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  1. Mine was ... milk. Because it does a body good. (My milk wasn't quite this exciting. In fact, it was two days away from the expiration date - even though I know milk lasts longer - so I've been guzzling the gallon down in the past couple of days so I don't waste any )
  2. I was inspired by this topic by subscribing to a "quote of the day" service. I've always been uplifted by the phrases and quotations of famous people, so I wanted to see if any of you have a personal quote or motto. I have two: "Carpe Diem" - Probably the most famous quote of all, this is by far my most favorite of all time. To me, it's such a powerful and empowering phrase to seize the moment and to cherish your life, to live and desire and work for a richly vibrant life. "In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer." - Albert Camus. I didn't run across this quote until about a year ago, and I really wish I had found it sooner, since I think it speaks so much to the sheer invincibility within me and each of us to endure even the worst of times. I've been through some incredibly painful and dark moments in my younger years that dramatically and forever changed the course of my life, yet I remember during those years that the only thing keeping me going was through sheer willpower. It wasn't any desire to intentionally live a full or happy life, or it was to simply exist -- and it was when I was stripped of everything did I discover that I needed to keep going. What are your favorite quotes, and why are they meaningful to you?
  3. Besides the staple Greek salad on restaurant menus (which turns out is actually not the correct name for the feta- and kalamata olive-topped greens), Greek cuisine isn’t as widely-available as other ethnic cuisines. But Maria Benardis, health coach, chef, and author of Cooking and Eating Wisdom for Better Health, is trying to change all that. She’s going old school, using the recipes, foods, and guiding principles of ancient Greece to put healthy and delicious foods on the table. Benardis sums up her perspective on cooking by quoting Hippocrates: “Let food be thy medicine,” she says. “Everything on the table has an effect on your body.” Here are eight tips we should all be stealing from the chef — and the ancient Greeks who inspire her — that will help you prepare healthier meals, improve your relationship with food, and maybe even shed a few pounds. Adam and I always strive for healthy and nutritious meal, although that's more of a goal than an actual reality in our household! I work a lot so it's almost impossible to enjoy a home-cooked meal during the weekdays, but we try to make it a point of eating healthy as much as possible. That's why when I came across this article about Greek eating habits, I immediately stopped to see what we could learn. I've visited the country of Greece, and I absolutely love their food -- it's simple, fresh, relies on natural ingredients from the mountains and oceans, and includes amazing items like olives and pistachios (my personal favorite during the vacation was pistachios toasted with lemon and salt.) Here are the 8 tips. What do you do during your mealtimes that harken back to the days of ancient Greece? Always start the meal with a salad Make cooking an experience Disconnect during mealtime Rely on herbs Serve greens with everything Use wholesome ingredients Keep it simple Add a little cheese Wrap it up Enjoy dessert, but make it from scratch
  4. All of the models chose Boxer Briefs as their favorite underwear https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HC026Fyl5Xk
  5. And I don't mean sexually I was helping a friend find recipes for quinoa today, since his friend bought 10 boxes of Ancient Harvest and decided she didn't like them ... so now they were all his, and he wasn't sure how to cook them. We were looking online for recipes and found some amazing 'foodporn' on the website for AncientHarvest.com. What excites you about good food?
