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Found 33 results

  1. Steve

    gay sex Rimming

    Rimming action
  2. JoelR

    men types Tuesday 2fer

    Tuesday temptations with men together in twos!
  3. Doug

    gay sex Feeling Horny

    Just a few of some of my favourite pics
  4. The artistic side of sex
  5. tbill

    gay sex Captured!

    The following story is a complete work of fiction, a product of the author's imagination. It is solely intended for entertainment purposes only and is not an endorsement for unsafe sex or public lewdness. Please practice safe sex and stay healthy, guys! Any third party references, whether by name, hotlink, video link, celebrity or not, does not imply in any way, shape, or form to be an endorsement of the following content. Also, please keep in mind that most jurisdictions frown on public lewdness. So as they say on TV, please don't try any of this at home, guys! If you like the story, please let me know by leaving a comment and giving me a "Stiffie" vote. Please enjoy, guys... A special thanks to AdonisMale member Davie for his suggestions for this story and to all the AdonisMale members who contributed the photos used below for your enjoyment. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Captured! It was my birthday and my boyfriend Bryan and I found ourselves making out under the stars on the back of his Harley Davidson. It was about a half-past midnight on a clear, fullmoon-lit night, and we were on the outskirts of town at the end of a very remote country road. I was so fucking horny that night and wanted him inside me so badly that I hastily helped him shed all of my clothing, casting them aside randomly all over the ground as I stripped, anticipating another out-of-this-world outdoor fucking. Bryan is a really cute guy. He has dark hair with blond highlights, beautiful bright blue eyes, very cute dimples when he flashes his killer smile, sports a well-kept physique with a really nice six pack, and happens to be one terrific piece of ass! We're both versatile males, and so when we tell others (especially those that are totally clueless that we're gay) that we like fucking around with each other, we mean it in the most literal sense. As I said, all day long I was looking forward to getting fucked by Bryan, and so in anticipation of this very special occassion, and since it's always been a huge turn-on for Bryan, I surprised him by shaving myself completely smooth - chest, pubes, legs, everything from my shoulders, down. And so now every touch, every kiss, every breath on my skin was an electric, ultra-sensitive sensation as Bryan busied himself, working over every inch my fully exposed body! The caresses of his hands, tongue and lips were so overwhelmingly intensified against my bald pubes and bare skin! He was in complete control, still fully clothed, and I was laying back on the seat of his bike as he sucked and fondled my swollen penis, my feet hanging in mid-air off the back of his bike, still wearing my biker boots, the only things I still had on when it all began. First we heard the sounds of two motorcycles quickly approaching, and then we saw the headlights at the far end of the darkened road. We could see them coming, and they were coming pretty fucking fast! "Shit!" Bryan said. "Get up! We gotta get outta here!" "My clothes..." I protested, urgently scanning the ground, failing to locate my jeans. "We gotta leave, NOW!" he quickly cut me off. "Leave 'em! We'll come back later. Let's go. Let's go! LET'S GO!" I quickly sat up in the back of the seat and held onto Bryan as he hopped on and fired up the Harley. Immediately, we kicked up rock as the bike spun its back tire, and within seconds we found ourselves flying along the dirt road. I was in back, holding onto Bryan for dear life! I clutched him tightly and buried my face against his back as I felt the cool night wind blowing across my body, accentuating the stark reality that I wasn't wearing anything. I looked up and saw the oncoming headlights just as Bryan sped up and raced right in between them! In the glowing moonlight I thought I saw two guys, both on Ninja bikes, at least one of them decked out in leather. They immediately spun around and were on our tail as soon as we shot between them. "We can't go into town!" I yelled in Bryan's ear over the sound of the bike. "I don't have any clothes on!" He thought for a moment. "No, I'll head away from the city, away from traffic" he yelled back. "Don't worry" he reassured me. "I'll lose them on the back roads." After a couple of minutes we were back on the main highway, our eerie shadows cast onto the pavement in the moonlight as we hauled ass away from the city lights! In the distance, I could see two headlights turning onto the highway behind us in rapid pursuit. Why were these guys after us? What the hell did they want? I didn't know, and I really didn't care to stick around and find out either. I was scared shitless at this point! I just clutched Bryan closer, trusting him to outrun whoever this was. I turned to look again and noticed that our pursuers were now gaining on us, Bryan pushing his bike as fast as he could go with two riders aboard. I continued watching as they kept getting closer and closer, eventually coming up along side of us, one on the right, the other on the left. With the aid of each passing highway light, I could see one of the guys was clad in leather chaps, was shirtless and very muscular. He was blond and really good looking! His gorgeous, well-defined body had muscular arms with a strap of leather around his left bicep and straps of leather across a very chissled chest. In spite of all my fearful instincts, I felt myself becoming seriously aroused by this very sexy hunk. I couldn't help it! He was fucking hot! His companion was also excruciatingly hot! He was wearing jeans, a black leather jacket, and had dark, brown hair which he wore spiked in front. He had a very handsome face and was tan, very buff and equally easy to look at! He wore his jacket open so there was no mistaking his washboard set of abs underneath. Both of these guys were real hotties, and on account of their overwhelming good looks I found that I was totally unable to hide my now fully exposed erection, the wind from our speed simply adding to the problem! Bryan slowed the bike a little in order to talk. "What the hell do you want. Why are you after us?" he yelled over the sounds of the bikes. The blond biker just grinned in reply and then tauntingly held up what appeared to be a leather collar with four stainless steel rings equally embedded around its perimeter. I could see that there were also silver metallic letters, but I couldn't make out what they spelled until we passed a split second later under the next highway light. The word "S - L - A - V - E" was clearly spelled out, the image branded into my mind when it reflected under the brief flash of artificial light. "We don't give a shit about you!" He yelled back at Bryan, hardly audible over the sounds of the bikes. "We want him!" He yelled pointing directly at me. "Now pull off the road and hand over your naked boyfriend!" Holy shit! These guys are after me? What the fuck?! They intend to put that collar on me! Knowing now who they were after and why, it seemed rather obvious to me that they wanted me only because without any clothes, I was a very easy prey! They knew it would be pretty fucking impossible for me to escape, that I couldn't get very far on my own if they caught me in the nude! I was now getting pretty pissed at Bryan because he refused to let me grab any of my clothes at the start of this pursuit, putting me in this very compromising position! As a result, I was pretty much fucked now and right where these biker studs wanted me! Completely naked and totally vunerable to capture! "You're ass belongs to us, cum sucker! Now pull over!" yelled the dark-haired biker, looking directly at me. He may have looked angry, but he was totally fucking hot! I suddenly felt weak in my groin and completely powerless, realizing the only things standing in the way between them and me was Bryan and his bike. The denim-clad biker glanced down and grinned a victoriuos smile when he saw my purple erection suddenly straining even more to be recognized. Seeing that he was gaining the upper hand and making a visible impression with his verbal assault, he pushed the envelope even further. "You're ours, you naked bitch! Now tell your boyfriend to pull the fuck over! You're coming with us!" he yelled, grinning even more as my penis literally slapped up against my lower abs when he said that! I tried to cover myself with my hand, but all that did was make matters even worse. I twitched a little at the powerful sensation of touching my baby-smooth pubes, shuddering and lightly biting my lower lip as my eyes rolled back, eye lids closing slightly in absolute ecstasy. I suddenly exhaled deeply, sighing at the pleasurable caress as my body unexpectedly shuddered again which made him grin all the more as he watched the whole thing! Bryan and the blond biker were busy screaming obscenities at each other, totally oblivious to me as I floated off into my own fantasy world. It was as if I was slipping into some sort of trance. The dark-haired biker continued to watch me as I lightly caressed my hairless and fully exposed pubes. The first three fingers of my hand lightly caressing my tightening testicles while I had my penis cupped in my palm, the base of my palm softly stroking the sensitive underside, right below the front of my throbbing, purple gland. In my mind's eye, I was in some sort of dark, dungeon-looking room with this biker stud. I could see there were chains, bars, locks, and all kinds of leather paraphernalia all around the room. No windows. I was on all fours, wearing only leather restraints on my wrists and ankles, chains and locks running through the stainless steel rings and hanging from the collar I was also wearing. He was thrusting himself into me, fucking me senseless, sweat pouring off our bodies. He was fucking me in a doggie position, his right hand wrapped around my collar and was lightly tugging on it as he overpowered me, his left hand on my waist, forcefully pulling me into him with each thrust! I've daydreamed plenty of times before, but this was so damn vivid, it felt so very real! I moaned lightly to myself as I floated along in my imagination, continuing to lightly masterbate, my hips slowly grinding into my hand, my fantasy continuing in my head. Having full control and unable to resist him, his muscular hands and forearms were exploring every inch of my body, my strength no match for his muscular frame as I willfully submitted to him. He was getting closer and closer as he pounded my ass, intensifying his thrusts as his rock-hard cock exploded deep inside me in a warm shower of his hot, milky seed! In a flash, the imagery stopped, and I suddenly awoke, finding my surroundings still awash in bright moonlight. How the fuck did he do that? How did he get inside my head like that? That was too fucking real to be just my imagination! He was still staring at me, watching me play with my pubes, confidentally smiling as if he knew that he was now in my mind, that I was seriously lusting for him! "Fuck you!" I heard Bryan yell back at the blond biker as he slammed on his brakes and turned onto another dirt road, cranking up the tunes on the bike's stereo. Bryan always concentrates better in high speed situations if the music is blaring to the point where it's almost distorted. I turned to look and saw my pursuers turning around and following us onto the same country road, motors revving in the distance as they sped to catch up. I clung to Bryan as he tried his best to lose these guys, my erection still in full throttle as it vibrated against his back! The tune Bryan had playing during the high-speed chase. Crank it! Could this really be happening to me? This had to be a setup. Surely Bryan was in on this! Or wasn't he? Could it be that Bryan didn't have anything to do with this at all? Maybe they really were after me! But how would they have known when to come after me? To time it so perfectly that they would literally catch me with my pants down? How could they possibly know where we'd be tonight? Had they been watching us somehow? Had they seen us out on that road before? Or was I simply selected at random? Just happened to get caught at the right time, in the middle of having sex with my boyfriend? I know I had recently shared with Bryan that one of my hottest fantasies has always been to try out bondage with a couple of really hunky strangers. Could it be possible that Bryan put these guys up to this for my birthday? Did Bryan have really good acting abilities I was totally unaware of? Or was this for real? My paranioa was fully engaged as I struggled for a memory, a clue, anything to prove to myself that this was all just a ruse. But nothing came to mind. And besides, how were they able to get inside my head like that? I couldn't explain to myself at all how I wound up in a dungeon, getting fucked like that, the warmth and scent of the denim biker's ejaculate feeling as awesome and real as it did as he manhandled me! Regardless, the thought of this chase actually being real and the vibration of the bass of the music amplified in the leather seat under my bare ass and scrotum was keeping me insatiably aroused! I shuddered again as I sat back and let my fingers continue working their magic! We took another high speed turn back onto pavement. I turned and saw we were still being pursued. How much longer would Bryan be able to outrun these studs? How long before Bryan made a mistake or wrong turn before they caught me? I couldn't help it. I know I should have been scared, but I continued caressing my pubes anyway until I was outright masterbating on the back of Bryan's bike! The thought of these gorgeous guys capturing me in the nude, totally helpless to do anything about it, was such a fucking turn-on and completely overwhelmed all my senses! Whether or not Bryan had anything to do with it, this fantasy was spiraling headfirst into reality. I could see that they were getting closer again as I slowly began increasing the pace of my strokes with one hand, the other still hanging onto Bryan. As they edged closer within eyeshot, flashing once again under the lights of the highway, I decided to do something incredibly hot and probably equally incredibly stupid. But I was too fucking horny to care. It was almost as if I was now under someone else's control. Lifting my ass up off the seat and reaching down between my legs, I spread my butt cheeks apart with my index and middle fingers, flashing my hole at them and taunting them, Bryan totally oblivious to what I was doing. I then began fingering myself, showing them where I wanted it, lingering and playing for a while. I didn't know what was coming over me. It seemed as if I was fingering myself because they wanted me to do it! I can't exactly explain it. In the end, in doing so, I think I egged on their determination. All I knew was I wanted both of these guys so very badly now I couldn't hardly stand it! I turned to look and was checking out the blond biker and his hot body as I closed my eyes and purred at the sensation of my own touch. That's when I seemed to slip off once again to my very vivid imagination. I was with the blond biker this time in the same dungeon as before. Again, I was bound in the same collar and restraints, down on all fours. This hunk had on the same leather outfit that he was wearing now, looking just as hot, and was working a large, rather realistic-looking, vibrating dildo in and out of my ass with one hand, deliberately staying on my prostate, while reaching between my legs from behind and stroking my steely erection with his other. I began shuddering and arching my back, trying to hold back what felt like a massive orgasm, but I could tell this hunk was very adamant about making me cum. Again, like before, I didn't understand how it could be, but it all felt so very, very real! I just kept fingering myself as I continued playing this out in my mind. "Cum already, you bitch!" I heard him bark as he stroked me faster at a furious pace, probing further into my ass and turning up the vibrator, my orgasm getting inevitably close! Knowing that he was only moments away from forcing my orgasm on me, he smiled wickedly as I surrendered to him, unable to resist any longer, ready to explode! Bryan then made a couple of quick maneuvers which snapped me out of it and got us back onto more dirt roads, my pursuers falling back a ways. I sat back and continued masterbating, fantasizing about getting fucked by these hunks, watching their headlights and hoping they'd catch up again, hoping somewhat that Bryan would make a mistake to get us cornered, fantasizing about getting locked in that collar. I felt guilty. Brian was riding hard, trying to keep me from falling into these guys' hands, and here I was fantasizing about being captured by these persistent studs! Bryan made a couple of tricky maneuvers along the back roads that seemed to finally shake whoever these guys were. We managed to make our way back to the highway, and that was about the same time I noticed the low fuel light was on! "Shit!" I exclaimed as Bryan turned off the music and slowed down. "How long's the fuel light been on?" "About the last 30 miles" he replied. "I figure with the way we've been hauling ass, there's no way I can get us back to town with both of us on the bike. We'd never make it. We're too far away. Plus, I can't take you into town like that!" He quickly formulated a plan. "Up ahead is that secluded trailhead where we've made out a few times. Remember?" "Yeah." "That trail, if you follow it all the way will take you over to Highway 11. I'm going to drop you off there and head back toward town for some gas and try to lure these guys away. I'll swing back, get your stuff and meet you on the other end of the trail in about an hour. You OK with that?" I nodded. "Just make sure you get off the road and out of sight!" Bryan pulled off the road and drove up to the familiar trailhead where there were a couple of covered picnic tables, dimly lit by the moonlight and a single light at the top of a phone pole. "I'll see you in an hour" he said as he dropped me off and then drove away, back wheel spinning in the dirt as he left me there. I listened as the sound of the speeding Harley faded off into the distance. I was now alone. I walked up to the trailhead, still very horny and still very naked. As I began walking along the trail I envisioned my dark-headed denim biker, again. Very hot and very dominant when I replayed him cumming inside me again and again. And then my really hot blond biker, fervently trying to make me ejaculate while pumping my penis with his hand and my ass with that vibrator! I got about a hundred yards down the trail when I seemed to slip into yet another trance. I found myself back at the trailhead, on all fours again, this time on one of the picnic tables, being fucked this time by the blond and was sucking and slurping on the dark-haired biker's beautiful cock. He had his fly open as I worked his shaft with my hand, my tongue and lips celebrating his very masculine flavor! It was all so very vivid, as if they were able to get inside my head, as if they were calling out to me, coaxing me back to the trailhead and back out into the open so they could find me! I simply couldn't fight them anymore, I was so horny! I felt compelled to obey! Defying all logic, I turned around and returned to the trailhead. My libido at this point was raging so uncontrollably, and I was so horny I couldn't even think straight anymore, needing so very badly right now to be dominated by these biker studs! I just couldn't get either of those two hunks out of my head. I laid down across one of the tables, knees up and spread far apart, I slowly began masterbating again as I surrendered and awaited my captors. I slid my hands down to my pubes as I began to slowly caress my very erect penis and extremely tight testicles. I never had imaged that the sensation of submissive vulnerability could be so fucking powerful, naked in the middle of nowhere as I was, pursued by two very hot, brawny bad boys who refused to quit until they had me bound naked in leather and chains, taking me away with them to where I would never be able to escape! I was now pumping my cock furiously and fingering myself wildly. I was so fucking horny, I wanted it pretty bad, and I didn't care! I began trembling out of anxious