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Found 30 results

  1. Sometimes life’s little ironies are just too sweet! http://www.allmale.com/blog/fox-news-anchor-now-gay-porn-star/ But they left out what his porn name is
  2. May 17 2017 | Manhunt Daily | Credit Did you know Logan Moore was Dutch? I didn’t! That’s just ONE of the fascinating facts I found out about the searingly hot Logan Moore after he took on our “7 Questions” questionnaire. Moore is one of the hottest faces and bodies in gay porn right now, and we need to see more of him. MORE MORE MORE! Learn more about Logan Moore below! p.s. Be sure to follow Logan on Twitter and Instagram! 1. Do you get recognized on the street? Do fans ask for autographs or pics with you? How do you feel about that kind of stuff? Any horror stories? Yes, in America it happens more than anywhere else. But they are very active in reaching out to public figures. While in the Netherlands, they really don’t care if somebody is famous or something. Yes, photos and autographs, especially when I work in clubs or around award shows. Horror stories – unfortunately also. Crazy fans who fall in love go a step too far sometimes and one time even police were involved as somebody was stalking me and my family. 2. What’s your favorite scene that you’ve ever shot, and why? Favorite scene partner? My favorite scene is difficult to say, I shot so many! I would say the Sense8 gay version as I’m a big fan of the real version! Also, On The Lookout is a special movie for me as I love Adam Ramzi. He’s an amazingly sweet and sexy guy! The one from sense 8 I’m in – we won an award this week! 3. How has doing porn changed you? Do you think you would be a different person if you hadn’t worked in the adult entertainment industry? Oh, it changed me in a good way! I learned sex is something amazing and something you need in your life. But also, because of the amazing travels, you get richer in life by meeting so many people and having experiences. 4. What’s something that your fans would be surprised to know about you? Haha, I think almost nobody knows I’m Dutch! So I guess surprise, surprise haha. 5. How did you come up with your porn alias? Logan means “power” and “confidence” and saw this in Wolverine… Moore for the American touch and Moore as in “more” from “I wanna see more of him.” 6. Are there any other performers that you haven’t worked with that you’re dying to? Ow, you have a minute….? Fabio Acconi, Colton Grey, Bruno Bernal, Nick Sterling, Landon Conrad, Jesse Santana, Will Wilke, Jarec Wentworth, Jordan Levine, Ronny Bononova, Emir Boscatto, Carter Dane, Donnie Dean, JJ Knight, and William Seed 7. What are your plans post-porn? Do you think your future will remain in adult entertainment? I hope a few more long years. Saving up to start my own company! Don’t know what yet as I have so many creative ideas. But a clothing line is one of them. Logan Moore is one of my favorite porn stars of the moment with a sexy and versatile body. What questions do you wish you could ask him, and have you seen him in any of his movies? (Please no X rated photos in this category)
  3. DAVE | May 20, 2017 at 5:18 pm | Adam4Adam Blog | Credit Gay Youtuber Davey Wavey got the set visit most gay guys dream about when he was invited to go watch the behind-the-scenes happenings of a Men.com porn shoot. Together with fellow gay Youtuber Riyadh K, Wavey went to the set of “Secret Affairs Part 1” starring Paddy O’Brian, Sky Knox, Diego Reyes, and directed by Alter Sin. He then made a six-minute video about the experience with the title “OMG At A Gay Porn Shoot!” Early on in the video, both Youtubers talk about their feelings about going to the shoot. Riyadh admits to being half excited and half terrified about the experience, while Wavey is afraid that it will demystify pornography for him. Additionally, they both express their fear of getting hard on set. The video then switches to Wavey quizzing O’Brian about his “real” 8-inch cock before showing the guys in a car on the way to the shoot. O’Brian and Knox share a kiss in the backseat to break the ice, since it’s the first time the pair are meeting before the shoot. Once on the set, both Wavey and Riyadh are amazed at the set and the apparent sophistication of the whole shoot. Wavey remarks that it feels like being on set for a movie, while Riyadh compares it to being on the set of a sitcom. We get a short interview with the director halfway through the video, a shot of Sky Knox shirtless and starting to take off his pants, and O’Brian fondling his dick through his jeans. That’s about as explicit as it gets, though, because the video is on Youtube. The video closes on Wavey and Riyadh sharing their thoughts on the experience, with Riyadh saying that he felt it was missing an “organic, real, loving, close element.” Wavey, on the other hand, found it fascinating and even empowering. You can watch the video here: What do you guys think about the video? Do you agree with their thoughts? What porn shoot would you like to see the behind-the-scenes of? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!
