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  1. DricoLinuh

    Dan Osborne | So Hot

    British Hot Boy 🇬🇧 🔥
  2. Nick49

    Ian Cochrane

    Hot, British stable boy fantasy!
  3. ColtMann

    Lister, Matthew

    British team athlete, LGBT athlete ambassador, and fitness writer. the boy gets around. world class teddy bear!
  4. Bryson

    Bill Ward

    "I was born in London and have lived almost all my life in the city except for a three year tour in the Army. I've always worked in the publishing business, mostly in young educational magazines. I started off as a copy boy for a London newspaper and then went to one of Britain's largest publishing firms, firstly on the editorial side, then onto the art department. I became the art editor of a children's weekly magazine, then left to go freelance. I've always admired comic art and my heroes in the field have been Burne Hogarth's Tarzan, Hal Foster's Prince Valiant, Milton Caniff; and still are, for that matter. I collect comics, I dabble in oils, and had a one-man exhibition in London. I still find time to paint landscapes in between children's picture books -- and heavier stuff for adult magazines. I've a bike and I belong to the M.S.C. London Leather and Denim Club." Bill Ward passed away on July 24, 1996. (Not to be confused with British erotica artist Bill Ward who drew buxom women) Link: http://www.billwardarchive.info/
  5. paultrevorbale2018

    Gay movies (non-porn)

    I'm going to revive this longed thread in the hope others will join. We seem to be doing well for gay themed films and tv shows these days. The past few years there has been the gorgeous German film Centre of My World starring the beautiful Jannick Schümann, full frontals and all. Germany also produced the two coppers falling in love Freier Fall a sequel to which has been long promised. Full frontals again. Fr fans of Jannick, I am obsessed and can't get enough of him, check out the series Charité from 2017 set in WW2. He is a soldier who falls in love with a doctor at the Charite hospital in Nazi Berlin. Dangerous times for gays. Good series. Happy ending for my boy! the French l'Été 85, and Spanish tv series Merli with a gorgeous central gay couple going through hell before finally ending up together and married, plus the incredibly gay tv series Elite with every series having a lead gay character. Then of course my favourite gay love story 911 Lonestar with TK and Carlos falling I love, kissing, getting naked, making out, on primetime US tv! and there are lots more. In France the early evening soap Ici Tout Commence has a central gay couple plus lots of other eye candy, and British soap Eastenders also has a gay romance at its centre. Benedicition told the story of WW1 poet Siegfied Sassoon, Plaire Aimer et Courir Vite told about falling in love while reaching middle age, on tv there's been Heartstopper, who hasn't loved that, Young Royals from Sweden, and Love Victor, while France Norway, Spain and Germany all did versions of the same story SKAM, in 2019 Moffie came out of South Africa, Just Friends out of the Netherlands, and Almost Love from New York. There was the remake of The Boys In the Band. Almodovar told of an old man rediscovering the love of his life in Pain and Glory, and Sweden gave us drag and more in Dancing Queens. Neil Patrick Harris stars in Uncoupled about the break up of his relationship, fictional one that is. and the guy from Grey's Anatomy got his own movie The Thing About Harry. From a few years ago there's the gorgeous Brazilian romance The Way He Looks Fair Haven tells of a Christian guy realising that gays can be inclusive and worth supporting in spite of bigoted opposition in Fair Haven, while in spite of what Putin says Firebird tells of two gay Russian pilots falling in love in a story based on a real life one. A good, sexy romantic film. The first Downton Abbey movie gave the gay butler a nice romantic encounter. Chilean prison drama The Prince is a tough watch but worth it, especially with such an attractive lead. and there is a new series of short films worth seeking out under the title The Male Gaze. Narziss und Goldmund is a gorgeous German movie with a stunningly beautiful leading actor. Not a gay story as such except one of the guys is in love with the other and does everything he can to protect him. Set in the Middle Ages it's a terrific movie, well worth watching. Harris Dickinson seems to have been keeping his clothes on recently and playing straight after Postcards from London and Beach rats has us all drooling. Benedict Cumberbatch never got me drooling but I admire his acting chops. He gets all gooey eyed over a young man in the Power of the Dog and even gets naked if you're into that. Big Boys in the UK was a comedy series in which a rampant heterosexual shares his college room with an innocent gay guy who he helps to come out. Quite funny at times. and the straight boy is very sexy. Finish on one I've not watched yet but am told it's rater good, A horror film set at a conversion camp to make gays straight run by Kevin Bacon of all people! Friday the 13th with a twist!
  6. ColtMann

    Monday - 25th

    I had to go to the clinic to have blood drawn this morning . . . I know it's a chick thing to have to decorate for every occasion, however, am I the only one to think it highly inappropriate to have a vampire, however much grinning, decorating a hæmatology lab? jeez! well, to the boys - my feature for today is David Michaels, a British actor and soap stud who appeared in As Time Goes By, as the exceedingly toothsome young police constable who starts to keep company with one of the young ladies. in his appearances, he is the ultimate in husband material, and I would not have wardled around like Sandy did; I would have jumped his bones early and often. nice eyebrows 🙂 I see we continue to attract new clubmembers, and welcome one and all! https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/40485-mezzatesta-michael/ https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/40486-michaels-david/ https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/40487-michaels-ken/ https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/40488-michaels-levi/ https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/40489-michaels-stephen/ Colt
  7. bl12345678


    SITES/ LINKS GODS OF FOOTBALL https://www.fanpop.com/clubs/australian-football-league/images/14957927/title/justin-sherman-photo GREG PLITT SEARCH mike timber search ROBLES ART http://www.nickroblesart.com/ https://www.adonismale.com/search/?&q=ben todd&search_and_or=and https://www.adonismale.com/search/?&q= men at play&search_and_or=and&sortby=relevancy https://www.adonismale.com/search/?&q=tanner&search_and_or=and https://www.adonismale.com/search/?q=Chris Rockway&quick=1 https://www.adonismale.com/search/?&q=british boy&page=1&quick=1&search_and_or=and&sortby=relevancy https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/35399-rick-donovan/?tab=comments#comment-10525 https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/44430-mitchell-slaggert/?tab=comments#comment-15514 https://www.adonismale.com/search/?q=hagen richter&quick=1 https://www.adonismale.com/search/?q=gordon grant&quick=1 https://www.adonismale.com/search/?q=Mark Dalton&quick=1 https://www.adonismale.com/search/?q=Aaron Quatrale&quick=1 https://www.adonismale.com/search/?q=Philip Fusco&quick=1 https://www.adonismale.com/profile/4467-coltmann/?tab=node_gallery_gallery https://www.adonismale.com/profile/6468-bleuparrot/ https://www.adonismale.com/search/?q=sexy cowboys&quick=1 https://www.adonismale.com/profile/6468-bleuparrot/content/?type=gallery_image https://cdn.adonismale.com/monthly_2022_02/46276734_robsteelesolo.mp4.76b354a119a8c81a366510736373d821.mp4 https://www.adonismale.com/search/?q=tom of finland&quick=1 https://www.adonismale.com/profile/24-steve/ https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/image/1776482-boot-power-622/ https://www.adonismale.com/search/?&q=erik rhodes&quick=1&search_and_or=and&sortby=relevancy . https://www.adonismale.com/search/?q=malik&quick=1 https://www.adonismale.com/search/?q=sexy cowboys&quick https://www.adonismale.com/search/?&q=erik rhodes&search_and_or=and https://www.adonismale.com/profile/24-steve/ https://www.adonismale.com/profile/33694-eastonvance/
  8. Rhys is crazy sexy with his hair always on point, his all over body tan, his British accent that sounds a bit rough. All that before he takes his clothes off and start performing. His handsome face is known on both sides of the Atlantic where he has legions of female and male fans who subscribe to his fans account to ogle his lean muscular body and to watch his cum shows which usually involve massive geysers shooting cum onto that gorgeous face if not all over his abs. Watching a hot straight boy work his ass hole and shooting buckets is beautiful reminder of the accepting and sexually adventurous times we are living in. By spreading his ass cheeks for the camera he's also spreading the word that enjoying your prostate on a regular basis does not make a person gay. Rhys is an influencer in the straight community with an important message.. The prostate is a part of every man's anatomy regardless of sexual orientation. Playing with the ass hole and using toys and dildos to increase pleasure and heighten the intensity of orgasms are simple luxuries straight men have been denying themselves out of shame and bias. Enjoying ass play does not make one turn gay. Not just a pretty face but also a savvy busiman and a good content producer who knows his large gay fan base is paying the bills. He collaborates with his fitness model friends to add more naked men eye candy to his archives. He is a top producer with enough subscribers to allow him to tan in exotic vacation spots all over the world. Not bad for a straight guy who makes a living laying on his back.
  9. There was a time when a body adorned with too many tattoos would seriously hinder a career in porn. When Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher, and Fratmen were industry giants, they were churning out clean cut All-American jock types. Models who had colorful artwork or elaborate symbols and designs were considered alternative talent and found work at smaller studios like Chaosmen and Cocky Boys. Big Studios like Men.com, Next Door Male and Falcom worked with established ponstars who had huge fan bases. Many of these pon superstars had unique tattoos that were a part of their porn identity. Unfortunately, there were also some bad ink that detracted from the appeal of certain performers. No matter how you feel about tattoos, if you are a fan of Sebastian Kross, you have to learn to love his bold and color chest tattoo. It is a part of his porn identity and because it is unique artwork that has been around so many years in so many scenes, the tattoo has become iconic ink in the world of gay porn. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Superstar Vadim Black has been crowding the limited real estate of his body with more and more tattoos over the years. For Vadim, the tattoos give his image more of an edge and adds maturity. He's still got the gorgeous face and oozing with sex appeal. If Johnny Rapid had done the same, I don't think his fans will be as receptive, because Johnny's brand is the boy next door and having smooth alabaster skin is the essence of his youthful appeal. Recently, Canadian import William Seed introduced his former stripper pal Malik Delgaty to the gay porn industry and he has been busy churning out forgettable scenes as a strictly top performer for Men.com. Despite his limited sexual repertoire as a gay-for-pay performer, he has become an overnight sensation no doubt because of his chiseled muscular body, handsome face and huge cock. Malik is one of the few strippers I have seen who does not have any tattoos on his body. It will be interesting how he will choose to evolve the longer he stays in the industry. You might have noticed that almost every performer with an Only Fans account, especially the ones from Europe, are covered in elaborate tattoos, from full sleeves, to full legs, to chest, torso and neck. Dustin McNeer and Michael Hoffman are two models that come to mind who have very dramatically covered their bodies with tattoos and completely changed their image. Rhys Sachett is a British import who is also professionally known as "That Tattoo Guy" owing to his unique leg tattoo. Because so many performers have dedicated large surfaces on their bodies to tattoos, one has to work hard in order to stand out. Jakpitz aka Jake Andrich, is a widely popular Only Fans model who is covered front and back all the up to his neck in intricate tattoo art. It certainly helps to set himself apart from so many other muscle models competing for subscribers. His body art is really beautiful and well done and he has set the bar really high. The images in this Iconic Ink gallery were chosen because they belonged to porn stars who have been around for awhile or because for good and bad, they were unique enough to have been noticed and appreciated or disliked.
  10. professorporn

    Where's the American Beef?