anticipation of what would soon transpire as I heard the sounds of the two Ninja bikes approaching in the distance! The slower sounds of the engines indicated they probably saw Bryan by himself, hauling ass toward town and figured he must have dropped me off somewhere nearby. Knowing I was now alone and couldn't get far on foot, they were now methodically looking for me. As they got closer, I began feeling conflicted. A voice in my head was frantically telling me I should get back on the trail and follow the plan that Bryan laid out. But I reminded myself that real or not, I would never get another chance to live out this fantasy with two such totally fucking hot guys! So I just laid there, playing with my bald pubes and fingering myself, listening to the sounds of the bikes as they steadily grew closer! What am I doing? My voice of reason chimed in again. Run! They're getting too damn close! My nearest clothing is several miles away, and these guys want to capture me like this! Run! But I forced myself to stay, my lust winning out, keeping me in place until they slowly pulled onto the rock of the trailhead lot! The headlights of both bikes were now fixed on me as I furiously stroked my very erect penis, fingering my red hot hole as I bit my lower lip and laid back on the table, closing my eyes in complete submission. With Brian and his bike no longer standing between me and them, it was over. They'd won. I had just been captured wearing nothing more than a pair of biker boots! I could see that both hunks were smiling as they shut off their bikes. I just closed my eyes and laid back again as I continued fondling my glowing hot genitals, listening as their footsteps approached. I felt the blond biker touch me first on my shin near my ankle, slide his hand up to my knee and then continue up to caress my thigh, his hand moving up to meet my hands. "Well, well, well! Smooth and shaved!" he admired as he stole control away from my hands, softly caressing my penis with surprisingly soft fingers. "Very nice! This is more like it!" he smiled. "Looks like your boyfriend left you behind. That means you belong to us now..." he smiled. "Finders, keepers!" I moved my hands back and propped myself up on my elbows, watching as he caressed my very tight balls and lightly stroked the head and underside of my very purple dick. I admired his hot, buff upper body as his touch felt absolutely magical against my bare, hairless skin, making me shudder! "You like that, do you?" he smiled. "Pull out his new toys" he told my dark-haired captor who smiled and bent down as he dropped a knap sack he carried from the bikes. "We got something special just for you" he said as he slipped off each of my boots, stripping away my final two articles of clothing. The denim-clad stud handed him something leather from the knapsack which he fastened around my right ankle as I felt the clicking of a leather ankle restraint equipped with a large stainless ring attached to the side. He moved to my left ankle and did the same as the dark-haired biker fastened identical but smaller wrist restraints on me. "Stand up and hold on to the table." I eagerly obeyed as they took chains, fed them through the rings of my restraints, around the metal legs of the bench and table, and over the rafters above the table, locking me in place, ensuring that I couldn't get away. As if I'd even try to run! Both of these guys were smoking hot! The final touch was the collar which they showed me on the road during the pursuit. As the blond biker came from behind and over my head with it, I recognized the leather collar, but noticed something I hadn't before, having seen it close up only for the first time. Inside the collar I saw what appeared to be tiny electronic components and what appeared to be a port for a thumbnail drive in the back. Noticing what caught my attention, he explained as he fastened the collar in place "GPS tracking so we can find you if you try to escape!" The denim-clad biker smiled as his partner finished locking me into my collar, giving it one final click, fastening it permanently into place. "You're ours now, bitch! Get used to it!" he barked. "Your boyfriend should have stopped and handed you over when we first told him to! Instead he thought he could outrun us, thought he could keep you away from us! Now his failure is going to be your punishment! So now a little obedience training is in order, and you will obey!" he smiled as he slapped my bare ass, enough to leave a slight handprint. "Climb up on all fours, cum sucker!" I did as was told, climbing back up onto the table, standing on my hands and knees. "That's much better!" he grinned. The next thing the dark-haired biker did was take out a rather large dildo and some lubricant, while the blond adjusted the chains and locked my wrists, each to a different corner of the table so that I could only prop myself up on my elbows, my ass sticking up in the air. The dildo was very realistic looking, apart from its size, and looked exactly like the one the blond biker used on me in my daydream! I've masterbated with dildos before, but never one as big as this one held by my denim-clad captor! He pried my butt checks apart as he eased it in slowly, quite a bit tight and uncomfortable at first, but he managed to stretch me a bit in order to work it in. I eagerly took it in as he fucked me with that dildo, the blond biker standing opposite his partner, resting one hand on my back while stroking my cock with his other as I drifted through such absolute pleasure, relishing the receiving end of complete and utter domination by these totally gorgeous men! My fantasy now playing out in real time! "I think he likes it!" the denim hottie quipped as he turned on the vibrator and continued plunging my ass with that oversized plastic penis. "You like your new toys?" he smiled. All I could do was nod between breaths as I tried even harder to get that dildo in deeper, the vibrations causing every nerve in my groin and ass to tingle! They both grinned at each other, pleasantly surprised at my eager participation. It just felt so fucking wonderful! I could feel my orgasm building as I wildly fucked that dildo, my leather-clad hunk refusing to slow down, pumping my dick equally as wildly with his hand! It wasn't much longer that I began to shudder again, my breathing getting very heavy, my body breaking into a raging sweat. Having seized full control and driving me totally fucking wild, they sensed that I was about to cum and stopped. Intentionally edging me, they stopped what they were doing and allowed me to catch my breath as my body continued shuddering. The denim-clad biker slowly removed the dildo from my ass, deliberately lingering on my prostate for a moment before removing it completely. "Awww! I think he wanted to cum! Am I right, cum sucker?" he mocked. I nodded in reply, continuing to gasp for air, my body soaked in sweat as my blond captor loosened the chains on my wrists. "Climb back down and face the table." Again I obeyed. He slipped off his jacket and then climbed up on the table and sat in front of me, directing me to grab the corners of the table top so that his crotch was now in my face. He then opened his fly, releasing a beautiful nine inch long and rather thick erection! This guy was very well endowed! "OK, cum sucker, let's see what you can do with this!" he ordered. I gladly obeyed, taking the head of his penis onto my tongue and then wrapping my lips around it as I slid my tongue as far as I could go down on his shaft! The musky, sweaty taste and smell were just as wonderful as I had imagined! I eagerly went to work, lubricating his erection with my saliva that I wanted so badly inside me, stroking his gorgeous cock with my hand, the chains on my wrist lightly jingling to the rhythm. I then felt from behind as the blond biker released his cock and began to rub the head of his penis all around my aching love portal, lubricating himself in the leftover lube from the dildo, and then grabbing my hips firmly with both hands, he gradually, carefully slid into my waiting void. I felt as he inserted the full length of his rock hard erection and slowly began fucking me! I eagerly tried taking him in further as he ground himself into me, gradually increasing his pace. The leather from his chaps made a slight rhythmic creaking sound as he began slapping himself up against my ass, the chains on my restraints making a soft jingling sound as he went after it. I reached down with one hand, barely able to reach between my legs before running out of slack on my chains as I tried stroking my hard, purple erection. "Hey!" the blond biker yelled from behind as he tugged on my chain, preventing me from masterbating. "That cock is off limits to you, bitch! Hands off unless we tell you otherwise! Only we get to pleasure you from now on!" He slapped my ass twice, making it sting. I was certain there was a red hand print there now! He then continued his pace, fucking me in the ass as he reached around with both hands and began fondling my completely hairless genitals. The light touch of his fingertips on my smooth, tight scrotum felt incredible as he softly caressed the underside of my erection with his other hand. He seemed to know exactly what I needed as I felt pre-cum beginning to leak from my penis! He paused, taking some of it onto his fingers and then sucked on them to taste. "Very nice! Your cum is nice and sweet, princess!" Meanwhile, I continued tonguing every square inch of my denim-clad captor's massive erection, searching for places I hadn't yet tasted. I heard him moan as I slid my lips slowly along his incredibly stiff penis until I felt him strike the back of my throat. I found I could only take in about two thirds of his erection! As I came back up for air, I played with the underside of his dick with my tongue, lingering for a moment just beneath his piss hole before plunging down on him again. I continued doing this until he began trying to thrust himself deeper, establishing a nice, easy rhythm. "Oh, yeah! You're a really gifted cum sucker, aren't you! Make sure you get it nice and ready because this is going next into that really hot ass of yours!" That only encouraged me to suck and slurp on his throbbing manhood with total abandon! I wanted this hunk inside me so very badly! I continued sucking his throbbing dick as he leaned back, locking his elbows on fully extended arms, his head hanging back and looking straight up as he moaned with intense pleasure, the masculine details of his abs and muscular upper body beautifully accented in the faint light. I was in total ecstasy looking up at this beauty, my lips wrapped around his gorgeous penis while simultaneously being fucked and fondled by his totally hot partner! It wasn't much longer that I sensed the blond biker's breathing getting deeper and felt his sweaty body shuddering against mine. He began pounding me harder and faster until I heard his moaning followed by an "Oh, shiiiiittt!" as I felt his penis spray its warm, slippery fluid deep inside me. He shuddered and gasped uncontrollably as he flowed through what seemed to be a rather extended orgasm. He paused for moment, laying across my back, gasping for air, his musky sweat soaking my body. "Holy shit!" he panted softly in my ear. "You're an incredible fuck!" "Ok, my turn!" the dark-haired stud declared. He lifted his feet and slid around off the end of the table, maintaining his erection as he stroked himself, still extending out the fly of his jeans. Both hunks worked to loosen my chains a bit so that the hot blond now stood in front of me, his right arm around my waist as he lifted my right knee with his left hand, guiding my foot, still in restraints, up to the end of the bench seat of the table. He then reached around and behind me and pried my butt cheeks apart, walking the fingers of both hands closer together, prying even further and holding me wide open for his very well-endowed partner, my ass now slowly dripping with cum, ready to be flooded again with more! I turned and watched as my dark-headed captor began carefully inserting his oversized penis into me, his fly unzipped and jeans lowered just enough so he he could fuck me. It was uncomfortable at first because he had to stretch me a little going in, but he managed to work the full length of his huge penis into me! Slowly he worked up a pace as his muscular arms and hands explored every inch of my body, much like I had imagined him doing earlier, almost as if I was experiencing daja vue! He continued slowly fucking me as I felt his right hand tenderly caress underneath my right thigh and up to my knee pit, my leg still raised high with my foot resting on the bench. He then guided his hand onto my knee and then back down along the top and front of my thigh as it met his left hand at my crotch. There he played for a while, gently caressing my tight scrotum and softly stroking my very erect penis, his hips slowly grinding into mine as he fondled my very slick, hairless genitals! His hands then made their way up my abs and lats and up to my chest where he lingered and fondled my nips for a while which drove me absolutely crazy! There wasn't a single square inch of my body that was off limits to him and his soft, curious fingertips as I melted in the skilled hands of this aggressively dominate stud! His left hand stayed on my left nipple as his right hand slowly worked it's way back down to my penis where he slowly massaged my balls and erection by cupping his hand and softly caressed the baby-soft skin of my scrotum with his delicate fingertips while the base of his palm lovingly massaged the underside of my penis! I bent my weakening knees slightly, right foot still raised high, shuddering as I squatted just slightly lower and a little further back, extending my ass back further into his thrusting penis, giving him even deeper penetration! "You like this?" he whispered into my ear. I shuddered again affirmatively at his touch. "I saw you doing this on your boyfriend's bike, and it fucking turned me on to watch you!" All I could do was close my eyes and purr in submissive approval as he continued delicately playing with my nips and genitals and pumping my ass with his throbbing dick! I then felt his strong hands on my hips as he began thrusting himself into me at a quicker pace now, his body slamming hard up against mine! His lovemaking and caresses were softer than the blond stud's, but he was definately the more aggressive one when it came to fucking me. I felt the perspiration dripping from our bodies, soaking his jeans, our cadence picking up even more as he continued to overpower me. His breathing started to become more labored, and I sensed him getting close. He then stopped so we could change positions. He sat on the bench seat, his back leaning up against the picnic table, having me straddle his lap, facing away from him. I reached up and clasped the chains hanging from the rafters as he carefully reinserted his penis from behind and reached around with his hand, stroking my erection as he resumed pumping my ass. Soon we were back up to speed, my denim-clad lover thrusting wildly into my ass while I just hung on, his hand feverishly pumping my erection. I could feel my climax building rapidly as he licked his fingertips and began caressing my left nipple again, his right hand still furiously pounding my boner, his hips slapping feverously into mine. The scent and sensation of sweaty, messy, boy-on-boy sex as he dominated our mating just put us over the top! "You really ARE a good fuck!" he gasped. "Hang on tight! Here comes an ass-full of cum for your smoking hot boy pussy!" he added through clenched teeth. I felt as he suddenly slowed his pace to deliberately thrust his massive dick twice as deep as he could possibly penetrate me, his breathing getting very heavy. I felt his breathing shudder as he exhaled very heavily, his penis shooting it's load deep inside me, flooding me with his warm, thick, milky white fluid, mixing with the cum his partner penetrated me with earlier! I wasn't far behind! His penis still throbbing deep inside my ass, this denim-clad bad boy continued stroking my penis and playing with my nipples as my body began uncontrollably shuddering, my breathing getting very heavy, my pulse racing wildly, sweat now gushing everywhere! Knowing I was about to cum, he picked up his pace. At this point, I could do nothing else but surrender to his slippery, sweat-soaked touch. My brain began to tingle as I felt my orgasm make its way from my excessively tight balls and up my penis, spraying everywhere in a fountain of cum all over my chest and abdomen. My orgasm seemed to last forever as his erection continued pressing against my prostate, my penis exploding in at least three massive jets of semen, followed by several smaller ones. I guess the excitement and adrenaline were a bit much because when the contractions from my orgasm finally subsided, my sweat-soaked body collapsed into my gorgeous captor's arms as I gasped for air and passed out! When I came to, I found myself lying on the table with three faces looking down at me - both biker studs...and Bryan! "You OK, dude?" Bryan asked. "Yeah" the blond biker hunk spoke up. "I've seen Logan make guys swoon before, but you're the first I've ever seen faint!" "Ha! Yeah, dude. I need to introduce you guys." Bryan spoke up. "This is Chris" turning and motioning toward the blond, "and as you now know, this is Logan." The dark-haired cutie. "Logan and I go all the way back to grade school. He's the first guy I ever kissed when we were in high school. My first boyfriend, even. Chris is his partner." he explained. "Yeah, Chris and I came back into town, and I decided to look Bryan up. He's the mastermind behind tonight." Logan smiled as he playfully pushed Bryan. Bryan reciprocated by pushing Logan and laughing. "So YOU were behind all this!" I said to Bryan who grinned sheepishly as I propped myself up on my elbows. "Yeah, dude," Logan said to Bryan "I was so fucking surprised when you asked us to fuck your boyfriend for his birthday." "Happy Birthday, by the way!" Chris injected. "Thanks!" I replied. "They weren't too rough with you, were they?" Bryan checked. "No" I replied. "I was so fucking turned on the whole time. They totally played out my fantasy just as I'd always imagined it!" "I meant what I said earlier...you are a really good fuck!" Chris offered. "Yeah, man. We may have been acting out your fantasy for you, but the fucking was very real!" Logan smiled. "What about the visions? The daydreams? How did you get into my head like that?" I asked. "Adrenaline?" Logan shrugged. "I guess we must have done better role playing than we thought and really got to you!" he grinned. "Yeah, I thought he going to ruin the whole thing by wanking off on the back of Bryan's bike before we could get to him!" Chris laughed. I smiled and blushed, my erection stirring once again, trying to come back as I began melting once again, looking into this gorgeous man's eyes. "I guess you need these back." I said, referring to the collar and restraints. "Nope" replied Logan. "Those are yours, dude. Bryan bought those for you. The dildo, too. Just let us know if you need help using them again!" We continued talking until the glow of sunrise began to appear on the horizon. Bryan had gone back to get all my clothes for me while I was out, but I preferred to just sit there completely naked in front of these three stunning hunks, still in leather cuffs and collar. I enjoyed talking with these cutties, checking them out as my erection eventually woke back up and inserted itself into conversation. "You going to let us fuck your boyfriend again, Bryan?" Logan asked. "He's looking totally ready for round two! Or would that be round three?" he smiled. "Dude!" Bryan replied. "How about if he saves it for later so I can get in some birthday wishes of my own?" With that, I got dressed, and we all went into town for some breakfast. Aterwards, Bryan and I saw Logan and Chris off and then headed home where we showered, Bryan giving me my out-of-this-world birthday fuck out by the pool, both of us collapsing into each others' arms when we finished. It was the first birthday I'd ever been fucked by three very hot men all in the same day! It was definately, by far, my favorite birthday!
  6. Falcon's handsome hunk Ryan Rose and cute twink Kevin Blake from the Falcon Studios DVD "Tahoe - Snowbound." I probably wouldn't mind being in Blake's position. (I wouldn't mind being "in" Blake, either! Or Rose, either, obviously, although I'd rather bottom for him. )
  7. tbill

