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Found 18 results

  1. Jeremiah

    gay romance Gay love

    Young gay love
  2. JoelR

    gay romance Sweet Slumber

    Men sleeping together in bed
  3. Date: Sat, 21 May 2016 01:32:37 +0000 (UTC) From: hankbrookscc@comcast.net Subject: The Manitenance Man Short Story Part One I came to Los Angeles with the same dreams, hopes and aspirations, as thousands had come before me. Everyone at home thought that I was crazy to buck the odds. My dad was the worst. He was ready to disown me for leaving home. He was the owner and proprietor of a large hardware store in our blue collar town, and it did very well. He wanted me to take it over, so he could retire, and I would be financially sound. I was really tempted, but I am gay, and I needed to get away to a place where I didn't have to hide my sexuality. What better place than Hollywood, CA? I really thought I had an edge on all the other aspiring actors, who went there in vain; and I could really make it in Tinsel Town. This is no time to be humble. I am very talented. I can sing, dance, and act. I starred in almost every high school musical during my four-year gig. Well, actually, I only had second lead in my freshman year. I played Lt. Cable in South Pacific. Being even less humble, I want to tell you that I am one good looking dude. I stand six feet, two inches tall. I work out at a local gym at least four evenings a week, and I am very toned and muscular. My hair is a dark blond, my eyes are hazel, and I have a small, rather pugged nose. That would make me look like a kid, but I have a strong, square chin with a cleft, which more than offsets the youthful look. And let me not forget my greatest feature. I have a cute dimple in each cheek. They only pop out, or maybe I should say cave in, when I smile, so I smile a lot. I am only going to describe my other assets because I am gay, and you are probably interested. Not only do I believe that I can make it in Hollywood, but I don't think I'll have problems in the sex department, either. Hopefully, one day, I want to make it in the love department also, but not yet. I have lots of time, and I want to have lots of sex before I say I do. Here goes: My cock is big for my height. I am circumcised, and my flaccid cock is a good six inches long. It is also wider around than the average, and it grows to eight and a half inches when I'm aroused. Unfortunately, thus far, I have only been aroused when I was whacking off in the bathroom. I hope to remedy all that in Hollywood. I had looked up YMCA facilities on line, and I booked a room, in advance, in West Hollywood on Schrader Boulevard. I hoped to find a job and an apartment quickly, so that I could make my stay at the Y, a short one. I even had an agent. I had sent a head shot to several agents, who were also listed on line. Every one of them wrote back that they wanted to represent me. I chose one based on the professionalism and appearance of his website. I know that's not smart, but I had no other yard stick. I lost my virginity my very first night at the Y, while I was taking a shower. There were four stalls available, but I was alone. Half way through my shower, a nice looking man came into the room. He must have been somewhere between sixty-five and seventy years old, I reckoned. We nodded at each other, and he began to soap himself up. All of a sudden, he said to me, "Wanna have some fun?" I was so surprised, I remained mute. He took my silence as a yes, and he walked over to me. He fell to his knees and proceeded to give me a blow job. He was certainly an expert, and I unloaded into his mouth rather quickly. He stood up and resumed showering. "Would you like me to do that to you?" I asked. I had dreamed of sucking cock all my life, and his age did not bother me at all. "No thanks," he said. "I'm seventy-five years old. I don't get hard anymore, and since I had my prostate removed, I don't ejaculate any more, either. It was my pleasure to service you." He wrapped a towel around himself and left. I enjoyed the experience, but it was far from the first time rapture I had fantasized all my life. Well, it was a start. After a few days, I zeroed in on the neighborhood I wanted to live in, and started both my job and my apartment hunting. The job was easier, and that surprised me. With my background and knowledge of tools, I got a job as a retail clerk at a Home Depot. It was in a neighborhood I was familiar with; very blue collar. The store was a busy one, and far from the YMCA I was staying at. Thank God, my dad gave me a present when I left home, a two-year-old Chevy Malibu. Now that I had a steady income, the apartment hunting became easier. I expanded my search to include apartments, which were two to three hundred dollars a month more than I initially looked for. I searched on line, of course. That was the modern way. I didn't rush. The Y was comfortable and cheap enough. During my first week in L.A. I got my courage up, and visited a gay bar not too far from the Y. I was hit on several times, but don't ask me why, I politely refused. In spite of that, I had a very sociable evening, and I couldn't figure out why I didn't allow myself to connect with anyone. I reckoned that my problem might be that I was too nervous, and I vowed to be braver in the future. In fact, the next night, a guy who had hit on me the night before, hit on me again. "Is there something wrong with me?" he asked. "Hell no. You're very handsome," I smiled at him. "It's just that I'm a virgin and I'm scared." "Please," he pleaded, "come home with me, and I'll give you a premiere you'll never forget." The guy, whose name I don't remember (maybe I never got it), taught me to suck, rim and fuck that night. He was good, and I was grateful. I thanked him and started to dress. "Will we see each other again?" he asked hopefully. "Sure," I said, and left. The next night I went to a different bar in order not to run into him again. In fact, I made the rounds, and scored every night, but I wasn't going to allow myself to get involved just yet. At one of the bars, I picked up a gay newspaper. It was free. I looked at it when I got back to my room, and was excited to find a section with apartments for rent. Most of them were in West Hollywood. I figured this would be ideal. I called the one I thought looked most interesting, but it was already rented. I called my second choice, and the place was still available. It was a furnished, one-bedroom apartment in a sixplex. A very young voice said to me that I could come over early the following morning to see the apartment. "I own the building," he said. "I do all the maintenance. I'm also the super, so I'm always in the building somewhere. When you get here, knock on apartment 1A. The available apartment is 1B, across the hall from me. There are two apartments on each floor, six altogether." I couldn't wait to see the man who went with that sexy voice. I knocked on his door, and I wasn't disappointed. Manuel (Manny) Fuego was a Latin God. He was stunningly handsome, but very unkempt. His jeans were torn and dirty and his face was smudged. I wondered why he had advertised in the gay press. This guy looked as straight as a steel rod, as far as I was concerned. He wiped his hands on a dirty towel, and stuck it out for me to shake. "Nice to meet you Mr. Davis," he said. I was so young I had hardly ever been called Mr. by anyone. "Please," I said, "call me Clark." My unthinking parents had named me Clarence, after one of my great-grandfathers. I hated that name, and I certainly didn't look like a "Clarence." I became Clark, the minute I crossed the city line. Manny showed me the apartment, and I fell in love with it. I never expected the furniture to be so new, and in such good condition. The kitchen cabinets were loaded with pots, pans, and dishes. The linen closet was stacked. The place was move-in ready, and I didn't have to buy a thing, except food. I signed a one-year lease, and gave Manny first month's rent and a security deposit. That evening, I loaded my car with my stuff, checked out of the Y, and occupied my first apartment. I was just hanging away the last of my belongings, when I heard a knock at my door. I opened it and there stood Manny. He was fresh showered, I could tell. His clothes were clean and skimpy; jeans, a tank top, and sandals. From the bulge in his tight fitting jeans, I was sure that he was going commando. He had two beers in his hand. "I hope you don't mind," he said. "I came over to initiate your apartment." He held up the two beers to symbolize the baptism. "Sure," I said. "Come right in." We sat on the sofa and Manny unscrewed the bottle caps. "Cheers," he said, and he took a sip. "Do you mind having some company tonight. Let's get to know each other," I raised my bottle to let him know that it was all right with me. We chatted a little, but when we both finished our beers, he left. The apartment may have looked perfect, but unfortunately it had a lot of plumbing and a few electrical problems. I had leaky faucets, a toilet that only flushed occasionally, and light switches which needed changing. Every time I discovered a new problem, I called Manny, and he rushed right over to fix it. Each time he came over, we would have a beer, and chat. After a while we just visited each other in the evening, when we were both free, without the need for repairs. We hung out together more and more, and we became really good friends. Let me tell you what was happening to me after I moved into my new apartment. My agent was terrific. He got me a small role, practically a walk-on, in a movie. I guess I got noticed, because the casting director tested me for second lead in a romantic comedy. He asked me to come over to his house to discuss the possibility of my getting the role. When I got there, I was quickly seduced (quite readily). He kept telling me how beautiful my cock was, and I told him the same thing about his cock. I got the part. The main character in the movie was a suave city boy, always on the prowl. My character was his cousin who came to visit him. The cousin was seemingly a naĂŻve country bumpkin, but he actually taught the main character a thing or two. I didn't arrive until half way through the movie, but my part was pretty meaty after that. By that time, I had quit Home Depot. I was auditioning for several more films, and I seemed to be wanted. I knew that my career was moving forward. Also I could now afford a real apartment, complete with my own furniture. I told Manny that I would be moving out when my lease was up in just a few weeks. His face clouded over, and he looked so unhappy. "Don't be sad," I told him. "We'll still be friends." That did not make him feel any better. He ran from my apartment. When the day came for my departure, I was able to load all my personal stuff in my car. Nothing in the apartment belonged to me. I was taking a last look around to make sure that I had not missed anything, when Manny came in without knocking. He was holding two bottles of beer. "We started with a beer," he said sadly. "Let's close it with a beer." We sat on the sofa and began to drink. "I'm going to miss you," Manny said forlornly. "Nonsense. We'll still be friends." "Yeah, but we'll have to make appointments. We won't be dropping in on each other like we do now." He was right of course, and I had nothing more to say, so I just finished my beer quickly. The atmosphere was very awkward, and I wanted to leave as soon as possible. "Don't I get a farewell hug?" Manny asked. He stood up and opened his arms for me. I took him up on his offer, and suddenly this brawny guy wrapped his arms around me. I did the same to him. When I thought it was enough, I tried to disengage myself, but Manny only held me closer. I felt his cock pushing against me. It was very hard. "What are you doing?" I asked. He didn't answer. He just held me closer, and he put his cheek against mine. He was crying. "Don't you know how much I love you?" he asked. I was stunned. Sure, we were friends, maybe even best friends, but I had never thought in terms of love. Manny placed his lips on mine and started to kiss me. It felt so good. There was very little kissing during my frequent one night stands. I began to kiss him back. I was feeling pleasures I had never experienced before. We kissed harder and harder. We were both dry humping each other, and we both came in our pants. After we came, we both cried. "I love you too," I whispered in his ear. Our tears turned to laughter. "I can't go home now," I said, "until you lend me a pair of pants." "You are home," Manny said. "Move into my apartment." "I can't," I whimpered. "I signed a nine-month lease. I didn't want to go too far out in time, unless my acting career really took off." "Then I'll move in with you, and rent out my apartment. I'll come here every day to do my duties, just as if I had a regular job." "I don't know if that will work or not, but let's give it a try." I smiled at Manny, and we resumed hugging ourselves really hard. The cum in my pants was really uncomfortable. I suggested we wash up and change. "And after that," Manny asked. "Your place or mine?" "We're here," I cried lustfully. Make love with me on the floor, on the sofa, in the bed. I don't care where. Just do it." The first thing we did was remove our wet pants, and we were naked in a flash. Then Manny handed me a pleasant surprise. He fell to his knees and started slurping up what cum remained on my pubic area. When he had swallowed every last drop, he began to suck my cock. I had been sucked many times before, but never by the man I loved. The electricity spreading through my body was heating me up from head to toe, but I was shivering at the same time. I tried to stop myself from cumming. I thought it would be easy. After all, I had just cum moments ago. I was wrong. I couldn't stop my orgasm from happening. I came in Manny's mouth, and he swallowed all of it. After I came, we continued our marathon hugging and kissing session. After I felt that I was sufficiently recovered from two back to back orgasms, I started to move down to do the same to Manny, but he stopped me. "Please," he begged, "let me fuck you" "Yes," I said, "of course." "We'll have to go to my place for some lube," he said. I noticed he didn't mention anything about condoms, and I could care less. The moment I realized that I didn't care if he entered me bareback, I realized how much I really did love him. I couldn't imagine why it took me so long to realize it. We ran naked across the hall to Manny's apartment. He laid me gently on his bed, and got a jar of Vaseline from his bathroom. "Lie on your back," he instructed me. I thought he would grease up my ass and his cock, and go for it, but I was wrong again. Manny began to rim me until I was writhing and whimpering in ecstasy. Only then did he grease my ass (over greased it, I thought), and he did not neglect his cock either. His cock was magnificent. It wasn't as long as mine, and it wasn't cut, but as wide as I was, he was wider. I shuddered when I saw it, but I would not stop him from entering me. No wonder he had used so much Vaseline. We were so greased up, he entered me rather easily. I wrapped my legs around his waist, and pulled him in even further. Neither of us had made a move, but Manny yelled out, "Fuck, I'm cumming." Only then did he start to pump, and pump hard. When I felt his seed wending its way up my gut, I cried out with joy. Manny lay on top of me. He was so still I had to listen hard to make sure that he was still breathing. At last, he whispered, "I love you, Clark." The next day, Manny loaded his personal stuff into his car and moved into my new apartment with me. He left his old apartment furnished, and rented it out that way in less than a week. He posted a notice in the front lobby. Tenants: If you have an emergency, and need to reach me, my telephone number is 302-555-6262. If it is not an emergency, I will be in the building from 9 to 5 on Mondays to Fridays, to take care of ALL your maintenance needs. Manuel Fuego. Manny brought out the man in me. We made love every night, and we both came every night. Sometimes I even came twice in one night. I didn't know that I had it in me, and he said the same. The night I got the lead in a romantic comedy, we celebrated with sex. Manny gave me a treat (or so he thought). He did all the work, as I lay passive. I did what he asked to keep him happy, but the truth is that I am happiest, when I am doing the work, and making him happy. I hope he knows that.