    I I recently posted a quick observation on Twitter that deserves a wider audience of experts if I am to find a satisfactory explanation for what is happening in the porn industry. American Studios like Falcon, Randy Blue, Men and even Sean Cody were once the main exporters of USDA Grade A Man Meat to the rest of the world. We created the American ideal, the muscle Sex God from Mike Branson, Ken Ryker, Ryan Idol, Jeff Stryker in the old days of VHS and DVD whose appeal and legendary status live on today. They are a reference the greatness and perfection of male sexuality and physical perfection. During the early days of the internet, some performers worked under exclusive contracts with studios to become Exclusive Stars and were promoted, while others jumped around for find work, create an identity and a finally a growing fanbase. Some beloved performers retired like Chris Rockway and Connor Maguire while others would still reign at the top of gay porn as today's international superstars: Diegos San, Austin Wolf, Dato Foland, Roman Todd and Griffin Barrows for example have enough fans who subscribe to their Only Fans account that they no longer need to work for the big studios. They make more money through their network of industry stars and rely on cross marketing and producing their own content. The days of exclusive contracts are over and the stars are now competing directly with the studios. Meanwhile, foreign studios continue to invest in recruiting new talent and introducing them to the American market. Many of them come from as close as across the Canadian border while others come from half a world away and almost overnight have have found massive followings which have catapulted them into porn superstardom faster than they can obtain permanent residency. Lucas Entertainment introduced us to Brock Magnus, William Higgins debuted Tomas Salek and then lost him to inferior independent studios. Then Men.com recruited Canadian stripper William Seed who would help keep the studio relevant by starting as an exclusive muscle top and finally gave it up the jig by becoming a muscle power bottom. He would bring along his stripper friends from Stock Bar and introduced the latest muscle sensation Malik Delgaty to American porn fans who have been lacking beautiful muscular man-meat in their diet for some time. Malik is certainly beautiful to look at with his chiseled body smooth and free of tattoos. But on screen, he is a version of William Seed 2.o who does not reciprocate oral and for now only appears as an exclusive top. It is the era of imported muscle gods with uncut cocks who have arrived to be serviced and worshiped by Americans in supporting roles. It's been a long minute since we've seen an American performer with the talent and the goods to compete head to head with these international imports. For a quick second, Collin Simpson was gaining traction as the brand ambassador for new studio Gayhoopla.com, but a fall out has Collin on his own making the rounds at inferior studios and quickly lost his fanbase. Gayhoopla seems to be only studio that invests time and effort into recruiting new talent. As with all studios, some stay while others are never heard from again. Such as what happened at Sean Cody with handsome newcomer Jeb who seem poised for international recognition beyond the studio fans, but sadly he had other plans. America has a huge population of good looking muscle men whose numbers would eclipse the foreign performers, but statistically they are straight men who usually do not find working in gay porn appealing. Those who are open to the idea, live in different pockets of the very large United States and are often discovered by independent porn producers without the means to propose a variable game plan for a lucrative career tempting enough to keep high caliber models from coming back or doing more. We got a one-off from SpunkWorthy who stumbled upon the gorgeous ex-soldier Giacomo for a solo shoot and who has since gone MIA. I also got my hopes up recently for a young stud making his appearance Active Duty where Superstars Quentin Gainz and Markie More started their careers before being discharged to Next Door Studios for civilian porn career. My first thought was that industrious American Muscle Hunks would use the Only Fans platform to do their own thing instead producing gay porn. Brock Cooper is one example of a successful straight man who has both straight female and gay male followers. He does not shy away from the pleasures of butt play and toys on his show, especially since they bring in th the tips, but he will not work with other men live in video shoots. Matt Mason or CreamyGorilla does shows with male and female fans, and briefly gained new audiences through an appearance on Gayhoopla in a solo and a scene on HotGuysFuck. But he's nowhere near the popularity of British import Rhys Sachett or That Tattto Guy who is very clear about being a straight man who enjoys putting dildos up his ass. There are two OnlyFans performers who are young and struggling to make their accounts achieve the kind of success only seen by the likes of Griffin Barrows and Austin Wolf. One is a fledgling model with a perfect face names Levin Conely. and the other many of you already know as Alex Grant. Alex is gay and does it all on camera. he is a sexual glutton who has found pleasure centers on his nipples and a pig when it comes to ass play. His solo clips are low budget handheld iphone captures which have become repetitive as a collection. He has the potential to be a global superstar with the right game plan. Levi Conely knows he is a commodity and teases fans with everything but decent full frontal images or clips. It's hard to build a fanbase or become a superstar if you don't show the goods when so many others out there are competing to do so. Surprisingly, the most successful independent performer who has built a lucrative career overnight through amassing hundreds of thousands of subscribers works with a small independent producer who has closely mapped and managed his star's road to online success. Hunky Jordan from Brandt's Boys who manages only three men is an unlikely poster boy for Gay American Porn. He is ruggedly handsome, self-identified as straight and married and has a short, thick muscular build adorned by some random and most would say awful collection of tattoos. Jordan's appeal is in his country boy personality from small town USA who has a big cock that shoots like a canon, often landing on his hairy face for extra hotness. He was introduced as a straight man who is gradually persuaded by his sucesss from paying fans who tune in each week to see him expand his sexual repertoire which has now included most gay sex acts except bottoming...which should happen in the next year because you can't keep fans waiting too long before they take interest and their subscription somewhere else. Also, to provide more value than just one major star, the site recently introduced a tall muscular ex-military good ol boy names Troy. Troy has a deep voice, a smooth toned young muscular body and a huge cock. But the major appeal here is his believable innocence and lack of experience with gay sex, and the exploration and discovery of gay sex acts by this straight man over time is what the site has to offer. It's a business model that works for the site which does not do much promotion and grows by word of mouth and Twitter.
  11. Starting in the 1970s, the International Male catalog had a coded appeal to gays anxious to gawk at throbbing pecs, shop for some offbeat chic, and maybe giggle a little. At the same time, straights picked up on its revisionist take on how males were allowed to look, complete with muscly models in white pirate shirts and blue boxers with a “contour pouch.” The catalog’s pre-stardom models included the likes of Shemar Moore, Kevin Sorbo, David Chokachi, and Reichen Lehmkuhl, and its admirers were everyone from Calvin Klein to movie and theater costume designers looking for threads and ideas. At its peak, in the 1990s, there were about three million catalogs sent out every quarter, with an amassed revenue of well over $100 million. The resulting phenomenon is finally the subject of a documentary: All Man, directed by Bryan Darling and Jesse Finley Reed. “More than outrageous fashions, hunky models, and scandalous undies, All Man is a journey across three decades of the International Male catalog’s lasting impact on fashion, masculinity, and gay rights,” reads the documentary’s mission statement. The film is currently in production, with no concrete release date. I talked to the directors about the project and what made International Male so “readable.” Hi, guys. I always happened to get the International Male catalog in the mail. I have to admit I wondered how they got my name, but I was kind of thrilled that they did. Jesse Finley Reed: That’s the number one question. “How did they get my name?” They bought mailing lists. It was a magical thing for me. This thing started coming, and I thought, Did the boys at school who tease me send thBryan Darling: In our movie, Carson Kressley describes the experience of getting it in such unbelievable detail. It would be sent to his older brother and Carson would go to the mailbox to get it first and take it to the basement rec room. At some point, he convinced his mother to buy him some clothes out of it. Was his brother gay? JFR: No. Let’s say you had gotten Playboy, GQ, or Columbia House Records. They’d buy those mailing lists and send catalogs, assuming that was the demographic they were going after. You have all these men in their 20s and 30s that had subscriptions to something and it would just go to them. A lot of the clientele were straight and a lot were women buying it for their men. Would you say it also appealed to a lot of closet cases? BD: Huge. JFR: It was safe to have on the coffee table. It could go in the regular mail without a special envelope. It was a gateway to a different world—a way of looking at men and men’s bodies. That was super powerful to gay people because representations of gayness were horrific in the ‘80s. Here were men traveling the world and laughing and wearing underwear. BD: Gay men have always been more aware of their bodies than other men, and straight men were never allowed the freedom to do that. In a lot of ways, International Male was educating and giving permission for men as a whole to look at each other and themselves in a way where sexuality is open and the body is something to be celebrated and looked at, and you could wear colorful prints and wild clothes and not be gay or not be feminine. You’re still masculine, still a man. JFR: That’s why they chose super masculine, ripped, able-bodied models. BD: The ideas of being sexualized and body-conscious had always been reserved for women. If guys did that, people thought they had to be gay because That’s a good-looking guy was not as common as now. International Male helped normalize the way straight men could look at other men and say, “That’s a hot guy. I want to look like that.” To me, the catalog tripled as kitsch, porn, and a useful guide. JFR: It was permission for not-yet-out gay boys to look, for straight women who want to see what they consider a sexy Don Johnson-type guy and dress their boyfriend that way, and for a straight guy who wants to be a little more self-expressive. How did International Male start? BD: Gene Burkard—a gay man who’s now about 89 or 90 and is still in San Diego—started it in 1972 with a piece of underwear called the Jock Sock. He was walking down the streets of London and came across a medical store full of incontinence items where he saw a pair of adult men’s underwear. He was intrigued and brought it back, then hired a pattern maker to modify it and make it the Jock Sock. He put an ad in Playboy and that’s when it took off. In 1976, the first catalog went out. JFR: Ah-Men was a catalog that preceded International Male, and Gene felt their clothes weren’t masculine enough. BD: It was that sort of decadent gay look of the ‘70s—caftans and bathing suits. Gene felt it was too gay. But he still whipped up lots of flair. JFR: Some of Gene’s initial inspiration was, “Why are men dressing so boringly, compared to Europe?” That’s what he wanted to build on. BD: A lot of the people that came on board at the beginning of International Male were young and inexperienced. They were doing it by the seat of their pants and had no idea what they were doing. It started in a cottage with termites. It wasn’t until the ‘80s that people were brought in to professionalize and streamline it. They wanted to make something sexy and different and fun. JFR: It was a band of outsiders that came together. The staff was all gay men or women. It was amazing to go to work. To work in a place where you could be so open was something not experienced. And women learned what gay was. As for the models, it was the highest paying job a model could get in the industry. This was the beginning of the male model and supermodels. Some were models for Versace and Herb Ritts, but they made their bread and butter working for International Male and bought their houses from it. Gene wanted a “magalogue”—part magazine, part catalog. He said, “I want to do a tight headshot of a model on the cover to make it like a glossy magazine.” Why was Caitlyn Jenner on the cover in 1980? BD: It was a way for Jenner to get [her] name and clothes and brand out there. For International Male, it was a way to legitimize their brand. There was always a letter from the editor, Gene. The one from that catalog is so good because that was the time Jenner and [her] people were pushing [her] to be more of a celebrity. It talks about 1980 being wonderful because a movie called Can’t Stop the Music [a big flop starring the Village People and Jenner] was coming out. It said, “From early rushes, we can tell you it’s hot.” What were the most outrageous items sold by International Male, aside from the Jock Sock? BD: One of the first items they found was this British navy shirt called the Stoker. It was a completely knit mesh shirt, which looked like you were wearing a net. On the navy ship, it soaked up sweat when they were shoveling coal into the engine. They brought that back and created a story around it. When you look at it, it’s pretty gay. It was such a huge seller that they ran out of it and eventually began to knock it off. JFR: In the ‘80s, they sold a jumpsuit with lots of zippers in a soft lavender. It’s amazing. It was a piece in their Foreign Legion collection. How did the brand evolve through the years? JFR: Gene sold the company in 1986. It was taken over by Hanover Direct, a conglomerate which previously had conventional, middle American catalogs. They had the desire to blow up the catalog, mainstream it. BD: In the ‘90s, you saw changes. They were trying to make it sexy, but not sexualized. They wanted to straddle this line to get more straight males, a broader demographic. They wanted to keep the gay customer, but also expand it. It grew to an enormous extent. They were heavily influential in creating the young men’s clothing market. Why did the brand fade out in 2007? Was it the internet? JFR: There was the internet, and I think they lost their way. You can see them oscillate between extremes—super trashy in one issue and super conservative in the next. The culture changed and they lost their audience. BD: If you look at their later clothes, there was nothing special about them. In the ‘90s, who is wearing this giant leopard print outfit? It almost became a cartoon or parody of itself. International Male actually designed a lot of clothes in-house—they didn’t just buy clothes—but at a certain point, they were no longer innovating. They were trying to appeal to fathers. All of a sudden, kids and families started appearing in the catalog. I hate to pin it on the internet because they did have a site. It’s more that the people owning it didn’t know what to do with it.
  12. mg240980