    gay sex Shopping for Love

    The following story is a complete work of fiction, a product of the authors' imaginations. It is solely intended for entertainment purposes only and is not an endorsement for unsafe sex or public lewdness. Please practice safe sex and stay healthy, guys! Any third party references, whether by name, hotlink, video link, celebrity or not, does not imply in any way, shape, or form to be an endorsement of the following content. Also, please keep in mind that most jurisdictions frown on public lewdness. So as they say on TV, please don't try any of this at home, guys! If you like the story, please let me know by leaving a comment and giving me a "Stiffie" vote. Please enjoy, guys... A special thanks to AdonisMale member Davie for co-authoring this story and to all the AdonisMale members who contributed the photos used below for your enjoyment. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Shopping for Love It's really no secret that one of the best places to meet that special someone is at the grocery store...which works for me since I work part time at one. Thing is, I'm a guy who is very much into guys. Don't get me wrong, I truly enjoy my job as a cashier and most of the customers I encounter are wonderful people. But the store is in an upper-middle class area and most of the people that shop here are married, family-oriented people. Gay men in this area are very few and far between...or so I thought. Every now and then a hot single guy will come to my line, but during small talk I'll hear "my girlfriend" or "my fiancé". So my expectations for meeting anyone here have always been pretty low. However, having said that, there are a couple of guys that have stood out over the past several weeks. The first time Tyler came in, it was a really slow night. He has black hair, fair skin, and a very built frame. I'm sure he took notice as my eyes scanned his beautiful blue eyes, his perfectly formed chest with nips pointing through his scant tank top, and his bulging biceps which were nicely accented with veins tastefully showing. He obviously hits the gym regularly and is so very easy on the eyes! So much so, I was suddenly aware of my lingering gaze and was afraid it was giving away the increased blood flow to my groin! I shyly looked back to the conveyor as he made small talk about cooking and food in general, but it was hard not to notice the cat food and cat toys he was buying. So I had to ask him about it since I have a cat myself. This led to a rather lengthy conversation, most of which I kept loosing myself in those beautiful blue eyes of his! "Does your cat get lonely when you're at work?", he asked. It seemed rather obvious he was really asking if I lived alone, and so I let him know in a roundabout way that I did. After a bit more dialogue, Tyler smiled with a "Nice talking to you" and shook my hand. I really thought he was a looker! I watched him as he walked out of the store. He had a tight, well-shaped ass that filled his workout shorts perfectly! I kept a watchful eye for Tyler after that first encounter, hoping to stare onto those eyes of his again - and to get another eyeful of that really cute ass - but unfortunately he didn't come in again after that night. Another hot guy, blonde, not much smaller than Tyler, came in a few weeks later and started talking to me as well. He too was well built, had a dark tan, and wore his hair in a cute bed head style. He also had the cutest dimples when he smiled! Like Tyler, he was wearing a tank top the first time we met which accented his assets and what really got my juices flowing was his barbed wire bicep tattoo on his right arm! If he hadn't told me that he taught guitar and piano, I would have guessed him to be some sort of professional surfer! He said he lived close to a nearby minor league baseball stadium that I was very familiar with. It just so happens, I like to go there every now and then to take in a game or a double-header. Though I thought he was cute, I figured I would probably never see him again either. Boy, was I wrong! A couple of days later this cutie came in to shop and got into my line again, even though all the other lanes were significantly shorter. When he finally came up to be checked out, he said "I remember you. I love that voice of yours!". (I've been told by some of my gay friends that my deep voice sounds a lot like Brady Jenson's, a favorite porn star of mine, and I admit my voice is very similar. Some also say that I look somewhat like him, too, but I personally don't think so at all.) Brady Jenson I shyly thanked this stud and made more small talk with him. It turns out his name is Ian. We shook hands and he left. As he walked away, my eyes were glued to his ass, admiring how well it fit into his jeans. The guy was simply hot, causing my groin to pulse intensely as I watched him leave. The next day, Ian was back in my line, equally as hot as the day before, buying just a gallon of milk. The day after that, he came through again, buying just eggs. The day after that, it was bread. For the next week or so, he'd come through my line daily, buying just one or two items, always coming through my line no matter how long or short the wait, always striking up small talk with me, and me always checking out his ass as he left! It became pretty f-ing obvious it was me he was interested in when he came through a rather long line just to buy Tic-Tacs! I badly wanted to ask him if he cared to hook up after hours, but I hesitated and missed the opportunity. After I got home that evening, I couldn't shake the regret of not asking him out for at least a drink or something. So I firmly decided that tomorrow I was going to strike up the courage and ask him what his plans were for the evening, to ask if he wanted to hang out after my shift. But the next day came and went without any Ian. As well as the next day. To my disappointment, I realized I waited too long to make my move. The next few weeks were crazy. There was a management change at the store, and my shift kept getting monkeyed with - as well as the rest of the staff's. As a result morale had gotten pretty low. But I kept an eye out, hoping that either Tyler or Ian would return to the store during one of my ever-changing shifts. The days passed without seeing either guy, but my luck was soon about to change. It was a typical busy Saturday morning, and I was ringing up the regulars and having a pretty good day. By about 1:30 things had slowed down, and I was getting tired from being on my feet since 7 am. I was happy though because my shift was over soon and I was thinking about going home, taking a power nap, and then perhaps meeting some friends for dinner and a few drinks. There was quite a lull in the store by that time, pretty slow for a Saturday afternoon, so I found myself daydreaming. I started thinking about Tyler and Ian, replaying our conversations in my mind, watching Ian's ass again as he walked out, imagining being locked in a passionate kiss with each of them as they undressed me, my erection growing to potentially embarrassing proportions when I was suddenly brought back to the here and now when I noticed another customer get into my line. I went through the motions of asking how he was and if he found everything he needed. I scanned the only item on the conveyor which was a six pack of the more popular canned beers from one of the local micro-breweries, when I suddenly realized that the customer was Ian! My luscious music teacher Ian was my next customer! "Hey, Ian! Where you been? I've missed you!" I smiled, then blushed, afraid I'd inadvertantly given away that I'd actually been watching for him. I felt my face turn red and hot with pulses of nerves going through my legs as I felt my cock pulsing in excitement. Before Ian could reply, someone else ran up and added another item with his order. "Got it!" Ian's companion said catching his breath as he placed a rather large tub of Vaseline on the conveyor. Hmmmm. Beer and Vaseline. I wondered what kind of a day these guys were planning. I then looked up and saw a very familiar face who simply smiled back and said "Hi!". It was my megahunk, Tyler! I was totally speechless! Both studs hot as ever, they were dressed in tank tops, swim trunks, and flip-flops, literally stepping out of my daydream and dressed for a pool party! Was this for real? I knew one thing, though. There were plenty of other cashiers with no customers. Both these guys purposely came to me! "Where have I been? Where have you been? We've been looking for you, dude!" Ian said shaking my hand and smiling those irresistible dimples as I started ringing up their rather interesting order. "They kept changing my shift, lately," I managed to say to both of them, my voice cracking with excitement as I said it. Tyler smiled and asked "How's the kitty? You been feeding your pussy regularly, I hope?" The tone and his smile made it rather obvious he wasn't asking about my cat anymore, making me suddenly even hornier as I fully understood what he was really asking. "Not nearly enough, dude!" I teased, regaining my composure. "No matter how much he's fed, he never seems to get enough!" I paused and grinned, deliberately gazing up and down from Tyler's eyes, to his crotch, and back to his eyes again, being as obvious as I could that I was checking him out. "He always seems hungry for more!" I finished. Ian and Tyler smiled at each other. "So you guys know each other?" I asked. "Yeah, Ian teaches me guitar", Tyler replied. "We just finished a lesson and were headed to Ian's place to jump in his pool." It was so surreal talking to both of these studs after weeks of daydreaming about both of them. Was this really happening to me? I finished ringing up the guys, and after a bit more dialogue, they smiled at each other and then at me. "So what time are you done today?" Ian asked. I was so excited and nervous at the prospect of joining them, my voice shuttered. "Uh, like soon." "How soon?" Ian probed with a little smile on his face, his eyes scanning my body. "Two o'clock?" I stammered "Well" Ian said "That's perfect! "Yeah", Tyler piped in. "If you want to join us, maybe we could wait for you around the corner at Larry's Pub and have a drink before hitting the pool. We'd love for you to join us!" "Sure." Ian said "It'll be fun!" Just then another customer walked up and began unloading her cart onto the conveyor, and so I quickly agreed to join them when I got off work in half an hour. "We'll be waiting for you." Ian said in a soft voice, and they both left the store. I was on cloud nine! Was this really happening? Two guys that I found extremely hot wanted me to join them for a drink and likely more than that afterwards! Well let me tell you, that was the longest half hour to the end of my shift, and once two o'clock came, I literally ran out of that store! I had my doubts of course. Would Ian and Tyler really be at the bar or were they just playing a game? I decided I would go to Larry's Pub and not worry about it. If they were there, fine. If not, I would have a drink or two and head home. I kept my expectations low, this was way too good to be true. I was seriously hoping they wouldn't disappear on me again. It took me three minutes to drive to the bar. I parked my car and nervously, slowly went inside. It was a small bar surrounding a larger high-end steak and seafood restaurant complete with white table cloths. To my relief, both guys were there at the bar. I smiled in relief when I saw them as they saw me and waved me over. Ian got up and moved one stool away, motioning for me to sit between them. I did so gladly and then ordered a white wine. Tyler and Ian both had beer. It was a bit quiet at first as we all nursed our drinks. Awkwardly, I finally broke the silence with "I'm amazed you two actually know each other!" Tyler smiled shyly "Yeah, small world", his eyes scanning me over, checking me out. Then realizing I noticed his gaze, he added "Sorry if I seem rude, but I've only ever seen you from the waist up, you being trapped behind that counter and all." Ian just sat silently, smiling and staring at me as he sipped his beer. Suddenly, I got real nervous and started talking up a storm about everything and anything. That's what I do when I'm tense. Obviously, my pointless chattering paid off because the other two started talking as well. Tyler had found Ian online, advertising guitar lessons, and they had been student and teacher for about four months. They said they had come to my store several times either separately or together, always looking for me. Both had said they were relieved I still worked there since they hadn't seen me in a while. As the conversation wore on, I was expecting at least one of them - given my string of luck, however unlikely at this point - to bring up a girlfriend, but so far that was not the case. We had just about finished our second round of drinks when a crowd of about ten people came in and took a table nearby, and it suddenly got really hard to hear ourselves talk. "Maybe it's time to get outta here" Tyler suggested. "Hey, instead of going all the way out to Ian's place", I offered, "maybe you guys could come to my pool instead. My apartment complex is close by and is adult-only, mostly post-college aged adults. No kids. And the hot tub is very exhilarating!" "Sure!" They answered in unison. "That's an offer neither Ian or I could possibly turn down." Tyler grinned. So we settled up with the bartender and left. It was getting close to three o'clock by that time. I offered to lead the way as they followed me the two mile drive home, Tyler keeping up with me as he drove the other car. When we entered my apartment, I was so glad I'd kept it spotless this week! I invited Ian and Tyler to have a seat and to help themselves to anything in the fridge while I went into the master bath to change into my swim trunks. "Where's your cat?" asked Tyler. "Oh, Tiger? He's around here somewhere. He's a very shy kitty." I yelled from the bedroom as I pulled a handful of my swimwear out of my dresser drawer and threw it onto my king size bed. I quickly found my favorite pair of trunks in the pile and headed into the bathroom. "You might have to look for him. He usually hides behind the sofa." I added. "Hey guys, I have beer and wine in the fridge we can take to the pool. You can bring your beer along, too." I yelled so the guys could hear me in the living room as I threw on my trunks and a T-shirt. "I have aluminum bottles and clear plastic cups for the wine since glass isn't allowed." I opened the door to the bathroom and found Ian and Tyler standing there. Tyler was holding and petting Tiger, giving him soft little kisses. "Sorry. We didn't mean to intrude." Tyler explained. "Tiger was behind the sofa, but instead of letting us talk to him out there, he came in here, so we followed him into your room." he explained. "Sure, that's OK, guys." "Hey, these are awesome, dude!" Ian reached across the bed for one of the swimsuits on top the small pile from my drawer. "You really wear this?" he asked holding up a skimpy yellow T-back thong equipped with clips at the waist for easy-release. "No, not really. Not outside." I replied, blushing. It was a thong I had ordered online a few months ago and had only ever slept in. I must have accidentally left it out when I pulled out all my other swimsuits. "You know, you're pretty hot and look nice in those trunks and all, dude." Ian started. "Hope you don't think it's too forward of me, but we'd really like to see you put this on for the pool, instead." Ian said as he flung it underhanded to me. "Really?" I asked, catching it midair. "Absolutely!" "We insist!" they smiled at each other. "Okayyyy", I hesitantly agreed as I returned to the bathroom to change yet again. I changed a little faster this time, deciding to ditch the T-shirt, before they could rummage through all my drawers and find all of my magazines and sex toys! I grabbed some towels, then opened the door and stepped out into my bedroom again. Ian and Tyler gazed at me, smiling as I modeled, turning around a couple of times for them. "Very nice ass, dude." Tyler remarked. "You really look hot in a T-back!" Ian smiled and nodded in agreement. "Nice biceps and abs, too, dude. You work out?" asked Ian. "Not regularly, but I do like to get in at least a few hours every week when I can." I couldn't help but smile at their approval, my bulge ever-growing as they continued staring at it. I handed them their towels and went into the kitchen to put all our drinks into a cooler for the pool. We then stepped outside as I locked the door, feeling the afternoon summer sun on my bare ass, and then headed to the pool. Even though other people occasionally wear thong swimwear at my pool, I never had the nerve to wear one in public myself. That is until now. I was a bit nervous about it at first, but because I was accompanied by these two gorgeous men, I didn't care what anyone else thought. This whole afternoon had been so surreal to this point, I was willing to step outside my comfort zone and just go with the flow. Besides, there was something about being around Ian and Tyler that made me feel really sexy and comfortable about myself. There weren't too many people at the pool when we arrived. About five or six of them stared at us as we claimed our chairs and spread out our towels. I deliberately grabbed the chair in the middle and opened the cooler, handing each of the guys a can of beer. For myself, I poured a glass of chardonnay from the aluminum bottle I brought. I thought I'd enjoy being a prick and give the people who were staring something to look at by deliberately lying on my stomach while Ian and Tyler peeled off their shirts, together exposing a gorgeous pair of torsos! The site of such beauty in tandom was making my groin stir until I was nursing a full-fledged boner that was seriously straining the pouch of my thong. Good thing I started out lying on my stomach! After all, I decided I liked the attention and wanted to make sure I didn't disappoint Ian and Tyler. They encouraged me to show my bare ass at my pool, so the last thing I intended to do now was to hide it! Besides, I think a thong tan line would be kind of cool to show off in the locker room at the gym. We spent the next few hours mostly sitting, talking, and drinking, and working on our tans. We later slipped into the shallow end of the pool to continue our conversation and get out of the sun for a while. "OK, so how did you guys figure out I was gay?" I had to know. "Seriously?" asked Tyler. "Yeah." "The way someone needs a crowbar to pry your eyes off of Ian's ass every fucking time he walks out of your store? That was a pretty big clue!" They both laughed. "Was I that obvious?" I blushed. "Oh, no. I'm sure your coworkers never noticed you drooling all over the place