaned down and just started making out with swapping my cum and letting him taste his own ass. "I'm glad you came over," I told him. "I'm glad I came... or should I say that you came," he said while he smirked. His sense of humor only made me like him more and I leaned in to kiss him again. We sat and actually got to know each other all day and I found out that he is actually one of the coolest people I had ever met. We had a lot in common. I realized he wasn't just the type of guy I just wanted to fuck and never talk to again, this is the type of guy I could see myself developing a relationship with. Our getting to know each other talk didn't prevent me though from still slapping his ass every chance I got. I'm pretty sure he liked all of the attention I was giving his ass. I don't think anyone quite worshipped his ass like I did. After spending the day laying around and just getting to know each other, we both knew what we wanted to do next. He noticed my porn collection and asked me why I had abundantly straight porn. "Well I consider myself like 95% gay 5% straight and also when you're horny and ass is an ass. But I only like to do anal sex whether it be with a guy or a girl," I told him. "That's interesting," he said looking a little confused. "It's just that straight guys actually know how to please an ass so that's why it's hot to watch. Most gay guys know how to please a dick, but I'm not much into a guy's dick. I'm all about the anal region. There's something so hot and nasty, but at the same time sweet and untouched. I like to scream things like to take up your dirty butt and I'm gonna fuck you up your nasty hole you little buttslut. I mean I don't want their hole to be dirty it's just hot. It's a little hard to explain," I tell him. "No I get it," Max replies. "The same way I love your dick, you love my ass. I like to say things give me your big dick and fuck me with your big schlong." "Schlong," I asked and we both started laughing. He then looks me dead in my eyes and comes straight up to my face and asks, "So, can I be your little buttslut?" I lean all the way in until our faces our touching and tell him, "you don't have any other choice." We start making out. "I'm gonna fuck you up your fat sweaty ass. I wanna feel your shithole wrapped around my dick. I'm gonna frost your cakes better than the Pillsbury doughboy." The dirty talk starts turning him on as he starts fingering his ass and then brings his fingers up to his mouth to taste them. He then kisses me and we revel of the taste of his sexy ass. He starts sucking me off again. Watching his cute face do the sexy things he is doing to my dick is almost too much, but I refrain because nothing is going to stop from sticking my dick in his ass. I stopped him before he drives me over the edge and ask, "are you ready buttslut?" "Yeah, I want it in my butt," he yells, "I want it in my big fat butt." I slap his ass and tell him to hold his asscheeks apart. I once again spot Heaven and just have to go in for a quick taste. I buried my tongue so far up his ass it may have been up his stomach. How can a place taste so good where something as nasty as shit comes out of? Another one of those life mysteries that'll never be solved. I remove my tongue from his asshole and shove my dick right in him. He screams out in pain, I feel bad at first, but then I remember that he wants to be a buttslut so I start slamming my dick in to his tight round booty. I grab on to his ass and play with it while I am fucking him. "This ass. Oh god buttslut me and you are going to have some fun together," I tell him. I watch his ass jiggle against my dick and it has to be one of the sexiest sights I think I may have ever seen. His white creamy tushy looks like heaven right now to an ass lover like me. Just then my buttslut surprised me and pulled my dick out of his ass and started sucking my dick. "Oh, yeah you're a raunchy buttslut, I like that," I said in a raspy tone. Just like that he shoved my dick back in him and reached back to kiss me. Of course I kissed him without a second thought. Sitting here fucking him in the ass, tasting his butt on his lips, could this get any better. And right then I remembered the thong of his I had from after his workout that had been wedged far up his ass. "I'll be right back," I told him. I returned and turned him over on his back. I took the thong and put it right over his face with the part that was in his ass covering his nose and mouth. I shoved my dick right back in his and we started making out through his butt flavored thong. We were having butt flavored kisses. If all kisses tasted like this I don't think I would ever want to stop making out. Just then I took the thong from around his face and shoved it in his mouth. "How's your ass taste, buttslut," I demanded. "Tastes good," he said barely audible with the thong in his mouth. "That's it?" I asked. "Oh umm... it tastes just like my big ass. It tastes just like I had it up my fat ass while I was working out," he mumbled. "Where was that thong while you were doing those squats buttslut," I said as I continued to fuck deeper and deeper into the anal depths of his silky walls. "It was right up against my asshole. My asshole would brush right up against it everytime I went down," he said with the cutest, most innocent face. I pulled my dick out of his ass and shoved it in his mouth with the thong basically almost choking him. I then shoved my dick back in his sexy pink butthole and leaned in to kiss him. I felt like I was about to cum. I slapped him and told him "say something nasty to me." I took the thong out of his mouth and shoved it in mine. "Okay you wanna know something nasty. I had that thong on for 3 days straight. Our water pipes were only shooting out cold