    He would always be known as Bond — James Bond — and it’s near-impossible not to say those words without imitating Sean Connery’s deep Scottish baritone. But while the former lifeguard, bodybuilder and Mr. Universe competitor-turned-actor would help turn 007 into an iconic screen character, he was more than just the man who gave Bond his first license to kill. Connery had the distinction of working with directors ranging from Alfred Hitchcock and Brian De Palma, of winning Oscars and BAFTAs, of playing everything from soldiers to train robbers to kings. He became a de facto ambassador for his home country of Scotland and embraced the thick, oft-imitated brogue no matter who he played. He was a versatile actor and also a movie star, the kind of performer who could infuse roles with a certain kind of radiating, rough-and-tumble persona that you could only describe as Conneryesque. 'Zardoz' (1974) Connery would continue to play a host of interesting, different parts during his tenure as Bond (see: Alfred Hitchcock’s Marnie) before officially turning in his killing license and Walther PPK in 1972 with Diamonds Are Forever. Few of those roles were as out-there, however, as the John Boorman sci-fi movie he made shortly after he left Bond behind. In the 23rd century, humanity is divided into wasteland-dwelling lower classes and an aristocracy who calls the shots via a giant flying stone head named Zardoz. Connery plays Zed, one of the “exterminators” who keep the plebeians in line; after hiding out in the mammoth cranium and infiltrating the world of the future patricians, Zed eventually becomes radicalized and helps lead a rebellion. It’s even crazier than it sounds, and its status as both a campy cult classic and a funky ’70s science-fiction landmark is well-earned. And Connery somehow finds the exact wavelength needed to make this WTF movie work. Once you’ve seen that image of the star rocking a droopy Zapatista mustache, a long braided ponytail, a bandolier, red bikini briefs and thigh-high boots, it’s virtually impossible to forget it. 'The Man Who Would Be King' (1975) John Huston’s rousing, boys-adventure adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s novel paired Connery with Michael Caine — really, who better to play two 19th-century British Army officers who decide to pitch themselves as muscle to an Eastern European ruler? On the way to establishing a career as mercenaries (“a scheme for rascals to become royalty,” per the trailer), Connery’s Daniel Dravot is mistaken by the locals as a god. He happily settles into the role of both ruler and deity … and that’s when the real trouble starts. It’s both an epic romp filled with thrills, spills and derring-do, and a tongue-in-cheek take on the empire’s less-than-moral misadventures in foreign lands. Connery lets you see how the good fortune his con-artist colonialist has stumbled on warps him, and eventually sends him to a tragic end. That climactic walk across the rope bridge, singing a hymn, is one hell of an exit. 'Robin and Marian' (1976) One of the most underrated films in Connery’s filmography, Richard Lester’s addition to the Robin Hood legend features one of the star’s single best turns. His Robin of Locksley is no longer a young hero stealing from the rich and giving to the poor but a middle-aged man, returning to Sherwood Forest with battle scars and old scores to settle. He goes in search of his lost love, Maid Marian (Audrey Hepburn), who’s become a nun in his absence. Meanwhile, the Sheriff of Nottingham (Robert Shaw) and his cohorts want to see their former foe with his head on a spike. It’s a perfect lion-in-winter performance and a sort of first-rate fan-fiction coda to the prince of thieves’ story. The scenes between Connery and Hepburn suggest a genuine chemistry between the two, as well as a bone-deep sense of regret; his speech about taking part in one of King Richard’s campaigns during the Crusades (“He was my king”) is an all-timer. 'Time Bandits' (1981) Connery’s part in Terry Gilliam’s time-tripping fantasy is a small but highly memorable one: He’s King Agamemnon, the regent of Greek mythology who took part in the Trojan War. He’s also one of the friendlier historical figures that the movie’s young hero, Kevin, comes across in temporal travels, befriending the lad after he helps him kill a (literally) bullheaded opponent. Connery does a lot with the little screen time he has, leaving you with a sense that this kindhearted ruler is a nice substitute father figure for the kid. It’s a nice little drop of humanity in this wacky, whimsical romp. 'The Untouchables' (1987) Connery won a well-deserved Oscar for his role as Jimmy Malone, the hardbitten, shotgun-toting cop who instructs the goody-two-shoes Eliot Ness in the art of fighting Prohibition gangsters. In a lot of actors’ hands, this might have merely been a good mentor role; given to Connery, however, this man becomes a force of nature. And the way he digs into David Mamet’s flinty, pulp-poetry dialogue is a dream come true. His advice to Kevin Costner’s Ness about the way to nab Capone is extra-quotable simply because of the sheer, aggressive delight with which Sir Sean delivers it: “He pulls a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send his to the morgue. That’s the Chicago way!” 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade' (1989) Really, who else were you going to get to play Indy’s dad if not the man who gave us the first James Bond?! Steven Spielberg’s decision to cast Connery as Professor Henry Jones in the third Indiana Jones movie might have come off as a stunt if the veteran actor hadn’t been such a perfect fit — instead, it comes off like a coup. From the second the patriarch yells “Junior?” at the globe-trotting archeologist, there’s an instant feeling that you’re watching two pop culture icons having the time of their lives acting against each other. There was really no keeping up with the Joneses once they were onscreen, and though Connery had originally turned down the role, he ended up doing a lot of research on what sort of professor Henry would be. And the key to the whole film is really this father and son’s endless game of one-upmanship even when the band together to find the Holy Grail. “Whatever Indy’d done,” Connery was quoted as saying, “my character has done … and my character has done it better.” 'The Hunt for Red October' (1990) If Tom Clancy’s novels about the C.I.A. analyst Jack Ryan had been made 20 years earlier, Connery might have been a good choice to play the hero. Instead, Alec Baldwin stepped in to the role (he’d be the first of several stars to step into Ryan’s shoes — not unlike Connery’s inauguration of Bond), and the Scottish movie star took on the bad guy’s role: A Russian nuclear submarine commander named Marko Ramius who’s keen to heat up the Cold War. There’s a bit of cognitive dissonance in hearing a Soviet zealot speak in such a noticeably Scottish accent, but Connery digs into this role with such gusto that by the end of this tense thriller, you don’t even mind the geographical mix-and-match approach. There’s a reason it’s Connery’s face on the poster. “I remember seeing it for the first time and thinking, ‘This guy is going to hijack a nuclear submarine, where’s the fervor in this character?'” his costar Baldwin told us. “Then as it goes on, I realized: Oh, no, this is perfect. Most people would have this guy pacing in his cabin, or wringing his hands. He has him sipping tea! It’s genius.” 'The Rock' (1996) “Welcome … to the Rock!” Michael Bay’s slam-bang action-movie is, like most of his blockbusters, a lot of nonstop sound and fury with the dial turned up to 11. But it has two saving graces: Nick Cage’s wonderfully weird chemical-weapons expert, pitched at a maximum level of Cage-like quirkiness; and the mere presence of Sean Connery. His federal prisoner John Mason is the only inmate to have ever escaped Alcatraz; given that a righteous general has taken over the tourist attraction and is threatening to send missiles to San Francisco unless his demands are met, his knowledge of the island’s penitentiary’s ins and outs may be the only thing keeping that city from being destroyed. Connery knows when to go camp with this career criminal, and when to simply be the flinty straight man to Cage’s absurdist egghead. And once it comes down to a mano a mano fight with Ed Harris’ military villain, you’re reminded of the way that Connery could bring gravitas to even the goofiest, most over-the-top of multiplex movies. 'Finding Forrester' (2000) Coming off of an Oscar nomination for Good Will Hunting, indie director Gus Van Sant proceeded to take on the story of a reclusive, Salinger-esque novelist who helps a young, African-American writer (Rob Brown) find his potential — and to say that his follow-up was chasing the same feel-good tone would be putting it mildly. But that doesn’t detract from how Connery’s adding a number of extra layers and some much needed gruffness and grit to the elderly author; if you remember this movie for anything, it’s almost certainly the star yelling “You’re the man now, dog!” in his well-aged brogue. The star would retire a few years after taking the role, and even though he played a few more parts after this, the cantankerous literary superstar-in-hiding is really his swan song. It’s a wonderful last hurrah.
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    Friday - 17th

    huh! Friday already!! guess the stuff I had planned for tomorrow must roll over to Monday. aaanyway, the afternoon news is: I am getting ready to roll out for physical therapy, and wanted to share the boys in the bund with you. todays models each have something strong to recommend them, however my choice is John Moulder-Brown, of which only 1 in 5000 of you have ever heard! he is a british character actor who was cuter than pink shit in his salad days, and exceedingly fetching in upper crust (americans would call it yuppie) attire, and even more so when half naked. mmmh! I am getting all excited about thinking of him in bed in a video or in bed with me. wowza! sorry, I get off the track. so, I see we have new clubmembers, to whom I say Welcome, and also offer thanx to those who afford me Likes & Stiffies, which is a cheap way of giving feedback and approbation (its free) https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/26338-moulder-brown-john/ https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/26342-mount-arron/ https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/26345-moyer-stephen/ https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/26348-mudge-ben/ https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/26355-muir-david/ Colt
  14. Bryson