for a second." Tyler mocked. "Wait. You were there? How many times? I didn't see you." "You're my favorite checker, dude, but I'm not always in your line. And you watched Ian every single time I was there! I'm sure you probably stared at his ass whenever I wasn't there! I'm surprised your next customers never had to smack you back to reality!" They laughed again. As the conversation continued, the afternoon waned into evening, and the last group of people left just about the time the lights in the pool and hot tub kicked on. I was in mid-sentence when I noticed Ian and Tyler smiling at each other as the gate slammed shut behind the last couple to leave. We were finally alone. Ian and Tyler slipped into the hot tub as I went to the cooler to get us more drinks. By the time I got to the jacuzzi, Ian and Tyler were already tongue wrestling! They wasted no time at all! I slipped into the hot, violently bubbling water opposite them and watched in awe as these two very gorgeous men made out right in front of me! My erection was seriously straining to be freed from the restraint of my rather sparse swimsuit! After several minutes of tongue-sucking action, they paused and turned, smiling at me. I can only image the degree of lust in my expression. "We making you horny, dude?" I nodded anxiously. Tyler turned to Ian. "You want him first, or should I?" "Go for it, dude. He's all yours." Ian smiled, showing off his dimples as he stood, his back against the edge of the jacuzzi. Bracing his muscular hands on the edge, he pushed himself up and out of the bubbling water. He stood, peeled off his swim trunks, and began running toward the pool totally nude. And totally gorgeous! His ass beautiful with covering, but even more so without! "Leave some for me!" he yelled back at Tyler as he paused on the diving board. Completely naked, Ian ran, bounced on the end of the diving board and dove in. I saw his form in slow motion. His head tucked and muscular arms outstretched with traps framing his barreled chest, muscular ribs and abs, his ass and muscular legs entering the water last with a splash. Tyler slowly waded across the jacuzzi, smiling, keeping the water level shoulder-high, sat next to me, and without saying a thing, leaned in for a kiss. I eagerly reciprocated as he slipped his tongue into my mouth, my erection back at full throttle again. I climbed up, facing Tyler and straddled him as I sat in his lap, my arms resting across his shoulders, wrapped around his neck. As we continued exploring each other's tongues and lips, I could feel his boner straining through his trunks. His hands moved to my glutes as he began massaging my ass. I reached down and rubbed his bulge as he unsnapped the quick release snaps on my thong. I could feel him pull and tug and finally release me from swimsuit, my cock freed from its restraint into the hot, turbulent water. Tyler pulled my disassembled swimsuit up out of the water and discarded it to the side as we continued making out. I then felt as he began fingering my hole, first with his middle finger, then adding his index finger. "Hmm. Tight. Very tight." he smiled with those blue eyes. "You've been a very bad boy!" His touch was electrifying as he massaged my prostate with both fingers. I shuddered. "Your pussy hasn't been fed in a very long time!" He was right. I hadn't been with a man for quite a long time. "We'll fix that!" he smiled as his lifted himself up, peeled his trunks down to his knees and sat on the edge of the hot tub. I helped him remove his trunks completely and cast them next to my thong as I leaned up against the edge of the jacuzzi, my nakedness still concealed by the violently churning water. Tyler's erection was a beautiful site to behold! I moved in and eagerly tasted the tip with my tongue as my lips enveloped his manhood. It had been much too long since I had last tasted the warm, soft, salty sweetness of another man's penis! I slowly slid down the entire length with my lips as my tongue tasted more of the savory, salty flavor of the underside of his cock. I felt the tip of his penis softly strike the back of my throat and tonsils. A deep, long moan escaped from Tyler's throat and chest as I slowly began a rhythm of pumping and slurping, readying his cock for my ultimate submission to him. He leaned back on extended arms with locked elbows as I began stroking him with my hand, kissing and fondling his now purple gland with my lips and tongue. Tyler then laid on his back, pulled his feet out of the jacuzzi, placing them on the edge and then lifting and spreading his knees farther apart, giving me full license to do as I pleased. He moaned again as I went back to work, Tyler resting his hands behind his head, showing his muscular arms as he did so. He was quite an eyeful as he laid there. His muscular, etched torso displayed before me, the wetness of his skin glistening in the light made me hornier than hell! Next I graduated down to his cleanly-shaved testicles and played there for a while, maintaining a steady rhythm as I pumped his cock. His deep moaning was only making me hotter, driving me on to pleasure him even more. Moving further down, I concentrated on the ridge of smoothly shaved skin just below his extremely tight balls, slurping and sucking even harder now, deliberately trying to leave a hickie. I stayed here for a while until I was satisfied that I had left a mark that would stay with this hunk for quite a while, proving that I had been here. When I was done, I concentrated on Tyler's penis again. The tip was very dark purple by now. My lips and tongue went back to work, massaging the underside of his dick before swallowing Tyler whole again, pumping him with my mouth. Tyler's breathing began getting very heavy, and his body began shuddering as I felt his precum flow over my tongue. The sweet, musty taste of his juices was outstanding! Not wanting him to ejaculate just yet, I gently stopped and smiled as Tyler sat back up and returned the smile. "You're incredible, dude! Where'd you learn to do that?" he exclaimed. "It's a gift I suppose. I've always loved sucking guys' dicks, and I guess I just got better at it with plenty of practice." Which is true. I 've enjoyed performing felatio on guys ever since my senior year in high school. We then climbed out of the jacuzzi, both sporting full erections, as we moved to the chairs we had occupied earlier. Tyler reached under his chair and opened a jumbo tub of Vaseline. Recognizing it, I asked "Where'd that come from?" "You sold it to me, dude. Don't you remember?" I did remember. I was just curious how he was able to conceal it and carry it to the pool without my noticing. "I thought you were buying that for Ian." "No, man, Ian and I bought this for you!" Tyler sat up in his chair, smiling, feet off to the sides and resting on the concrete, his dick pointing due north as he applied a liberal amount of the petroleum jelly. I came over and straddled Tyler again, lowering myself slowly, allowing this gorgeous Adonis to penetrate me as he let out another soft, deep moan, his face displaying the sheer pleasure of the act. I started out slowly, pumping Tyler's erection and pleasuring my newfound lover as best as I knew how. Gradually, I increased the rhythm, deliberately milking Tyler harder, grinding the underside of my erection into Tyler's rock hard abs as I stared into those beautiful blue eyes of his. We then continued probing each others' mouths with our lips and tongues as our bodies began getting very sweaty from our intense fucking. I could tell the blow job I had given Tyler was taking its toll because he was getting very close. He began thrusting deeper into me, his hands now on my hips. We upped our rhythm to a very heated pace, our breathing becoming very heavy as the moaning graduated to grunting and moaning, only this time I think I was the one making most of the noise! The sweat was now coming in buckets, my erect penis slipping and sliding around in the warm, musky dampness of Tyler's abs as I felt my orgasm building. I noticed Ian had gotten out of the pool, obviously curious from the racket of our lovemaking and very horny indeed! He came and stood next to us and offered his erection as a pacifier to help quiet me down which I eagerly accepted. I gulped Ian's beautiful penis down whole as Tyler and I quickened our fucking to a furious pace! Sensing Tyler's orgasm was near, I continued stroking Ian's erection with my hand as I turned my head so I could watch Tyler as he came. The look of ecstasy on this gorgeous man's face put me over the edge as his body tightened and shuddered and was more than I could bear. I simply couldn't handle any more. These guys were so fucking hot, I completely submitted to them, my abs and groin spasmed, my breaths became short and deep as my penis erupted into volumes of cum all over Tyler and pooling into a big mess between us. Tyler grasped my hips even harder as he gritted his teeth, a strained expression on his face as he flooded me with the warm sensation of his fluids, pumping his milky seed deep inside me in wave after slippery wave. Tyler and I then collapsed into each others' arms, soaked in sweat and cum, gasping for air as we tried to catch our breath. After a few minutes, as Tyler slowly retracted from inside me, he lapped up a huge glob of cum from my abdomen with his tongue and gave me the messiest kiss! I tasted my own cum mixed with the sweat from our bodies as his tongue danced around in my mouth. It was such a fucking delightful taste! Ian spoke up "Wow, that was hot, guys!" I so badly wanted to fuck Ian, too, but I was so spent after getting fucked by Tyler. "Who wants to skinny dip in the pool?" I offered. The decision was unanimous as all three of us jumped into the pool and began playfully splashing each other. We continued our horseplay for the next half hour or so before settling down into more conversation. "Dude, your thong tan line is awesome. It really frames your ass nicely. You should lose the inhibitions and come out here and work on it some more this summer." Ian complimented. I smiled. He was right. I looked down and could see I had a very nice dark line, just a tinge of dark pink, which showed where my swimsuit had been. I'd check my ass in the mirror when I went back inside. "Dude, you are so amazing! I've never fucked a guy with such a responsive instinct before. It's like you were in my mind, making all the right moves, anticipating my moves. I never had to ask for anything because you were on it already. You did everything right." Tyler confided. "Well, it looked pretty fucking incredible from my perspective." Ian remarked. "You don't know the half of it! You missed the first part when I got my dick sucked. It was totally fucking out of this world! You were too busy playing with yourself in the pool!" Tyler joked as Ian playfully splashed him again. "Yeah, he started on me right before both of you came, but we didn't get very far. Care to finish what you started?" Ian asked as he looked at me. "Sure. Where do you want to do it?" I looked into the water and could see Ian's erection growing. He had patiently waited for his turn with me. "Diving board" he answered. Playfully, we swam across the pool, racing to the deep end. Ian edged me out and made it to the ladder first and climbed out, his bare, wet and beautiful body aglow from the light in the pool. Ian made it to the diving board before I was completely out of the water. He laid down with his head at the end of the board, feet straddling the sides, his knees spread far apart, penis at full salute and waiting to be serviced. Cupping his hands behind his head and flexing his arms and abs, he smiled at me as I stepped up to the board. The sight of his tattooed bicep as he flexed his arms was making me hot again. "I want what you gave Tyler" his dimples emphasizing his request as I reciprocated with a smile of my own. "You got it, dude." I never turn down a chance to enjoy one of life's greatest pleasures. After all, how often do I ever encounter a totally hot guy literally begging me to suck his dick? This is the sort of thing that only ever happens in my fantasies while jacking off or in wet dreams. I bellied up on the diving board, my face right in Ian's crotch. Even though Ian was slightly shorter than Tyler, their penises where both about the same size. I slid my lips and tongue over the tip of Ian's penis and worked my way all the way down his shaft as I tasted a mix of warm masculine saltiness and chlorine. The flavor made my own groin stir as I began bobbing my head up and down, stroking the underside of Ian's erection with my tongue, the tip of his cock striking the back of my throat as I took him in all the way. I held his penis with my hand as I pulled it out of my mouth so that I could suck and slurp on the underside with my lips and tongue, sliding up and down, concentrating on the really sensitive area right below his piss hole. I camped out there for a while which drove Ian crazy. He began breathing heavier and mildly thrusting his hips, grinding his dick into my face. I looked up for a moment and saw that Ian's face showed that he was lost in ecstasy as he played with his nipples. I went back to work, pumping Ian's cock with my hand while I used my lips and tongue to play with his quickly-tightening testicles for a while which were also shaved. Then I moved just a little further south and made sure Ian got his hickie, too, just like Tyler! By now, I was sporting a full erection again. Ian sat up and, carefully climbing around me, got off the board and positioned himself behind me. I gripped the sides of the end of the diving board with both hands, my feet planted far apart on the concrete as Ian carefully penetrated me from behind, his hands firmly on my hips. He slowly began pumping my ass which was still lubricated from a mixture of Vaseline and Tyler's semen. Meanwhile, Tyler had slipped under me and began stroking and sucking my cock. Ian steadily increased his pace as I matched his rhythm, Tyler's tongue titalizing the underside of my penis. Ian's hands now moved from my hips to my shoulders, his hands occasionally stroking the length my back as his erection continued exploring the deeper recesses of my ass. Suddenly his thrusts accelerated into a fast-paced pounding, I turned and watched in adoration as I was being fucked by this very gorgeous man, the sweat from his muscular body glistening in the light. The very sight of Ian nearing his orgasm plus Tyler's velvety tongue and lips on my cock stirred the onset of yet another orgasm as I was being double-teamed by these studs! I felt my cum building rapidly deep within my groin and sensed that I'd be unable to last much longer. The sweat was now pouring from our bodies as our mating intensified, Ian now moaning uncontrollably, Tyler quickening the pace as he continued stroking my penis. I locked my weakening knees and braced myself for the finale. I think we came at the same time. I felt the warm sensation of Ian's semen exploding deep inside my void right as I slipped into my second orgasm of the evening. Because I had cum earlier already, I noticed that instead of cumming in spurts, my sperm simply flowed out of my penis like a faucet onto Tyler's waiting tongue. It was as if Ian's milky load was passing right through me, Tyler swallowing it as it flowed out the other end. I floated through the sensation for what seemed like several minutes before coming back to reality. Ian collapsed onto my back, panting heavily, trying to catch his breath, his erection still rock hard and still penetrating me, the consummation of my relationship with these studs now completed. Once we regained our composure, the three of us returned to the pool and continued drinking and talking until the wee hours of the morning. Because it was so late and because we'd been drinking, I invited Ian and Tyler to stay the night, to which they graciously accepted. Exhausted, the three of us showered together and climbed into my king size bed. I was out the moment my head hit the pillow. I woke first the next morning to the beautiful sight of lying between the two most gorgeous men in my life, that until now I'd only ever fantasized about. The sheets had slipped onto the floor during the course of the night, and both Ian and Tyler were still asleep, lying completely naked. Tyler was on his back, clutching his inner thighs, his beautiful erection fully exposed to my admiring gaze. Ian was on his side, hands caressing his own body, his hips slowly gyrating, obviously fucking someone in his dreams. Hopefully, he was reliving last night, fucking me again on the diving board. I just laid there for several minutes, watching these two hotties sleep, my penis growing at such a sensual sight, my pussy hungry for another feeding. I couldn't resist. I leaned down and carefully slid Ian's knee away, changing the position of his leg and causing him to roll onto his back, revealing a very purple boner on which I began to once again work my magic. Ian responded with a moan, humping my face at first, still dreaming. A moment or two later, he woke up smiling once he realized what was going on. "Wow. I was just dreaming about you" he grinned with early morning wake up voice, his dimples very pronounced. We continued until we woke Tyler who joined in. The three of us spent the next three hours fondling, sucking, licking, and fucking, making a mess all over my bed sheets before finally climbing out of bed to shower and make some brunch. Ian and Tyler then stuck around for another couple of hours before finally heading out. What a sleepover! Ian and Tyler are now very loyal customers of mine. I see one or the other, sometimes both, almost daily in my line. We frequently meet up at Larry's for a drink when I get off work and then go to either my pool or Ian's pool. I've given up wearing my swim trunks to either pool completely thanks to the guys' encouragement and always wear a thong now instead, regardless of whether I'm with them or alone. As a result, my tan line has gotten really dark, and yes, I enjoy showing it off when I go to the gym. Also, I'm now taking piano lessons from Ian. He says I'm very gifted and has offered guitar lessons for half his regular rate. He likes to joke that I've mastered the flute and that he wants to take lessons from me! For me, the supermarket did indeed become a place where I met not just that special someone, but two special someones. So the next time you're rushed at the grocery store and might be feeling a little moody, be nice to the cashier, take the time to strike up conversation. We're human, too, after all, have feelings, and might be having a rough day as well. Besides, you never know where a nice bit of small talk might lead you. Who knows? Maybe you'll find yourself in my line. Oh? My name? You can call me Davie.
  8. Demon