  4. Subtle (very) ‘gay moment’ in new Disney film generates buzz https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/theater_dance/subtle-very-gay-moment-in-new-disney-film-generates-buzz/2017/03/03/fab7b2bc-0059-11e7-9b78-824ccab94435_story.html?tid=pm_entertainment_pop
  5. By Alex Bollinger | Sunday, February 26, 2017 | Credit Men using Grindr at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this weekend may have seen a geo-specific ad purchased by HRC. The CPAC is a large annual conference for conservatives and is being held in the Washington, DC, suburb of Oxon Hill, Maryland. The CPAC’s general attitude towards LGBT rights is not positive. Raymond Braun on Twitter and user StormWarden87 on Reddit both caught an ad set to run in the DC area this weekend on Grindr, a popular gay hook-up app. Apparently sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign, the ad says, “You can’t be with us in the hotel room and against us in the CPAC ballroom.” This is a simmering pot of gay sexual tension and delicious irony, where these conservative men hook up with other men but don't support LGBTQ rights. What are your thoughts about this?
  6. By Alex Bollinger | Monday, February 27, 2017 | Credit Read More do you think the University Interscholastic League made the right decision to let Beggs compete against girls? Do you think it's fair for the other female competitors?
  7. By Jeff Taylor | Monday, February 27, 2017 | Credit "An officer, a gentleman and their dog" Don't they make such a cute couple? What are your opinions on the Air Force or other branches of military including gay members?
  8. Washington State Supreme Court rules against florist who turned away gay couple https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2017/02/17/washington-state-supreme-court-rules-against-florist-who-turned-away-gay-couple/
  9. It's still high-profile news when someone important "comes out" in politics or sports. But do you think there will ever be a time for those who lead normal lives when coming out is not a big deal anymore?
  10. Timothy Harper Aka Cameron Diggs "was charged with the manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance after police found him at an apartment complex with more than 1,600 grams of a substance believed to be methamphetamine" http://heatst.com/life/gay-porn-star-nazi/
  11. “Heterosexuality - A Queer Perspective,” an essay by Pierre le Roux. A droll take on the differences between hetero- and homosexuality, addressing such burning fundamental questions as, “Are straight people born that way, or is it just a lifestyle choice.” http://www.wingerjock.com/2014/12/30/heterosexuality-a-queer-view/ In an episode of the 1998-2006 hit NBC TV comedy series “Will & Grace,” the character “Jack McFarland” (played by Sean Hayes) had one of my favorite lines of the series: “Straight sex — it’s just so wrong!” Yep, got that right. And straight parades really are boring!