water. That day at the gym was the first time I had taken a shower in days. That thong collected every single piece of ass sweat that I had for days," he openly admitted. I leaned down to kiss him with the thong in my mouth and came so hard in his big bubble butt. I pulled the thong out of my mouth, I smiled and told him, "I told you I was dirty." He just kissed me and told me he needed to get off. He told me he wanted to sit on my face. I usually don't like eating cum, but for this guy I won't even begin to get into some of things I would do. I laid down on my bed and he stood his big butt above me. Every second he got closer to my face the more I could smell his raw anal scent mixed with my cum. It was intoxicating. When he finally reached my face, I went to town. I licked from his taint to the bottom of his spine. My tongue must have been driving him crazy because he kept on trying to get up, but I pulled on the top of his thighs and wouldn't let him move. I wanted to be smothered by his big booty. If I were to die like this, I would be okay with that. He announced he was about to cum and his juicy asshole started opening and closing on my tongue. The smell and taste of his ass was about to drive me to another orgasm. My buttslut started jacking my dick and we came together. He got off of me and then leaned down to kiss me. We both tasted and smelled like dick, ass, and sex, and to be frank with you, I wouldn't have it any other way. Like I said, feedback is welcome. I'm a first time writer and just wanted to get a story out there for the ass lovers. My email is rileykeith1818@gmail.com
  15. I always liked his drawings from the 60's & 70's! I have a few more someplace... I'll look for the file. If anyone else has any, please post!
  16. Hi everyone, we wanted to start posting some of our digital paintings on here to get some feed back. Our art mainly focuses on the beauty of the muscular male form. We have recently started a Patreon page you can visit it here where it discribes what we are trying to do https://www.patreon.com/Bombelkie . Thank you so much
  17. We create beautiful elegant and artistic Photography. Our monumental work is something unique and allows for the imagination to form into reality. Our art mainly focuses on the beauty of the muscular male form. Here are some images to catch up.
  18. Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2017 10:18:28 +0200 From: bass dropper <getbanged11@gmail.com> Subject: Finger banged at Ratanga Junction Writer's note: As with anything you read, you should know this is my work, purely fictional, and totally made from figments of my imagination. If you're here and you're not supposed to be, then you know what you need to do. Please feel free to write to me at getbanged11@gmail.com with comments or concerns. -Finger banged in Ratanga Junction- The sun was out in full force today. I turned to my wife beside me and gave her the meanest scowl I could muster, she just smiled at me sheepishly and continued lathering sunscreen on her arms. My wife had the brilliant idea of visiting the theme park Ratanga Junction on the public holiday that followed Christmas. I looked up at the queue unfolding in front of me and it looked as though we would still be another half hour before we reached the front. Obviously the masses had shown up to take advantage of the holiday just like us. So here we were; awaiting a ride on the infamous Cobra rollercoaster for over an hour now. With so many people shoved against us, the only way was forward. I didn't even have any dread for the scary ride itself, I just wanted to get out of the heat. There was one selling point to this whole trip, my sweaty back would occasionally rub against the smooth bare torso of a hot young blond behind me. I pulled my shirt off and wiped the sweat off my forehead and chest turning my body slightly to the side to put on a little show for my hot friend. I had shaven my chest about a week so the dark black hair was just starting to grow back. At 31, I was in pretty decent shape with a large barrel chest and the hot blonde was definitely noticing. I just gave him a happy Colgate smile and took the chance to check out his hot body. He had solid defined pecs and a tight flat body. He looked like the type that was more athletic rather than a gym bunny. My wife made small talk with him and his skinny friend. His name was Jason and his friend was Steve. They were both commerce students at UCT. "I'm Chris and this is my wife Michelle." I shook his hand and made a point of holding his hand in mine longer than necessary. Steve and my wife seemed to chat endlessly about holidays and work while the two of us threw devilish knowing smirks at each other. I was almost certain there was no further pretenses needed between Jason and I. He was very attractive to me and I could tell that the feeling was mutual. My loose board shorts hung low exposing my hairless crack to him and I made no attempt to adjust my pants either. Sure enough, every time I turned around to speak to him, his eyes always seemed glued to my ass. The queue would move every five minutes or so and Jason would make it a priority to touch my waist or shoulder when we climbed a stair. When we started to near some shade the crowd started to get excited and we were shoved against each other as people tried to push forward for an inch of shade. I felt Jason grip my waist and pulled me back against him. His crotch was snug against my ass with his semi-hard length snaking its way down my crack. In a flash his hands slid around my waist and into my shorts to grab my hairy cock and balls for a quick feel. All too quickly, he pulled his hand back and stepped away as the crowd settled down. Fortunately, we found ourselves in the shade