    gay sex Racek & Cattani

    Italian dad gets some real Italian loving - from Hotel Italia
  9. suzienudie

    gay sex Prison Sex – Gay

    Hey guys - A story that I came across that I thought yall would enjoy! XXOOXX SN ================================ Sex Story – Prison Sex – Gay My friend Sean and I were on our way home from a bar. We had both drank a little more than we should have and I was feeling a little woozy. I was going to take Sean home first and then go home myself. We were almost to Sean’s house when I heard a police siren behind us. I was so worried. I knew I would not pass a breath test. To make a long story short. I failed the breath test and I had to spend a mandatory night in jail. I knew I would get out in the morning but I hated the idea of spending the night there. The very idea of everyone I knew reading my name in the paper for a D.U.I made me sick. They took my mug shot, and finger printed me. They made me take off all of my clothes and shower. Then they sprayed me with some kind of lice killer the whole process was so humiliating. They treated me like a common criminal. I was given a numbered uniform and taken to a cell. There was a nasty looking toilet in the corner of the room and uncomfortable looking beds. Two sets of bunk beds on each side of the room. Two men were already occupying the small cell. They introduced themselves to me as Bear and Jerry. They seemed pretty normal at first. I couldn’t help to wonder what they had done to end up in such a nasty place. Jerry was about 6 ft. tall with brown hair, and blue eyes. He had a mustache and a tattoo on his arm. Bear was a little taller with brown eyes and dark brown hair. Bear was very talkative and nervous. I was tired and my alcoholic haze was starting to wear off I just wanted to go to sleep. I picked an empty bottom bunk and laid down. The next thing I remember was being rudely awoken by Bear and Jerry. I was laying on my stomach and Jerry was sitting on my back. Jerry reached his hands around my neck and stuffed a handkerchief in my mouth as the weight of his body paralyzed me. Bear was standing at the head of the bed. He told me not to struggle as he pulled my arms up over my head. Bear tied my hands together with shoestrings. I struggled and tried to yell but all that came out was a quiet hum. Jerry’s hot breath burned my neck as he leaned forward and pulled on my hair. Together Jerry and Bear yanked my prison uniform down over my feet. I laid naked my ass exposed to fulfill their forbidden pleasures. Bear spread my ass cheeks apart with his hands while Jerry began forcing a finger into my virgin asshole. I tried to relax so it wouldn’t hurt but I was beginning to panic. Jerry put his finger in his mouth and coated it with saliva. Then he abused my asshole with his wet finger slipping it in and out. He Penetrated me deeper and deeper with each probe of his butter covered finger. My ass was already starting to feel sore. Bear walked around to the side of the bed and dropped his pants. I took little comfort in the fact that his cock was rather short. Bear wrapped his hairy fist around the shaft of cock and began jacking off while he watched Jerry finger me. Then Jerry still on top of me leaned over and licked the tip of Bear’s cock. Jerry withdrew his finger from my ass and licked it, reapplying his spit. Then he slipped his finger back in my ass and continued finger fucking my asshole. Bear moaned quietly as Jerry began sucking his cock. Jerry’s tongue slid down to Bear’s balls and licked them playfully while Bear’s fist yanked anxiously on his shaft. Jerry’s tongue darted quickly over Bear’s tight nuts lapping on them. That went on for some time. Jerry fucking my ass deep with his finger as he seemed to become more aroused from sucking Bear’s fat cock. Suddenly, he stopped. He pulled his wet finger from my ass and stood up. You can go first this time Jerry told Bear. Bear positioned himself on the bed and slid his knees between mine. I felt his fat hard cock on my ass searching for my asshole. I slightly arched my back and raised my ass up to meet him. His cock dripping wet from Jerry’s mouth slid into my asshole. I gasped as he slowly worked it in. In and out he worked his cock burring it deeper inside of me with each thrust. My inhibitions and gay hang ups slowly seemed to fade away as I began to enjoy being analy penetrated by this hairy stranger. I cautiously raised my ass up a little farther the air so he could go deeper. He heaved his cock farther into my ass and his heavy breathing became more rapid. I could feel the head of his cock withdrawing and sliding back inside of my asshole with every painful thrust of Bear’s hips. It wasn’t long before he moaned and his hot white cream filled my ass. My ass felt torn and raw as Bear withdrew his sticky cock from my asshole. Jerry had been watching and jacking off the whole time Bear fucked me. Jerry took Bear’s place on the bed behind me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled my ass tight up against him. Then inch by inch he began forcing his long cock into my cream filled asshole. I became so aroused my dick got hard. Jerry reached one of his hands around me and took my boner in his palm. He squeezed it tightly and I began rocking my hips like a dog in heat trying to fuck his sweaty palm. My ass made little squishing noises as Jerry’s cock penetrated me and Bear’s cum slowly seeped out around it with every thrust. Jerry’s balls bounced off mine ass as he fucked me. Jerry spread my cheeks farther apart with his hands, his eyes so seemed to be fixed on the awesome view of his cock fucking me. Jerry fucked me slow but firm for several minutes and I was becoming increasingly sore. Then he slid his cock in as deep as it would go and fucked me hard. I moaned. Jerry breathed heavily as his anxious thrusts quickened. Suddenly, he grunted and slammed into me fast and hard. I felt another load of hot cream fill my asshole as it mingled with Bear’s previous helping. Then Jerry pulled his hot sticky cock from my ass. “You want it don’t you?” he taunted, as he wagged his sticky cock in my face. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked all the sticky juices off of it. They left me lay there for a while with cum dripping down my balls onto the bed. Finally, they untied me and let me up. A while later I was released. My ass was sore all that day but I enjoyed my time in prison. http://webby.co/sex-story-prison-sex-gay/3/
  10. Pizza Boy Sean delivers a Pizza and gets more back than he expected!
  11. Freddy57

    gay sex Daddy's got a new toy

    Daddy’s New Toy By L.E.Brennan Entering the steam room Max smiled as his sparkling eyes ran over the slim, hot body of the slender blonde laying naked on one of the benches and slowly walking towards him he peeled away the towel knotted around his waist. Sean looked up with a sigh as the big, beefy stud came closer, his mouth watering at the sight of his long, fat cock and meaty, low hung nuts. Reaching up he gently took the big balls in his hand as he sat up and leaning closer slowly swallowed the hot cock as Max lightly laid his hands on his head. “Oh fuck, yeah.” Max pushed his cock deeper making Sean gag a little as he hungrily sucked the pulsing cock. “Jesus Christ.” Max grinned down at the young cocksucker as he gently fucked his handsome face. “Yeah suck it.” Sean moaned again as Max began fucking his throat harder and deeper and with a soft whimper Max shook blowing his nuts deep into the hot little fucker. Pulling free of the hot mouth Max took a seat at the blonde’s side sliding an arm around his slim waist and pulled him closer and into his lap. Sean smiled sliding an arm around Max’s neck and sighed as Max fisted his young, hard cock. “Daddy has found a new toy to play with.” Max smiled pulling Sean’s face closer and firmly kissed him as his hand slid between Sean’s legs. Sean sighed as Max lightly fingered his twitching ass. “And it seems he’s begging for a good fucking.” Max grinned as he pulled and dropping his head sighed as he sucked Sean’s cock down his own hungry throat. “Oh fuck.” Sean sighed as Max hungrily sucked the delicious, young cock pushing a finger into Sean’s hot, tight ass. “Yeah, shit, use me.” Sean weakly sighed as Max finger fucked him slowly and with a soft moan Sean blew his nuts down Max’s throat. Max kept sucking savouring the taste of the young stud then slowly rose and kissing him again rose to his feet taking the young stud in his arms. “You’re coming with me.” Max smiled as he headed out of the steam room and back to his private room. Sean laid his head on Max’s broad, solid shoulder as he was carried down the hall. “Daddy just might keep you.” Sean looked up and smiled and kissed Max gently as they entered the room. Laying the young stud on the bed Max again fed him his cock as he reached between his slender legs to generously lube his tight, young ass. Sean whimpered softly as he again hungrily sucked the big, hot cock. Max smiled as he slowly pulled his cock free and slowly rolled the condom down his hard cock then crawled between the little fucker’s legs. Sean smiled up at Max and reaching up ran a hand over his wide, muscled, furry chest. “Oh yeah, my new toy.” Max grinned fisting his hard cock and slowly pushed into him. Sean moaned softly as the hard dick filled slowly filled his ass and laying forward Max passionately kissed the hot fucker as he began slowly fucking him. The feel of the kid’s hard cock against his flesh drove Max on to begin riding his hot, little ass harder and deeper. Sean whimpered softly in passion throwing his arms around his thick, muscled neck and his legs around his beefy waist. “Fuck me daddy.” Sean whispered as he kissed Max’s ears and neck and Max moaned softly, his arms sliding around his slim, hot body. “Oh yeah, fuck your toy’s ass.” Sean cried out again and shook spraying them both in cum as Max drove his cock deeper and whimpered as he filled the condom. Slowly Max with a smile pulling free of Sean’s ass and smiled down at him as Sean lay in delighted bliss. Bending again Max kissed him as he peeled off the condom then lay at Sean’s side pulled him closer. Sean snuggled tightly at Max’s side running a hand across his chest and laying his head again on his shoulder slowly drifted off to peaceful sleep. The End
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    gay sex A Day in Paradise