  6. From San Francisco Edge: Now there are eight. The latest Republican presidential debate brings two fewer candidates to the main stage. But that still leaves a gaggle of competing personalities to keep straight Tuesday night in Milwaukee. A field guide to the seven men and one woman in the Fox Business Network debate: ___ DONALD TRUMP Key features: Billionaire real estate developer, author and reality TV star with the catchphrase, "You're fired!" A quick sketch: -Son of wealthy builder in the New York City borough of Queens. -Prospered in family business while studying economics at the University of Pennsylvania. -"The Donald" gained fame as splashy Manhattan developer of hotels, skyscrapers and golf courses around the world. -Considered Reform Party presidential run in 2000; flirted with GOP bid in 2012. -Starred in reality TV shows "The Apprentice" and "Celebrity Apprentice," juiced "Saturday Night Live" ratings as host this month. Also of note: The front-runner is rich enough to pay for his own campaign - and brags about that - but 74,000 donors showered him with nearly $4 million in small-dollar contributions, July through September. Might Trump be for you? Perhaps yes, if you want a president who says what he thinks even if people take offense. Perhaps no, if you're offended by his remarks suggesting Mexicans who cross the border illegally are rapists and criminals. Some other distinguishing issues: -Build a wall along the Mexican border to stop illegal immigration. -Deport all immigrants in the U.S. illegally; allow what he calls 'the good ones' to return legally. -Renegotiate international trade deals to bring jobs back to the U.S. In a nutshell: Political outsider. Celebrity. Billionaire. ___ BEN CARSON Key features: Famed pediatric neurosurgeon whose inspiring life story became a TV movie. A quick sketch: -Raised in Detroit by a divorced, impoverished mother. -Director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore for 29 years, now retired. -First surgeon to successfully separate twins joined at the head. -Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom. -Enhanced his conservative cred with politically charged remarks at 2013 National Prayer Breakfast. Also of note: In his autobiography, "Gifted Hands," Carson describes being gripped by violent, pathological anger as a teen and how he turned to God's help to overcome his temper. Reporters have raised questions about the violent incidents and other elements of his life story, putting the soft-spoken candidate in the unusual position of insisting that as an enraged youth he really did try to attack his mother with a hammer and attempt to stab a young relative. Might Carson be for you? Perhaps yes, if you want a doctor to fix the nation's health care policy. Perhaps no, if you're looking for someone with political experience and seasoned rhetoric. Carson once compared President Barack Obama's health care law to slavery. Some other distinguishing issues: -Impose the same flat income tax on everyone. -Ban abortion even in cases of rape or incest. -Add a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. In a nutshell: Christian conservative. Doctor. Only African-American contender. ___ MARCO RUBIO Key features: Florida senator who teamed with Democrats on an immigration overhaul that would have given immigrants in the U.S. illegally a way to become citizens; now says fixing border security comes first. A quick sketch: -His Cuban immigrant parents worked as a bartender and a maid. -Won a college football scholarship; University of Miami law degree. -Elected to Florida House in 2000, rose to speaker. -Beat a popular governor to win his U.S. Senate seat. -Speaks fluent Spanish, as does his Colombian-American wife. Also of note: Rubio got famous on the Internet in 2013 when he paused in his televised response to the State of the Union address to make an awkward reach for bottled water while staring into the camera, like a Poland Spring-swilling deer in the headlights. Might Rubio be for you? Perhaps yes, if you think it's time for a younger generation (Generation X in this case) to lead. Perhaps no, if you believe human actions cause global warming. Some other distinguishing issues: -Reverse President Barack Obama's diplomatic outreach to Cuba. -Stop taxing investment income, give parents a bigger tax break. -Freeze federal spending except on the military. In a nutshell: Tea party roots. Hispanic. Youthful. ___ TED CRUZ Key features: He's a Republican senator who pushed a government shutdown to fight "Obamacare." A quick sketch: -Father is a Cuban immigrant who became a pastor. -Winning debater at Princeton and Harvard Law. -Argued nine cases before the Supreme Court. -Won Senate seat in 2012 upset, his first elected office. -A Texan partial to ostrich-leather boots. Also of note: Cruz was born in Canada. His father was born in Cuba. But his mother was born in Nebraska, giving him U.S. citizenship. He's formally renounced his dual Canadian citizenship. Cruz is the first Hispanic senator from Texas, where many residents are native Spanish speakers. He's not fluent in the language, however, and nixed a proposal for a debate in Spanish in his 2012 Senate campaign. Might Cruz be for you? Perhaps yes, if you want to stop President Barack Obama's health care law at all costs. Perhaps no, if you're looking for bipartisan compromise on immigration. Some other distinguishing issues: -Amend the Constitution so that voters could oust Supreme Court justices. -Amend the Constitution to allow states to ban gay marriage. -Abolish the IRS, switch to a flat tax. In a nutshell: Tea party. Christian conservative. Hispanic. ___ JEB BUSH Key features: Son of a president, little brother of a president, and he's a former Florida governor. A