  4. JoelR

    gay romance I Love Jim

    From: simon peter <simon23232@yahoo.com> Subject: I Love Jim and Jim Loves Me I Love Jim and Jim Loves Me By Simon Peter I was stunned. The look in his eyes was totally unexpected. This happened around two weeks ago in the middle of the corridor of the school which my two boys attend. I had just finished sitting in on a parent/teacher meeting and was crossing the corridor with my two boys when another parent, holding the hand of his little girl, stopped me to ask for directions to the PT meeting room. I was immediately struck by his handsomeness. I estimated him to be perhaps 3 or 4 years younger than me-I am 34. Before I could answer, my eyes travelled from his very handsome face down his body, lingering on the space exposed by the two open buttons of his shirt. My older boy was telling the man how to get to the place when my eyes returned to his face. It was then that I was stunned. It couldn't have taken more than 2-3 seconds for my glance to appreciate the man's body. Apart from the extremely sexy patch of hair just showing through the shirt opening, he stood tall and lean, with a nicely pronounced bulge in his faded, but dressy pair of jeans. Instead of looking down at my son as he explained to the man how to get to the meeting room, he was staring at me. Not just looking at me, but staring. He had clear blue eyes, large and widely set, and his stare told me volumes. I realized that he had noticed my glance down his body and my lingering look at his exposed chest. I guessed that my facial expression was like a book and he was reading it. I am a happily married man with two fantastic boys. But I am also inclined to appreciate other men as well. Since I got married, I had been totally faithful. I had wondered at times what it would be like to have a lover, especially a male lover, since he would be easier to conceal and since this would give me a chance to experience male sex, which I hadn't had much of as a bachelor. Having said all that, and whenever my wife was not with me, I allowed my eyes to do the lusting, more for other males than for females-forbidden sex, you might say. The guy noticed my lust. What stunned me was not that I had been caught but that the man returned my lustful stare. There was a whole volume of communication between us, just through the eyes. We stood, two meters apart, frozen in space, everything around us dissolving, except the two pairs of staring eyes. We were shamelessly making love to each other with our eyes, right there in the middle of a school hallway, our children standing by us. I felt as if he was on top of me, making love, and my whole body shuddered. We broke from each other's gaze with a sigh. The man thanked my boy for the directions, looked back at me with a smile-oh, not just a smile, but more like "Hey, dude, you are one hot guy and I think you like me, too" kind of unspoken statement. I walked out of the school on wobbly legs, dazed. There was a sidewalk café and I treated my boys to ice cream as I ordered a coffee and started reflecting on what had just happened in there. What had it been? The electricity was unmistakable. Very strong current. But how could that ever be possible? Surely the guy was married: he had a little girl with him. Certainly, I was married, too. My two boys attested to that strongly. So what had that all been about: two married men meeting in a school hallway? Making love to each other with their eyes? Or was all of that the product of my over-active imagination? No, it couldn't have been. His look was unmistakably clear. My gaze at his open-collared chest and his crotch was also very clear. Around 15 minutes later, my heart raced as the man walked out of the school gate and was approaching where we were sitting, a small table on the sidewalk. I hadn't finished my coffee yet. "Hi," he greeted us as he came near, with a smile on his face, and I melted at the beauty of his expression. The smile was more than casual friendly. There was interest in the eyes. Was there some lust, too, or was it all in my imagination? Or wishful thinking? "That was fast," I managed to say, slowly and tremblingly forcing myself to stand up and extend my hand. Taking my hand in a firm grip, he said, "Melanie here is a bright girl and her teachers didn't have much to say except to praise her." His other hand stroked the girl's hair. She was beaming and I could see the resemblance-definitely his daughter. "Would you like to join us for a celebratory ice cream for the lady and a coffee for her dad?" I heard myself saying, almost sure that the trembling of my voice was definitely noticeable. I was past caring by then. I was ready to do anything to keep him there, not to lose him, not to take my eyes off of him. I couldn't understand what was going on with me. This was a first. I had never been hooked to a stranger like this before, never ever. "Well?" he looked down at his daughter. "How about it Mel?" The girl nodded enthusiastically. He drew up two chairs from a nearby table and sat in the one next to me. We had to squeeze around the small table that we had. I motioned for the waiter and ordered the ice cream and coffee. Our knees touched. I almost fainted. What the fuck? What was I doing, acting like a love-struck teenage girl? I had no control over my body, especially when Jim did not pull his knee away, but rather pressed lightly against mine. Again, all my surroundings dissolved except for Jim. I felt the stirrings in my groin, the twitching of my ass muscle, the fluttering in my stomach. Inevitable. Uncontrollable. Unexplainable for a grown, adult, married man. The ice cream was consumed. The coffee was gone. Jim stood up. Oh, the exposed upper chest. Oh, the pronounced bulging crotch. "It's been nice meeting you, Oliver," he said with a dazzling smile. "I guess our kids are going to get along handsomely now that they have been introduced to each other over ice cream." "I guess so," I said, trying to return the smile, fully realizing that my lust for the guy was glowingly apparent. I even bulged inside my dress pants with a semi-erection. "Tell you what," Jim said, not letting go of my hand, "if you aren't doing anything special this evening, we could have a drink or something." He pressed slightly at the something. "Just the two of us," he added, and those few words were loaded with unspeakable meaning. Just the two of us? What about the spouses? The children? The two of us? Just? My God, if there ever was a come-on invitation for sex, this must have been it! "Yea, great," I responded, totally conscious of my hardening cock and my racing heart. I had just agreed to go out on a date with a man. Most probably a fuck, too! With a man. "Say, seven o'clock? Do you know Murphey's?" I nodded. "See you there, then," and he walked away. My hands were sweaty. My whole body was sweaty. I could even feel the sweat forming under my balls and between my ass cheeks. I watched his butt: firm, manly, perfectly fitting his faded designer jeans. Oh, my God. We slid into a booth at Murphey's with two glasses of red wine. There was no talk. His hand reached down and pressed on my thigh. I emitted a low moan. We sipped the wine, staring at each other. Jim was simply a beautiful person. Physically, he had no competition, as a man. But more than that: as I sipped the wine, I felt our two spirits mesh and combine. The chemistry was unbelievable. "I knew it," he whispered as he rubbed up and down the inside of my thigh under the table. "We're married," I couldn't help stating the obvious and I felt stupid for saying it. "And we lust for each other," he retorted, his hand cupping my crotch. The bar was dark and all this touching was hidden by the table in the booth. I was rock hard already and his hand massaged my erection erotically. Normally, I would have described what had been happening with Jim, especially the last few minutes, as unabashed vulgarity, as being too forward, as lacking class. Surprisingly, however, I felt that his hand fondling my cock inside my pants was exactly where it should be, that this was the most normal thing to happen. When I reflect, even now when I'm writing about it, I can't believe that I had gone along with it. I can't believe that I had let Jim grope my crotch in a public place, even though hidden by the table. At the time, I was way too excited, way too taken by this man that I had put aside all my inhibitions, my values, my set behaviors. "Jim," I had to bring some reason, some responsibility to all of this. We weren't two teenagers experimenting in a dark alleyway, for Pete's sake. We were two grown men, married with children. "Jim..." I repeated, but I had no more words to say. Words just fell short of the intensity of the moment. Uncontrollably, feeling the shuddering of my body at his rubbing my erection, my own hand slid to his crotch. He was hard. I could even feel the throbbing. And he felt big! I reveled at the sensations streaming through my body. "Let's get out of here," Jim whispered, squeezing my crotch. Get out of here? Where? Why? To fuck? Oh, my God. Although I lusted for him and I knew he lusted for me in return, although we were rubbing each other's cocks through our pants, the idea of having sex with a man hadn't seriously crossed my mind. What? Fucking? Wasn't this just a passing fling? I felt such a clutz. Of course, with all that had been happening, getting into bed with Jim was the most logical conclusion. I slid from behind the booth, hoping that my bulge wouldn't show. Jim was saying something about having left his daughter with his in-laws for the night since his wife was out of town on a business trip. Oh, man, I was going to have sex with this guy! I called home and explained that my meeting would go on for a couple of hours. I sometimes had to go to meetings in the evenings, so there wouldn't be any raised eyebrows when I got home, fucked and all. As if in a dream, we walked over to his place, entered the living room, and immediately started kissing. "Whoa," I gently pushed Jim back, taking in a deep breath. My hand burned at the touch of his chest skin, so sexy. "Jim, man, this is going so fast." "I'm not complaining," he said with an impish smile, placing his hand on my face cheek, caressing it, feeling my evening beard stubble, his middle finger following the outline of my lower lip. I bit on his finger playfully, and then started to suck on it, keeping my gaze glued to his face. He closed his eyes and pulled me towards him in a tight embrace. We kissed passionately. There was so much hunger in our connection, so much unreleased passion, so much lust. I felt dizzy. As we moved to the couch, we started to undress each other. When I saw him fully naked, my heart stopped. He was the most beautiful male specimen I had ever laid my eyes on. Lean, moderately hairy, with defined muscles, toned skin, and a cock to die for. Erecting at an upward angle, his cock revealed his fuzzy balls and reached up to his navel. Cut. Mushroom head. Thick shaft. Easily 8 inches. I wasn't to laugh at either, but I was nowhere near his godlike killer body. I went over his body with my lips, adoring his maleness, his masculinity, his firm and toned physique, his hard, throbbing marvel of a cock, his balls, his ass crack and butt cheeks, his thighs, legs, and feet. I felt like a whore, but it was such an intoxicating experience for me, and evidently such an erotic one for him, for he moaned and groaned with every lick of my tongue, every kiss of my lips, every fondling of my fingers, that I didn't stop until I was totally out of breath. Jim did the same to me. As he reached my throbbing cockhead, he mumbled, "You are so fucking beautiful, Oliver," before he wrapped his lips around my achingly throbbing tool. Me? Beautiful? My God. No one, not any one, had ever told me I was beautiful. His mouth slid down my cock shaft, wet, warm. My body burned. My moans came out load. I pushed his head down, aching for him to swallow me all the way to the base, and further, to take my whole body. "Yea, Jimmy, yes, my God, oh, yes, yes, suck my dick, oh God, yea, yes, oh, fuck yea," was all I could mutter as he gobbled on my cock. His sucking was in no way near to the couple of blowjobs I had experienced with my wife. Infrequently, she would "service" me, clearly showing her aversion, and that she was doing it just to please me. But what was so erotic about Jim's sucking was how he took pleasure in it, how he doted on my erection, how he moaned and swallowed and moved his head, how he looked up at me, his eyes wide, his mouth full, his lips stretched, his Adam's apple bobbing. I shot my load in buckets, deep down Jim's throat. He swallowed, never letting go of my cock, his finger already rubbing my hole. When he felt the first spurt hit the back of his mouth, he inserted his finger up my ass. This intensified my ejaculation. I had to stifle my screams. I had never cummed like this. And I felt like it went on forever, like my insides were violently being ejected through the silt of my cock. When finally my cock finished spewing juice into Jim's mouth, Jim held my balls with one hand, kept his finger inside my ass hole, and licked on my dripping cock, slopping the last drops of cum. I remained hard, surprisingly, and he stroked me gently, beads of sweat formed on his forehead and upper lip, his chin covered with thick, white semen. Holding his handsome face between my hands, I pulled him up onto me. I lay back against the back of the sofa, feeling the heat of his body, pressed on mine, and the wetness of his lips on my mouth. I tasted sperm, my sperm, and I couldn't help but suck greedily on his tongue as he pushed it between my lips, slimy, salty, and unbelievably erotic. His hardness rubbed on my crotch. I still felt my own erection, but now it was Jim's turn. We kissed, Jim on top of me, our bodies glued, our crotches grinding. My heart stopped when I felt Jim's hand raise one of my legs and his thick, hard cock slip under my balls. He started humping between my ass cheeks, the wetness of my sperm and his spit making the sliding up and down my crack easy. Suddenly, his cockhead was at my hole. Oh, Jesus. I was going to get fucked! "Hold on, Jim," I mumbled through our interlocking lips. He pressed on my hole, gazed deep into my eyes, and smiled. "What?" he mumbled back. I could feel his cockhead starting to stretch my rim muscle, the beginning of pain. "You can't fuck me, Jim," I protested. "You're too big." He pressed harder, "Oh, yeah?" God, that smile, those eyes. I was dying for him to fuck me, but the pain was increasing. I tried to relax. The cock knob felt huge. There was no way I would be able to take him in. With a forceful thrust, he forced his cockhead in and penetrated... and I screamed. "FUCK! Jim fuckfuckfuck, it hurts." He kissed me and eased on the pressure, keeping the head just inside my rim muscle. I tried to take deep breaths to ease the pain, but his kissing won't allow me. Slowly, ever so slowly, he slid into me. At first, the pain was unbearable. My first fuck! My virgin ass stretched for a man's cock! I wanted to beg for him to stop, to pull out, to forget about anal sex, but some strange thing inside me made me shut up and take it. The pain receded, slowly, and the fucking started. Jim was beautiful. I was on fire. My erection throbbed and bobbed between our bodies, in rhythm with his thrusts. In and out, fucking me, my legs now spread wide, his hands holding onto my ankles. I watched his stomach muscles ripple with his thrusting. The first beads of sweat started to form in the hair patch in the middle of his chest. Watching this super-masculine body on top of me sent me reeling with indescribable sensations streaming throughout my body. I raised myself on my elbows and bit his nipple. He grunted and pounded me deeper in response. His cock seemed to grow thicker inside me, even longer, pushing my insides up against my back. With every thrust, Jim groaned. He mumbled all kinds of things, but what I retained and got excited most about was how beautiful I was under him, how hot I made him, how fantastic my ass was for his fucking cock. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I watched him as he bent over me, reaching for my mouth. I felt his pounding increase in tempo and in thrust. He fucked me, his tongue deep into my mouth, until moments later he froze and emitted a scream, muffled by my mouth. I felt the hot cum hit my insides. I didn't actually feel the cum, but I felt his cock thicken with every spurt. Like me spewing in his mouth, he emptied his balls in my ass. Jim remained inside me as we kissed and as his cock flexed. I squeezed my rim muscle around his cock shaft a couple of times, feeling my balls shrink and my load ready to explode. His belly was rubbing on my cock and I cummed hard. My semen covered both our bellies and stomachs, gluing us further onto each other. Finally, Jim pulled out. I felt empty. We showered. My ass burnt. My cock remained hard. Amazing. After love-making sessions with my wife, my cock would immediately wilt. I would just turn over and go to sleep. Not with Jim. My erection never subsided. I wanted more, never to end. I fucked Jim in the shower. Using soap, turning him around, raising one of his legs, I entered him. He bucked against me, supporting himself with his hands aginst the porcelain wall. I drove up into him hard. It took some time for me to shoot: this was my third load. Three intense loads of cum within less than an hour. And I cummed as hard as the first time, filling Jim's ass, my cum seeping onto his thighs and down to the shower floor. I could say that I was spent. But I wasn't. This was a new world for me. My dick refused to settle. It went semi-hard but quickly back to full erection as soon as I touched Jim. My ass still hurt when I squeezed my rim muscle. Jim's cock was no joke and he drilled me hard. My cock burnt a little also. But this didn't affect my erection. During the following hour, I ejaculated twice more, once in Jim's mouth and once up Jim's ass. Jim met me one for one and wanted even more. We were insatiable. Later that night, in bed next to my wife, I felt guilty. Elated, but guilty. I wasn't really thinking that I had cheated on her. It wasn't another woman that I was having an affair with. With Jim, it was totally different. What I felt guilty about was the fact that I had enjoyed sex with Jim far more than any other sexual experience I had had. Was that normal? If I was experiencing it, then yes, why shouldn't it be normal? I drifted into deep sleep with the image of Jim's naked body on top of me, his lips on mine, his big dick filling me. Jim and I are lovers now. Needless to say, our relationship is a total secret. We both stand to lose a lot if it were known that we fucked. We value our married lives and our families, and it has been implicitly agreed between us that we wouldn't jeopardize what we have. We enjoy each other immensely. To the outside world, we are close friends. In bed, we are hot lovers. This may sound tacky to many. It would have sounded tacky to me as well before I met Jim, before I slept with Jim. Now, I can say this with a full mouth (pun intended): I love Jim and Jim loves me.