    The following story is a complete work of fiction, a product of the author's imagination. It is solely intended for entertainment purposes only and is not an endorsement for unsafe sex. Please practice safe sex and stay healthy, guys! If you like the story, please let me know by leaving a comment and giving me a "Stiffie" vote. Please enjoy, guys... A special thanks to AdonisMale member Kawika for helping to customize this story for your enjoyment. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Aloha! If you're thinking I said that with a Midwestern accent, you'd be right. My hometown is actually Chicago, but I'm currently living with my aunt and uncle in Maui while I attend culinary school here in Hawaii. My aspiration is to someday land a master chef position at a five star hotel on one of the islands. And if that doesn't work out, I'll go into business for myself and open my own restaurant. Many friends and family have asked me why Hawaii, and my usual pat answer is that the tourist hotspots are some of the best places for a career as a chef, and I happened to choose Hawaii. What better place than paradise after all?... But the real reason I wanted to come here? Surfers! Hawaii has some of the hottest guys, but it's the surfers that really light my libido! Fortunately for me, I have an aunt and uncle that have done very well for themselves in real estate and just happen to live here. They never had kids of their own, and so I'm kind of like the son they never had. They're really cool, and I've always had a fantastic relationship with them. Officially, I've never told them outright that I'm gay. I never needed to. After all, succeeding in their industry requires an ability to read people and to be very perceptive. One occasion in particular stands out in my memory when we were all out together and my aunt caught me checking out the other guys. No words were ever exchanged, but she turned to see who I was staring at, then turned back to me, smiling approvingly as if to say "He's hot! Good taste, kiddo!" I just smiled back at her sheepishly, acknowledging I'd just been busted. So they've pretty much figured it out for themselves without me ever having to say anything. They know. And they're OK with it, and they've been very accepting. Like I said, they're really cool. Their place is located near Kapalua on the northwest side of the island. It's a large Cape Cod style home on a secluded corner that overlooks the ocean. My favorite part of the house is the backyard. It's beautifully landscaped in native trees, scrubs, and flowers including palms, hibiscus, and plumeria. The centerpiece of the backyard is the large, endless swimming pool and jacuzzi. Whether you're in the pool swimming or just sitting in the jacuzzi, it seriously looks as though the pool is actually part of the ocean! My bedroom opens right onto the patio, just steps away from the pool. Ideal for midnight skinny dips when I'm home alone. In fact, the entire back of the house is one continuous series of curtain-less French doors that can be opened in order to let in the Pacific breeze on beautiful evenings. Last night was one of those evenings. I opened all the patio doors in my room and then went for a swim in the nude. Afterwards I dried off and went straight to bed. Now, as the morning sun was coming up, I awoke in my 300 percale white linens, still naked and nursing one of those rock hard erections that are sometimes left over from a truly deep R.E.M. sleep. I rolled onto my back, and for the next several minutes I laid in bed listening to the ocean and the soft morning breeze as I pondered what I wanted to do today. My aunt and uncle were away on business in San Fransisco, and so I had the house to myself for the whole week. So after contemplating my day's itinerary, I climbed out of bed and started with a relaxing morning skinny dip. Afterwards I went into the house to make myself some breakfast. The kitchen in the house can best be described as a chef's wet dream. Like me, my aunt's passion is cooking, and so she has every high-end knife and cooking utensil known to modern man. Her stove is a large stainless, professional grade gas range which beautifully compliments the granite countertops and recessed ceiling lighting. I seriously doubt any expense was left undone when they remodeled this kitchen! I whipped together an omelette, cleaning up after myself as I cooked, being the rabid clean-as-you-go kind of person that I am. And then after breakfast, I straightened up my room and made my bed, threw on some swim trunks, and grabbed my swim fins, some sun screen and a beach towel. I tossed everything and my boogie board in the back of my uncle's Jeep Wrangler and headed down to the south end of the island, to Makena Beach. Makena Beach is the largest beach on Maui and has the cleanest white sand and deepest turquoise water on the island. It's also host to some of the best skim boarding and body boarding in Maui. This is because of the deceptively strong tides and currents that can make water play here a total workout in and of itself! Just try swimming here along the shoreline. You'll quickly understand what I'm talking about! I took up boogie boarding as soon as I came to Maui. Boogie boarding and body boarding are the same thing but differ from surfing because the board is significantly shorter and body boarding isn't usually intended to be done standing up so its easier to master. Most people ride prone although some guys do ride standing. I'm not one of those guys. Being from the Midwest, I wanted to get up to speed quickly and out onto the waves. Besides, its a fun sport and a great way to meet guys. I pulled up and parked in the first of the two lots at the beach. The sound of the pounding surf in the distance and the fresh morning breeze greeted me as I climbed out of the Jeep and unloaded my board and my gear. I couldn't wait to hit the water! There was plenty of open beach, maybe about a dozen people that I could see soaking up some sun. And there was about half as many guys out on the waves. I jumped in, swam out to the breakers, and spent the next couple of hours practicing my moves, watching the other guys and enjoying the sand, surf, and sun. When I was done, I took my board, fins, and towel and hiked over Pu'u Ola'i, a dome-like cinder cone at the north end of the beach. This hill features a sandy trail that separates Makena Beach from Little Makena. Little Makena is one of the few remaining nude beaches in Hawaii. Nudity is technically illegal, but Little Makena is tucked away and isolated so it's rarely ever enforced here. When I crested the hill, I could see three others soaking up the sun, working on their all-over tans on Little Makena. I walked to the far north end of the beach, far enough away from everyone else and then spread out my towel next to my board and fins. I proceeded to lose the trunks, slapped on some sunscreen and then laid down on my stomach, opting first for some color on my cheeks. The warmth of the sun against my bare ass, the smell of coconut lotion and the sounds of the surf and wind were very soothing and relaxing. I must have drifted off because I woke to the sudden coolness of someone's shadow across my body and the sound of fins and a body board dropping onto the sand right next to mine. I opened my eyes and looked up to see who was blocking my sun. I immediately recognized him as one of the other surfers from the other beach. He had long frizzy blonde hair and reminded me very much of Christopher Atkins from The Blue Lagoon. Although the movie is from the early '80's, I watched it a number of times when I was younger and was quite familiar with the swim scenes, having worn out the pause button on the remote. "Hey", surfer boy said as he caught my eye and smiled. The look on his face seemed to say he knew me from the other beach as well. "Hey", I replied as I watched him strip off his trunks to reveal a very beautiful body. I had watched him earlier from a distance as he surfed, but this close up was much more exciting. This guy obviously spent his off-beach time at the gym. He was very well built with beautiful muscle tone in his arms, legs and chest, and he had a clearly defined set of washboard abs and a barbed wire tattoo around his right bicep. I could see his cock was cut and that he was sporting a full boner (at this point, so was I), and he kept his pubes mostly natural, yet lightly trimmed and neat. But the most interesting thing that caught my eye was at the tip of his erection he had a very shiny captive bead ring. I couldn't help staring. I'd never met anyone with a Prince Albert before...well, at least no one I was aware of. He then slowly stretched, both arms stretching up and out which caused his stiff, pierced penis to stick out even further and caused every muscle in his nicely tanned body to flex! He then bent down, grabbed his board and fins, and walked down to the surf. He turned and smiled at me while slipping on his fins as if he was inviting me to follow. And then he was off, kicking into the waves, past the breakers, leaving his clothes on the beach. I grabbed my board and fins and hastily followed, also leaving everything else behind on the beach. Once I got out a little past the breakers, I spotted him heading north, parallel to the shoreline. I followed for a short distance before he began heading into what looked like a very small secluded cove hidden by rocky outcroppings. Of all the times I'd been out here, I never knew this was here. He pulled into the cove and walked up on the tiny wet sand beach. He then turned and smiled when he saw that I had actually followed him. I continued kicking until I was able to join him in the private cove. "I never knew this was here, dude", I said as I looked around the private beach. "I found it during Spring Break." he replied. "It's only here at low tide, so it'll be under water again in an hour or two." He paused as I continued surveying our surroundings. "Should give us plenty of time!" he added, grinning. I turned and smiled into his beautiful blue eyes for a moment when he said that. Unable to resist my instincts, I leaned in as we kissed, our tongues wrestling for control, our hands exploring each others' bodies, our erect penises wrestling for dominance as we embraced. Before I knew it, he was on his hands and knees, wildly slurping and sucking me with his tongue and lips. He pumped my erection with his right hand while stroking himself with his left. His mouth was all over me, his saliva covering every inch of me, lubricating my dick in preparation for exploring his ass. I kneeled on the sand as he lowered to all fours continuing to orally milk my pubes, then I leaned across the length of his back and began fingering his warm, hungry hole with my middle finger, then added my ring finger. My groin felt the vibrations of his intense, deep moans as I slid in my index finger to join the other two as all three fingers continued to play and massage his hungry void, my other hand caressing his smooth, muscular ass. We made a makeshift bed on the sand out of our boards as I mounted this hot surfer, my arms locked at the elbows, supporting my weight as he eagerly spread his legs wider to take me all the way in. At first, our rhythm was slow and easy, but we gradually increased our pace as I slowly lowered my torso onto him, our tongues again entangled, our lovemaking fire intensifying. As the late morning sun heated our bodies, our sweat caused us to slip and slide against each other as we continued our intense fucking. After a while our rhythm turned to thrusts as the waves began crashing against the rocks around us with the tide coming in. Judging by his breathing and the random shuddering of his chest and ab muscles, I sensed my hot surfer hunk was getting very close. I began grinding my hips harder into his, deliberately flexing my abs and using them to stroke his red hot penis as I thrust deeper and harder into him. Likewise he reciprocated, grinding his dick into my abs as I tightened them. It was such a huge turn on feeling his captive ring slipping and sliding around, in and out between us. His abs spasmed violently, the sounds of ecstasy in his voice as his moans turned to cries of passion, I felt his muscles squeezing around my cock as he surrendered in total orgasm, and with the spewing sensation of his warm, slippery fluid against my abdomen, I could feel the onset of my own powerful orgasm. I closed my eyes and heard the intensifying crashes of the tide slamming against the nearby rocks as I felt my own body spasm and then ejaculate my milky release deep inside him in wave after intoxicating wave! The ocean muffled my loud moans as I continued pumping my thick semen into my blonde lover's ass. With my orgasm now subsiding, I lifted up and slowly opened my eyes and caught him staring and then smiling. I collapsed and fell into his arms, lying there on our newly consummated beach and trying hard to catch my breath. Once we recovered, we headed back fully naked, kicking into the surf as the waves reclaimed our secret hideaway. We stayed at Little Makena for a while longer, working on our all-over tans and getting to know each other. He told me his name is Tristan, and he attends college back on Oahu. He came to Maui by himself for the first week of summer and was staying at a nearby hotel. I felt my hard-on stirring again as I conjured up the courage to ask him to stay with me for the week, to which he graciously accepted. When it was time to leave we got back into our swim trunks and hauled everything back to the Jeep. We then convoyed to his hotel to gather Tristan's belongings and get him checked out. After we returned his rental car back at the airport, I bought us a quick lunch in nearby Kahului. Afterwards, we were on our way back to Kapalua and back to the house. Tristan seemed very impressed with his new accommodations as we pulled up into the circular drive. I helped him with his stuff as we unloaded the Jeep and entered the foyer of the house. "Your aunt and uncle have a really nice place, dude" Tristan remarked as he surveyed his new surroundings. "Thanks," I replied. "By the way", I turned and looked him in the eye, "normally I'd tell you this B&B is clothing-optional, but unfortunately not this week." as I shook my head. "No, this week clothing is not an option. I'm afraid you'll need to surrender your wardrobe to the maitre d' immediately for checking at the front door, sir" I said as I held out my hand expectantly. Tristan grinned as he eagerly complied with the policy change, his pierced penis growing again as he gave me his trunks. I threw them into the foyer closet as I removed my own trunks and threw them in on top of his. I couldn't help staring at this beautiful surfer body, my own penis growing as I looked him over, admiring his hot bicep tattoo. "This way sir, as I show you to your room." I grabbed his largest bags as we proceeded completely naked through the house, toward my room. "Your room, sir" I said in a very butler-like manner as we stepped into my room. The look on Tristan's face was priceless. I'm so glad I made the bed before I left this morning! "Wow! This your room?" he asked. "...and yours for the week" I added, smiling. He looked me in the eye and smiled as he playfully pushed me onto the queen size bed. Laughing, he flung himself across me, our smooth, sun-drenched bodies sliding across each other, as our lips once again found each other, our tongues embracing passionately. Tristan pulled away so he could look me in the eye and ask "You skinny dip in your pool?" "All the time! Totally private" I smiled. "Cool!" he said as he stood, opened one of the doors, took a running jump and cannon-balled into the pool. I followed and jumped in behind him. We spent the next few hours playing, and frolicking in the pool and jacuzzi, pausing every now then for yet another spontaneous make out session of kissing, tonguing, fondling, or sucking. We explored each others' bodies, learning each others' pleasure points. Neither of us wanted the afternoon to end, but as the sun was going down we gave into our hunger instinct and decided to make some dinner. We went into the kitchen, and I had us both put on aprons. Since there are plenty of things in the kitchen that are either hot or sharp, this was the only exception to the no clothing rule. Safety first! Tristan helped me by cutting the vegetables as I cooked, and I couldn't help staring at how cute his ass looked sticking out of his apron! Likewise I couldn't stop thinking about how much I enjoyed fucking it! I confiscated the aprons when dinner was ready and opened a bottle of wine as we sat down to eat at the granite counter in the kitchen. I made a Tuscan Chicken with carrot and asparagus spears, drizzled in a light lemon wine sauce. I thought Tristan was going to lick his plate clean, he liked it so much! For desert, we shared three large scoops of French vanilla ice cream topped with a Kahlua caramel sauce and a mint leaf, served in a single crystal ice cream bowl and two large serving spoons. If the way to a man's heart truly is through his stomach, I definitely won Tristan's heart with that one meal alone. I had so many recipes in my head and the ones tonight were a couple of the easier ones. I couldn't wait to try out some of my more challenging dishes on him! It was so damn sexy sharing desert from the same dish! Because I opted to use large serving spoons, we couldn't help getting a little messy. Tristan got some Kahlua sauce on his chin, and so I leaned forward and cleaned it off for him with my tongue. But I wasn't finished yet. My tongue found its way to his mouth, and once again I found myself sucking on his lips and tongue. He then lifted himself up and sat bare butt on the granite counter top so that his erection was now in my face. I gladly complied with his wishes as I slurped down his cock, all the way to the base. I'd been wanting to suck that dick all day, to try tonguing a pierced cock for the first time! And he tasted and smelled so fucking good! I pumped his cock with my left hand as I began playing with his balls and fingering his ass with my right, my tongue playing with the bead on his captive ring, my lips massaging the head of his penis. He released a deep moan as he slowly laid down on the counter. I climbed up on the granite top, my knees spread across him as I licked and kissed my way up from his groin to his washboard abs, to his granite chest and perfectly large, circular nipples. His hands found and caressed my penis as we once again sucked and slurped on each other's tongues. This was so fucking awesome! Not wanting to make a mess in my aunt's kitchen, I led Tristan by the hand outside into the night by the poolside. I adjusted one of the large, two-person teak chaise lounge chairs into a horizontal position and threw down a couple of towels across the cushions. I put on some soft jazz instrumentals and turned on the outdoor speakers. I went into my room and came out with my favorite bottle of body lube. Tristan was already in the chair, kneeling with his ass in the air, fingering himself. He wanted it again in the worst way! I killed all the lights except the lights in the pool, lit the outdoor candles, and met Tristan on the lounge chair under the plumeria tree. I took the lube and oiled my torso, ass, and cock. Likewise, I slowly oiled Tristan's body, lingering on his ass and then reaching under with both hands to caress his nipples, his two favorite pleasure points. I then reached down and lubricated his penis, taking special care to fondle my willing captive's captive ring. He responded by sitting up and turning his head and torso, submitting with yet another wet kiss. Kneeling behind him, I took Tistan's firm ass in both hands as I spread his cheeks and carefully penetrated him from behind as he lowered back on all fours. He let out a deep, purring moan as I slowly entered him in a doggie style position. At first, our rhythm was slow and deliberate, matching the melody of the soft music that lightly flowed into the backyard, complimenting the sounds of the nearby ocean. As we quickened our pace, Tristan reached down between his legs to play with his erection, his moans beginning to get a little louder, our breathing becoming deeper, our bodies beginning to sweat. I decided I wanted complete control of his cock, and so I rolled us onto our sides in a spooning position. Now I was able to reach around and take over with my right hand as he surrendered his penis to me, and I continued pumping his ass. Tristan now with his hands free began playing with his nipples, his moans turning to soft, subtle cries of pleasure. We stayed in this position for a while until I felt like we were beginning to get close. Not wanting either of us to cum quite yet, I had Tristan roll onto his back as I reentered him, dominating him in a missionary position. We soon regained our rhythm as I continued stroking his dick, sweat now pouring off our bodies. It wasn't much longer before Tristan's breathing became heavier, his body shuddering in light, random jolts. "Dude, you're going to make me cum!" he cried. "I'm so fucking close! You're going to make me spew!" With that I fucked him harder and pumped his dick faster until he cried out in sheer ecstasy. His warm, creamy load splattered against his penis ring, making a pearly-white mess all over himself and my hand as I continued pumping his dick. The musty odor of his cum mixed with our sweat was a huge fucking turn on. I took some of his cum and rubbed it onto my chest and abs as I continued to feel his muscles twitching around my dick, his orgasm continuing to gradually fade. I couldn't hold back any longer. I lost complete control of my body, exhaling in short, deep thrusts, my muscles tightened as my orgasm shot through my body in strong electrical pulses. My penis exploded, painting Tristan's void and flooding his ass with my warm, milky seed. I continued pumping my fluid into my blonde surfer until my orgasm subsided, and regained control. I gently laid down on top of Tristan, catching my breath, a strong floral smell now overcoming the scent of masculine sex as we embraced under the plumeria tree. We both drifted off under a sky full of stars, the illumination of the pool on our glistening, intertwined bodies, bathed in sweat and cum... That was day one. During the next week, Tristan and I kept ourselves busy as I showed him around the island. I managed to borrow a surf board so that Tristan could teach me how to surf, and we returned to Makena Beach almost every morning to do some more body boarding. We hit the grocery store early in the week so I could load up on food for the gourmet meals I intended to prepare for Tristan. He later told me that he ate much better staying with me than he ever would have in a hotel. He offered to pay me, but I refused and thanked him for offering. When we weren't out and about, we were back at the house, playing in the pool, cooking in the kitchen and fucking like bunnies. We also managed to return to our special cove at least three times during the week. I hated seeing Tristan off when the week was out. I helped him with his bags and his board as we loaded them into the Jeep. Then I drove him to the airport and saw him off. He texted me when he got home and invited me to "cum stay" with him on Oahu for July 4, but only if I agreed to cook. I ask if I needed to pack anything. He replied, "Toothbrush, razor, travel clothes. Nothing else ;)". I gladly accepted. Likewise, he accepted my invitation to return to Maui before summer's end to meet my aunt and uncle. "Maybe this time", I joked, "you might get to unpack your bags. LOL". Me Ke Aloha Pumehana
  13. tbill