  12. Legendary professional wrestling star John Cena in a public service ad he did for the Ad Council. Considering the Cena's aggressive, tough-guy persona in the pro-wrestling ring, he might be considered a surprising choice to do a public service ad on the topic of the relationship among patriotism, love, and inclusiveness for the Ad Council’s series “Love Has No Labels,” but I was very pleasantly surprised and impressed by his extremely polished presentation and apparent sincerity. Starting at about the 2:30 point, he walks under an alternating series of U.S. and Rainbow flags. Total runtime in 3:30. One ad doesn’t constitute a successful campaign, of course, but if Cena were to continue as a spokesman for this theme, he could potentially influence a wide cross-section of the population with a welcome message in polarized times. Coincidentally, Cena was also the guest host for “Saturday Night Live” last night and put on a very credible performance. Like Chris Hemsworth (“Thor”) when he hosted SNL about a year ago, Cena showed a keen sense of humor and was very good-natured about the skits that took advantage of his muscular build and tough-guy image. (I’ve always thought Cena was pretty hot-looking — ruggedly handsome with a killer body — but I was very put off by his pro-wrestling persona and the circus-like atmosphere of that “sport." Maybe it’s time for me to re-evaluate my opinion of him!)
  13. Oh, this is just too, too rich! Unfortunately, they left out one of the most important details: his porn stage name. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/arrested-german-spy-was-a-onetime-gay-porn-actor--and-a-secret-islamist/2016/11/30/57c44f1e-e068-4307-8ddf-848fda772306_story.html?hpid=hp_rhp-top-table-main_germanspy-1040am%3Ahomepage%2Fstory
  14. 1. Love the upbeat melody 2. I was NOT expecting the twist at the ending, haha Hope you all enjoy this cute music video, and let me know what you think about the love story!
  15. According to Pink News, the opposite image of a Pride flag attacking the Confederate flag was available as well, but it seems that all options have now been (rightfully) removed from the site. In fact, the link to Fast Decals in the article now leads to an image of a peace sign that's made of half Pride/half Confederate flags. We're not sure this is the best follow-up, but considering its predecessor at least we don't want to throw up over it. It's also worth noting that Trump sticker on the car in the tweet above is not technically connected to the decal, but, hey, it's also probably not a coincidence either. In a diabolical election year, this was exactly what we needed to feel even more disturbed. Bumper sticker of deplorables, indeed. Do you think this Presidential race has brought out even more divisiveness in America? Just how deplorable is this bumper sticker?
  16. Wentworth Miller, discussing his decision to come out and the inner workings of the Hollywood system in the November issue of Attitude: Do you think it's safer for gay Hollywood actors to hide in the closet until after they achieve fame? Do you think Hollywood is naturally prejudiced towards gay? What are your thoughts on the gay ceiling in Hollywood?
  17. In N.Y., White House poised to create first monument to gay rights struggle https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/white-house-poised-to-create-first-monument-to-gay-rights/2016/05/03/0811810e-1154-11e6-93ae-50921721165d_story.html?wpisrc=al_alert-COMBO-politics%252Bnation
  18. In celebration of Gay Pride Month: Photos #4-6 are re-enactments of the iconic raising of the U.S. flag atop Mt. Suribachi during the battle for the small Pacific island of Iwo Jima during World War II. There’s nothing overtly Gay in #6; its relevance to Gay Pride is that the re-enactors are all Gay military veterans. #7 shows a contingent of Gay marriage supporters outside the U.S. Supreme Court building on June 26, 2015, the day the Court announced its landmark decision legalizing Gay marriage (Obergefell v. Hodges). #8 shows the White House lit with rainbow colors that evening in celebration of the Court’s decision. The last photo is just a personal favorite.
  19. lgbt news LGBT Pride Month

    Pentagon To Lift Transgender Service Ban July 1st
  20. Photo #1 below is a screen shot of Google’s main search page on Monday, June 13, the day after the tragic terrorist act on the Gay nightclub Pulse in Orlando, FL. The attack murdered 50 people and injured 53 others, some seriously. According to news reports, the club was celebrating “Latin Night,” so a lot of the victims were Latino. And in case you missed it in @Steve’s status feed, the second graphic is the fitting and touching tribute he posted the day of the attack. Many thanks to Steve for making this image available to us. Google’s search page and some of its results pages have featured rainbow-themed graphics throughout June in recognition of Gay Pride Month.
