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Found 12 results

  1. JoelR

    body parts The Hint of Man

    A hint of nudity is sometimes far more tantalizing than seeing the full monty. Be tempted by these guys who are barely covered ....
  2. JoelR

    body parts Arm & Hammer

    (Not the baking soda, ha). A focus on the arms and its muscles
  3. Steve

    body parts The Bushes

    Guys showing their bush
  4. JoelR

    body parts Faces of Beauty

    A fleeting whisper upon the lips, the sultry bedroom eyes of a glance, and the amazing visage of man's face
  5. From the rear view: an admiration of the male butt and perky muscular mounds of the male body in black and white. #0010 Unknown model by photographer Jaededart Studios.
  6. Shirtless studs in black and white. Daniel Hamaj
  7. A lingering glance that catches your fancy or a sultry gaze that beckons you closer, these are the male faces in black and white that offer a window into their soul. #0001 Unknown Model by photographer Brent Chua for Bench Underwear (not a lot of underwear, but oh well!) #0045 Gabriel Loureiro, Brazilian male model #0023 Zachary Koval
  8. JoelR

    body parts Sexy Six-Packs

    Shirtless studs with sexy six-packs #0001 Marc Luloh #0005 Unknown #0050 Balade en forêt by César Colina
  9. JoelR

    body parts Back It Up

    A topic dedicated to the back The alabaster skin of Florian Neuville
  10. Profiles and silhouettes of the Male Form in Black & White Ludan Theron from Next Model Management

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