    Ollie Edwards

    http://models.com/models/ollie-edwards ===================================================== Ollie Edwards, born 1982 in London, England, is a British model. Edwards started his modeling in 2007. It was really hard to persuade him at first that he needed to give up his job (motorcross) so he could model properly. After securing numerous ad campaigns, he finally believed how great he is. This handsome Brit with the perfect skin and lips has been getting a lot of buzz in 2008. In a recent editorial, he rides a motorcycle like a pro and in person he is surprisingly sweet. With a killer combination of bad boy/good boy and a slew of editorials and campaigns, including "Polo Ralph Lauren" with Arnaldo Anaya Luca, "Y3" with Craig McDean, "Trussardi Eyewear" with Milan Vukmirovic, "Ralph Lauren Purple Label" with Arnaldo Anaya Luca, and "Calvin Klein," must to name a few, expect Ollie to explode in the coming months. Motorcross would have to be Edwards? favorite thing to do when not modeling. He enjoys the danger and thrills of competition. But he says he always try not to get as many broken bones. As to how he got his infamous scar? He reveals as a child when he was about four years old, he used to have a slip-and-slide in their back garden. He was going down and went over a chipped stone and it sliced him up on the stomach. But when strangers asked him about his scar, he would always say he was cut by a Samurai sword. It's much cooler. ============================= Forbes Most Successful Male Models No. 6: Ollie Edwards Known for his flawless skin and the signature scar across his abdomen, the Brit embodies the classically conservative aesthetic. In 2009, he can be seen in ads for Giorgio Armani, Bennetton and Ralph Lauren.
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    Across 6.Swallow covered in feathers (3) 18.Rearrange (5) 21.Two beastly males providing stiff fabric (7) 22.A board game for you and your mates? (5) Down 4.See Pat exchanging foreign empire currency (6) 6.Out of context, rather more (5) 7.Trees oft hewn in Hants for a British National Park (3,3,6) 8.Have boys in cradle changed much? (12) 17.Man with cue, getting break, displays keen perception (6) 19.Devices for lifting cards? (5) 22.Vehicle beginning to cross a river (3)
  16. mg240980


    Across 1.Follower putting record on new pile (8) 6.Swallow covered in feathers (3) 18.Rearrange (5) 21.Two beastly males providing stiff fabric (7) 22.A board game for you and your mates? (5) Down 2.Tedious smoker I put out (7) 3.The English river for May Bumps (3) 4.See Pat exchanging foreign empire currency (6) 6.Out of context, rather more (5) 7.Trees oft hewn in Hants for a British National Park (3,3,6) 8.Have boys in cradle changed much? (12) 16.An unconventional person (7) 17.Man with cue, getting break, displays keen perception (6) 19.Devices for lifting cards? (5) 22.Vehicle beginning to cross a river (3)
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    Across 1.Follower putting record on new pile (8) 6.Swallow covered in feathers (3) 18.Rearrange (5) 21.Two beastly males providing stiff fabric (7) 22.A board game for you and your mates? (5) Down 2.Tedious smoker I put out (7) 3.The English river for May Bumps (3) 4.See Pat exchanging foreign empire currency (6) 6.Out of context, rather more (5) 7.Trees oft hewn in Hants for a British National Park (3,3,6) 8.Have boys in cradle changed much? (12) 16.An unconventional person (7) 17.Man with cue, getting break, displays keen perception (6) 19.Devices for lifting cards? (5) 22.Vehicle beginning to cross a river (3)
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    Across 1.Follower putting record on new pile (8) 6.Swallow covered in feathers (3) 9.Loose fibre obtained by untwisting old rope, used especially in caulking wooden ships. (5) 10.A symbol of authority must involve respect (7) 13.Amazing as a late princess (5) 15.Begin a journey (3,3) 18.Rearrange (5) 20.Fir cone might come from this sort of tree (7) 21.Two beastly males providing stiff fabric (7) 22.A board game for you and your mates? (5) 23.Affirmative start to yesterday (3) 24.Building material for start of construction on Greek island (8) Down 2.Tedious smoker I put out (7) 3.The English river for May Bumps (3) 4.See Pat exchanging foreign empire currency (6) 6.Out of context, rather more (5) 7.Trees oft hewn in Hants for a British National Park (3,3,6) 8.Have boys in cradle changed much? (12) 12.A speech or a text in praise of someone or something (9) 16.An unconventional person (7) 17.Man with cue, getting break, displays keen perception (6) 19.Devices for lifting cards? (5) 22.Vehicle beginning to cross a river (3)
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    Across 1.Follower putting record on new pile (8) 6.Swallow covered in feathers (3) 9.Loose fibre obtained by untwisting old rope, used especially in caulking wooden ships. (5) 10.A symbol of authority must involve respect (7) 11.A sport started with a cannonball throwing competition in the Middle Ages (4,3) 13.Amazing as a late princess (5) 14.A governess and chaperon to young girls, especially in a Spanish family (6) 15.Begin a journey (3,3) 18.Rearrange (5) 20.Fir cone might come from this sort of tree (7) 21.Two beastly males providing stiff fabric (7) 22.A board game for you and your mates? (5) 23.Affirmative start to yesterday (3) 24.Building material for start of construction on Greek island (8) Down 2.Tedious smoker I put out (7) 3.The English river for May Bumps (3) 4.See Pat exchanging foreign empire currency (6) 5.Love theme from the 1976 movie A star is born”, always popular (9) 6.Out of context, rather more (5) 7.Trees oft hewn in Hants for a British National Park (3,3,6) 8.Have boys in cradle changed much? (12) 12.A speech or a text in praise of someone or something (9) 16.An unconventional person (7) 17.Man with cue, getting break, displays keen perception (6) 19.Devices for lifting cards? (5) 22.Vehicle beginning to cross a river (3)
  20. shyguy3362