  21. Thank goodness they caught this fucking lunatic before he could do any harm. "Heavily armed man detained before Calif. gay pride event" https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2016/06/12/after-orlando-massacre-man-with-weapons-and-other-dangerous-material-detained-in-calif/?tid=pm_national_pop_b&utm_term=.bc151db2337d
  22. Ad for German Railways geared for Pride Month. To celebrate 25 years of high-speed rail service, German Railways is releasing an ad for Pride Month called "The Fan," that focuses on a young man who uses the rail service to follow his soccer playing boyfriend. It is sweet and adorable: http://www.outsports.com/2016/6/2/11837782/video-adorable-german-ad-features-gay-soccer-player-and-his-boyfriend It is a sweet ad, but it doesn’t show many scenes from the high-speed rail service, considering that’s its purpose.
  23. There's a spanking new video for the 2016 Broadway Bares, the 26th annual eventh which benefits the Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS, and this year's theme is to "tackle the boob tube in an unrivaled evening of sexy striptease." There's a racy promo below with some cute guys:
  24. Facebook's New Policy Is Awesome, Especially For The Queer Community. This is actually huge. Facebook announced important new steps going into effect on Tuesday towards ensuring greater protections for the privacy of users who, for a variety of reasons, use a name on the site that may differ from the name on their legal documentation. The site came under fire in 2014 for forcing many individuals operating personal profiles under pseudonyms, stage names, or any name not matching their legal name to change their name on the site or risk having their profiles deactivated. As a result, many leaders in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community spoke out about the policy. A representative of the social platform apologized several months later to those affected by the change. Earlier this year, Facebook's vice president of growth also published an open letter detailing the changes taking place on Tuesday. In a post, the networking site outlined their two key goals of allowing authentic identity. "First, we want to reduce the number of people who are asked to verify their name on Facebook when they are already using the name people know them by," Facebook explained. "Second, we want to make it easier for people to confirm their name if necessary. These tools have been built based on many conversations with community leaders and safety organizations around the world." So how will this function? First, if someone reports a user for using a false name, there will be a series of steps that require the reporting individual to elaborate on specifics. In addition, those whose names have been reported as false are now able to give additional information about why they are using a certain name as a "special circumstance." This move appears to be in response to the way that the reporting process seemed to disproportionately affect queer and transgender people, performers, victims of abuse and other disenfranchised groups who may have the need to use a name different from that on their legal documentation. A number of representatives of various queer organizations have spoken out in favor of the proposed changes, including PFLAG, The Human Rights Campaign and GLAAD. “By taking important steps to improve its name policy, Facebook is once again demonstrating a strong commitment to inclusion and respect for LGBT users,” GLAAD CEO & President Sarah Kate Ellis said in a statement provided by Facebook. “GLAAD looks forward to our continued work with Facebook to further improve on this policy and ensure that the world’s largest social network remains a place where all people can feel accepted and safe to be their authentic selves.” Want to read the statement from Facebook in full? Head here: http://newsroom.fb.com/news/2015/12/community-support-fyi-improving-the-names-process-on-facebook/
  25. The United Nations has launched a campaign to help people better understand the real impact of LGBT discrimination. The first part of the campaign includes a video, narrated by actor Zachary Quinto, which details the discrimination gays and lesbians face each day. Some of the stats shared in the video are: - 40 percent of homeless youth identify as LGBT - Gay and lesbian youth are four times more likely to consider suicide - Young trans individuals are 10 times more likely to have attempted or thought about suicide - One-in-five LGBT individuals have experienced workplace discrimination in the past year According to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the video "challenges the myth that the impact of LGBT discrimination is small, or marginal, or confined to only a small part of the community." It added that, "it’s not only LGBT people who pay the price; we all do. Every trans kid thrown out of home or forced out of school is a loss for society. Every gay or lesbian worker denied work or driven to emigrate is a lost opportunity." This might not change the minds of those who are already filled with hate, but it may educate others that the fight for gay rights is one that every community should be invested in.