quick sketch: -Born in Texas as John Ellis Bush, shortened to the nickname Jeb. -Met his future wife, Columba, a native of Mexico, during a high school exchange program. -Worked for father George H.W. Bush's 1980 and 1988 presidential campaigns. -Was governor in 2000 when Florida recount gave his brother George W. Bush the presidency. -Made a name among religious conservatives by opposing removal of life support in the Terri Schiavo case. Also of note: Bush would be the first brother of a president ever elected. If he wins, three of the five most recent White House residents would be named Bush. He says he's not his father or his brother, however: "I am my own man, and my views are shaped by my own thinking and experience." Might Bush be for you? Perhaps yes, if you want an immigration overhaul that gives people in the U.S. illegally a path to legal status. Perhaps no, if you think post-Sept. 11 surveillance programs violated civil liberties. Some other distinguishing issues: -Wants states to adopt higher education standards; supports Common Core. -Assert U.S. military might more robustly in Iraq and to counter Russian moves in Eastern Europe. -Block tax increases, although he won't sign a no-tax-increase pledge. In a nutshell: Bush dynasty. Speaks Spanish fluently. Early establishment favorite. __ CARLY FIORINA Key features: She's a businesswoman - a former CEO of Hewlett-Packard - who's run for Senate but never held public office. A quick sketch: -Daughter of a law professor-turned-federal appeals judge and an abstract painter. -Trailblazing female executive at AT&T, Lucent and Hewlett-Packard. -In over five years of running HP: led major merger, laid off 30,000 workers, ousted by board. -Made a name in politics as high-profile adviser to John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign. -Ran for U.S. Senate seat from California, and lost, while being treated for breast cancer in 2010. Also of note: Her first two debate performances gave a big boost to Fiorina's campaign. In the second debate, however, she described seeing a graphic scene in secretly recorded footage of Planned Parenthood that isn't actually in those anti-abortion videos, and refuses to acknowledge the mistake. Might Fiorina be for you? Perhaps yes, if you agree with her that a woman could best take on Democratic front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton. Perhaps no, if you want a president with experience serving in government. Some other distinguishing issues: -Impose "zero-based budgeting" that evaluates each federal program's spending annually. -Shrink the government workforce and base federal workers' pay on performance, not seniority. -Use innovation, not regulation, to address global warming. In a nutshell: Fiscal conservative. Political newcomer. GOP's only female contender. ___ JOHN KASICH Key features: Former congressman now in his second term as Ohio governor. A quick sketch: -Son of a Pennsylvania mailman. -Graduated from Ohio State and became, at 26, the youngest person elected to Ohio's Senate. -Found his Anglican faith in his 30s after his parents were killed by a drunk driver. -Served 18 years in Congress, working with lawmakers of both parties to cut spending, balance budget. -Ran for president in 2000 but dropped out early; elected governor in 2010. Also of note: Kasich opposes President Barack Obama's health care overhaul, yet he accepted federal money under the law to expand Ohio's Medicaid program. That angered many of his fellow Republicans. Kasich says "real flesh and blood, and real improvements in people's lives" are more important than ideology. Might Kasich be for you? -Perhaps yes, if you want to protect the social safety net for the poor. -Perhaps no, if you oppose sending U.S. ground troops to fight in Syria. Some other distinguishing issues: -Allow some immigrants who have been in the U.S. illegally for years to stay if they pay a fine. -Address the climate change problem without doing economic damage. -Use the Common Core standards to raise education standards. In a nutshell: Fiscal conservative. Sitting governor. Second time around. ___ RAND PAUL: Key features: He's NOT Ron Paul. That's his father, the former congressman who ran for president three times, once as a Libertarian. A quick sketch: -Helped in his father's campaigns from age 11. -Raised in Texas, settled in his wife's home state of Kentucky. -Ophthalmologist known for free eye clinics for the poor. -Won Senate seat in 2010 tea party wave, his first elected office. -Took over Senate floor for hours to question U.S. drone policy and oppose collection of Americans' phone records Also of note: Rumors aside, he wasn't named for "Atlas Shrugged" author Ayn Rand. His given name is Randal, and his wife dubbed him "Rand." But he is a fan of Ayn Rand's books. Might Paul be for you? Perhaps yes, if you're upset about the National Security Agency snooping into citizens' private communications. Perhaps no, if you want to see more aggressive use of U.S. military power in the world. Some other distinguishing issues: -Give Congress more power over the Federal Reserve. -End the right to abortion, protecting life from conception. -Reduce penalties for many drug crimes, let nonviolent felons vote. In a nutshell: Libertarian-ish. Tea party. Young voter strategy. Credit There are so many Republicans on the stage that it's confusing to know who is who. There's the token black doctor, the token white woman, a bunch of socially-conservative white guys, and Trump. And let's face, we're only watching the debates because of Trump right? Who do you think will eventually receive the Republican nomination, and who do you think has the best chance of becoming our next President? (Those don't necessarily have to be the same.)