  5. His seXXXy pics and vids are on his fan page: www.onlyfans.com/Trevor-adams
  6. The magical moment when you discover you're in love!
  7. Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2015 19:43:27 +0000 From: NU Subject: Teacher's Pet TEACHER'S PET When fifteen minutes had passed, I shamelessly left the Prom's banquet hall to meet with Mr. Allister. He didn't tell me what room he was in, so I checked in with the receptionist. "Room 304," the receptionist recalled, "and don't forget this." He chuckled then handed me a key card and flask. Alcohol, I thought. Thoughts quickly ran through my head, but I forgot them all when I realized I was about to be in a room alone with the sexiest teacher on the planet. All the hints he had dropped during the Prom ran through my head. When I got to the room door I knocked at first, but there was no answer. I was about to try the key card when I heard "It's open!" from the inside. I pushed the door open to the dimly lit hotel room. The room had a relaxing, romantic feeling. I imagined what awaited me. I thought about seeing Mr. Allistar's muscles bulge from carrying heavy things. I thought about having a good view of his butt when he bent over. "Mr. Allister," I yelled, "where are you?" "I'm in here!" I followed the sound of his voice to the bathroom and then to the kitchen. When I didn't find him there, I left the flask on the counter and went to the last room — the bedroom. When I walked through the doorway I saw Mr. Allister shirtless. He looked like he just had a workout because his whole body was glowing from sweat. His jawline looked best when he clenched his teeth, and I'm pretty sure I could hear him panting. He was only wearing dress pants. My knees felt weak again. I felt my heart beat faster and faster. I could feel a drop of sweat forming on my forehead. "Oh, I didn't see you there," he said when he looked up. He smiled his sexy smile and continued folding his clothes into his suitcase. "Mr. Allister —," I was interrupted. "Please, call me Cameron. We're both adults here, am I right?" He smirked. It felt like my knees were about to give in. "Y-you look hot," I stammered, "I-I mean bec-cause you're sweating. Why don't you turn on the A.C.?" "I don't like using A.C. It always makes me too cold, y'know?" "Yeah, s-sure." "Parker, it looks like your sweating too. Do you want a drink?" Without my answer, he walked towards the door and put his arm around me. He led me to the living room. "Here, take a seat." He went into the kitchen and picked up the flask. "Parker did you bring this? "Yeah. The guy at the receptionist desk told me to give it to you." He grabbed two shot glasses and placed them on the coffee table. "Mr. Al — I mean Cameron You didn't strike me as the type of guy who drank..." He smirked. "Well, you don't know that well!" he chuckled. I forced myself to laugh with him but it seemed believable. He continued, "I've just had a lot on my mind recently." He poured a shot and downed it all at once. "Mr- I mean Cameron, you can tell me." I put my hand on his back when he leaned towards the coffee table. He gave me a warm smile which made me feel at home. "Well, I've had feelings for someone for a long time now and I haven't him how I feel about him..." "Him? Can I ask who it is?" Cameron smiled and leaned closer to me. I felt his body heat on my body. I loved his warm breath on my face. He pressed his lips against mine and gave me a lingering kiss. He pulled back smiling. "I hope that answers your question," he whispered slyly. Me? I'm Mr. Cameron Allister's crush, I thought. I almost passed out from the thought of it. I smiled back and went in for a hug, but I was still confused as to why he liked me. "Umm, Cameron," I asked as we made eye contact, "what do you see in me?" He had a longing look in his face. He chuckled, "You're different Parker. I can't out my finger on it, but something about you makes me attracted to you..." His comments raised my libido up so much that that I jumped in for a kiss this time, pulling his neck closer. I then pulled back remembering something that could get us in trouble. "As much as I want this to happen, it can't. You're still my teacher and I'm your student." "Helloo. Earth to Parker? You seem to be forgetting that you graduated last Wednesday. We're at the postponed Prom! I'm not your teacher anymore!" He took charge over me, forcefully shoving his tongue into my mouth. He seemed to have more passion for me than I had for him. He leaned towards me until he was on top of me. I put my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. Our tongues were lost in each other's mouths. "Parker, wanna take this to the bedroom," he whispered. He face lit up when I nodded, making him look like a kid who had just gotten a toy he wanted. It made him more attractive. Cameron picked me and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He eagerly and passionately kissed me, going down my neck. He kept up with the mood while walking into the bedroom. He unbuttoned my tuxedo jacket and ripped my shirt off. I reached for his belt, but by the time my hands got there, Cameron had already taken it off. He quickly took of his pants and helped me take off mine. Cameron carefully lay me on the bed. He got on top of me and started kissing my neck. He whispered something hot into my ear which made me groan with pleasure. I hugged him tightly while he sucked on my neck. He nibbled on my ear, making me hug him tighter. He seemed to be doing all the work. "Parker, do you want to this to the next level? If we do, I can't promise that I'll be gentle." I nodded, and he had the same attractive childish expression he had earlier on his face. He took of his underwear and took of mine as well. I saw his full on boner and his big cute bare butt. The feeling of our dicks touching felt amazing and it seemed to take Cameron to a whole other level of pleasure. Cameron kept kissing me over and over again. He moved down licking my nipples and blowing on them, seeming to know the pleasure that came from it. He licked me all the way down my stomach until he reached the head on my boner. He sat up for a moment to pump my dick before going in. He licked the head of my dick and deep throated it all at once. The feeling of my entire penis in his mouth made me groan again. I put my hand on his head, guiding him and continuously pushing his mouth onto my dick. He didn't come up for air once until he was ready for the next step. Cameron turned me over and slapped my butt hard. I yelled from pain, but it only seemed to make him more attracted. With my consent, he slowly slid his dick into my butt. I sighed from relief because it didn't hurt as much as I thought. He pushed it all the way in, and slowly pulled it out. He kept with his rhythm, slowly speeding up. He pulled my torso up so I was on my knees and hands. He stood up with his knees on the bed. This time, I pulled his dick closer and put it into my butt. He pounded me repetitively going faster and faster. My groaning made him go faster. He put his hands on my back feeling me all over. "Harder, harder!" I yelled. He grabbed the back of my shoulders to get more leverage. He seemed to keep pounding me harder and harder, faster and faster, without showing signs of tiring out. We both panted and we were sweating all over. Cameron cried out. I heard continuous moans coming from him, and it sounded like he was about to com. He pounded harder and faster. He pulled his dick out of me and pumped it himself. With his strength he flipped me over with one hand and I watched him, feeling himself, pumping his dick to the sight on me. He cried out with pleasure as he came onto me. He laid down on me, kissing me again over and over. He rubbed his cum over me. "Parker, you're all messy now," he panted as he smirked, "we should wash that off shouldn't we?" He hinted towards the bathroom. I became excited again when he picked me up and carried into the shower. Mr. Allister is waiting
  8. Demon

    gay romance Hugo & Slava

    Hugo & Slava see if they are compatible - I think they are
  9. Adam and I met with a good female friend the other night for dinner. The conversation veered towards the topic of jealousy and possessive relationships. Our female friend is in a budding relationship, where she self-classifies herself with her boyfriend as "going steady" (and by the way, we spent all of the entree course dissecting that distinction between "merely friends" and "boyfriend / girlfriend", which are - after 30 minutes of discussion - lesser commitments than "going steady"). Anyways, our female friend thought that it was okay to shamelessly flirt. Which she's done on multiple occasions and doesn't plan to stop, because "that's just her playful personality." Now, disregarding HER actions, her boyfriend was immediately taken aback by it .... but not just taken aback, he makes a big deal about it ... he yells at her in public, he makes them leave the premises, and he even verbally threatened the (presumably innocent) guy with whom she was flirting with. Then again, they were at a bar and the other guy should have noticed her boyfriend before he asked for her number. Adam thought it was romantic. He likes the idea of having a possessive man, and likened it a white knight. I thought it was way overboard, and her boyfriend never should have made a public spectacle out of the problem. At the same time, Adam rightfully pointed out to me that - in public - I've always pulled him in tighter or physically held him when we talk with other (good-looking) guys. I've also glared at him when he's off intently chatting with some other guy or I'll meander on over to join the conversation and butted in. But I mean, Adam is mine, right? Body, soul, dick, and heart ... he is wholly mine. So I wanted to ask YOU on just how much "jealousy" and "possessiveness" you think couples can or should properly exhibit? And where does it cross the line from "you're my boyfriend" to "don't you dare talk to anyone else"? Three guys from Corbin Fisher / Bel Ami who apparently have NO PROBLEMS with jealousy or possessiveness.
  10. Oh to be in Italy when it's hot and steamy - the sex can be really 'classical'
  11. The Pirate Captain falls for the wrong sort of guy - but hey it turns out good in the end!
  12. Date: Sat, 27 Jun 2015 13:52:56 -0500 From: Bix Meister <bixmeister57@gmail.com> Subject: Jack Pine Savages Part 1 A Year In The Life Jack Pine Savages Part 1 By Bix Meister This is a story featuring gay men, and gay sex, intended for Adults, not Minors. It is fiction, and as such is not based on any actual people or events. It is a fantasy intended purely as a catalyst for pleasure. No attempts have been made to portray safe sex, but the author encourages you to practice it. If this is your first trip to my series, I suggest you start at the beginning, Snowplow. You will get to know the characters more. If you have suggestions or feedback, contact me at bixmeister57@gmail.com ============================================================================ The Jack Pine, or Pinus Banksiana, is a North American Pine native to the northern woods of Minnesota. They are extremely plentiful between Duluth and my Northern Minnesota hometown. Taking Highway 2 west from Duluth, you can see entire swathes of Jack Pines. They are not as strong and majestic looking as the White Pine or Red Pine, Jack Pines are scrappy. Their strength lies in their ability to grow where others can't and regenerate after a fire. In fact it is fire, or intense heat that allows the pine cones of the Jack Pine to release their seed. Late February, 2000, I realized I was a Jack Pine, living among White Pines. It was a few days after Valentines day that I finally decided it was time to meet with Mike and negotiate a pay raise for Fred. His leadership on my home should be rewarded, and I wanted to see it happen. I called him from my cell phone and asked to meet at the diner, a neutral place. He suggested that we meet at Pete's house so he could see the end result of the pool table installation. I was hesitant at first, knowing what Pete felt about my interaction with Mike. However I thought it was time to bridge that gap, and bring Mike back into our fold. Plus he held the key to Fred being compensated for what he was bringing to the table. Yes I could simply pay the difference myself, give Fred a bonus, but what would happen when my project was done? Fred had quickly become an asset to Mike, one that should be rewarded down the line. I had to step up for a friend, do something that Pete would admire, but I still felt the need to go around Pete's back. I had told my office that I would be in late, so I walked through the farmhouse remodel with Pete and Fred, then made the short drive to what had become my new home. I let myself in and did a quick check of the place. We had been too busy the last few days to put up the sling, so I didn't have to worry about that. I took some cleaning spray and buffed out the smudge that Pete had noticed on the light fixture. I wanted to show the gift off to Mike. I think I wanted him to know how much Pete meant to me, and this was a very concrete expression of that love. Mike parked his work van, then knocked on the door. He was a bit sheepish which was always a hot look for him. I let Mike in, shook his hand, then showed him downstairs. He was duly impressed by the pool table. "Looks like it's always been here, it's perfect. But I know that isn't the reason you invited me over." I motioned towards the chair in the corner, he sat, I grabbed a seat on the sectional. "You are right, I wanted to talk to you because I think Fred is doing a great job at my house, and he should be compensated for all of the extra things he is doing." I shared all of my reasons for the promotion, and Mike listened. He would question me about details, but overall he paid attention to what I was saying, without interjecting. "So what is the bottom line? What do you think this raise should be worth? Five hundred bucks a month?" "Double it, and we're talking." I took a hard-line stance with Mike, hoping it would pay off. "Tell you what, you beat me in a game of pool, and we're on." "You know we both suck at pool and I don`t want to do any damage to Pete`s new table, we'll have to figure out another wager." Mike motioned to the workout room across the way. "Why don't we wrestle. If I pin you, he gets a five hundred dollar raise. If you win, it's a thousand. Either way Fred wins in the end. But I got a client meeting in an hour, can't get this shirt all sweaty." Mike was so naĂŻve he didn't realize that what he said sounded like a set up from some low budget gay porn shoot. I knew, but played along. I had the extra incentive to beat Mike, and earn Fred the raise he deserved. If I lost, I got to roll around on the mat, with a half naked Mike, and Fred would still get a raise. I got up and approached Mike, holding out my hand "Deal?" I said. "Deal" he said shaking my hand. He got up and undid his shirt, throwing it on the chair. I started to unbutton mine as we went into the workout room. I threw my shirt on the weight bench then faced Mike. Fuck, had I been stupid when I suggested this form of salary negotiation? He was as imposing as always standing there wearing pants and work boots. We started to circle each other. "Okay, lets get this straight. I win, he gets 500, if you win, 1k, a draw we cut it down the middle." Mike added another level to our contest. Talk about a win, win, win situation. If I was able to just hold out long enough, my friend Fred would get an nine thousand dollar raise over the course of the year. This was more incentive to help my buddy, and I think that incentive gave me an unfair advantage. I lunged at Mike, took him down. At times I still thought of myself as that geeky 15 year old, and here I was, knocking a hefty slab of beef down to the ground . He struggled away from me and we both got back to our feet. "Whoa, where'd that come from buddy? Pete giving you private lessons?" He looked more intense as we were facing off. I conjured up the energy I used when I took down Rodney on New Years Eve, and I tackled Mike. He slipped free quickly, then jumped me while I was down on the mat. We spent the next minute grappling, trying to get control of the match. I had the upper hand and I was almost counting on a draw when Mike flipped me onto my back and raised my right leg to get leverage. We were face to face, his crotch to my ass as he muscled me into this new position. Both of us were breathing heavily from the workout we were getting, a drop of sweat fell from his brow onto my face. Then I felt it. Mike had a hard-on. He saw the shock on my face, he responded with a smile. "I got you now" he said then out of nowhere he kissed me. Hell, Mike had kissed me before, that night in the bar, but this wasn't a brotherly kiss, this was tongue down my throat, hands everywhere, rolling on the wrestling mat, kissing. I kissed back, grabbing a hold of his dick through his canvas pants. We wrestled like this for a few minutes then Mike stopped. "Shit, what have I done?" "Yes, what the hell have you done? Is this what my lover and my friend do to me? Fuck around behind my back? Pete's voice boomed from the doorway of the workout room. We got up off the mat quickly, speechless for a second. Mike was the first to find his voice. "It's not what you think, we were just wrestling and I got carried away. It's not Kyle's fault, he was just doing a favor for a friend." "I saw enough to know what to