    Queer as Folk 20 Anniversary & Reunion

    In all honesty, one reason I prefer the UK version is because I hate the way the US takes British shows and makes them palatable for American audiences. It has been doing it since the 70s when it took Steptoe and Son and remade it into Sanford and Son. Why can’t American screenwriters come up with original fare? Why can’t American TV expose audiences to original programmes from other countries? If the UK remade beloved American shows like Seinfeld or Frasier (or films such as Gone with The Wind and The Wizard of Oz), I think some Americans would cry "foul", but the US doesn’t give a second thought to Americanizing British programmes (or foreign films for that matter). Off the top of my head here are some US remakes which thankfully have failed: Being Human / A vampire, a werewolf and a ghost share a flat while they try to exist alongside humans. Broadchurch / The murder of a young boy in a small coastal town brings a media frenzy, which threatens to tear the community apart. Coupling / Six best friends talk about all aspects of sex and relationships on their never-ending quest to find true love. Men Behaving Badly / Two early thirties best friends with completely different personalities share a flat. The Inbetweeners / a coming-of-age sitcom These British programmes are absolutely brilliant and deserve to be seen not copied. There have been a few American "successes" other than Queer as Folk: Three's Company, The Office, Shameless. I am glad the successes have been few. It's time the US stopped ripping off foreign programmes and passing them off as originals or improvements.
  21. British actor David Prowse, who played Darth Vader in the original "Star Wars" trilogy, has died aged 85 after a short illness. He was one of the greatest movie villians of all time and I remember as a boy being scared by his character in the original movie in 1977 In reality he was a kind and gentle husband, father and grandfather and he will be missed.
  22. 17 July 2008 Between 17 and 40 men arrested in Dubai for cross-dressing. CBS News 17 July 2008 Two gay Iranian refugees stranded in India. IRQO.net 16 July 2008 Malaysian blogger writes about the ignorance and homophobia of the Malaysian media on homosexuality and finishes with this request - "If you're ever so inclined, do write in to the editor of Bernama to tell him or her what you think of the rubbish they're peddling these days." tykeonabike.blogspot.com 15 July 2008 English language journalist in Tokyo reports on a question and answer session with Parvez Sharma about his film on the lives of gay muslims - "Jihad for Love." The film will be showing again in Tokyo on Friday 18th at the Spiral Hall. tilgff08.blogspot.com 15 July 2008 Campaigning gay Christian Richard Kirker hopes to offer his Marrakesh riad to visiting tourists after he retires this year from his position in the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement. "My authentic, ancient, restored riad is the ideal place to make your base, and just five minutes from one of the wonders of North Africa – the dazzling Jama El Efna Square." PinkNews.co.uk 15 July 2008 A lesson for tenth graders in Saudi Arabia teaches them that gays may be killed and discusses the "appropriate" execution techniques Extracts from the Hudson Report summarized on MarketWatch 15 July 2008 After months of research American advertising students charged with the task of selling Israel to overseas tourists recommend focusing on the pink euro and the pink dollar. “Tel Aviv could certainly rank as one of the most gay-friendly cities, like Barcelona or Copenhagen." They concluded. YNetNews.com 14 July 2008 Moscow bans a protest outside the Iranian Embassy which had been planned for 19 July to mark the third anniversary of the execution of two boys in Iran for homosexuality PinkNews.co.uk 14 July 2008 Malaysian Ministry says it will set up a "special unit" to look into the "homosexual problem." Article by the Malaysian National News Agency Bernama.com 14 July 2008 onwards Gay Tunisia - is this an oxymoron? Traveller asks about the gay scene and whether it's dangerous. Lonely Planet - The Thorn Tree 14 July 2008 Two Iranian gay refugees in Turkey have spent many months on the breadline but are still in a legal limbo. They claim they have not received any response from the UNHCR even about their initial interviews. IRQO.net 14 July 2008 As Syrian president Bashar Assad visits Paris as a guest of French president Sarkozy on Bastille Day, fifteen members of the Act-up AIDS group are arrested while attempting to demonstrate outside the Syrian embassy. AFP 14 July 2008 Israel has an increasing number of Orthodox Jewish lesbians coming out of the closet haaretz.com 13 July 2008 An Egyptian contributor to MidEastYouth.com ponders Muslim attitudes to homosexuality after reading about Parvez Sharma’s new film Jihad for Love MidEastYouth.com 13 July 2008 The British Defense Ministry investigate allegations that British soldiers forced an Iraqi boy to perform oral sex on a fellow prisoner after he was arrested on suspicion of stealing milk from a food distribution centre. Welt.de 12 July 2008 "As homosexuality continues to gain grounds worldwide, men have suddenly become 'rape -able'" is one of the more unusual quotations seemingly associating gay culture and male rape from this article on "Reforming Rape Laws" in the Nigerian Daily Trust Article by the Daily Trust carried on AllAfrica.com 12 July 2008 Dutch police arrest a cartoonist on suspicion he may have offended Muslims with several of his cartoons including one of a Muslim at the North Pole engaging in "deviant sex". The article also reports that ealier a Moroccan born Dutch blogger was sentenced to six month community sentence after writing that active gays should be thrown from rooftops or down stairs. online.wsj.com 12 July 2008 Writer in the Nigerian Saturday Sun asks whether IVF is morally right and ponders the "worrying" use of IVF by gay couples. "More worrisome is the fact that lesbians and homosexuals are now having children of their own........Of course, this is against established or acceptable societal norms......how would a child feel when he grows to discover that both parents are same sex ?" The Saturday Sun 11 July 2008 The Azerbaijan Government and the country's state security apparatus attempt to smear a journalist and his alleged attacker and blame his stabbing on his connections with the gay community. In a statement Doctors without Borders declared - “This trial is a farce that is being conducted with the double aim of protecting the real perpetrators and discrediting Khalil.†rsf.org 11 July 2008 Malaysian man annoyed with gay flirt who harasses him at a wedding party. deepestinside.blogspot.com 10 July 2008 Independent Irish senator David Norris appealed for the reversal of a deportation order against a gay Iranian who faced possible execution if returned to his home country IrishTimes.com 10 July 2008 Interview with a Malaysian transexual who has become a prominent advocate of transgender and sex worker rights namitatv.blogspot.com 10 July 2008 Short article in ABC news on Parvez Sharma's new film "A Jihad for Love" - about lesbian and gay muslims ABCnews.go.com 10 July 2008 Russian gays plan protest to mark the third anniversary of the execution in Iran of two boys for homosexuality mpetrelis.blogspot.com 10 July 2008 Israeli transexual pop singer Aderet finds a new popularity among Lebanese listeners Online Weekly Forward - Forward.com 10 July 2008 and other dates. Blog by a Chinese gay man in Algiers Le blog gay chinois a alger heyao198257.over-blog.com 9 July 2008 HIV rate in Israel increases by 67 per cent in a year Middle East Online 9 July 2008 Gay bars in Tel Aviv close under the pressure from easier internet dating alternatives but studies suggest such methods of dating tend to lead to unsafe sex haaretz.com 9 July 2008 Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia's opposition leader, challenges the young man who accuses him of sodomy, claiming the accusation is part of a political conspiracy against him. BBC News 9 July 2008 and onwards A potential convert to Islam explains that she is uncertain about the compatibility of her open mindedness over the morality of gay relationships with any commitment to Islam. A discussion ensues with others declaring that Islam can not compromise on viewing homosexuality as a sin. TurnToIslam.com 9 July 2008 Sheikh Fariha urges Kuwaiti government to combat "negative phenomena such as devil worshiping and homosexuality" AlWatan.com 9 July 2008 Gay activist to head Israel's largest civil rights group PinkNews.co.uk 9 July 2008 Dubai police target gays on the beach AlArabiya.net 9 July 2008 Israeli gays shun condoms despite rise in AIDS cases Haaretz.com 8 July 2008 In an interview with Dateline Malaysian Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim says that while he himself is a practising Muslim, the Government should not pry into the sexual orientation of its citizens. "It is not our business to knock at every door and checking people's orientation and casting aspersions or having prejudice against people." news.sbs.com 8 July 2008 Highly homophobic article on the Malaysian National News Agency website with comments such as "In the West, the morally wrong and corrupt homosexual act has turned into a sort of plague, spreading its tentacles far and wide, engulfing individuals with the tendency of adopting this immoral self-indulgence." web7.bernama.com 8 July 2008 UN official says more needs to be done to clamp down on the use of boy sex slaves in Afghanistan News.com.au 8 July 2008 Blogger looks at the terrifying story of imprisonment and torture behind a young gay Syrian man's fight for asylum in the United Kingdom which may end in his deportation back to a country where he is likely to face torture and imprisonment jesurgislac.wordpress.com 8 July 2008 Deportation of a Nigerian bisexual woman from Canada has been temporarily deferred xtra.ca 8 July 2008 The Daily Star Online reports that Japanese comics with gay stories are available in Malaysian shops priced at RM50. TheStar.com 7 July 2008 Syrian blogger questions the interpretation of Islam which dictates harsh penalties for homosexuality and portrays it as a sin but finds it difficult to persuade other gay Syrians to be as open-minded. "Unfortunately," he writes, "most Gay Muslims consider themselves to be sinners, live in fear of exposing themselves as homosexuals, and are forced to get married and hide their sexuality." mazaj75.blogspot.com 7 July 2008 Syrian blogger "Mazaj" lists the best streets, hammams and coffee shops for gay cruising in Damascus and Aleppo (Halab). mazaj75.blogspot.com 6 July 2008 Human rights activists furious as Syrian gay asylum seeker faces deportation to Syria with the advice he behaves discreetly to avoid mistreatment and torture. ScotlandOnSunday.Scotsman.com 6 July 2008 British Immigration Tribunal rules that a gay Syrian must return to his home country and behave discreetly. PinkNews.co.uk 4 July 2008 Nigerian gay rights campaigner freed from British detention centre PinkNews.co.uk 3 July 2008 Article on Malaysia's homophobic penal code and the use of homosexuality as a smear against Malaysia's opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim MalaysiaKini.com 3 July 2008 Karachi banker writes gay blog denouncing the hypocrisy of Pakistani society Economictimes.Indiatimes.com 2 July 2008 U.A.E. president's brother fined after being gound guilty of beating a man he thought had accused him of being gay Telegraph.co.uk 30 June 2008 Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim sues over gay sex claims Telegraph.co.uk 26 June 2008 Jerusalem's gay pride parade provokes local resentment but not the violence that plagued previous events Jerusalem Post 23 June 2008 Over 20 Suadis arrested during gay raid PinkNews.co.uk 19 June 2008 Kuwait steps up its' campaign against gays and transexuals TheAdvocate.com 16 June 2008 New film documents the lifes of Egyptian gays facing persecution and discrimination OhMyNews.com 15 June 2008 Gay artist faces deportation to Azerbaijan and possible torture after the British Home Office rejects his claim for asylum PinkNews.co.uk YIKE....... WHAT A CRAPPY WORLD
  23. A-ha, a dyed HARD stones fan . (dating myself) I was in high school in 1968 when the stones came to Madison Square garden in NYC with the ike and tina Turner revue as a warm-up band. A watershed year for me, also saw LED ZEPPELIN that year. In 1972-3 got to see FACES with Rod Stewart and the Stone's newest member (a-hem) Ron Wood wih all THEIR craziness... but by then, i was already living in San Fiasco. Going back to Mick and the boys, i am so ga-ga for the :dance1: , that i even saw NED KELLY about 5 times and PERFORMANCE (with that sexy, cold-ass james FOX! and michelle breton and keith's then wifey, Anita Pallenberg) a record (punny) 27 times! Not to mention the concert movie GIMME SHELTER , a movie of the same tour that i saw as a kid skipping chemistry and Latin.. yup, I'd say i was, in general, a fan of the many movements in British Rock, because, bcause, because... unlike the Americans, the BRITS have ALWAYS honored, loved and gave tribute too the Black, blues artists, whom they emulated (Thank you Clapton/Winwood) :rockon: :whistle:
  24. tbill