  7. I was just curious who in the community has a favorite Christmas song or singer. I'd have to say my favorite songs are those sung by Dean Martin, followed by Perry Como at a close second. Call me old-fashioned, but both these guys bring back lots of very fond Christmas memories from when I was a kid.
  8. Mode.com just released a fabulous video of a century of men's fashions and stylewear with a really hunky model. (I will admit that the undressing portion was as much fun as the styling). The video is a lot of fun: What's your favorite decade? Mine is the black leather jacket, white shirt, and casual denim of 1955.
  9. One year later we won’t forget the 49 that were taken way too soon, and the tragedy too. They were taken by hate.
  10. This stunning, all-male twist on the "Cell Block Tango" number from the classic musical "Chicago" needs to be seen to be believed. Hunky performers Joshua Buscher-West, Marty Lawson, Alfie Parker Jr., Waldemar Quinones-Villanueva, Alex Ringler and Ryan Steele tackled the delightfully dark showstopper at "Broadway Backwards," held March 9 at New York's Al Hirschfeld Theatre. As its name implies, the event is an annual celebration where gays and lesbians see their stories told through the great songs of musical theater, sung by their favorite Broadway stars. Collectively, the group's macho take on the Bob Fosse moves is just as memorable -- and steamy -- as the original "Chicago" number seen on Broadway and in the Oscar-winning 2002 film version.
  11. Boxers or Briefs? I am a brief guy. Video description: From early-1900s one-pieces to modern-day boxer-briefs, a century's worth of men’s underwear is tried on by our model. Watch as he dons each decade's signature undies (remember Joe Boxer?) and learn what’s been beneath men's trousers throughout the years.
  12. Although the following newspaper column concerns workplace cyberbullying of women in general, and its possible role in the suicide of a woman firefighter in particular, the column is also relevant to LGBT employees. In addition to explicit, open verbal slurs and insults in their workplaces, and even physical bullying, some (possibly many) LGBT employees may also be subjected to cyberbullying at work via email, on-line discussion groups, social media, etc. "Was a Va. firefighter humiliated by co-workers online before she killed herself?" https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/was-a-va-firefighter-humiliated-by-co-workers-online-before-she-killed-herself/2016/04/25/c444e426-0af9-11e6-8ab8-9ad050f76d7d_story.html You might think human resources departments and their professional associations would be prepared to at least try to handle cases involving cyberbullying of women, but alas, they're not, except in far too few LGBT-friendly companies. The Society for Human Resources Management, the flagship professional organization for HR workers, reportedly hasn't even updated its training materials on sexual harassment at all since 2008. They haven't addressed cyberbullying yet, so unfortunately, we may be largely on our own.
  13. Damn. No bikini swimwear or skimpy speedos? What gives?
  14. http://detroit.cbslocal.com/2017/01/06/roseville-man-goes-ballistic-over-ticket-for-car-running-in-driveway-sparks-debate/ Many folks have remote starters and will not get a ticket if caught as they didn't leave keys in the car unlocked. I use two sets of keys for my older jeep so i can lock it while it warms up. Do you leave keys in an unlocked car?
  15. It seems that Michael Fitt aka Michael Jessie Santos aka Michael Troy recently moved from Florida to the small town of Gilliam in the northwest corner of Lousiana in the USA and soon after he was arrested for failing to register as a previous "sex offender" with the local officials. I would think it is a minor charge so hopefully this will not haunt him in the long term. For more info you can follow this link: http://www.ftvlive.com/todays-news/2016/2/24/reporter-fired-after-being-arrested-for-sex-crime The previous arrest in 2010: http://www.sexoffenderrecord.com/directory/FL/S/MICHAEL_JESSIE_SANTOS_934797 And to my way of thinking, his bulking up has gotten out of control since he closed his site: http://710keel.com/local-tv-reporter-arrested-for-sex-crime/

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