with a high solid rock wall to my left. I grinned at Jason and leaned back against the wall. He took his cue and leaned up against the wall very close to me. Steve raised an eyebrow at me and then proceeded to turn my wife away from us to show her some tube ride. I realized that he obviously knew what was going on and he was actually distracting my wife for us. I gave Jason a questioning look. "Relax, he is chilled." He whispered nonchalantly. In the meanwhile, Jason's hand had disappeared behind me and already slick with spit made its way down my crack. I felt him rub light circles around my hole. I just tried my best to look away and act casual. Slowly his finger started to push in past the muscle. I tried to breathe out and just relax and felt my asshole give way to Jason's finger. I couldn't help but let out a slight gasp. He started to push his finger in and out of my hole. It was an exhilarating moment to be fingered by this young stud with so many people around us. All too quickly, I felt his finger slip out of my hole. The crowd in front of us started to make their way onto the ride. It was finally our turn to get onto the Cobra, although to be honest, never in my life had I ever been so disappointed to leave a queue. The Cobra was thrilling but standing in the queue with Jason definitely gave me bigger thrills. I kept an eye on exactly where Steve and Jason sat. I would somehow have to get his number from him. Our fleeting trip on the Cobra was over in a minute and I felt disappointed after spending an hour in a queue just to be tossed about for a couple seconds. To my luck, Michelle had to use the bathroom when we got off the ride and I got a chance to stop Jason and Steve before we parted ways. I quickly entered my digits into Jason's phone. Steve winked at me; "he's going to give it to you good tonight bro." **** His text said that I did not have to worry about anything. I just needed to meet him outside my hotel and he would take care of the rest. This still made me incredibly anxious. His friend was also tagging along. What did that mean? Threesome? I wasn't even sure whether I wanted a threesome. The elevator doors opened and as the metal doors slid open I could feel my heart start to beat faster. I tried to mentally calm myself down. I had just met this guy and I barely knew anything about him. My palms were clammy and I could feel a wet spot forming at my back. I proceeded toward the door and as I made my way outside I noticed that he was right. The car park was empty and dark. The lone black Nissan single cab was parked in a far corner under a streetlight that was no longer working making it just barely visible. The distinct smell of marijuana hit my nose as I made my way toward them. Jason looked very sexy in a tight vest and shorts, I just wanted to strip him right there and then. He brought along his brown haired friend I had met in the theme park. They were both smoking and leaning against the car. I didn't get to say much else because Jason pulled me against him before I could even greet them. I felt his already hard cock grind against my ass. "Just keep watch." He said to Steve, who took this as his cue to step away from the car onto the pavement with his back to us. I had to hand it to Jason, he had obviously planned to just fuck me here, in a parking lot with his friend just a couple steps away. I pulled my shorts down to just below my ass and spat into my hand. I rubbed it over my asshole and stuck a finger inside, in a quick attempt to get it loose for Jason's dick. He gripped my waist and pulled me back onto his dick, already slick with his own spit. His wet dick slowly pushed past my sphincter and I gritted my teeth. I was trying my best to keep silent but I couldn't hold back the loud gasps that escaped as I felt his large length throb inside me. Steve chuckled; "give it to him good, J", he said over his back. Jason was done giving me time to adjust to his cock and he started fucking me with tense long strokes. He shoved his dick inside me as deep as he could to ensure his waist slapped against my ass as loud as possible. He probably just wanted to put on a show for his friend to show him how hard he was fucking me. I sunk my fingers into the waistband of Jason's shorts to try steady myself from the battering ram behind me. He gripped my neck with one hand while he used the other to spread one of my asscheeks. I gripped my cock and started jacking furiously trying to match his pace. My ass had submitted to Jason's thick cock. It was an amazing wholesome feeling to have his entire length inside me. I tried to arch my back and push my ass down even further on his cock, trying to get him inside me as deep as possible. "I'm really close, I want you to cum with me." He whispered into my ear. I felt the familiar throb of his dick, both his hands gripped my waist holding me firmly against him while he shoved his pulsating cock deep inside me. His cock erupted filling me up with his warm cum. That was enough to tip me off the edge, I blasted several thick shots across the adjacent parking lot. He signed laying his head against my neck. "That was hot"; I made plans to meet him again and quickly pulled my pants up leaving him with his friend to smoke their second joint. If you enjoyed that, let me know- getbanged11@gmail.com, all feedback is appreciated.
  19. Tales From Wilton Manors Zine 1 (2015-02) ^Click/Tap link above^ Table of Contents: Catholic School Boys In Trouble (Part 1) - Short Story Series by Brett Butler Alternative Nation (Part 1) The Sweet Smell - Short Story Series by Brett Butler I Was His Slave - Short Story by Brett Butler Art (Street Punk, Bully) Comics Photography (Java Boys, Jocks, Bronies)

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