think. What was that favor, give you a hand job, maybe blow ya? Hell he'd probably have his ass on that pool table for you about now if I hadn't walked in. And here we had a pact, I thought I loved him, but he's just a slut looking for the next piece of meat. Is that why Derek was so worked up the other day? God, why do I even concern myself with you?" Pete lowered his head and shook it, he muttered "Slut" again under his breath. It cut me to the core. Then stupidly I said "Well what about you and Justin? You've probably been fucking him on the sly. That's why he keeps sending his "Daddy" emails. Does "Daddy" spank his son's ass before he fucks it?" I was worked up, even used air quotes for the word "Daddy". "What are you doing reading my private emails? So I can add untrustworthy in addition to Slut? For your information I wasn't doing a damn thing with Justin, I kept on brushing him off for you. What a waste of my time." Meanwhile Mike made a gesture towards the door. "I suppose I had better leave" he said. "Yes you should, and don't let the door hit you on the way out. What the hell kind of friend are you anyway?" Pete looked at me. "You too, leave. I don't want to see you here again. I'll start boxing your stuff up, while you go look for another electrician. And when I am done, you might have to look for another plumber and carpenter." Pete put his head in his hands then turned away from me. For a second I thought I heard sobbing, then a weak voice said "You have a minute, by the time I turn, you had better be gone." I didn't take a minute, I barely buttoned my shirt when I threw on my jacket. I was out the door as I saw Mike's work van head towards town.. In that moment I didn't really know where to go, what to do. Due to a momentary lapse in judgment, I just screwed up the thing that meant the most to me, my relationship, and love for Pete. I drove the short distance to the farmhouse, left the car running then slumped against the steering wheel and began to cry. I started to see everything that had happened to me over the last few months, and realized they were all going to be sad memories. From the warmth and safety of my car I called the office and said I would need a personal day. Jean knew from my voice that it wasn't for a good reason, she also knew better than to ask. I finally killed the engine, then girded myself to what I was going to face inside. I walked in, my head down trying to hide my red eyes. Fred hit me rapid fire with a barrage of questions. "Where's Pete, did he find the pipe wrench, why aren't you at the office, I thought that's where you were going?" I looked up. From the response I knew he saw the tears. "Pete and I are done. I fucked up. If you need me, I'll be up in my room." Fred opened his mouth, started to speak. I held out my hand to stop him. "Nothing to be said, nothing I can do. Just give me my time. Then maybe we can talk." I went upstairs, removed my coat, and pulled the covers over my body. I was emotionally drained, so I fell asleep quickly. I barely heard the door open an hour or so later. I was aware of Fred stripping down to his shorts, then climbing into bed with me. "This is payback for all the times you were there for me" he said, then hugged me tenderly. I don't think I saw daylight the rest of the day. Fred got up mid-afternoon, replaced the covers then went downstairs. I was vaguely aware that the guys were giving me space, their voices were hushed. About six or so there was a tap at my door. "Ready to face the world?" It was Charlie. I let him in, he sat on the bed. "So what the hell happened? Fred said you and Pete broke up." "I fucked up Charlie, I was trying to help a friend and suddenly I was thinking with my dick." I didn't want to tell him everything, so I changed the subject. "Will you guys let me stay here while I figure things out?" I finally cracked a smile at that, asking to live in my own home. "Like we could kick you out?" Charlie said. "Hey, we're about to eat, why don't you join us." I got up, out of bed, and was greeted by Charlie's open arms. I quickly fell into his embrace. He kissed my cheek, whispered in my ear. "You'll figure this out, be back in his arms before you know it" "I'm not so sure about that Charlie, when I fuck up, I fuck up big time, and I doubt I would have me back if I was Pete." I followed Charlie downstairs. "Look who I raised from the dead" Charlie said. "I hope you made enough pasta for four Angelo." "Who are you kidding, you know he always cooks for an Army" Fred said. "Too bad he doesn't have a few army buddies by for me, I wouldn't mind playing Don't Ask Don't Tell with a bulky drill sergeant." We all laughed at Fred's joke. It was great to smile after what I had been through. I think the guys had learned not to talk about what happened, so we talked about everything but. Sharing food had always been important to us, and that pasta dinner gave me the energy to make it through the rest of the day. Nothing helped me that night. My dreams were frenetic, disjointed. I remember snippets that were erotic, then others that bared my soul. I would wake up in effort to kill a dream, then when I fell asleep it would come back stronger. I finally slowed my breathing enough in an effort to control my dreams. I was alone downstairs looking over the plans for the remodel. We had to change the timeline due to our new electrician. Derek came downstairs, stepped behind me and started to look at the plans over my shoulder. Suddenly I felt his hefty dick against my ass. "These are the plans we should be talking about. The plans to bury this dick in that ass of yours..." "Even Derek?!" Pete's voice startled me from my sleep. I looked at the darkness of my room, half expecting Pete to be there. I laid there silently for a moment, then realized what I needed. I went to Fred's room, silently let myself in. We were both naked, but I knew I was safe with him. I got under the covers and backed up to Fred, pulling his arm around me. He woke enough to say "Anytime you need me bud, anytime" then fell asleep. A half an hour later, I joined him. I don't remember much of the next few days. My friends and coworkers guarded me during the day to day grind. The gang at my office took control, I barely needed to show up for work, but I did anyway out of habit. Fred slowed down the remodel schedule while he looked for an electrician he trusted. On Friday he shared his news. Mike had called him earlier that day offering a raise of $750 per month. Mike considered that we wrestled to a draw. I guess I would have to agree since we both lost. By Friday afternoon I needed centering. Charlie and Angelo left early for their trip to Vegas, it was just going to be Fred and I. I watched the nightly news and saw the forecast for the weekend, clear but cold. The lows for the early morning hours were to be in the minus twenty degree territory An Alberta Clipper was flowing down from Canada, ready for a week long residency. Throughout the broadcast area there were temperatures ranging from the minus teens to minus thirty on the Range. The minus fifteen that hovered over my hometown made it seem almost tropical. "Wanna join me on a road trip tomorrow Fred? I need to go see my dad." "Your dad? I thought he was dead" "He is, but his spirit is there, just the right thing to see me through." Fred said "Sure, I'd love to see your hometown. Been here most of my life, might as well branch out a bit." I made no pretense about sleeping alone that night, and we made no pretense about being chaste as we held each other. What Fred and I developed over the last few months was a deep love for each other and though his hard-on might have caressed my bare flesh, it was not sexual. The loving arms holding me meant that my dreams that Friday night were safe. I do remember introducing Fred to my dad. As we left Fred asked "What does it feel like?" I awoke not knowing what that question meant. The quiet of the farmhouse that Saturday morning was only slightly disrupted by the sound of the coffee maker, and the shuffling of Fred's slipper clad feet. I looked over my shoulder as he entered the kitchen. "Thanks" was all I could say as I poured two travel mugs. "For what?" Fred said, taking his mug from me. "For being there, for doing this." I poured the rest of the coffee into a thermos. "I'm sure you have something better to do on Saturday. You don't have to go, why don't you take a trip to the sauna?" "I want to be with my friend, see his hometown. I will have plenty of time to go to the sauna later." I warmed up the car while Fred got dressed. There was no agenda, just drive home, see the town, visit the cemetery, maybe grab a bite to eat. Fred joined me in the front seat, throwing a backpack into the back. We got on the road about 8:00. I stopped at a gas station and picked up a few Twig Bakery donuts. We drove silently, listening to the oldies station. We were just short of an hour out when we drove through Floodwood. Like my hometown, it's just a blip on the map. "Hey, isn't this where Charlie's from?" Fred asked. That question was all it took to get the conversation going. I told him of our old rivalry with Floodwood. I remember their school, their gymnasium. I always remember it as being rundown. "You know Fred, when I was young I thought people from Floodwood were poor. There were a lot of loggers, and men who made the trip to work the mines. It was just a quick judgment I made as a young kid, but I never get that impression from the people I know now, who grew up there." "Maybe it's because they were the ones who got out" Fred pointed out. I mulled it over for a bit, and saw his point. We were about six miles out of town when we saw a whole stand of Jack Pines. They had a rust hue to them which I pointed out to Fred. I told him what I knew about the Jack Pines. How and where they grow. What they're used for. What animals like their habitat. But the thing that always impressed me was their resiliency. "See that rust? Sooner or later that is going to take over, leaving these trees to die. There will either be a fire, or the loss of needles will mean that sunlight will finally reach the pine cones. The heat of the fire or the warmth of the sun will release the seeds from the cones, and a new generation of trees will start growing." "My Uncle Hal used to call he and my dad "The Jack Pine Savages." They knew this area forwards and backwards. Growing up here during the Great Depression was tough, but they grew tougher because of it. They lived off the land growing up, not easy to do around here, and they hunted for food, not sport." "They both enlisted for World War II like many of their friends. Luckily they came back alive possibly because of the skills they learned in the Jack Pines. My dad had opportunities after the war, but he decided to head home. I'm glad he did because that is where he met mom, they had me, and now I have a great friend like you." "What does it feel like?" Fred asked. I almost hit the brakes at that question. It was straight out of my dream from last night. "What does what feel like?" I countered. "To have a father that you can look up to?" I drove in silence, not sure how to answer it. My little bit of nostalgia had taken up a good portion of our trip and we were minutes from my hometown. I pointed out the changes in habitat, trees, and elevation. I started to see the houses where friends lived. I felt a sudden sorrow not knowing who lived here now, and even more sorrow when I saw the evidence that some of these childhood homes were abandoned. It was just before ten when we saw the lake, my hometown perched on the hill on the other side. I saw the city limits sign and chuckled at what was written at the bottom of it. Pop. 469. I had worked in buildings that had twice that in employees. Then there was also that number, 4-69. It was a number I could get behind. "So this is it? This would just be a neighborhood in Duluth." Fred was spot on. We took a right and drove up the hill to the downtown, or what was left of it. There were a few cars, but no one I recognized. I took a right and drove a few blocks then stopped the car, pointing to a small two story house. "Can you believe that 6 kids and parents lived in that house? Look at what I own right now compared to that, and it was just me for almost three years. Look at what Pete and I have.. Uh had." I caught myself, Fred did too. "You are going to have it again, you just have to work it out." Fred saw optimism where I saw none. I started the car, drove him around the compact town I knew as my universe. I showed him my cousin's place, the town park and beach, the boulevard that hugged the lakeshore. I again struggled to remember who lived where, but certain homes stuck out. I remembered which home had a dirt basement, perfect for Tonka Trucks. I remembered which of my mom's friends always made bread that she would share with me. I knew which house my best friend lived in, and which house we would sneak peeks at Playboy while we had our first beers. "You mean your whole life wasn't "Leave It To Beaver?" I thought you were living in a sixties sit-com for a while there buddy. But you looked at straight tittie mags and drank beer?" "Their house was a bit on the freer side. The sister also had Playgirl and the older brother had the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers comics, so I could sneak some peeks at dicks too while sipping the stolen beer." As I gave him the grand tour, I started to see life. Some of the people looked familiar, then I realized it was one of my schoolmates. I smiled since the years made them look like their parents had looked back in the day. I wondered if they saw me and thought of my dad. However, my dad was the only thing I could think of, so we drove out to the cemetery. The cemetery is pretty bleak in Winter. Few headstones poked out of the deep snow carpeting it, but I knew where my dad's plot was. I parked the car and sat there, letting the engine idle. "Kyle, you never told me what it's like, having a dad that was there for you. One you can look up to" "It was all I knew at the time. Fred, this was my universe. We would leave a few times every year, go see relatives for vacation, but this was all I knew about. I knew some kids who had parents who were alcoholics, or abusive, but in my universe I had love and acceptance." Fred reached into the back seat, grabbed his backpack. Out of it he pulled a small flag, one you might carry on the Fourth of July. "I remember you once said he was in World War II. He deserves this on his grave. It will bring some color to this cold winter morning." Fred was right. Winter had robbed the landscape of it's color. It was almost like we were in a black and white world. Grey skies, white and grey birches, even the pines took on a dark grey hue. I let the car run as we got out. There was only a tip of the Veteran's cross sticking out of the snow, signifying his plot. We trudged through the snow and planted the flag there. I hugged Fred as we walked back to the car. The simple gesture he made meant everything to me. We drove back to town, pulled into the parking lot of the local diner. I was about to walk in, when I saw my sister's best friend, Rhonda. "DUKE, what are you doing here?" she walked toward me, throwing her arms out for a hug, "and why didn't you call me?" "Just had a need to see the old home. We were about to have lunch, want to join us?" "I have a better idea, come out to my house, I got enough food for an army, I can throw something together for the two of you. When Rhonda says that, you just play along. "Change of plans" I said to Fred. "She insists on feeding us. But you'll like her home, great view of the lake." When we got to her place, I introduced each other. There was a slight hesitance when I said Fred's name. Fred mentioned he needed to use the bathroom, so I pointed the way. "I thought your lover's name was Pete, Kate, John and Mandy told me all about him. He also isn't as tall as I expected." "Right now I am not sure if he is still my lover. I kinda screwed up. Fred is just a good friend who happens to be there for me when I need him, and today I really need him." Fred joined us in the kitchen as Rhonda rooted through the fridge. She pulled out some salads, chicken and bars. Yep, this was always the case. She could put on a smorgasbord at a moments notice. Fred and I piled our plates, then joined her in the living room which looked out onto a frozen lake. Rhonda put her right leg on the sofa cushion, then sat down on it. Her petite frame belied an outsized personality. We started sharing childhood memories as we ate. Fred took interest in people he didn't know. "So what was Kyle's dad like? I asked him and he won't say." "He's just being modest. Roy was the smartest, best looking man in town that wasn't related to me. He worked hard, and was proud of all of his kids, even when they weren't perfect. If you really want to know what Roy was like, you just have to look at Kyle there. I can see a lot of Roy in him." "That I believe" Fred said. "Kyle, I haven't told you this before, but you and Pete are the closest I have ever had to a real father. Yeah, I had the guy who donated his sperm, but no one to look up to. I'm not gonna blame being a drunk on him, that is all on me, but I doubt he would be here to support me like you two have." "Oh that is one thing Roy certainly wouldn't have dealt with. He wasn't too big on drinking. He just didn't realize that all of his kids snuck away. I think your mom knew, didn't she? "Oh mom was aware, but