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  1. BrickMasters


  2. professorporn

    Mike Timber

    Read the blog article
  3. Albertson

    surlaplage724-02 Mike Timber

    From the album: Beach Party

  4. Albertson

    surlaplage724-01 Mike Timber

    From the album: Beach Party

  5. Steve

    Mike Timber (29)

    From the album: Mike Timber

  6. Steve

    Mike Timber (38)

    From the album: Mike Timber

  7. Steve

    Mike Timber (26)

    From the album: Mike Timber

  8. Steve

    Mike Timber (23)

    From the album: Mike Timber

  9. Teddybare


  10. Teddybare


  11. Teddybare


  12. Teddybare


    mike timber
  13. Teddybare


  14. Teddybare

    852_1000 (1)

  15. Teddybare


    MIKE TIMBER - 1991
  16. We Like Mike! In fact, I can't get enough of Mike Timber. Sadly, he only did two videos and not enough photos. Mike is a sexual being who loves to show off his body but mostly his ass. I'm partial to that handsome square jawed face, furry chest, cock and bush. Mike puts on a show and then uses his moneymaker to lick up the mess from his money shot.
  17. Teddybare


    MEN - MIKE TIMBER - 1991
  18. Teddybare


  19. The most obvious contradiction in Mike Timber's modeling career was the fact that he was both beautiful and ruggedly handsome at the same time. He had square jaws and a very prominent chin which formed the foundation of his masculine appeal. He also had almond shaped blue eyes with long flirty lashes which softened his look and mesmerized any hapless soul who should catch his gaze. He was blessed with a dense, thick head of hair and just the right amount of fur on his chest and body. He had a signature hairstyle that was always well-coiffed and blow dried. He kept his face clean-shaven, regularly trimmed his body hair and confined growth to only specific areas such as his chest. Mike Timber's other prominent physical feature was his bubble butt. He made sure his cheeks, and surrounding areas such as his balls and taint were always smooth and camera ready. His portfolio is filled with contradictions, too many in fact to be coincidence. He loves to show off his ass and asshole in photos and videos and usually poses with his legs apart or ass up toward the camera. He would wear bright colors like pink, orange or white and sometimes he would mimic the poses of female models from straight porn magazine. It might seem incongruous or even jarring at first for viewers to see a handsome muscleman brimming with virility posing in a sexually provocative manner. We're seeing exactly what Mike wants us to see, but we need to open our minds to the message he's trying to communicate. Colt is the celebration of the male body through building and sculpting muscles. It is about appreciating the aesthetics that result from years of hard work and dedication. For all his masculine good looks, Mike wants us to know he is a proud power bottom. We tend to project our fantasies of the perfect lover onto the musclemen and models we see in magazines and videos. At the end of the day, we should enjoy the beauty of muscles, but we shouldn't let appearances define or limit our sexual preferences and roles.
  20. Teddybare


  21. Additional photos of Mike in the Male Pornstar Gallery Mike Timber - AdonisMale Mike Timber - AdonisMale
  22. davelogan

    Lattice ass

    Mike Timber, right? I mean, you can't see much of his face but I'd know that ass anywhere.
  23. Guest

    1991 Annual Man Calendar.zip

    nice quality pictures. i don't know why i think this exactly, but Mike Timber doesn't really fit the Colt image, but i like the photo of him included here.
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