    gay sex The Fast Lane

    The following story is a complete work of fiction, a product of the author's imagination. It is solely intended for entertainment purposes only and is not an endorsement for unsafe sex. Please practice safe sex and stay healthy, guys! If you like the story, please let me know by leaving a comment and giving me a "Stiffie" vote. Please enjoy, guys... --------------------------------------------------- Swimming can really do wonders for a person. I've found that the best remedy for my frequent insomnia is a late night/early morning swim at my gym. It's a 24/7 establishment that's conveniently located just around the corner in my neighborhood. Whenever I find myself tossing and turning, unable to sleep, I'll head to the gym, swim, shower, and get back to bed. Most of the time I can usually manage to get an additional couple of hours of sleep before my alarm goes off. Since it's typically between one and two AM whenever I swim, I'm always the only one there besides Brandon, the guy who mans the front desk during the night shift. He's blonde, blue eyes, muscular, about six foot, somewhere in his mid-twenties. And hot. Extremely hot. And judging by the bulging muscles under the tight shirts he always wears, he obviously takes advantage of the complimentary access the gym offers its employees. Whenever I'm not swimming, I can be found lifting weights and doing cardio every evening, five days a week. I'm not quite as well built as Brandon, but I do work hard and take pride in my lean six pack, framed by well-defined pecks, arms and legs. But my favorite workouts center around my swimming, and my favorite time to swim is during Brandon's shift when it's just him and me. And since I always have the pool area completely to myself at that time, I'm not shy about pushing the envelope when it comes to "appropriate swim attire". My favorite swimsuit is a hot pink thong, and I enjoy making sure Brandon sees me in it. The pool and front desk are separated by only a wall of glass, so even though he spends most of his time at his desk texting or playing games on his phone, I know that Brandon sees me. Occasionally he comes into the pool area to check the pH and water quality. That's when I'll deliberately climb out of the pool to grab a kick board or pull buoy, or I'll walk right in front of him and slip into the jucuzzi. I swear the dude must be straight because the biggest reaction I'll get might be a faint smirk or grin, and he just continues with his work without so much as a single word. But straight or gay, I think I've made it pretty f'ing obvious that I'm hot for him! To be perfectly honest, Brandon is the primary reason I come to the gym at that time of night. You see, my insomnia is usually the result of being excessively horny, in need of a swim, and in serious need of seeing Brandon. Each time I check in at the front desk, I'll deliberately strike up small talk or tell him a joke just so I can see his beautiful, knee-weakening smile once more. "Eye candy" doesn't even begin to describe Brandon's beauty, and needless to say he's been the star of many jerk off fantasies. This morning began no differently than before. I checked in at the front desk and briefly chatted with Brandon (got him to smile for me), stopped off in the locker room to strip down to my thong and lock my stuff away. I then proceeded through the shower area with towel in hand and then out into the pool area. As usual, I selected the third lane from the locker room entrance. The pool has four lanes, and this lane has the best vantage point for Brandon. He might be straight, but I really get off flirting with him anyway. I slipped into the water at the end of the lane, and as I put on my goggles, I noticed Brandon talking on his cell phone. That wouldn't normally get my attention, but I caught him taking a couple of glances my way as he spoke then turned away and smiled as he continued to speak. He did this a couple more times which seriously peaked my curiosity. The last time he did it, he must have noticed me staring because he smiled and waved before turning away in his chair to face the front door, continuing his conversation. I waved in return but don't think he saw. Oh well. Whatever. I swam my usual workout of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterflies. I like to do about a forty-five minute workout, but thirty minutes into it as I completed a series of freestyle laps and took off my goggles, I looked up and saw another guy warming up, standing at the lane next to mine! He had on a pair of low-rise black jammers that complimented a very well-defined body and contained a really nice bulge. Judging by his muscle tone, shaved chest and legs, it looked like this guy was also an avid swimmer. He had short, dark hair and soft brown eyes, about 5'10", mid-twenties, and very tan. And like Brandon, very, very hot! "Mind if I swim in the next lane?", he asked with a gorgeous smile. I was totally speechless and in such a state of awe, all I could do was shake my head "no". "Cool! How's the water?", he asked. "Fine", I managed to get out as I watched him slip into the lane next to mine and snap on his goggles. As he prepared to start his initial lap, he turned to me, gestured at my swimsuit with a quick nod of his chin and smiled, "Nice thong, by the way!" And then he was off. My heart pounded excitedly as I slipped my goggles on, pushed off and continued swimming. I had forgotten where I left off on my workout, but I didn't care about that anymore. Now I was only interested in swimming, deliberately hanging back a couple of yards just so I could check this guy out! His jammers hung very low and gave his ass and upper thighs excellent definition as he kicked, and his smooth muscular torso gracefully undulated left and right with each arm movement as he glided through the water. We continued swimming together for about another forty minutes, managing to get in some small talk between laps. Turns out his name is Tyler, and he recently joined the gym. Like me, swimming is his favorite workout, and he too prefers very late night swims! After a final lap of 'flies, I was well past my usual workout time and started to get a little pruney, so I climbed out of the pool and headed toward the showers. The showers at the gym are arranged in two rows of six individual stalls, each shower is completely open and fully exposed to its mate in the opposite row. No curtains. I hung my towel and swimsuit on the hook belonging to the shower I always use which is the one on the far end on the left. As I stepped into the warm, steady flow of water, my mind was racing, replaying images from the past hour. I closed my eyes and saw Tyler as he gracefully moved through the water, his beautiful body gliding as he kicked his powerful legs, extending his muscular arms in an alternating left-right motion. His tight black jammers barely covering his very cute ass, the refracted light accenting his every muscle. I started getting an erection thinking about him, hoping beyond hope we'd be swimming together again soon, hoping for more opportunities to interact with this hunk, hoping Tyler was gay. I couldn't help it, but I was now sporting a full-fledged boner. That was when I heard the shower directly across from mine come on! Startled, I opened my eyes in time to see Tyler step into his shower, towel and jammers hanging, and Tyler completely naked, his gorgeous body exposed in all its glory right in front of me. I could see that he had no tan lines and that he kept his pubes neatly trimmed, his penis was cut and semi-erect. He turned in time to catch me admiring his body. Grinning mischievously and looking at my groin, his facial expression told me he was well aware of why my cock was standing at full attention. Reveling in the knowledge that he was making me horny, he proceeded to lather up, deliberately flexing his muscular body. I watched as he slowly caressed his muscular arms and chest, working his way down to his washboard abs, and thighs. Then turning, he caressed his firm, tanned ass, all the while his beautifully cut cock stayed semi-erect. Tyler playfully continued for what seemed like twenty minutes, teasing more than showering. I could see he was enjoying his control, keeping me spellbound, driving me crazy, my penis pointing right up at him and hard as a rock, the head turning a shade of purple. I wanted this guy so bad I ached! Without any warning, he grabbed his towel, quickly dried himself and headed into the locker room. I followed suit, turning off the water, hastily drying off, trying to keep up. I found him standing completely naked in the sink area adjacent to the lockers, his towel thrown over his gym bag on the counter. This room has a row of sinks on one wall and plenty of deep counter space on the opposite wall. And the best part? All the walls are covered with mirrors! I still had a full-on erection. Tyler grinned again when he saw it. "You like mirrors?" he asked. I smiled and simply nodded. And without another word, he stepped over and took me into his arms as our tongues passionately embraced. His hands began caressing my ass as we kissed, eventually one hand making it to my fully shaved pubes. Very gently and slowly he began stroking and massaging the underside of my penis. I tingled at the power of his electrifying touch, eagerly wanting more. Meanwhile my hands were all over his hard pecks, abs and his firm, muscular ass as I continued sucking his tongue and lips. His cock too was now in full-throttle mode as it pressed up against mine. Slowly, I kissed and licked my way down Tyler's neck and then to his chest, pausing to lightly tongue his nipples as he leaned back against the counter. This merited a slow, low-frequency moan from Tyler. Then I moved down to his perfect abs, and finally to his pulsating dick. I began licking the tip of his erection and caressing the underside of the head of his penis with my lips and tongue. Tyler again moaned his approval as he closed his eyes and cocked his head back. Then I slowly swallowed his cock all the way down to the base. Tyler's masculine taste and smell permeated my throat and nasal passages as I slowly began pumping his erection and massaging his testicles with my hands and lips. He began lightly gyrating his hips and guiding my head with his hands as I gradually increased my pace to match his growing thrusts. I continued his fellation until I tasted the salty-sweet hint of Tyler's pre cum. I readied myself to swallow his white, milky seed, but that's when he made me stop so that he could catch his breath. I stood again as we continued making out, our hands and tongues hungrily exploring each other. Then Tyler spread his towel across the counter and asked me to climb up on all fours which I eagerly did. He then turned and reached into his bag to pull out a "realistic" twelve-inch dildo and a small lube bottle. Wow! This guy comes prepared! He lubed the dildo and then gently prying my butt cheeks apart with one hand, slowly worked the dildo into my ass with the other. It felt amazing! He slowly worked it in as I watched him in the mirror, intentionally pausing to linger and massage my prostate. Unable to handle any more teasing, I began grinding my ass harder into that dildo as Tyler helped me work it in further and further with one hand while reaching under with the other, gently milking my erection as if it was an udder. I was in total ecstacy. Watching myself in the mirror as I submitted to Tyler as he fucked me with his artificial penis was exhilerating! And watching the reflection of his perfectly sculpted body, his fine ass, and erect penis as he continued working with his hands only pushed me closer to the edge. All I could do was surrender my body to this glowing hot stud. I cocked back my head with eyes closed and moaned in total ratpure. I felt myself getting so incredibly close as he continued to pump my ass and softly stroke my penis. "OK, front door's locked. 