she too thought it was always someone else who poured the beer down our throats. "Who did this to you? "She said one time when my brother came home drunk." We all laughed at that. "You are lucky both of them cared enough to even do that. My dad probably would have stole my bottle." "Well you are lucky Duke is in your life now. I love him like a brother." The feeling was mutual. Rhonda offered us coffee to drink while we had some of her tasty bars. We spent the better part of the afternoon chatting while watching snowmobilers crisscrossing the lake, while others were out ice fishing. The day had warmed up to a very crisp zero, but that just meant everyone on the ice had another layer of clothing keeping them warm. As the sun started to set, creating a pinkish-yellow glow over my hometown across the lake, we realized it was time to leave. Rhonda threw together a few sandwiches and bars for our trip, then refilled our thermos with coffee. "Promise me two things Duke. You'll work on getting Pete back, and when you do, you will bring Pete and Fred back to visit." "I will do my best" I said. "Try keeping me away" Fred added. Just outside of town I saw a row of pine trees. "They were planted when I was young, now they're thirty feet high. Where has the time gone?" The oldies station was our soundtrack for a while. Songs that were new when those trees were planted, had stood the test of time. Neither of us were good singers, but we would hum or whistle along. Suddenly we were by the Jack Pines outside Floodwood. "Duke" Fred said. "It's time you start working on getting Pete back. Be like the Jack Pines and let those pine cones open. It's time for a rebirth. You inherited that spirit from your dad." Jack Pine Savages Part 2 Saturday night I knew the truth. Fred and Rhonda were right. I needed to get Pete back, but I didn't know how to do it. When we got back to Duluth, I dropped off Fred, then drove back to our place. I knocked at the door. Pete's truck was there, but the house was dark. I looked in the window, and saw a light downstairs, probably coming from the sauna door. I knocked loudly, wasn't sure if he heard me, so I continued for a few minutes. When nothing changed, I drove back home. Then I called him, nothing. I called his cell phone, nothing. Finally I found myself at the computer keyboard writing an email. "Pete What can I say, I fucked up. I realize you may not believe me but you have to know nothing ever happened between me and Mike. I wish there was something I could say, something I could do to let you know how I feel. Tell me what I need to do because I don't like living this way. I need to be home with you, in your arms. There is only one man who means more to me than you, and he is no longer alive. Tell me what I need to do, I'll do it. 1-4-3 Kyle" Click/send. Fred joined me in the upstairs office. He put a plate with a sandwich and bars in front of me, then sat in the adjoining chair. "Someday soon, we can do this downstairs in the new office. But you better not spill coffee on the woodwork, I hear the carpenter is a real bear" "Are you saying bear as in a grizzly animal, or as a furry gay furnace. Because I know which one I would rather sleep with tonight. It's supposed to be minus 30 tonight out there." "I'll keep you warm Duke. You don't mind me calling you Duke do you?" "I don't mind at all, it makes you feel like part of the family. Which you are, you know." I ate my sandwich while we talked. We decided to watch some home improvement shows, then head to bed. Fred's strong arms held me while we watched TV, and did the same while we slept. The safety I felt, caused me to sleep soundly. Dreams, good or bad, were kept at bay. The next morning I checked my email. The email to Pete was delivered and read, but no response. However I did get an email from Van who wanted to stop by and check on our progress. I sent back a reply suggesting we meet late afternoon. Fred cooked a hearty breakfast while I was on the computer. He brought up a plate to the office. I told him of our afternoon visitor. It was a mixed blessing for Fred. He wanted to show the architect his handiwork, but also was concerned that work on the house was at a stand still until an electrician could be freed up. "Sorry Fred, I've just lost focus on this project. My heart's not in it. My heart's not in a lot of things. I think the office would be better off if I stayed home too." I hated saying it, but it was the truth. The cold black and white landscape of my hometown cemetery had followed me home. My mind was seeing shades of grey, color had long vanished from my vision.. My trip home had momentarily lifted me from the funk I was in, but the lack of response from Pete put me back there. Seeing Van that afternoon brought back a little of the color I was missing. His fiery red beard was augmented by his orange and blue plaid shirt. He walked through the finished bathroom noticing the details that Fred and the crew had taken such pride in. When he saw the progress in the office he stopped. The rich woods were singing. His hands lingered on a detail. He left his finger there as he looked up to Fred. "This is exactly how I envisioned this. Wait, no, it's better." Van's eyes sparkled, his smile shone through his red beard. "I've got a project that has your name on it when you're done here. I'll talk it over with Mike. Look at this Kyle. This wood is all the color you need in this room. When I drove up here today I noticed your white farmhouse against the grey and white landscape of winter and I was starving for some color, any color. I was worried about your white bathroom, but the details elevate it. I wondered if the office needed color, but seeing it now, the answer is no." It shook me how he was channeling me like that. "I've been feeling the need for color too, how can we accomplish it?" "Look at Pete's home. The warm wood is a break from this cold winter weather." Van saw the look on my face. "Oh sorry about that, I forgot for a moment. Any chance of you two getting back together?" "I don't know, I am trying, but right now the ball's in his court." "I barely know you but I can see that what you guys had is worthwhile, something to fight for. But if it doesn't work out I know someone who is single and available." Van absentmindedly twisted his nipple through his orange flannel shirt. FUCK, here I was lamenting my failed relationship and he says that? "Don't tease me like that buddy. I haven't given up yet." "And you shouldn't. I am sorry I said that my friend. I just want to find my own Pete or Kyle down the line." We walked through the rest of the plans. It was a shot of adrenaline to the project, but still I was pessimistic about the completion timeline. Van gave me a hug when he left. "Make it work with Pete" he said. "We'll make it work here." That night I chanced sleeping alone. Fred had to get up early the next day to work on one of Pete's other projects. Sleep found me quickly, the day had drained me of my energy. I recall one dream that night. I was in my new office, installing my computer there. Pete had left it on the porch along with a few boxes of clothes. "Figured you might need this" was written on a small piece of paper taped to the box. I got the computer up and running, when I looked towards the door. There stood a naked Van silhouetted by the ochre wall of the hallway. "Does the color work for you?" he said. My eyes started at the bright red hair at the top of his head. His olive green eyes winked back at me behind those tortoise shell frames. The fiery beard mingled with the more coppery fur carpeting his chest, his muscular chest. Two strong arms were crossed below that chest, framing his erect nipples. I wanted to look further down, I wanted to see his dick, but Van startled me by tweaking his nipple. "I said, does this color work for you?" Though Fred tried to be quiet, the closing of the door woke me, and not a moment too soon. I got up, pissed, and then walked naked to the office where I powered up the computer. Still no response from Pete. I walked back to my old bedroom, rifled through the remnants of my drawers. The clothes I had left there were minimal, I would need to do laundry soon. I might have been a bit petulant after getting dressed, so before I left, I sat down at the computer. "Pete Still wondering what I can do. I know you have read my other email. I know you are home. I know you aren't answering the phone or the door. I might need to stop by for clothes if this keeps up. Kyle" Click/send! Regret sending. I went in to work, got there early, though I am not sure why. Driving past Pete's house was painful. Yes Van was right, the wood tones of his house had a warm glow on this cold day. But all I could feel was the chill in the air created by not being there with Pete. The truck in the driveway clued me in, he was home, but there was no signs of life. And then there was Van. That dream last night, that image of him standing there. Well I'll be honest. It gave me my first hard-on since my ill fated wrestling match with Mike. However we had a business relationship, something I had to steer clear of. After all, look what happened the last time I crossed that line. I made it through the day at work, and thought of going straight home, but Fred called me to let me know he would be working late that night. I drove to a fast food place. I ordered, then brought my tray to a table. That is when I saw him. Sitting across from me, a few tables over, was "World's Greatest Dad" I wasn't sure, I rarely saw him with his clothes on, but yes it was him. He was wearing glasses this time, tortoise frames similar to Van's. He didn't see me at first. He was paying attention to his wife and daughter whose backs were towards me. "WGD" was an attentive dad, cutting up the daughters chicken pieces. The daughter got fussy, so the wife took her to the bathroom. That is when "WGD" noticed me. He smiled a me at first, like an acquaintance. Then a leer grew across his face as he realized how he knew me. He took a plastic fork and stabbed a piece of chicken which he placed on his tongue, winked at me while he wolfed that down. Then he grabbed some fries, dipped them in the sauce then shoved them suggestively into his mouth. "Later" he mouthed, then winked. What the fuck was wrong with him? A married man, out for a quick bite with his wife and kid, and he is trying to pick me up. But what the fuck was wrong with me? I was getting hard thinking about him despite myself. I high-tailed it out of there, dumping my tray as quickly as I could. I fumbled with my keys at first in my car, then started it up, I looked back at the restaurant. The "WGD" was looking at me in my car. He gave me a thumbs up as his wife arrived. I was glad I never saw her face. All along he had just been that hot straight guy I fucked, then sent home to wife and kid. I never expected to see the wife and kid. I was somewhere uncomfortably between horny and ashamed. My second hard-on in a week was due to this encounter. I drove out of the parking lot, and turned right instead of left. My car knew where it was heading. It was heading down to the sauna. Of course I blame my car for having a mind of it's own, but in reality I was thinking with my dick. I could fixate on the breakup for another night, or I could go play around with someone new. My dick said "Chance it" so I parked, paid my entrance, then walked downstairs. It was quiet, a couple of the regulars who I hadn't seen in a while. I still had standards in my horniness, and they were not "sauna-worthy." I wrapped a towel around my waist and sat in the TV room. Then he entered. I am not sure I remember what detail I saw first, there were so many fighting for my attention. It could have been the salt and pepper beard stubble on his strong cleft chin, or the windburn on his cheeks. Maybe it was the shock of chest hair spilling out of opened jacket. Possibly it was how his snowmobile pants rustled against his thick thighs as he walked. But the kicker, the thing I'll always remember, he was wearing a snowmobile jacket with his club's name on it, "The Jack Pine Savages." He walked by me sitting there. He saw me, the corner of his mouth drew up in a smile. His tongue darted out as he quietly chuckled "Yeah." I waited a minute to listen to his actions. I heard the locker open then the sound of him getting undressed. After the locker closed, I heard the distinct sound of the shower door being opened and closed. I hesitated, then walked that way. The shower was empty, so was the back video room. I knew where he would be, I went into the sauna. There he sat on the top tier, almost exactly where I usually sit. Our body language already dictated that we were going to be enjoying each other's company, so I sat down beside him, less than a palm's width between us. He opened his legs a bit, spreading his thick thighs, closing that gap. "Great way to warm up from this deep freeze isn't it?" His thick hands landed on my thigh and started to massage. "I know a way to make it even hotter in here." His hand went to the nape of my neck, and massaged me there. What started out as a massage quickly changed direction as his other hand stroked his uncut 6 inch dick. I felt the pressure on my neck as he pointed his dick towards me. It was evident what he wanted from me. I knew it would break the ice. He rolled back the foreskin, then helped lower my head down to his crotch. Damn, he was tasty, and boy did I need that taste. "Yeah, getting hotter already buddy, too hot in here, let's go find a room." He didn't bother wrapping a towel around himself, nor did he even think of a shower. He too was thinking with his dick, and I followed his meaty ass out of the sauna, into one of the large rooms. I started to close the door. "Leave it open" he said, "make the others jealous." "Let's see, where were we? Oh yeah, you were giving me head buddy." I plunged down on his dick as soon as he laid down. "Yeah, that's it, get it all nice and wet, spent the day with another buddy who got me all hot and bothered looking at his ass. He's not here, so you are gonna get what he had cumming." I bobbed up and down on the snowmobiler's dick as he started to play with my butt hole. Whoever had him raring to go earlier, was certainly missing out on a hot session now. I was enjoying this guy, maybe because he reminded me of a chunkier Pete, but possibly because he was giving me a closeness I had missed this past week. I came up off his dick after a few minutes, looked in his eyes. "What's your name?" "Don... Now get back on it." His strong hand directed my head back on his dick as two fingers started to explore my ass. I got him ready, he got behind me and started to rub his dick up and down my crack. Just then a guy in a matching snowmobile jacket walked by the room. "Shit, is that him? Close the door." I got up and quickly closed the door. "That's him" he said. "I need you to do something for me. Go see if he is undressing. If it's the guy I am thinking of, you will know by the black and red watch band, and the greatest ass you have ever seen on a guy. Talk to him, ask him his name. If it's Jed, bring him back and I will show you both a three way that will have your ass twitching for months. By the way, the lights will be off, leave them off `til I tell you to turn them on." I went to the locker room, pretended to look for something in my locker, while the new guy undressed. I saw him hang up his snowmobile jacket. The "Jack Pine Savages" insignia was there. He pulled off his shoes, and pants, then his shirt. He turned towards the locker while he took off his underwear. Don was right, this ass rivaled Pete's or the World's Greatest Dad. On his left hand I saw the black and red watch band. I left the locker room and went into the sauna, taking my perch. The new guy entered. He was about ten years younger than me. He smiled at me, then claimed his spot right next to me, flashing that ass at me before he sat down. "Cold night for snowmobiling, had to come in out of the deep freeze. Maybe I'll find something to take the chill off." "The name's Kyle, what's yours?" "Jed, nice to meet you Kyle." He reached over towards my hard-on. "That'll take the chill off" I said. "But I might have something even better in another room, want to join a party?" "Lead the way Stud" Oh I wanted to follow Jed's ass. Something about it drew me in, but I had to take the lead that night. I got up, threw my towel over my shoulder, and motioned for Jed to follow me. He did the same, his towel was over his shoulder, allowing his hard dick to bob as he walked towards the room. I opened the door to the room, the light that filtered over the walls barely silhouetted Don as he sat against the cold brick wall. His thighs were spread wide, six inches of uncut dick throbbed between them. "Chow down buddy" I said. "Get it nice and slippery for later." I knew that Don was hiding in the shadows for some reason, so I directed the action. "Yeah, suck on his dick while I get that ass of yours ready for it. Hands and knees buddy, get on your hands and knees" I lifted his butt a little, then pushed the small of his back down to give me a better angle. I sniffed between his cheeks, smelled the musk of a man, then started chowing down. I was in ass-pig heaven as I rimmed him. With just a few licks Jed had reached the same level of rim inspiration as Angelo and Worlds Greatest Dad had been. As my nose followed the trail my tongue did up and down his ass trench, he started to rival Pete. My hands played with his cheeks as I