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Found 18 results

  1. Photos, posters or pieces of apparel that already have captions added to them, like the examples below. (If you have an uncaptioned photo you want to suggest a caption for yourself, or have other members propose captions, use the separate “Caption This” topic in this Forum, found here: http://www.adonismale.com/forums/topic/315-caption-this/ .)
  2. JoelR

    humor Caption This

    Cookies for whoever posts the funniest caption! You're free to either upload your own photo to caption, or to provide a caption. The new Abercrombie & Fitch quarterly.
  3. JoelR

    humor Halloweenie Jokes

    Here's a fun collection of Halloween jokes (warning: adult humor!) I threw a boomerang at a ghost the other day. I knew it would come back to haunt me. I got so fed up with trick or treaters at Halloween that in the end I turned the lights out and pretended I wasn’t in. Forget the ships. My lighthouse, my rules… A young boy knocked on my door on Halloween night and said, “Trick or treat?” I looked at him and asked, “What have you come as?” He said, “A werewolf.” I said, “But you’re not wearing a costume. You’ve just got your normal clothes on.” He said, “Yeah well, it’s not a full moon yet, is it?” A nun gets into a cab and notices that the driver can’t stop staring at her. So she asks him why is he staring and he answers, “I have a question I need to ask you but I don’t want to offend you.” The nun replies, “My dear son, you cannot offend me. When you’re as old as I am and have been a nun as long as I have, you have had a chance to see and hear just about everything. I’m sure that there’s nothing you could say or ask that I would find offensive.” The cab driver hesitates for a moment and then says, “Well it’s like this; I’ve always had a fantasy to have a nun perform oral sex on me.” The nun replies, “Ok well, let’s see what we can do about that, shall we. There are two conditions though – firstly you have to be single and secondly you must be Catholic.” The cab driver is very excited and says, “Yes, yes! I am single and I’m Catholic too!” The nun then says, “Ok then, pull into the next alley.” The cab driver does so and the nun duly goes ahead and fulfills his fantasy. They get back on the road and start driving again, but the cab driver soon starts to cry. The nun sees this and asks him, “My dear child, pray tell, why are you crying?” The cab driver says, “You must forgive me sister, but I have sinned. I lied to you – I must confess that I’m married and I’m also Jewish.” The nun laughs and says, “That’s OK, my name is Kevin and I’m on my way to a Halloween party.” I just popped over to my Grandma’s, and you’ve got to hand it to her. At 96, she had all the Halloween decorations up, cobwebs and insects in the windows and a skeleton on the couch. She always makes a big effort, but there was no answer… I’ll pop back next year. Me and my girlfriend were going to a Halloween party last year and my girlfriend came down the stairs wearing nothing but boots. I asked her “What are you suppose to be?” She said, “Puss in boots.” So I went into the kitchen and put a potato on my penis. When I came back out, she asked me, “What are you suppose to be?” I said, “If you can be puss in boots, then I can be a dictator…” My wife felt like she’d seen a new caring considerate side to me after I spent the day making treats for the Halloween callers yesterday. I really hope they appreciated my home made toffee onions. I visited a real graveyard this Halloween… I logged back in to Google Plus. I think it’s a real shame that today’s young people don’t even know why we really celebrate Halloween. None of us would be here today if Jesus hadn’t slain that giant pumpkin. My favorite thing to do on Halloween is walk through the burns unit at the hospital and congratulate everyone on their Freddy Kruger costumes. I’m going trick or treating with my mum tonight. It’s the only time I can take her out as she’s been dead for ten years. Halloween is easily the scariest night of the year, what with the dead rising from their graves… and fat girls thinking they look sexy dressed as cats. Last Halloween there was a knock on the door. I looked out of the window and then shouted upstairs to my wife, “Honey there’s a witch at the door. What shall I do?” She shouted back, “Just give her some candy and tell her to get lost.” My mother-in-law hasn’t spoken to me since. How’s everyone holding up? It’s just crazy out there! I’ve killed 25 zombies so far! And why the hell are they all carrying candy? My wife said to me yesterday, “Honey, I think we should do something really scary for the kids this Halloween.” I said, “Well, we could always take them to your mother’s.” The best part about Halloween is that the cobwebs in my house look like decorations. I had a big row with my wife last Halloween. I yelled at her, “When you finally die, I’m getting you a headstone that says, ‘Here Lies My Wife – Cold As Ever’.” “Yeah well,” she shouted back, “When you die, I’m getting you a headstone that says, ‘Here Lies My Husband – Stiff At Last.'” Why don’t witches wear panties? They get a better grip on their broom.
  4. Rules: Ask a question that follows the format: "Would you rather .... or .... ?"You must answer the person in front of you, before asking your questionSuggested Guidelines If possible, please include a photo of the choicesIf possible, please wait for someone else to respond before a new post.For example: Would you rather be spanked or do the spanking?
  5. Image ... with a blink of an eye, you can turn any straight guy into a gay guy! Who would he be? An actor? A friend? A coworker? A celebrity? Mine would be Chris Evans (movie actor in Captain America). He's so dreamy, and yet he comes across as such a nice and approachable guy that you could take home to meet the parents.
  6. Rules: First or last name of the male model or pornstar must begin with the next letter of the alphabet. Alphabet starts A, B, C ... Z and then restarts back to A Suggested Guidelines If possible, please include a photo of the guy If possible, please wait for someone else to respond before a new post. For example: Arpad Miklos Barrett Long Colton Ford, etc
  7. Rules: Can only use towns, cities, countries, or other geographic regionsMust use the last letter of the person in frontSuggested Guidelines If possible, please include a photo of the locationIf possible, please wait for someone else to respond before a new post.For example: AzerbaijanNorwayYorkshire
  8. After the hundreds (thousands?) of video parodies of “Call Me Maybe,” here’s a small group of (UK) Royal Marines doing a mock exercise routine to “Call Me.” Notice the basket on the cutie in the black boxer-briefs in the front rank, second from the right at the beginning, and later third from the right. Either he’s wearing an athletic cup, or he’s really packin’! (I don’t know what the story is on the tape across his nipples and those of a few others.) The Marine to his left, wearing some sort of loincloth, and the one on the far right, second row, wearing blue briefs also have enticing bulges. The simulated gay sex acts at the end are pretty funny.
  9. I don't about you but I think I might like this kind of Thanksgiving.
  10. Freddy57