    The following story is a complete work of fiction, a product of the author's imagination. It is solely intended for entertainment purposes only and is not an endorsement for unsafe sex. Please practice safe sex and stay healthy, guys! Any third party references, whether by name, hotlink, video link, celebrity or not, does not imply in any way, shape, or form to be an endorsement of the following content. If you like the story, please let me know by leaving a comment and giving me a "Stiffie" vote. A special thanks to all the AdonisMale members who contributed the photos used below for your enjoyment and a special thanks to AdonisMale member wolfe. It was a comment he made to a post of mine in "If you could turn a Straight into Gay, who would he be?" which led me to jot down a few ideas for a new story. I started writing and was totally unable to stop! Please enjoy, guys... ------------------------------------------------------------- David A guy never forgets his first time or his first love. Mine was David. I'd had a very serious crush on David ever since the day I first met him in high school. I was a freshman, and he was a gorgeous, dreamy-eyed junior with light brown hair, dimpled smile and a muscular body, fit from working out and playing lots of varsity football and baseball. Every time we passed in the hallway, it was all I could do to keep my knees from buckling as I'd shyly smile at this cutie and manage a quick "Hey, David", fearful that my eyes might linger a bit too long at him and give myself away. I dreamt so many times of telling him how he really made me feel, but I knew that would never be possible, because you see, David was my older brother's best friend. ----------------------------------------------------------- "Hey, Baby Brother!" Only one person other than my brother, Kevin, ever called me by that nickname, and now I suddenly found myself looking into that familiar, smiling face and falling into those dreamy blue eyes of his, my groin stirring again for him like it hadn't in years. "David! What are you doing here?" I smiled as I stood to give him a strong, yearning embrace. We held onto each other for a lingering moment before sitting back down in my seat, David taking the first class seat next to mine. "I'm headed to London to pick up a couple of cars, vintage Jags, and - get this - I managed to track down a '37 Rolls Phantom some guy near Essex has had in his shed for the past fifty years. It needs some restoration work, but I was glad to find it. Business is really good." he smiled. David formed a circle of investors that restores classic cars from all over the world and then sells them at auction for a hefty profit. An extremely lucrative business, I understand. He, unlike me, could afford his seat outright. I on the other hand, was also traveling on business, and cashed in my remaining miles to upgrade my seat because I hate riding coach when I travel overseas. David still looked the same since I last saw him, still just as handsome, still as much a hottie as ever. We were now in our mid and late twenties, respectively, but it seemed like only a couple of short months had passed since we were last together. Our relationship being each other's first. ----------------------------------------------------------- David first started coming around during my freshman year in high school. Because he and Kevin played football together, they hung out together a lot and soon became best friends. And since they had become so inseparable, David was a regular visitor at our house all through high school, coming over every other weekday after school and almost every weekend morning, staying until late. My parents must've thought they had another son join the family, with all the meals he shared with us! I always looked forward to his visits, though. He had such a hot body, good looks, and an amazing scent that seemed to be a mix of his own sweet perspiration and Aeropostale cologne. But because I didn't want anyone to notice how hot I really was for him, I tried my best to admire him from a safe distance whenever he came over. He and Kevin usually spent time in Kevin's room while I would eagerly strip completely down in my own room and jack off with fresh visions of this hunk in my head, his scent lingering in my nostrils, hearing his golden voice coming from the next room. If only he knew how much he really turned me on! After graduating high school, Kevin and David both opted to stay home and attend college locally since we lived in a university town. Kevin, because he managed to bag a very generous football scholarship, and David, because of Kevin. Fortunately, this meant that David continued to be a permanent fixture at my family's dinner table, and I was happy because this awesome piece of eye candy continued to come around my house regularly, even though I only felt safe to appreciate his hot body from a manageable distance. And then one weekend during my senior year, only a few weeks after my eighteenth birthday, everything changed forever. It was a Saturday, and David came over in the morning as usual. He was wearing a really short pair of white shorts and a half-shirt T-shirt that showcased his awesome six-pack and gave me a totally unobstructed view of his firm, muscular ass. I could also make out, just barely, that he was wearing red and white striped bikini briefs. David hung out with Kevin all day that day, making me so very fucking horny everytime he passed by in those shorts! I was so mesmerized and unable to peal my eyes away, I was afraid someone was going to catch me staring at that gorgeous ass of his! It was especially embarrassing while I was practicing my piano after lunchtime, and he came into the den to listen to me play. I was doing fine until he did that. Suddenly my pubes began stirring, and I started making all kinds of mistakes, hitting bad chords and sour notes. I just couldn't focus on my music with David in the room! He managed to stay so late that day that my parents invited him to sleep over, convincing him it was too early in the morning for him to drive home alone. I was only too happy to help accommodate! I helped my mom turn down the sofa bed in the den for David to sleep on, while David called his parents. Soon afterwards, everyone retired to bed. But I just couldn't sleep. I was too fucking horny knowing David was in the house with us. I tossed and turned, my groin demanding service! I just couldn't keep my hands off myself! So around 3 am, I snuck out of my room, down the hall, and into the den where David was sleeping, lying under a single sheet on his stomach. The sheet was lightly draped across his lower back, covering his lower body so that I could see the soft, bare skin of his back reflected in the faint outdoor light coming in through the window. I took in his amazing beauty as I stood in the dark, listening to his deep, relaxed breaths as this angel slept right in front of me! It was then that I noticed that he left his clothes in the chair next to the sofa. I could see the half-shirt, white shorts, and piled on top was the pair of red and white striped bikini underwear. Holy shit! David was sleeping on our couch in the nude! I almost spewed right then and there! I couldn't resist the temptation. I quietly grabbed all his clothes and snuck my way to the bathroom. I then stripped off my shorts and began masterbating furiously in the dark as I sniffed his shirt, shorts, and underwear. His musky man-scent in his T-shirt was outdown ten-fold by his wonderful shorts and underwear! I was in total ecstacy as I pumped my erection with one hand while practically smothering myself with David's briefs, the heavenly smell of his body and the image of David sleeping naked, hidden by a single thin sheet was more that I could handle! It didn't take long before I felt my brain tingle and my body spasm into one fantastic orgasm, my penis spewing it's satisfying warm, milky release! As my body began spasming, I could hear the sound of my cum spurting onto something fabric, a sound I wasn't really expecting. As soon as I finished ejaculating, I turned on the light and saw that there on the floor, I had just cum all over David's shorts! Shit! I quickly, quietly dampened a wash cloth and tried my best to clean my jism from off his shorts, but I managed to make one big fucking mess even bigger! The smell of David's strong man-scent seemed enhanced now with the damp, warm water from the wash cloth and was now mixing with the fresh odor of my warm cum! If I wasn't so fucking scared about getting in trouble with my parents, the wonderful, musky smell of male pheromones now permeating the bathroom would have easily made me go for round two! I continued cleaning my mess as best as I could, but David's shorts were now thoroughly soaked and smelling strongly of semen. I quietly snuck his clothes back to where I found them, placing the wettest part of his shorts so that they'd get the most air exposure, hoping they'd be dry by morning. Turning to sneak back to my room, I paused to take in the sight of David's beautiful, masculine body one more time, trying hard to make out his bare ass under the sheets and noticed that the strong, musky aroma had followed me from the bathroom, down the hallway, and into the den. I was so fucking busted! My heart pounding out of my chest with fear, I climbed back into bed and didn't get any sleep at all the rest of that night, tossing and turning from worry now rather than lust. I dreaded what I would be facing in the morning when David went to put his clothes back on. Surely, he was going to know it was my sperm all over his shorts. I dreaded what he was going to tell my brother and my parents. The next morning, I didn't get out of bed until I was called for breakfast. By the time I made it into the kitchen, everyone else was serving up and sitting at the table. I got my plate and took the last seat at the table, right next to David. To my horror, I caught the very faint smell of my own cum drifting from David's direction. I just kept my eyes on my plate as I ate. I was too ashamed to even look David in the eye, or anyone else for that matter. After a couple of minutes, I noticed that my brother and parents were the only ones talking at the table. I got up the nerve and slowly turned my eyes to look at David. He was looking right at me as he smiled and shoveled a fork full of scrambled eggs into his mouth, smiling as he slowly chewed, never breaking his gaze for a moment. He never said a single word. He didn't need to. His eyes said it all. ----------------------------------------------------------- "So how's Kevin doing these days? How's married life treating him?" David inquired as I found myself once again staring into his gaze, broken only by the stewardess as she handed us our preflight drinks. "He and Tiffany are doing great. I found out last month I'm going to be an uncle in February." Kevin married his girlfriend from college about five years ago which was the last time I saw David. David was Kevin's best man. "Hey, that's terrific! Boy or girl?" "Boy." "Wow! I bet you're excited about having a nephew." David smiled. "Yes, actually I am." I grinned. "So how are YOU doing? You have a significant other? Dating?... Married? Still seeing that guy you were with at Kevin's wedding?" "No", I shyly looked down at my drink. "Just a couple of boyfriends since then, but nothing that ever became serious. What about you, David? Anyone in your life right now?" "Nah, not really. Too busy traveling and all. I'm like you. A boyfriend here, boyfriend there." He paused. "Nothing serious." he smiled back up at me. "You know, I was thinking about you just the other day." he continued. "I was thinking about our first time. You remember it?" "Shit, David, how could I ever forget it? We were each other's first. We were both fucking virgins for crying out loud!" ----------------------------------------------------------- David never said anything to anyone, not even me, about having cum all over his shorts. He kept it to himself, which I greatly appreciated! But deep down, the curiosity was killing me, wondering what was going on inside his head. Did he think that maybe I was some sort of perv? Did he feel repulsed by what I did? Did he feel less inclined to be around me now, fearing I might try to make a move on him? I seriously hoped I hadn't damaged his relationship with Kevin or with me. After a couple of weeks had passed, I was relieved that David continued coming around just as he always had. He acted as if nothing had happened. With one exception, though. Every time he came over, he made it a point to wear that same pair of white shorts and a half shirt T-shirt. After that night in question, David only ever wore just those shorts when he came to our house. He must've been washing them every couple of days or so! Surely, he did it just to taunt me. But was it an "I know what you did and so I'm dangling this over your head" kind of taunt, or was it a "So you like my shorts, huh? What do you intend to do about it?" kind of taunt. I couldn't quite figure it out. But regardless, it was a huge turn on for me to check out his body in that outfit, and he was enjoying his control because by now he knew damn well he was driving me crazy! This particular week, Kevin and I had the house to ourselves because my mom and dad had to make an emergency trip to visit my aunt and uncle in New York. Fortunately, my brother and I both are accomplished chefs, and so my folks had left enough cash with us so that we could make grocery runs whenever we needed to. Kevin and I took turns doing the cooking. It was Kevin's night to cook because I had a major calculus exam the next day and needed to study. The fridge was empty, and we were out of everything. So Kevin ran to the store while David and I stayed at the house - me so I could study, and David because he grinned and convinced Kevin "Someone needs to stay here and take care of your baby brother, dude." Kevin had been gone about ten minutes, and I was up in my room trying to study. But it was kind of hard to concentrate, being alone with a hunk like David in the house. In retrospect, this was probably the very first time David and had ever been left alone together. And I couldn't get him out of my mind. Visions of his perfect, firm ass filling out those white shorts replayed over and over again! I reached down with my left hand and began nursing a boner that had been developing ever since Kevin left. "You know I had to bleach these shorts like three times to get your cum stains out?" David's voice nearly made my heart skip a beat. I turned and saw David leaning against my doorway, arms furled, dimples smiling at me. It was almost as if he knew what I was thinking! "I'm really embarrassed about that, David" I blushed as I nervously stood, ready to be chastised. "Don't be" he paused, grinning to himself as he looked at the floor and then back up at me. "You know who I was dreaming about, why you found me sleeping in the nude the night you jizzed all over my shorts?" he paused while he carefully considered his next words. "I guess I'm the one who should be ashamed because I never had the fucking balls to tell my best friend's baby brother that I'm fucking hot for him!" Longer pause. "That's why I was smiling at you at breakfast that next morning, why I was staring at you. Because when you did that, it