licked away. I teased his hole with my thumbs, alternating between the two. Each tease, opened his ass more. I gave Don the OK sign, he gave me a thumbs up back, then gestured for Jed to flip. "Get on your back buddy, I think our friend is ready. Jed complied, laying down on his back. In the darkness Don lifted Jed's legs, planted his dick against Jed's hole, then gave me the signal to flip the light switch. I got up, flipped the switch. A shocked Jed said "Don!" then Don slammed his uncut dick into his snowmobiling buddy in one fluid motion. "Who else buddy? We've been beating around this bush for too long, its about time I plow that ass of yours." With that, Don leaned forward and kissed his friend as he started to fuck that near perfect ass. Yeah, I realized it was near perfect. Near perfect because it wasn't Pete's. The three way suddenly became two guys going at it, and a distracted spectator. It was as if I was watching the b-movie version of my love life with Pete. I had to get out of there. I went to my locker. I wasn't sure what to do with myself, head home, or stick around and watch TV. I looked in my pockets for change, maybe I'd get a pop from the machine. I noticed that I missed a call from Fred, so I redialed. "Yeah, down at the diner... No the other diner... Not all you can eat tonight, but if you stop by I can promise you all you can hug... Okay, see you soon." Ten minutes later Fred walked through the TV room. I joined him at his locker as he undressed. It's funny how I had almost dismissed him a few months ago when he was just another one of Pete's drunk friends. Now I looked at him getting undressed and I saw him as a masculine, even sexy friend. "How about a sauna, shower and then hug?" I said. "If you see something to your liking I won't hold you back, but I don't see sex in my cards tonight." Fred joined me at my spot in the sauna. We talked about his newest project, it was a time filler until he could get back to working full time on my house. He had also met with Van who wanted him to work on his next major renovation. A banking executive just moved up to Duluth from the Twin Cities and wanted Van's stamp on his house. The timing sounded perfect if we could complete my remodel by the end of May. Fred and I sweated away in the sauna. It was a unique experience, talking shop instead of talking sex, but I enjoyed it. Then he entered. The World's Greatest Dad climbed to the top tier and laid down, ass up. He raised his ass for a moment, then pushed his dick back. I had seen this happen many times before, and I knew what was expected of me. He wiggled his ass as his dick plumped up. I marveled again that it seemed to be the younger, cut twin to Pete's. Once again it wasn't the real thing. It wasn't the dick, or the man that I loved. Fred on the other had started to get hard, harder than I'd ever seen him. "You like?" I whispered and nodded towards WGD's furry ass. "Yes, yes very much. I'd like to deep throat that mother." "Ain't gonna happen, he'll have other plans for you. And who knows, you might like them, broaden your horizons." Worlds Greatest Dad wiggled his ass once again. In the light of the sauna you could see his hole spasm as it winked to us. He sat up, stroked his dick once then wrapped the towel loosely around his waist before descending the tiers. He went to the door, opened it, then nodded for the two of us to follow him. WGD wanted a three-way. Any other time I might have jumped at the opportunity, but not that night. We followed him out of the sauna, through the shower and locker room, and down to the large corner room. He opened the door, only to see Jed's ass being pummeled by Don. He went across the hall, opened the door, and saw it was empty. I looked at the World's Greatest Dad as he dropped his towel and said to him "Sorry buddy, I'm heading home. You're up Fred, do me proud." WGD's well sculpted ass entered the room, Fred was right behind it. I showered, dressed then said goodbye to the man behind the counter. "Have a good night buddy, hope you had fun" he said. "More important than that my friend. I felt the chill leave my body." I got out in the subzero night. My car started, and I put the heater on blast. I drove home as I often did, taking the scenic route. I thought of Pete, and for the first time since we broke up, there was hope in my thoughts. Why settle for a pale imitation of Pete, when I can have the real thing. And though I have fun, why would I fuck someone who is married to another person, when I could be spending my time fighting for the man who isn't perfect, but is perfect for me. Optimism warmed my thoughts, Optimism that carried me until I got home. There on the side porch was a cardboard box. It was from Pete, filled with some of my clothes neatly folded. Unlike the dream, there was no note attached.Jack Pine Savages Part 3: Clarity********** This Chapter is written from each man's perspective as noted ********** ********** Kyle's Story ********** There was a certain clarity in the fall and winter months when I was 15. Puberty can be confusing for anyone, especially someone from a small town in the early 1970's, fighting with his sexuality. However a chance introduction via TV, to the guy who would become my favorite jerk off fantasy, slammed the door shut on any question of my orientation. Even though I did nothing to act on it, I felt sure and strong in my future as a gay man. My parents gave me the conviction to live my life, and express the thoughts I did, even if they were unpopular. I thought then that people could see right through me, knew my secret, but in the end I didn't care. For an awkward scrawny fifteen year old, I had strength in my beliefs, and my many friends accepted me the way I was. Beyond Ivan, my TV crush, I remember some of the other men who helped map out what kind of man attracted me. For the most part they were MEN, not boys. I was the team manager for Basketball and Football. Only a few of the players caught my eyes, but Coach was a different story. Coach was all man. Tightly muscled, lightly furred, he had a swagger that carried him through the locker room, field or on the court. There was also this Basketball ref from the Range. Tall, handsome, nice five o'clock shadow and chest hair spilling above his white t-shirt. Then after one game I saw him head out of the coaches office, down towards the locker room and showers. He had about seven inches of soft dick hanging between his legs. Damn, he ruined me for a while. That long dick of his became the impossible mark. The local cop's strong cleft chin, and perpetual five o'clock shadow also left an impression. The town women would swoon at him in his all too tight uniform. I remember delivering the newspaper one Sunday morning when I opened the door to drop off the morning paper. He was standing there in the kitchen, naked, coffee cup in hand, showing me what filled out those uniform pants. He winked at me, he knew. Yep, I was into men, not boys. Most of all I remember the weekly trips to the Iron Range with my Dad. My oldest sister had gotten a job out of college at a hospital there. She wasn't in a position long enough to afford her own car, so Dad would travel up there on Friday, pick her up and bring her home. On Sunday, the process would repeat. I would be Dad's trusty sidekick for the two hour round trip. AM radio was still king. Nightfall was early these months, and changes in the ionosphere allowed me considerably more options for the road-trip soundtrack. I could opt for the local Top 40 Station WEBC, or hear the slightly more urban Top 40 of WLS in Chicago. Even later in the night I could listen to the underground sounds of Beaker Street transmitted from KAAY in Little Rock Arkansas. Through these stations I was transported beyond my small town. Dad and I would quickly catch up on the day, but most of the trip was silent, except for the music. The night sky was limitless. In the pure black of an atmosphere uncluttered by city light, the stars and planets shone. The darkness silhouetted a stand of pines here, a productive iron ore mine there. Every once in a while the Northern Lights would put on a show, dancing to the music on the AM dial. At fifteen I felt the struggle between significance and insignificance. The infinity of that night sky made the answer less apparent. Even with the aural limitations of AM radio, songs would cut through that night sky and introduce me to different musical scenes. The crisp guitar into to "Go All The Way" by The Raspberries represented the Power Pop of Cleveland. Their slightly glam look was how I thought gay men were supposed to look, but I was definitely into men, not them, whether or not they were gay. There were songs about the radio itself, and it's power. You could "Drift Away" to Dobie Gray's song, or Joni Mitchell's "You Turn Me On, I'm A Radio." Many drives I drifted away, and many drives the radio turned me on. Old School and New School clashed on the AM band as Elvis blasted into space with one last great single in "Burning Love." Meanwhile the young upstarts David and Elton took us on a "Space Oddity" with a "Rocket Man". My universe was expanded beyond the whiteness of my small town by War with "The World Is A Ghetto." In that ghetto the Temptations introduced me to a father that was very unlike mine, with "Papa Was A Rolling Stone." And more black voices clued me into love unrequited, immeasurable, and universal through Al Green's "I'm So Tired Of Being Alone" The Stylistics "I'm Stone In Love With You" and The O'Jays' "Love Train." Most of all I remember the Philly Soul Sound of "If You Don't Know Me By Now" by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes. The strings would slice through the crisp night. The Blue Notes quietly set the mood with their harmonies. Teddy Pendergrass then spent the next 3 minutes testifying, alternating between pleading, and assignation. I was too young to understand it completely, never being in love, but I felt the emotion. Dad would let me listen to my station even though he didn't share my taste in music. We would be alone together in that car, each lost in our own thoughts. He worked for MnDOT, so we were driving the roads he was responsible for. Every once in a while he would reach over to touch me, put his hands on my knee, let me know he loved me. At those moments significance would win out. I was struggling that February night in 2000 with my own significance. February can be a bleak month in the Northland. After months of cold, snow and darkness the soul yearns for a break. Although they are just days on a calendar, we are lucky that February is only twenty-eight days long. In the cruelest irony, this was a leap year, I found myself lost on February 29th. I left work, but couldn't head home. I was trying to avoid the impossible, driving by his house. Something had happened in the last two weeks, something larger than the surface evidence would indicate. I lost Pete somehow, and I wasn't sure if I could get him back. I had tried getting him back, but the daily parcel on the porch was his reminder to me. He was slowly emptying out things that belonged to me. The computer I found there last night was possibly the biggest evidence that he thought we were over. So here I was, my car was full of gas, and I had nowhere to go. I thought of stopping at the diner, but taking a seat at the counter instead of my usual booth with Pete would crush me. I also thought of stopping at "the diner" but hollow sex just wasn't the ticket that night. I finally just decided to drive, see where I ended up. With the help of the oldies station I started along Skyline Parkway, heading north this time. The residential segment of the Parkway had a wide range of architecture to look at, including a few houses that were personal favorites. There was one house perched on the hill top, the virtual twin to Pete's chalet, I quickly looked away. Soon the Parkway entered a green space. I continued along, past Hawk's Ridge, through Seven Bridges Road and when my funk didn't leave me, I drove on. I knew that I could take Old Highway 61 up the north shore of Lake Superior, so I drove on. At 7:00 the oldies station started their 70's at 7 show. Suddenly I was transported back. I was beyond the haze of the city sky, and the darkness was enveloping. The half-moon reflected on the vastness of Lake Superior as I drove north. Each song on the radio reminded me of those drives with my Dad. Years added emotional heft to some of the songs, while others seemed naĂŻve. Twenty-seven years had passed, and I still wondered about significance, insignificance. Each song tied me to my universe. Then about twenty miles north of Duluth, strings cut through the nighttime sky. The Blue Notes started their chorus, and Teddy began to plead. I found the nearest spot, pulled over, I had to, I was forced to. While it wasn't our story, every word hit home. I saw the fine line between tears and rage. "If You Don't Know Me By Now" finally revealed it's meaning to me, and I knew what had to be done. I pulled out my cell phone, no reception, damn. I backed out of my spot, headed south on Scenic 61 with a clear focus. Things that seemed cold and insignificant on the ride north, suddenly showed life. I noticed smoke curling out of a small lake cabin, a remnant of simpler times. Meanwhile a larger new house emitted an amber glow into the ionosphere. A laker was off to my left, heading into port. The songs kept on coming, their voices pushed me on. I got into town, took the Grand Avenue exit and drove through the workingman neighborhoods of a strong city. About five miles from Pete's I heard the opening of "Let It Be". It did "whisper words of wisdom" and gave me hope. Once again I was heading down our road, I pulled into our drive, parked by his truck, and even though I still had the key, I knocked on our door. Pete opened. "I'm not giving up on you this easy" I said as I hugged him in and finally let go of the tears. ********** Pete's story. ********** I don't remember when exactly I felt that I had lost Kyle. However the pain was there in the truth. I had lost him, due to both of us being too proud. At least that is what I kept telling myself. In my heart I blamed me, and me alone. He told me it was all a misunderstanding, I didn't believe him. I was too proud to believe him. It was so easy to go back to my old ways. I had lived over a quarter century without a relationship and I did fine in those years. I didn't need the complications of a man in my life. That was another thing I kept telling myself. Four months ago, I wouldn't even think of me being in love with a man, four months from now it wouldn't matter. So here I was, alone on a Tuesday night, the last February day I would have to suffer this year. I made a simple dinner, thought of turning on the TV, but had no motivation. I thought of playing a game of pool, but the table, his gift, only reminded me of him more. I decided that I could lose myself in some oldies, so I turned on the radio. The 70's at 7 show had just started. I thought of the Seventies as my favorite time, up until my wife left me. The music reminded me of those nights on our wrestling bus as we drove from town to town in our Midwest region. We had a converted Greyhound bus, the accommodations were minimal. Some of the guys would grab some shut eye, but I was never able to. I often found myself up near the front with the bus driver Jim. We would sit and talk about nothing much important. He often thanked me for keeping him awake, sometimes in treacherous driving conditions. He would play the radio softly. Loud enough to keep him awake, yet quietly enough, not to disturb those who were trying to sleep in the back. Most of the times it was background to our friendship. Songs became a part of my life by being there. During a lull in conversation a song might come to the forefront and connect with us. Jim and I didn't have much in common. He was a college student, not interested in wrestling, just there to earn extra income while at UMD. Somehow these pop songs became common ground for us. Every once in a while one would come on that both of us related to, and it would create the lull as we both stopped to listen. As I sat in front of the fireplace listening to the radio I realized that I was thinking about someone I hadn't seen in decades because of a song. What would happen months, years from now if I heard a song that reminded me of Kyle, someone I had loved. Then I heard the music of one of those songs. Every bit of it was like a knife in my heart. The lyrics hit me after the strings. It was one of those songs that I might have sung along to on a different night, but tonight the lyrics hit too close to home. "Just trust in me Like I trust in you As long as we've been together That should be so easy to do" Damn, I had fucked up. Everything we did was based on love and trust, and I doubted both, just long enough to screw up the only love I had really known. I didn't know what to do but I knew I had to do something. I picked up my cell phone to call his home phone, then his cell. No answer at either, fuck, was he avoiding me? That got to me, had I fucked it up completely? I couldn't sit there, I grabbed a jacket and got into my truck. I drove down to Kyle's, no vehicles there. I figured that Charlie and Fred were probably at a meeting with Gino. I thought maybe Kyle had joined Mike at the bar for burgers. I hi-tailed it over there, only to see Mikes truck, no sign of Kyle's car. I momentarily thought of going inside to confront