    "Shit." Chad cursed as he lights of the cop car behind him came to life and slowly he pulled over. Nervously he watched the cop step out of the car and come slowly towards him in his side view mirror. "License and registration." The cop asked and Chad handed them over. The cop looked at them then handed them back. "I think you've been driving under the influence." The cop said and slowly opened his pants and hauled out his dick. "Oh fuck, not another breathalyzer." .
  11. Freddy57

    humor Secret

    A straight guy finally breaks down and agrees to go to a gay bar with a gay friend of his. Once he walks in and sits down with his friend and other gay men they start off asking him what he name's dick. The gay friend. "I call mine Ever Ready." Another gay male. "I call mine Marathon because it last so long." The straight guy looks at them then says. "Mine's called Secret." The two gay guys look at each other. "yeah, strong enough for a man but made for a woman."
  12. Freddy57

    humor Sympathy

    Have you ever had a friend who is always bitching and whining about a rough time they're having? Doesn't that just get a little tiresome?
  13. Freddy57

    humor Athens vs Rome

    A Greek and an Italian met in a bar and began discussing why each one is better than the other. The Greek announces proudly: "We have the best salad!: The Roman replied. "Yeah? Well we have the best wine!" The Greek shoots back. "Yeah? We invented sex!" The Roman replied with a grin. "And we introduced it to women!"
  14. So, this is a hilarious parody from College Humor on how Google would react if it was a real person ... As the description says: "Everything you ask Google sounds a lot more stupid when you actually ask Google." What are some of the naughtiest things you've asked Google in the last week? (I know my search would make me blush!)
  15. james

    humor Santa :)

    Why does Santa have such a big bag?
  16. This was too funny. I found this while browsing Tumblr this morning and had to share. It's quintessentially Bond featuring the cute new Q.
  17. JoelR

    humor [Game] Lie To Me

    Rules: Post 3 statements about yourself. 2 of them are true. 1 of them is a lie.You must guess the lie of the person in front of you, before giving your statements.Suggested Guidelines Please do NOT post any personally identifiable information about yourself, such as government ID, financial details, location, or contact information For example: I really enjoy jogging in the park and checking out cute guysI like to be spanked in bed (but not while sleeping!) My birthstone is pearl

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