became pretty fucking obvious that our feelings were mutual" he grinned and paused, looked down again for a moment, only to look back up to make brief eye contact before looking away again. This time he spoke in a softer, slightly quivering whisper. "Do you know how badly I've wanted to be alone with you since that night but have been unable to tell you?" I smiled at David, tears beginning to well up in my eyes in joyful disbelief as I casually stepped forward, David taking me into his muscular embrace. He then slipped his tongue into my mouth as he kissed me hard. I eagerly reciprocated as we kissed a very passionate first kiss. David slowly slid his hands down my lower back, while I reached around with both hands and caressed his firm butt cheeks that for so long I'd only been able to admire from a distance. After a couple of minutes of sucking on each other's tongues, we came up for air and sat down on my bed to continue making out. I wasted no time in getting his T-shirt off so I could caress his chest and abs and suck on his gorgeous nipples. David then reached down to loosen my jeans which I gladly removed for him, the bulge in my underwear now desperately wanting out! David rolled me onto my back as I lifted and spread my legs so that he could climb on top of me. David wrapped his muscular arms around me as our kissing became even more passionate now, our tongues wrestling for control while our hands explored each other's bodies! After what seemed like fifteen minutes of fantastic tongue play, David and I sat back up. I could plainly feel the bulge I was creating in David's shorts, so I reached down to unbutton his top button and partially unzipped his fly. I then reached in and caressed his steely erection, continuing to kiss David as I freed the tip of his penis from its restrained hiding place. David then pulled my shirt off over my head and then yanked my underwear down to my ankles, freeing my very erect penis. I continued kissing him while he slowly began pumping my stiff dick with his fist. David then shifted his attention to my nipples, gently sucking each one as he laid me back down in my bed, never pausing his fist action for a moment as he played with my erection. I laid there, slowly grinding my hips into his hand, David now sucking on my abs and slowly making his way down to my cock. I kicked off my underwear, my fully naked body was now completely in David's hands. David then very gently slid his lips over the purple head of my penis, the soft, silky touch of one hand now caressing my thighs and knees as the smooth fingertips of his other was fondling my chest and nipples. The sensation was exhilarating as I felt him take more of me into his warm, slippery mouth, the tongue I had been sucking on earlier now softly playing with the underside of my erection. I was on cloud nine, slowly grinding my hips into David's soft, supple lips as I watched this amazingly hot stud continue exploring every inch of my body with his hands. I could have very easily stayed in that position all night, but I so badly needed more of David! I sat up in the bed and had David stand in front of me while I finished unzipping his fly and tugged on his shorts, pulling them down. I could see he was wearing his red and white striped bikini briefs again, so it was rather obvious that he had been planning this evening for a while. It didn't take me long to get David out of his shorts and underwear, all of our clothes now littering the floor of my bedroom in random, scattered piles. David's erection now stood only inches from my face, ready to be tasted. All of my adolescent life, I'd wanted to know what it was like to perform fellacio on another guy. So not only was it surreal that this moment was even taking place, but it was even more so because the first dick I was about to suck belonged to David, the one really cute guy that, for such a very long time, I'd been in such very serious heat for! Slowly I took the head of David's penis into my mouth, gently kissing it with my lips and tongue. His skin felt warmer and much softer on my lips and tongue than I had imagined a fully erect penis would be! His salty, musky flavor tasted the same as his damp, masculine scent had smelled from his briefs a couple of weeks earlier. I continued sliding my lips down the length of his erection, and being very careful to not let my teeth touch him at all, I took him all the way in, the tip of his penis now striking the back of my throat. I began playing with the underside of his erection with my tongue as I slowly pumped his cock with my mouth. David released a slow, low pitched moan as he closed his eyes and slowly cocked his head back in complete ecstacy. I spent the next several minutes exploring his penis with my lips and tongue, familiarizing myself with every inch, every vein, every fold, occasionally slurping and sliding my lips as they sucked in concert with my tongue along the full length of the his erection. I deliberately paused and played with the soft area of skin right beneath the underside of the head of his penis with my tongue and lips which drove David crazy, causing him to grind his hips and moan a little deeper. We'd been going at it now for about half an hour. I guessed we probably had about another thirty minutes before Kevin came back home. I ran into my parents' room to grab some lube from their not-so-secret secret hiding place where they kept all of their toys and magazines. When I got back, David was lying on my bed, softly stroking his cock to maintain his erection until I got back. The image of this gorgeous angel slowly masterbating on my bed was such a beautiful sight to behold, I paused to take in the scene, my libido flaring from overheated to scalding hot! I eagerly handed David the lube as he applied some to his penis while I laid back down on my back. David then applied some lube to my ass as he slowly inserted his middle finger, intentionally lingering and playing with my hole as he did so. David then sat the lube on my nightstand and then leaned over to his phone. My heart pounded with unexpected delight as my room suddenly came alive to the sounds of a very soft, romantic piano instrumental across my WiFi sound system. As I listened, it's light, upbeat melody was a rather beautiful composition, very fitting for two young lovers, a piece certainly worthy of losing one's virginity to! Knowing how much I loved piano, David obviously had given very serious thought to planning our first time together! David rolled back on top of me and gently lifted my legs again, resuming our missionary position. The sensation of David's naked body lying against mine, his soft, velvety skin calling out to my hands for attention as they admired his face, chest, and shoulders was more physical arousal than I could reasonably process! Once again our tongues embraced, our lips hungering to taste even more of each other, our breathing now very heavy and our erections at full throttle, anticipating what we were about to do. Then David very gently, very slowly penetrated me as he took special care guiding his penis into me, his arms propping himself up over me. I closed my eyes and tried relaxing, sharply hissing through my teeth a couple of times in slight pain and discomfort, but David took his time so as not to hurt me until I was able to gradually take him all the way in. He then ever so slowly began fucking me, his penis caressing my prostate as he carefully pumped his hips. Slowly and deliberately, we gradually worked up a rhythm, David's firm ass flexing as he drove his erect penis in and out of me, my erection and tightening scrotum softly sliding against his chiseled lower abs as he fucked me. The sensation of David's penis as it methodically massaged my prostate was incredible. Sure, it was a bit uncomfortable, but David was so fucking hot and I was so fucking horny for him, my lust and my desire to have him cum deep inside me more than made up for any discomfort. Gradually, David began increasing his rhythm as I eagerly followed his lead, sweat beginning to roll off his body onto mine. Our breathing began getting heavier as our pace quickened even more, the scent of our lovemaking now permeated my bedroom. I watched David's face as he began thrusting himself into me. With eyes closed and concentrating, his face turning a tinge red, his hair now soaked, and sweat pouring off his forehead, I could feel myself beginning to cum as my tight balls and penis were now slipping and sliding between us in a pool of mutual sweat. David came first. I watched as he opened his eyes and with mouth open, the look of ecstacy on his face was absolutely gorgeous as he lost control and exhaled sharply, breaking his rhythm to thrust his hips sharply as his whole body shuttered, his abs twitching randomly. I could feel the sudden flow of his sperm as it showered me from the inside, David now gasping for air as he continued to cum, his arms weakening and showing difficulty supporting himself over me. I smiled up at him and realized he was finished when he smiled back, our lips embracing in yet another passionate kiss as we continued thrusting our hips together, David wanting to make me cum before he lost his erection. The sweet aroma of David's slippery semen filled my nostrils as it began leaking out of me, making a mess of my bedsheets. I could feel myself getting closer as David continued his thrusts, my eager erection continuing to grind against David's soaked, washboard abs as his penis stubbornly continued its unrelenting penetration. David's determination to make me cum, seen on his sweat-covered face and forehead, is what pushed me over the edge as he tightened his lips and teeth and increased his pace. Everything suddenly seemed to move in slow motion as my body began to spasm, slipping into a full orgasm. The harmonious sounds of strings and piano climaxed as it flowed throughout my room, David grinning with satisfaction as he watched me lose control to my own beautiful climax! My mouth wide open, breathing in short labored gasps, I arched my back and with head flung back, I cried out in unrestrained surrender, making David grin all the more. My body shuttered and my groin spasmed into sudden, forceful twitches. David's dimpled face broke into a complete smile as we both felt my penis erupt into a milky white fountain of cum, first in two forceful spurts followed by several smaller ones. David continued driving his penis deep inside me, tightened his abdominals and forced my orgasm to persist as long as possible, causing my groin to continue twitching uncontrollably. But as things finally did begin to subside, David leaned down as we embraced and resumed kissing, the final spasms of my orgasm echoing throughout my body. By the time Kevin got home, David and I had hastily cleaned ourselves up and put our clothes back on. There was no time to shower, so we reeked of each other's sweat and cum. Besides helping bring the groceries in, David and I tried our best to keep a safe distance from Kevin the rest of the evening because the odor was so fucking strong. If he noticed at all, he never said anything. The last thing David or I wanted was for Kevin to figure out that his best friend had just fucked his little brother! But, of course, the evening couldn't end without David being David, feeling compelled to taunt Kevin at dinner and making me cough milk out of my nose as he casually reminded him. "See? I told you I could take care of your baby brother!" ----------------------------------------------------------- We were now three hours into the flight. Dinner had already been served, and I could see the sunlight fading in the few windows that remained open, yielding quickly to the glow of overhead lighting inside the cabin. Early evening conversations had given way to the quiet, steady sound of the plane making its way into the night. Everyone was either reading, sleeping, on their phones, or watching movies or television. David was lying in his seat next to me, sound asleep. He had been traveling all day, starting out from Seattle. I just sat there and watched him in awe. It brought back many memories as he laid there so peacefully, still as angelic as ever. I thought back again to the first night he slept over, how I stressed over making such a mess all over his clothes, and I realized that had that never happened, neither of us would have conjured up the courage on our own to admit how we felt about each other, that we would never have had experienced such a beautiful first time together, and we would probably never have spent the following summer together as we did. ----------------------------------------------------------- As the final months of the school year wound down, prior to my graduation, it was difficult for David and me to find time alone. Getting away alone together without someone wondering why David and I were out together without Kevin was damn near impossible. David still came over all the time as always, though I knew that now that his visits weren't quite so much about visiting Kevin anymore as they were about visiting me. I also no longer kept as much distance as I had before. Whenever David and Kevin went somewhere together, David would always convince Kevin to invite me to tag along, which I always gladly accepted. For those rare opportunities when David and I were certain we'd be alone for a few hours at his house, he would arrange to meet me somewhere after school, and I'd call and tell my parents I was staying late, studying with classmates in the library. Then David would take me to his place where we experimented with every conceivable position, aggressively fucking each other in his bedroom. It was my favorite place for making love to David because his sweet scent was all over the place, especially in his pillows and bedsheets. The more we had sex, the more I felt I couldn't get enough of him! Words simply cannot describe how much I had fallen so totally in love with David! As summer quickly approached, Kevin managed to land a summer internship at my dad's office. And so when David got a job with a local pool maintenance company, he let me know right away that they were looking for more help. We figured it would be the perfect way for David and me to get to spend the summer together without my brother or parents around and without needing to explain to anyone why we were out together without Kevin. David convinced his boss, Charlie, to pair us up to do our rounds. The job was fairly easy. We had our checklist which included: check the water quality, add chemicals when needed, scoop out leaves and other debris, and check to make sure all the equipment was still in good working order. Any problems we came across were called into the main office so that more experienced personnel could take over. David and I always started as early as possible, and we divvied up the tasks so that we could finish in half the time. This way, we could finish our rounds early, return the truck to the office and clock out, and then go off in his car somewhere to spend time together. As long as we were home at a reasonable hour, no one ever questioned whether we had been anywhere other than cleaning pools all day. One afternoon after finishing our rounds, about a week or two into the summer, Charlie called David into his office to let him know we were being assigned a new customer to our schedule. Because