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Found 4 results

  1. JackFTwist

    Christian Hogue

    The last photo is by Stevan Reyes. All the others are by Rick Day, and all the outdoors shots are for C-IN2. @Steve has some additional photos of Hogue in the Male SuperStars Gallery at: https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/image/142759-christian-hogue_0005jpg/?browse=1 as well as a few others in albums of various underwear brands. (Just enter Hogue’s name in the “Search” box, and select the “All Items” search option.)
  2. (This is part of the Fall 2017 Update to update the community with new content.) System: Gallery > Main Gallery Several collections in the Main Gallery have been updated: Sports, Romance, Positions & Viewpoints, Nature. Please visit the Main Gallery for all of the updated pictures: https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/category/2-main-gallery/. Nature Step out into the sunlight and the great outdoors with the Nature category, a gallery of men and nude male bodies basking in different biomes. Content covers naked hunks tanning on the sand and beach, nude men getting lost in the forest, and gay muscle hunks in tropical paradise. Positions & Viewpoints Positions & Viewpoints is a category of naked men and gay hunks posing in various positions and shot from different viewpoints. Content covers guys in doggy position and bent over, spread-eagle and legs wide open; viewpoints from above and below. Romance & Love An intimate and sweet collection, Romance & Love is an amorous portrayal of male friends, gay men in love, and a celebration of gay marriage. Sports Kick off into high gear with men in and out of athletic wear in the Sports collection, a gallery filled with sweaty gay hunks and naked athletes and filled with musk and jock scent. On and off the field, these male athletes show off their toned and fit bodies in different sports such as football, baseball, surfing, and weight lifting.

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