Mike, but I realized I was fueled by jealousy, not the smartest way to win back my man. At least I was thinking of him as my man. I drove home as my pulse calmed down. It was almost back to normal by the time I pulled into our road. Then I heard the start of "Let It Be". I parked the truck, let it idle as I listened, I had no choice. As the last chords faded I turned off the truck and went inside. I sat by the fire, blacked out for a moment until I heard a loud knocking at the door. I opened, Kyle looked at me and said "I'm not giving up on you this easy" We then fell into an embrace, he started crying, I wasn't far behind. ********** Kyle's Story ********** I don't know when we stopped crying, and I don't know when they went from tired tears to tears of happiness caused by being in his arms. I do remember that when I started to speak, he stopped me. "Nothing to be said right now Babe. It is time for our actions to speak for themselves." He picked me up, it couldn't be easy, but he did. He carried me upstairs to our bedroom. Parts of me that felt dead for the last two weeks came alive. He placed me on the bed and started to undress me. Every step was deliberate and loving. He then took off his clothes, his eyes locked on mine. I felt his desire. He too wanted to lose the pain we both had experienced. I laid back, I was ready for anything this man wanted. He climbed onto the bed, straddled me, his dick pressed against my stomach, and my own dick as Pete lowered his face to mine. "I should have never doubted our love Kyle" he whispered then he kissed me. The kiss said more than words ever could. ********** Pete's Story ********** I never needed anything, anyone more, than I needed Kyle at that moment. The words of my apology were short, but I proved them with my kisses. Words can be hollow without truth to back them up. I wanted no doubt in Kyle's mind that I was sorry for what I put him through. We continued to kiss, to caress, to roll around on the comforter, sharing that love. He was my equal in that love, that moment. Hell he was my equal in everything. I remembered his promise months ago to give as good as he got. Kyle always did that. I guess we both pushed each other to be better, we were doing it again right then. I felt the man that was my equal, I held him, I kissed him, he gave in kind. I wanted nothing more than to enter him, to give him my love. But as his equal I had different plans suddenly. ********** Kyle's Story ********** Pete got between my legs, looked me in my eyes. I felt the hunger and love in them, so I bent my knees in anticipation of what was to come. Instead he slowly crawled up between my legs, straddled my chest and dropped the hooded head of his dick in my mouth. He did this in one movement, never losing sight of my eyes. I looked up at my man with love as he fed me his foreskin. I found the taste that I had missed the last few weeks. He smiled at me, letting me know that he enjoyed being back where he belonged. I was enjoying it too, tasting that meaty flesh, knowing the man who offered it to me. I was certain I was there to add spit to his thickness, to ease entrance as he started to make love to me. I was assured of it when he started to gather spit on his fingers. Then he surprised me, he used that hand to reach behind and apply the spit to my dick. Then in one quick move Pete backed himself onto my dick. "Make love to me Kyle. Let's make up for those days where I was an idiot." I couldn't pass up Pete's offer. I started to push up into him as his ass hovered above me. It had been a while since I had fucked him, but he was taking it. I felt him alternate opening and closing his ass as I entered him. I raised up on my elbows, he bent down, our mouths met once again. My knees were bent, I used them as leverage to thrust into his hot ass. I pulled him into my arms, my dick still thrusting into his butt, I am not sure how he did it. He stopped our kisses for a few seconds to hiss out "Gawd I needed this." I leaned forward to continue the kisses then said "So did I". We continued for a few minutes, but I could tell we were both getting uncomfortable. I wanted this moment of love to last before I came. I wanted to feed Pete with every bit of my love. So I motioned for him to pull off, and he got on his side presenting that hot ass to me. I got on my side, leaned over his back for a moment, looked into his eyes as my dick entered his ass. "This is for the man I love, and the man I will always love" With that I started to grind his butt again. Even though I wanted it to last, it didn't take long for me lose it. I started to shoot into Pete's butt. He could feel it and responded with a grin and a throaty "Yeah." Instead of the usual three to five squirts, I kept on. My orgasm became more intense as I unloaded in him. For a minute I thought I was actually beyond coming, it felt like I was pissing in his butt. The warmth and wetness just kept coming. I pulled my cock out for a bit, steadied it, and when I was sure I was okay, I slammed it back home. ********** Pete's Story ********** I wanted to be fucked, I just didn't plan on it being this intense. Maybe it was the lost time being made up, but Kyle fucked me like never before, and when he came he reached new levels. I felt each rush of cum at first, but he seemingly didn't stop cumming. When Kyle pulled out I felt empty for a second, I was ready to cuddle, but he slammed back in. So this is what sloppy seconds feels like. Kyle was like an unleashed animal. At least he was if that animal had a sense of humor. He started to chuckle, I wasn't sure why. I was having fun too. "I think I just filled your butt with two weeks worth of cum Pete" he chuckled. "I hope it was worth the wait. I know it was for me." He twisted his body and mine, went in for a kiss while still grinding on my ass. "Still hard this long after cumming, all because of you babe. He was slowly screwing me, the urgency gone, but the passion still there. "I never plan to be away from you this long again, but I really like how we are making up." My ass was receptive to his love. I loved the connection we had. I got into a simple soothing rhythm of opening and closing my butt. His cock was slick from the cum he had shot earlier so he was sliding around easily, enjoying the heat of my ass. I wanted another dose of his spunk. "Fill me again Kyle, I need my mans cum. I have missed it too long" ********** Kyle's Story ********** Who was I to deny my man's wishes? Pete really made it easy for me. He clenched his ass one more time, creating this excruciating friction on my dick. With both hands I grabbed onto his hairy pecs, and dumped whatever I had left into his ass. Pete responded by gripping my dick with his talented sphincter once again. First one spasm, then four, then three. I smiled, knowing the meaning. I tapped out the same message on his pecs. ********** Pete's Story ********** I felt the tapping on my chest. My heart slowed down to match the tempo. Kyle's dick was still lodged in my butt, I feared what would happen if he pulled out. I reached back to pull him closer. I felt his heartbeat slow down as our breathing returned to normal. It was still early in the night, but I welcomed our trip to dreamland. ********** Kyle's Story ********** The Northern Lights were exceptionally active that night, Green auras changed to blue, then just as quickly to purple, Each color reflected in the blue vinyl dashboard of my Dad's 1973 Dodge. The dance of these spectral wonders matched the pulsing keyboard music that emanated from the car's tinny speakers. Suddenly the oooohs and ahhhs of The Three Degrees filled the interior of our car on that chilly February night. I started to hum along, my dad tapped out the rhythm on his arm rest. We didn't have that many songs in common, but this slice of Philly Soul always brought a smile to his face. The Northern lights went into overdrive, matching the pulsing beat of "When Will I See You Again". For three minutes the entire sky was lit with a shimmering cascade of color. "It's amazing isn't it Kyle? What we take for granted most people will never see. The Aurora Borealis, the timber wolf, a snowy owl in some Jack Pines, a bald eagle fishing. Don't ever lose sight of what is in your back yard as you go after your dream." I looked over at my dad, he winked, patted my knee. "You've grown into quite the fine man Kyle. This is just the beginning young man, it isn't the end" Then suddenly a deer darted out in front of our car. Dad stomped on the brakes causing a calendar to fly off the dash into my lap. I saw that the month of March was filled with green numbers. I quickly put the calendar back on the dash, glanced at the passenger side mirror and saw the 43 year old me staring back. "See, this isn't the end" Dad said, tapping out 1-4-3 as he did so. ********** Pete's Story ********** Something had compelled me to watch my man doze off. We slowly untangled and sleep caught up with him. I had been foolish in losing him, I was going to relish having him back in my life. There was a sliver of moonlight bathing him as he started to dream. A smile crept across his face so I knew it was a good dream. From the living room I heard the faint sound of the radio. I remembered those strings, those oooohs, those ahhhs. I embraced Kyle like I hadn't in weeks while I strained to hear the music. As the music swelled I drummed my fingers gently on his chest to the beat of the rhythm. I remembered all of the lyrics and I hummed along softly as Kyle's smile broadened. I hugged him tighter, tapped our secret code, 1-4-3, then whispered in his ear "This isn't the end Kyle, far from it."
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    gay romance Beach Weekend

    Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2015 10:49:13 -0400 From: ashram65@gmail.com Subject: Beach Weekend, Part 1 BEACH WEEKEND It started out like any weekend. A few of us rented a place on the beach for the weekend for a "boys" weekend away. Away from wives or girlfriends, no real cares, just a bunch of us old college friends hanging out, maybe getting a little drunk, and having some fun in the sand and surf. There were six of us, from all over the country, but it had become a bit of a tradition since we graduated that for one long weekend over the summer we would all get together and head for the beach. College seemed so long ago, but it was only four years ago. Now three of the six were married, two were dating steadily and then there was me. At 26 years old, I was a little unsure of who or what I wanted in my life. I had dated a lot of girls through high school and college, and even had messed around with guys some, you know, get drunk and have a circle jerk, trade hand jobs, just harmless guy stuff, but I found myself very intrigued by these guys I was with. Of course none of them knew about my escapades in college, I kind of kept that to myself, not for any real reason than the possible fear I might get involved with one of these guys and start down a road I was unsure of. Thursday afternoon when I had arrived, my oldest friend Tom was already at the beach house, sitting out on the deck when I arrived. At 26 as well, Tom had started dating a really nice girl, lived close to me at home, and we frequently hung out on the weekends. I thought to myself years ago, that if I was ever going to do something with one of these guys, it would be Tom. He was 6'2", about 200 lbs., and solidly built. We all were actually, no one had headed into that post college weight gain yet, and we all kept ourselves in good shape. The house was really nice. Right on the beach, somewhat secluded by the dunes, and far away from the strip housing built in later years. It had a big deck off the back on the ground floor with a hot tub and a gas fire pit, and smaller decks off the bedrooms on the second and third floors. There was a big living area and kitchen, then on the second floor were 4 bedrooms, each two were connected by the bathroom, sort of a Jack and Jill suite. The rooms were large and spacious, and as I noted, each had its own little deck with a couple of chairs and a table. On the third floor were the twin master suites. Large rooms with their own baths and slightly larger decks as well. Tom had already claimed one of the second floor rooms, and I took the other adjoining our shared bath. We had left the two master suites for the guys who set all this weekend up, they did all the leg work on the place, so we figured they deserved it. The others weren't arriving until early Friday morning, so Tom and I had the place to ourselves for the night. I unpacked my stuff, brought in my share of groceries and booze and put everything away in the kitchen. Tom came into the kitchen to help me put away groceries and see what I had brought in the way of food. He chastised me some for bringing fruits and vegetables instead of junk food, but it was all in good fun, and soon groceries were put away, and we were sitting on the deck, beers in hand, chatting and enjoying the late afternoon sun. There was a gentle breeze coming off the water, and we talked about nothing at all as we sat and sipped our beers. I decided that a dip in the ocean was in order, and Tom agreed. We went up to our rooms and I dug out my board shorts and started to change. From my room, I could look right through the shared bathroom into Tom's room. Both sides of the bathroom had sliding pocket doors, and they were both open. The two rooms were similar in their layout, and my dresser was against the wall about six feet from the bathroom door. As I my shirt standing at the dresser, Tom's image caught my peripheral vision. He too was standing in front of his dresser, pulling out a pair of board shorts as well. He had already stripped off to his boxer briefs, and I surreptitiously glanced at his body as he dug the swim trunks out of his dresser. He had very powerful legs. He should, he ran like 15 miles every damn day! He was toned and tanned and in really good shape. I continued to undress, all the while stealing glances at him as we both undressed without "really" looking at each other, but I could occasionally see him glancing my way as well. I figured what the hell, and stripped off my boxers, taking extra time while standing there to fold them neatly and place them on the dresser before reaching for my trunks to pull them up. Now I am no slouch in the shape department either, I am 6'3", 210 lbs., and I work out at the gym a few days a week to keep my shape. I would say that I have an average size cut cock, it is about 7" when hard, and no one has ever complained. Soft it is about 4", and hangs over a nice sized set of balls nestled in a nice patch of pubic hair that I keep trimmed. I have always been fine with being nude, and have no issues with anyone else around me being that way as well. As I started to pull on my trunks, I glanced over towards Tom's room and saw him standing there looking directly at me. He too was naked, and I will say this, my jaw nearly dropped. There he stood, in all his glory, and nice soft 6" cock hanging over a beautiful set of egg sized low hanging balls. He was holding his trunks in his hand and just looking at me. "Like what you see?" I joked. "You know, we have been friends for a long time," he said, "I just realized we have never seen each other naked." "Well, now we have." I responded. "Yeah", was his one word response. I had just finished stepping into my trunks and had started to slowly pull them up as Tom continued to stand there watching me. I felt a little odd, sort of putting on a show of pulling up my trunks, but I figured since we had already dropped the barrier of nudity, what was the big deal? Tom watched as eventually the trunks covered my package, but I did pull them up slowly and let them catch just under my balls, lifting my cock and balls up and out. God I can be such an exhibitionist sometimes, but now I was having a little fun with Tom and wondered if maybe we could have some kind of different fun later this evening. After I finished pulling up my trunks, I looked over at Tom. His cock had started to inflate just a little, and was thickening and standing up just a little bit. He had a really sexy tan line that accented his waist, and his treasure trail came down from his belly and into a mound of dark pubes that stood out against the paleness of his untanned skin. He smiled, and started to put on his board shorts as well. All pretense of sneaking peeks at each other cast aside as I turned and looked directly at him. "You going to get dressed, or are you going to the beach naked?" I asked with a grin. He slowly stepped into his trunks and made a point of sliding them slowly up his legs just as I had done for him. When they were about halfway up his legs, he stumbled slightly, and had to take a step to maintain his balance. As he did this, he turned and I saw his ass. And what an ass it was! Two perfectly sculpted mounds of tight flesh, smooth, white, and very firm from all the running he did. I felt myself start to chub up at the sight of those two beautiful cheeks, and wondered what was hiding inside them. He laughed as he regained his balance, and finished pulling up his shorts and tying them off. As he turned around, I could just make out the outline of a stiffening cock inside his shorts. There was quite an air of sexual tension in the rooms, but neither of us was going to make the first move. I think both of us feared what the other might think. "Ready?" He asked, startling me back to reality. "Yeah, let's