'Out of service' sign should buy us a good hour or two." It was Brandon's voice as I heard keys jingling in the next room then the sound of a closet door opening in the next room. I assumed it was the utility closet door in the locker room. Suddenly there was the sound of loud music pumping throughout the gym and locker room. Shirtless, Brandon entered the room and grinned when he saw Tyler and me still going after it. "You guys starting without me?" "He's on fire, Brandon, and wants you pretty bad", Tyler smiled. I almost came right then and there. Tyler was more right than he knew. I shuddered with excitement and spilled a little pre cum when I realized Brandon was going to be fucking me. I'd fantasized about Brandon, dominating me with his beautiful body so many times, it seemed so surreal that I was about to realize my first time with this blonde beauty. Brandon flashed his smile at me and drew nearer as Tyler continued pumping my ass and stroking my cock. Looking as if he was totally mesmerized, Brandon softly ran his hand down my back as he admired my body and lightly felt the curvature of my ass. He made eye contact with Tyler and then took over stroking my penis while Tyler continued working the dildo. I leaned over and kissed Brandon, passionately taking his tongue into my mouth. We continued kissing for quite a while before Brandon turned the reins back over to Tyler so that he could strip completely naked. I lustfully watched him, leveraging every mirror in the room to catch every gorgeous angle of his amazing body which was more muscular than Tyler's. His pecks and arms were big and firm, and his abs were very well defined. He also had a cute, muscular ass, and neatly trimmed public hair with a beautifully cut cock that was fully erect and wanting a piece of my ass. Brandon had Tyler hop up on the counter, sitting with his back against the mirror. He then had me lie on my back with my hips at the edge of counter so he could mount me, my middle back in Tyler's lap, upper back against his abs. Brandon then stepped up and holding my ankles widely apart he slowly, carefully penetrated me as Tyler began fondling my chest and abs with his soft, sexy hands from behind. "How'd you like Tyler's shower show?" Brandon asked before he began fucking me. I shifted my head, now resting against Tyler's chest and caught him grinning back at me in the mirror. I then returned my gaze back to Brandon, catching the view, checking out his beautifully shaved chest and abs. "I asked him to tease you because you've been teasing me with that pink thong of yours around here. Not nice, is it? I've been wanting to fuck you so bad for such a long time!". He grinned and flexed his PC muscle twice so that I could feel the head of his penis swell twice inside me when he did it. He slowly began pumping his hips as I countered his movement. After the first few thrusts, we managed to get in sync with one another. Meanwhile, Tyler was having fun caressing my chest and abs, focusing moreso on my nipples and driving me wild as Brandon continued pumping my ass. Tyler then managed to reach in and starting stroking my cock again, removing his hand every so often allowing me to kiss Brandon and grind my cock into his chisled abs. I then leaned back and let Tyler take over again while I floated from one sexual sensation to the next. The heavy bass of the current song making me aware of my own heartbeat as these two Adonises continued double-teaming me. After a while we decided to move the party into the free weight area, another room completely covered with mirrors. I mounted one of the benches, spreading my knees far apart so that Brandon could mount me from behind, his hands holding my hips as he continued fucking me. Meanwhile, Tyler stood in front of me as I hungrily devoured his cock again, my tongue and lips happily exploring its every detail. I braced myself with one hand while I worked Tyler's erection with the other, continuing to suck him dry. I watched Tyler in the mirror and saw that he was getting very close. I quickened my pace, sucking and slurping his gorgeous cock, badly needing to taste him again. Tyler moaned, his body spasming in short jerking motions as his penis erupted into a fountain of warm, salty-sweet nectar. Two strong spurts, followed by several smaller ones. I locked my lips around him and swallowed all of it, licking up a small amount that managed to roll down my lip. I then used my tongue to clean Tyler's sperm from every nook and cranny of his spent erection, his taste so incredible! The sight and smell of masculine sex plus watching Tyler cum was too much for Brandon. He too quickened his pace and increased his thrusts, his body slapping up against my ass. I looked in the mirror, able to see the side view of our mating. Brandon's abs and trap muscles tightened as he too began spasming, his chest collapsing onto my back. I could feel as he exhaled twice very deeply, his warm, milky seed exploding in multiple waves into my hungry void, painting me from the inside. The friction from his thrusts suddenly turning slippery due to the volume of freshly delivered lubricant. After Brandon managed to catch his breath, he and Tyler regrouped in double-teaming me. Tyler had slipped out unnoticed and returned with his dildo. So I laid on my side on the bench, one leg resting high on Brandon's shoulder as Tyler slowly worked it in and out of my ass. Brandon, using his cum as a lube, began stroking my erection as I fondled my own nipples, watching everything in the mirror. So many times I'd jerked off while dreaming about Brandon. This time it was no dream. This very real Brandon was now jerking me off, and with Tyler's help, he captured absolute control of my body! It didn't take long before I started pumping my hips uncontrollably into Brandon's fist. Sensing I was close, both Brandon and Tyler stepped up their pace, determined to make me cum. Finally, as I watched the image in the mirror of myself submitting to these hot studs, I could no longer hold back. The next few moments seemed to move in slow motion. I spewed my load into Brandon's hand as he smiled at me, relishing his ownership of me. My orgasm was more intense than ever and seemed to last five minutes or more as I fully surrendered myself to Brandon! I shuddered uncontrollably as wave after wave of electricity flowed from my brain and into my pubes, my cum splattering all over myself, Brandon, the bench, and the floor. For quite a while I felt as though my orgasm wasn't going to stop! This had never happened to me before! But after several moments it slowly began to subside. "Wow!" was all I was able to utter between gasps for air, Brandon and Tyler triumphantly smiling. I laid there several minutes as I caught my breath while Tyler slowly withdrew the dildo, grinning, his mission a very successful one. Once I was able to regain my composure the three of us headed to the showers to help each other clean up. Afterwards, we all got dressed and sat at the front desk and talked until Brandon's shift ended. Then we all went out for breakfast. I found out that Brandon and Tyler have been together for a little more than two years. So Brandon, trying to be faithful to Tyler, tried his best not to let on to my teasing and flirting which is completely understandable. I admire him for that. Every time I showed up for a swim, Brandon went home after his shift to fuck Tyler with a vengeance. If Tyler was away on business, Brandon took care of matters himself. It was actually Tyler's idea for the menage-a-trois, and it was Tyler that Brandon called that morning to let him know I was at the gym. That explains why Tyler came prepared with some of his toys in his gym bag. And so whenever Tyler's away traveling, Brandon will lock the front door and meet me in the locker room after my swims. We've now fucked in the showers, the steam sauna, the dry sauna, the jucuzzi, the aerobics class room, and in one of the racket ball courts. Sometimes Tyler will come and join us when he's in town, occasionally he enjoys just watching Brandon and me. A couple of times Brandon has watched as Tyler and I went after it. They both have said that including me has done wonders for their relationship. Because of that I'm very happy for them both. Another change that's taken place recently is that Brandon was promoted to night manager. With his newfound authority, his first order of business was to clarify the definition of "appropriate swim attire" to exclude any swimsuit I own, might own, or ever will own. It also excludes anything I might try to borrow. As he puts it, "Appropriate swim attire must be worn in the pool area or none at all." And Brandon strictly enforces his new policy during his shift, no exceptions. I think it's retaliation for all the flirting and teasing I did, but nonetheless rules are rules and it's a rule I eagerly obey, leaving everything now but my goggles in my locker whenever I swim while Brandon watches from his desk. Since the new rule applies exclusively to me, on the occasions when Tyler swims with me, he still gets to swim in his sexy black jammers which continues to be a huge turn on as anyone in the pool with a pair of googles can plainly see! But the most interesting thing about all of this is that I no longer have insomnia issues anymore. As I said before, swimming really does wonders for a person!
  14. Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2015 21:47:21 +0000 (UTC) From: a4f101@yahoo.com Subject: Finding My True Calling ***** Fucking bible camp. God, I hated this place. Had done for years, since I was a kid, when I finally wised up to the BS they were forcing down our throats. But my family was always churchy, very involved, and there was no question of ever going anywhere else on summer breaks. To the beach? No, licentious. To the city? No, sinful. Out of the county? No, heathens. Both my parents' families were into the church in a big way too - it's where my parents had been raised and met, of course. Seemed like all of them had, and there were always all these fucking preachy little kids running around, little assholes for the most part. Every year, they'd have grown up some more, become bigger assholes, and I'd go a little bit more out of my mind every time. OK, I'm being harsh. Some of them were alright. Prisoners like me, in a way. But I was the oldest by far. Last year, Zeke - he hated his full name, Ezekiel, but even he had to admit, it shortened into a pretty cool one - missed camp, away with his parents on some dumb mission trip to Papua New Guinea. Shit, that might have been semi-cool, at least it was tropical and exotic. I liked Zeke, he was a good kid, the second-oldest boy after me. Not a bible nerd like most of the others, we could talk about sports and cars and dude stuff, even if he was an awkward, pimply teenager last time I saw him. But this year, his family was back. The deep teen voice that called out my name the second morning surprised me, and when I saw him, I did a literal double-take. Zeke had grown, a lot, and to be honest, he was a total fucking hottie. Taller, better haircut, clearer face, and damn, he was fucking cut. Like, college-boy ripped. I was heading to college myself next year, at fucking last, and I'd been working out quite a bit myself in preparation. I had plans to sin, a lot, as much as I could get away with and still be somewhat responsible. And seeing the new, bigger, hotter Zeke had me thinking about all kinds of sin. It was a bit awkward at first, of course - it had been two years - but he'd matured a lot since then in all kinds of ways, and our conversations were more fun, smarter, longer. The grown-ups were already a bit wary of me, being older, bigger, college-bound, a possible lost cause. When they saw me and Zeke palling around, I think his parents wanted to separate us, but then the older girls were mooning over him a lot too, and maybe they figured that they'd leave me and him be, hoping we'd go off and do boy shit, while they kept the girls on a tighter leash. So fuck it, we did boy shit. Fishing, exploring, improvising stuff to work out with out in the acres and acres of thick woods around the camp. Zeke didn't want to seem too eager to show off to me or anything, he was a modest kid generally, but I could tell he was proud of his rocking bod, and glad to have somebody else to talk about lifting and workouts and shit with. And hell, I didn't mind at all when we stripped off our shirts and worked out, sweat gleaming on our hard young muscles, spotting each other, building up a bit. I was getting some outrageously good material for my spank bank, and having fun with the dude too. Before I knew it, I'd developed a bit of a crush on the studly little fucker. We were out behind his family's cabin, had been fucking around with the broke-down old camp minivan, shirtless in the sticky heat. He was wearing these sexy as hell little rugby shorts, something he'd picked up in New Guinea, where the sport was big. His fucking thighs, man, all big and hard-muscled and tanned, showcased perfectly in those shorts. I wanted a pair. Of the shorts, and a pair of him, too. Fuck, that was a hot idea... "Hey, Caleb?" he said, snapping his fingers with a laugh. I'd zoned out, imagining two of him, identical twins, and the things we could do together out there in the woods... shit. Now I was boned, and slightly lust-dazed. He smiled at me, a cheerful, happy kid, then his eyes flicked down and saw the bulge in my shorts. Then he looked back up at me, and his grin widened a bit. No way... "Dude, let's go up to the creek," he said. "They're gonna be in that bible study all afternoon, for sure." He had a surprisingly immodest pair of plain blue briefs on under those shorts, sky blue, clinging perfectly to the muscled globes of his athletic ass. And when he pressed against me up by the creek, his lips searching for mine, it almost felt like I'd found heaven. We kissed, not something either of us was very practiced at, but we figured it out real quick, and found we liked it a lot indeed. His thick teenage tongue confident as it slipped inside my mouth to tangle with mine, the way his beautiful ass fell naturally to my sweaty hands, the ease with which he got my shorts undone. Then the glorious feeling of our hard young cocks pressing together, even more glorious when we skinned out of our underwear and rolled onto the soft bank, kissing the whole way. At last, I'd found my true calling. Fucking beautiful Zeke on the banks of the creek after midnight, sneaking out of our sweaty, hot bedrooms to meet up and make out, make love, slapping away the mosquitoes as we rode each other's cocks and moaned out our repeated, amazing, magnificent teenage loads. Letting him lick me down there, exploring my ass, with his fingers, his tongue, then that big thick young dick of his. Clutching his big young pecs, rubbing those stiff pink tits of his, making him moan my name even more lustily as he pumped his hot come up inside me. By the time I got to college a couple months later, 18 now and just about as free as you can get at that age, I was well and truly schooled on sin, and ready for more. I wasn't going back to fucking bible camp ever again. But now that Zeke was back, we were gonna find every possible way we could to explore together until he could get up here to State himself. And until then, I had something of his to tide me over, a memento he'd gifted me on the last day of my last camp - those incredibly sexy maroon rugby shorts.

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