go" I answered. We grabbed our towels and made our way down to the beach. The water was fantastic, and we swam and dove through the waves, played a little dunk with each other and tossed a Nerf football around for a while. No mention of the little show we had given each other was made, but I am sure it was in the back of both of our minds that we would repeat this performance again later when we changed out of our trunks. After playing around in the water for what felt like at least an hour, we both agreed we were hungry and thirsty, so we headed back up to the deck and decided to figure out what to do for dinner, will sipping on a cold beer and sitting on the deck. "I brought a bunch of dogs, burgers and steaks," Tom said, "why don't we just grill something easy since it is just us two." "Sounds good," I said, "I brought some salads and stuff, and we have chips, so I think we can make do for this evening." Tom got the burgers from the fridge as well as a couple more beers, while I uncovered the gas grill and fired it up. We weren't world class chefs by any means, but the dinner was nice and we chatted about nothing at all as we ate our fill of burgers, salads and chips, all washed down with several cold ones. It was a beautiful night out, with the breeze continuing to come off the water, and as the evening grew later, it get even a bit chilly for the two of us who had just stayed in our swim trunks without shirts or any other type of cover up. We moved over to the fire pit and turned it on and enjoyed the fire and the heat it was giving off. The beers had done their work, and despite our eating dinner, I could tell we were both feeling pretty good. "I think I am going to jump in the hot tub for a bit then call it a night." Tom said. "Sounds good to me, the others are arriving tomorrow and we will be busy catching up with them." I said. We turned off the fire pit and walked over to the hot tub. We uncovered it, and steam rose into the night air. Tom turned on the jets and walked around to the steps. "I am just going to lose these since they are already dry," he said, untying his trunks. "Sounds good to me, I don't want to put on damp chilly trunks to swim tomorrow." I replied as I did the same with mine. We both shucked our shorts and started to climb into the tub. I was behind Tom and had another good look at his ass as he climbed the steps and stepped over the side into the tub, his dick swinging freely as he swung one leg, then the other over the edge. Boy, what a view! I climbed in close behind him and immediately sat down to hide my semi that had grown. It felt wonderful. The jets were nice and soothing and the water was just the right temperature to enjoy. We sat across from one another and chatted about nothing while our heads were leaned back and the sounds of the waves coming ashore punctuated our conversation. Every so often, I would look over at Tom and see some movement in his arm under the bubbling water. I guessed he was just adjusting himself, but I wasn't really sure. He did this as we continued to talk, rather absent-mindedly, as though he didn't even notice he was doing it. Every so often one of us would shift in our seats, and our feet would touch as we moved. This would send an electric shock through me every time it happened. I am a sucker for playing footsie, and Tom was trying to be very nonchalant about it. It began happening with more and more frequency, and my cock began to stir in response. I would look over at Tom, and he would be sitting there with his eyes closed, head back just talking, but every so often moving just slightly so our feet would touch. The motions of his arm, I noticed, began to be more obvious. Was Tom actually masturbating in the hot tub with me? "What are you thinking about?" I asked him. "You don't want to know," was his reply. "No really, you can tell me anything." I told him. "Lackanookie flu." Was his answer. "I beg your pardon? I have never heard of that." I said to him. "Let me make it easier for you Jim," he said. "Lack of nookie flu." He repeated, enunciating each word clearly so I could understand. "Ohhhhh, got it!" The light came on in my brain finally! "Sorry to hear that, how long?" "Weeks." Was his one word answer. "Ouch!" Even I had hooked up with a girl just last week, but it wasn't going to go anywhere. "Tell me about it. Susan is nice and all, but she just isn't into sex all that much. Lately it has been me and my hand getting together an awful lot." "Geez, I am sorry to hear that." I told him honestly. "It isn't so bad, but every once in a while I think about my cock in a nice warm mouth or tight warm pussy, and, well, you know." I did know. I knew how he felt, and I knew what I was feeling right now, and my mind and my cock were both responding to his conversation. Tom was now actively stroking himself in the tub and making no bones about being discrete about it. He stretched out in the tub and his foot brushed up against my ankle, but rather than pulling it back, he let it linger there, moving it ever so slightly along my ankle as he pleasured himself in front of me. His actions were not lost on me, and I began to work my own cock slowly under the water as he began to be bolder in his rubbing of my ankle. His foot started to rub over the top of my foot and up my calf as we both silently jerked off together in the hot tub. "I hope you I'm not offending you," he said. "Hell no, feels nice," I answered. "I just need to get off, and this seemed like as good a place as any to do it." "Fine with me, perhaps we can both get off, hell, it is just us guys, so who cares?" "To be honest, I did this a few times back in college." He said. "Really? You? Since we are being honest, I was in a circle jerk or two back in college as well, but it was never something I shared." I replied. "Me neither, not exactly something you post on your social media page!" He chuckled. "Agreed!" I answered. "So you are ok with this?" He sat up and looked directly across the tub at me. "Tom, I am more than ok with it, in fact it feels really nice to have your foot rubbing against me." "Cool, I just don't want you to think any less of me." "How could I? You are one of my closest friends and we share a lot. Whatever happens, I will always be your friend." I told him. "Then I hope you won't mind if I do this then," and I felt his foot start to caress the back of my calf and up my leg. When he got to the back of my knee, his foot came over the top and continued along the inside of my leg. I knew where this was going, and I wasn't about to stop it. I wanted to see just how far it would go in our relaxed, slightly alcohol induced state. Tom's foot seemed to have a radar built into it. Here we were rubbing our cocks in the hot tub, his foot climbing my leg, and then suddenly just before he made contact with my hand or my sack, his foot started back down my inner thigh. I was loving this. Plain and simple, loving it! His foot would come up my leg, then back to my knee, up and down for several minutes, as we continued to pleasure ourselves. Finally on one of its journeys up my leg, his toes brushed my ball sack, and he started to rub my balls with his foot. The line was crossed now, there was no going back. I took my hand off my cock and grabbed the top of his foot and pulled his foot against my now fully erect cock, rubbing it up and down the length of it so he could feel all of it. "Is this what you were looking for?" I inquired. "Nice, very nice," he hissed. "I am getting all pruned up in here," I said. "Shall we go inside?" I knew I wouldn't have to ask that question twice. Tom took his foot out of my crotch and sat up on the edge of the tub. There he sat, his cock hard, easily 8-9 inches long and thick, the head engorged with blood, sitting out there for me to see, and he could have cared less. I sat up on the side myself, my own 7 inches jutting proudly from my mid-section. I looked at him...no, actually I just stared at his cock for a minute or two. "Like what you see?" He joked. "Isn't that where this all started several hours ago?" I chuckled. "Let's go inside." We climbed out, turned off the jets and grabbed our towels and toweled off, leaving the towels over the railing to dry and headed for the door. Two boners leading the way. We walked into the large family room and sat down on the sofa next to each other close together, but not touching each other. I watched as Tom started to fist his long shaft up and down as though no one else was there with him. I started to stroke my own cock as well, and both of us sat there, slowly stroking our cocks, not saying anything, but occasionally looking over at each other to watch as the other masturbated. Tom would occasionally reach down and cup his balls with his free hand, lift them a little, roll them around, then release them and place his hand back on his thigh, slowly stroking up and down the length of his muscular thigh. He spread his legs some and his leg came into contact with mine. It felt as though little tiny jolts of lightning were running up my legs as his legs stayed in contact with mine. I spread my legs more as I fisted my own cock to get even greater contact with him, and at one point after cupping his balls, his hand landed not on his own thigh, but on mine, and began to stroke up and down my thigh, higher and higher it went, closer to my balls with each upstroke. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, his hand made contact with my balls. He cupped them, then slowly lifted them as if to inspect them, then let them down and pushed my own hand away from my rigid cock. He gently grabbed my shaft and began to stroke us both in unison. I groaned in appreciation, and let me head fall back on the sofa as my friend continued to stroke my hard cock. His grip was firm, but soft and loving. He didn't just want to jerk me off, he was caressing my cock, almost lovingly. This went on for several minutes and I was using every tool in my arsenal to keep from blowing my load. I was concentrating so hard on not cumming, that I didn't even notice Tom's movements on the sofa. Suddenly I felt something warm and wet engulf my cock head. My friend, my buddy Tom, was going down on me! I opened my eyes and looked down to see my cock slowly disappear into his mouth as he looked up at me. It felt amazing...no other word for it, amazing! He took my cock all the way to the base without the slightest bit of gag, and held it there for a moment, before slowly going back to the top, then licking the tip of my now incredibly rock hard cock. Tom climbed off the sofa and crawled between my knees and began to give me one of the most unbelievable blow jobs I had ever gotten. He played with my nutsack as he went up and down on my cock at a nice leisurely pace, all the while continuing to fist his own cock. My moans and groans, and his slurping and humming sounds were all that filled the living room. After several minutes, I needed a break or I was going to burst. I pulled him off my cock and he sat back on his heels with a questioning look on his face. "I was getting close," I said. "I didn't want to blow my load yet." I pulled him towards me and did something I never did when I played around with the other guys in college, I kissed him. Not just a little peck, but a full on open mouthed tongue duel. I could taste myself in his mouth, and it turned me on even more. We continued to kiss for several more minutes, then I joined him on the floor. We laid there on the carpet holding each other as I reached down and took his cock in my hand and began to stroke him as we continued to kiss again. His cock felt so nice in my hand, firm, fleshy, strong and I could almost feel his heartbeat as the blood engorged member pulsed in my hand. I stroked him up and down and saw the tiny beads of pre-cum forming on the tip of the head. I swiped them with my finger and massaged them around the head. "Oh my God that feels good," he cooed. I brought my hand to my mouth and tasted his offering. It was nectar, sweet, juicy nectar of the Gods. Well of this God I had here before me on the floor. I wanted more. I reached down and stroked him again, and was rewarded with another bead, a little bigger this time. I picked it up with my finger and brought it to my mouth. Heaven on earth, I thought. I was hooked, I had to have more of this. I had never done anything like this before, but I had been on the receiving end of a blow job or two in my day, and now even one from another man, so I slid down his body, kissing his nipples, his chest, his tummy and all along his treasure trail towards my prize. "You don't have to do this," he said, "I am ok with just getting you off." "I know I don't have to, I want to." I told him. He laid back and closed his eyes and I continued my journey southward until the head of his penis hit my cheek. A trail of his pre-cum ran across my cheek as I continued towards his cock head. I kissed the tip and was rewarded with another taste of his wonderful pre-cum. I licked at the head, licking up all I could. Tom's head was rolling from side to side as I slowly took the cock head in my mouth and began to give my first blow job. I thought quickly of what I liked when someone blew me, so I covered my teeth with my lips, and created some good suction as my mouth slid over his cock head and down the shaft. He moaned and groaned above me, and I sucked and hummed as inch after inch slid into my mouth, and the spit started flowing inside my mouth, giving Tom's cock a warm, wet spot to reside for now. I couldn't take all of him, and when his cock hit the back of my mouth, I gagged a little and pulled back some, but I must have had at least 7 inches of my friend's cock in my mouth, and I loved it! I tried to remember what Tom had done to me as well, so I began letting his cock slide out of my mouth until just the tip was there in my mouth. A quick grope of his balls sent forth a nice stream of his pre-cum which I happily swallowed. I continued in this fashion for several more minutes, slowly going up and down on his cock, my tongue swiping at the head on the upstroke and feeling out every vein on the down stroke. Here I was with no experience at giving blow jobs, and I was going at his cock like a seasoned veteran. I could sense Tom was getting close, so I slowed my ministrations on his cock and released some of the suction. Tom pulled me up to him and kissed me again. "Fucking unbelievable!" He said. "You've never done this before?" "Nope." I replied. "Guess you could say I am a natural!" "And a damn good one at that!" He said as we kissed. We continued to grind our bodies and our cocks together for a few minutes, when Tom sat up and twisted his body so we were in the classic 69. Lying there on our side, we each began to suckle on each other's cocks. It was amazing. I loved having Tom's cock in my mouth, and I loved mine in his. I wasn't sure what was going to happen when we climaxed, but I was too focused on what I was doing at the time to worry about it. I worked his cock, and I worked it good. Giving him all I had to try to get him the release he was looking for. He had amazing stamina for someone who hadn't had sex in quite a while. I could feel the cum start to boil deep within me and I knew it wouldn't be long before I went over the edge, but I was determined to take Tom with me. As we continued to suck on each other, I was getting nearer and nearer to the point of no return, and I felt obligated to warn Tom. "I'm getting close." I groaned around his cock. "Me too." He choked out. Tom kept up a steady attack on my cock, and now that he knew my orgasm was near, he seemed to re-double his efforts on my cock, sucking harder and faster than before. It happened in an instant. I felt the cum fire out of my balls and into and up my shaft into Tom's mouth. "Oh shiiiiit," I groaned as my cock fired volley after volley into Tom's mouth. Three, four, five jets shot out of my cock and filled Tom's mouth, I could feel him swallowing around my cock as more and more of my seed burst forth to fill the void created by his swallowing. Six, seven, eight and Tom was still swallowing. I thought I was going to pass out from the barrage I was firing into my friend's throat! Finally the shots slowed to a slow trickle and Tom laid there nursing on my cock as I regained my composure and continued to try to get Tom to the same place I had just been. I went at his cock like a man possessed, and after about thirty or forty seconds, I felt his cock twitch and thicken in my mouth. Jet after jet of steaming hot cum bathed the inside of my mouth and washed my tonsils. There was a lot of cum, and I swallowed as fast as I could as Tom kept pumping his load of baby makers into my mouth and throat. A little trickled out and down my cheek as I swallowed for all I was worth. I lost track after I think eight jets, but I knew in my mind that I loved cock and I loved cum. As his jets slowed to an ooze, I kept his now softening cock in my mouth and sucked it clean, not wanting to lose a single drop of his precious offering to me. We both rolled over onto our backs and sighed heavily. "Holy shit, that was fucking awesome." I said. Tom twisted around and laid his head on my chest. "The fucking hasn't even started yet, but yeah it was awesome!" He looked up into my eyes, winked and gave me a huge kiss. I could taste my cum in his mouth and I know he could taste his. He put his head down on my chest and sighed. What a way to start a weekend! Tom at the beach

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