of the location, David worked it out with Charlie so that it would be our final stop for the day. The next day, David picked me up early as usual to start our rounds for the day. We divided up our tasks as always, managing to make our way to the final stop for the day much earlier than scheduled. "I know the family who lives here." David told me as we carried our equipment from the truck, including a couple of beach towels David brought from home. "One of their sons, Adam, played football with Kevin and me." I looked around at the house, the yard and the pool, and it was obvious they had money! "They left last week to spend the whole summer with relatives in Europe. How cool is that?" The pool was part of a completely secluded courtyard, surrounded by the house on three sides and the garage on the fourth. A narrow walkway between the house and garage was the only outside access via a hidden wrought iron gate from the driveway. "Kevin and I came here for a party that Adam hosted after one of our games. When I saw they were Charlie's newest customers and how long they planned to be gone, I pounced on it!" With that, David proceeded to strip, tossing all of his clothes on a chaise lounge under the cabana adjacent to the pool, and then dove into the water. "Jump in! This feels incredible!" he yelled to me when he resurfaced, treading water completely naked. I wasted no time taking off all my clothes and throwing them on top of David's before following suit and resurfacing in the pool next to David. I'd never skinny dipped before. The pool water felt wonderful against my bare skin as I felt my erection rapidly growing, the sensation totally electrifying! "This is awesome! You said they're gone the whole summer?" I confirmed. "Yup. Got the pool all to ourselves for ten weeks." I swam over and, smiling into his eyes, I put my arms around David and began kissing him, David wasted no time in finding my eager erection with his fingertips. I reached into the water and began caressing his ass with one hand and gently fondled his penis with my other as we tasted each other's lips, our tongues enjoying their wet, slippery play. Smiling at David, I gently pulled away and, treading water, I took him by the hand and led him to the shallow end of the pool. I then had him hop up and sit on the edge of the pool with knees spread, David leaning back on locked arms to support himself, hands palm down on the textured concrete. I had his full attention as I smiled up at him, lovingly taking his erection in my hand as I began giving him a hand job and softly kissed on his abdominals. I then focused my attention on servicing David's very stiff penis, his gaze intently on me as he watched me tenderly wrap my lips around the purple, throbbing head, my right hand holding him steady as I tasted his manhood, the fingers of my left hand arousing my own genitals in the water. I slid my lips and tongue down his erection, taking in the full length and pausing for a long time with David completely enveloped in my mouth. He tasted and smelled of swimming pool and salty chlorine as I tickled and massaged the underside of his penis with my tongue, causing David to shudder and moan. Then sliding my lips and tongue up and down his cock, I took my time pleasuring him, totally turned on by the knowledge that this same penis I was now fondling with my lips and tongue was going to be fucking me shortly! After orally stimulating him for about fifteen minutes, David stood up on the edge of the pool and smiled, then reached down with his hand to help me out so that we could move under the cabana to begin yet another mating session. I spread out my towel across one of the chaise lounges and climbed on my hands and knees as David mounted me from behind. I moaned as he slowly inserted his beautiful, throbbing penis inside me, taking his time as he always did so as not to hurt me. I always found this part of our lovemaking to be most exhilarating, our souls embracing, becoming one, at the very moment our bodies joined together physically. I was so in love with this hunky boy! I felt David's heartbeat and his warm, bare skin as he rested across my back, his hands extended, tenderly caressing my body as I rested on all fours. I gladly welcomed his soft touch, his boyish curiosity always a turn on as his fingertips lovingly explored my chest, nipples, and abs, gradually making their way down to my ass and down between my legs while he tenderly worked his penis further into me. Slowly he worked up a cadence as he began fucking me, his erection exploring the deepest depths of my hungry void. I responded in kind, fucking his penis with my ass, wanting so badly to pleasure him, for him to once again shower his warm, milky seed inside me! I slowly lowered myself onto the chaise lounge as David alternated between pumping his hips into mine in a steady rhythm and then occasionally slowing in order to grind our hips together, extending his penal reach. I slipped my hand down and fondled my erection as I was being fucked by my incredibly hot boyfriend, feeling my orgasm quickly approaching. Lying on my chest, I reached down with my right hand so that I was delicately masterbating, caressing my tight scrotum and the soft underside of my penis with my fingers. It didn't take very long before I could tell David was getting closer. He began increasing the rhythm of his hips, his breathing getting deeper. Taking my left hand in his tender grasp, he positioned my arm above my head to steady himself, his other hand on my shoulders at the base of my neck as he hovered over me and moaned softly, his thrusts now deeper and faster. Anticipating his orgasm was near, I stepped up the pace of my own pubic arousal, totally engulfed in the rapture of the moment. David's breathing was now fast and shallow. Wildly pounding my ass, he let out a sudden gasp, loudly exhaling, "Fuuuuuuck!" I felt the warm sensation as David thrust his slippery boy fluids deep into my void, his rhythm now erratic as his body shuddered, David floating through his orgasm. He continued pounding my ass, releasing the last of his creamy load into my anus as his orgasm gradually faded. His movements then slowly subsided, replaced by the intense sounds of very heavy panting, David spent a moment trying to regain his composure as he lifted himself up and then had me flip over onto my back. And David wasted no time getting to work! He spread my knees and immediately took my erection completely into his mouth, his lips and tongue enjoying every inch as he went down on me. The sensation was overwhelming. My body shuddered a bit as I could feel the warm, moist roof of his mouth across the top of my penis, the soft, damp sensation of his darting tongue stimulating the sensitive underside. He then slid a couple of fingers into my ass, caressing and playing with my prostate, his thumb slowly massaging the very tight region between my anus and scrotum. I slowly began grinding my hips in responsive instinct, fucking his lips, David milking my penis with his mouth, determined to make me cum. His unrelenting rhythm increased its pace, David used his right hand to stroke me in unison with his lips and tongue as his left hand kept spelunking the depths of my ass, randomly massaging me wildly with his hand, his fingers deliberately rubbing my very sexually sensitive prostate and causing me to grind into his hand in excitement. He picked up the pace and was now pumping me rather quickly now, my breathing getting much faster, my body beginning to twitch in anticipation of David bringing me to yet another fantastic orgasm! I couldn't stand it any longer. I was now furiously digging my my hips into his face as he pumped me aggressively, totally unwilling to stop his pace until he had his trophy mouthful of my jism. Knowing he was about to win this, he stepped up his cadence yet again and was now milking me with wild abandonment, his fingers furiously massaging and undulating inside my ass as I felt myself slip past the point of no return! I exhaled suddenly and sharply. My abs tightening and twitching, I could feel my cock ejaculate it's warm, flowing juices into David's throat, his tongue contracting against the underside of my exploding penis as I felt him swallowing my cum. I looked down at David as our eyes met, my orgasm continuing, the corners of his lips unable to contain my full load, some of my semen leaking out and running down his chin. After a couple of more orgasmic spasms in my groin, my orgasm finally began to fade, my lungs gasping for air. David gently pulled away from my spent penis to kiss me, sliding his tongue into my mouth, the unmistakable taste of cum as my overflow fluids ran from his lips and chin onto mine in messy pools of pearl. I sucked feverishly on his tongue, so badly wanting to taste more, not wanting to end one of the hottest fucks we'd had up that point! And that was our first day of "servicing" the new pool. And we had ten more weeks to go! ----------------------------------------------------------- I continued watching David as this very gorgeous man continued to sleep. There was so much I still loved about him, so many things I missed. Sure, I'd had plenty of other boyfriends since him, but none of them were as special as the relationship I had had with David. They all turned out to be mostly fuck buddies, and I needed so much more than that. David was special. He was the first man, the only man, I'd ever actually fallen on love with. And then tears suddenly began welling up in the corners of my eyes, as I recalled how our relationship came to an abrupt end. Just then, almost on queue, a soft, unmistakable airplane "ding dong" sounded throughout the cabin as the voice of a stewardess came across the intercom. "The captain has turned on the 'Fasten Seat Belts' sign. If you're up and about the cabin, please return to your seats and fasten your seat belt. The captain is anticipating severe turbulence ahead." ----------------------------------------------------------- For the rest of the summer, David and I took advantage our alone time, frolicking in the pool at Adam's house, the last pool on our daily schedule. We horsed around, played around, and made out in the pool. We'd spend hours laying out in the nude as we lathered each other up with lotion, soaked up some rays, and talked. When playtime and talking were done, we managed to have very intimate sex in just about every corner of the courtyard. One of our favorite games was to sixty-nine each other and try really hard not to be the one who came first. David won most of the time, but I certainly didn't mind loosing to my hunky boyfriend at all! Sometimes I lost on purpose! By the end of the summer, David and I had golden, allover tans! The time we had alone together those ten weeks was so amazingly beautiful, and because of David, I'll always treasure the summer between high school and college for the rest of my life. As Autumn came back around and school started back up again, I began classes at the university with David and Kevin, having been accepted on a music scholarship. The course material was certainly harder, and I had to spend additional hours studying and practicing piano, but I felt that I had managed the transition from high school to college rather well. And then. About a quarter of the way into the semester, I came home from my afternoon classes, only to find that both of my parents had been waiting all day to speak with me. They had gotten a call from David's father. As it turned out, right before summer had ended one of Kevin's former football teammates had spotted David and me out together. Apparently, we were seen kissing in his car in the parking lot of the local movie theater, and this person felt it was his duty to call David's father, who in turn, called my parents. I remembered the kiss. We had finished our rounds early as usual and decided to catch a matinee, a newly released film. David and I were pretty careful about our behavior in public together, and we were pretty certain that no one was around at the time, but apparently we had misjudged. During the course of my rather awkward conversation with my parents, I learned that under intense questioning (David's dad is an attorney as well as a rather controlling father figure), David's parents also found out that he and I were sexually active! This was never how I had imagined coming out with my parents! So many times I had rehearsed in my mind how I wanted to break the news to my mom and dad, to let them know that their baby boy is gay. And this was certainly not what I had imagined! But surprisingly - and I'd never expected this from them - they went to great lengths to assure me that they were very supportive of me, that they understood that as an adult I'm fully capable of making my own decisions, and most importantly, that they still loved me very, very much. I couldn't help it. I could no longer hold back the tears as they welled up and began running down my cheeks. They went on to say that they loved David, too, that I had very good taste in such a respectable young man and that they were OK with our relationship. They just asked that as long as I was living at home to please be honest with them. At this point, all I could do was nod my head in agreement because the tears were now flowing nonstop. My mother then gave me the biggest, most important hug of my life as I totally broke down in her arms and cried. "I was so afraid", I sobbed after several minutes of crying nonstop. "Afraid of how we'd react if we knew you were gay?" she finished. I nodded. The tears were coming in buckets now. "Afraid you and dad... would be disappointed in me" I managed to cry to even more tears. "Oh, baby!" my mom broke her embrace enough so she could look me in the eye. "The only way you could ever disappoint your father and me would be if you tried living your life as someone you're not! OK?" she smiled up at me. Of course, this caused even more tears as I embraced my mom, relieved that she and my dad finally knew the truth and were still there for me. A little while later, after regaining my composure, I tried texting David, worried about his parents' reaction. I waited anxiously for more than an hour until I got a reply, but it wasn't from David. It was from his dad. And it wasn't good news. He stated that our relationship was wrong for his son and that he and his mother didn't want me near David anymore. He planned to send David to the east coast where he would live with his aunt and uncle and transfer his studies there to finish out his degree. He made it clear that he and David's mom were intent on keeping us apart and told me not to try to see David, otherwise he would call local law enforcement. I felt as though I had been kicked in the stomach! I was totally crushed! I threw my phone across the kitchen as I let out a very angry scream and collapsed at the kitchen table, crying again! My mom came into the kitchen to check on me, my dad just a few paces behind. She saw the text on my phone through the shattered screen as she picked it up off the floor. I saw such a hurt, apologetic look on her face, looking back up at me as I raced to my room, sobbing bitterly. Time stood still. I totally lost track of it, staying in my room, literally wailing the whole time, refusing to eat or drink anything at all. I needed so badly to talk to David, to be with him, to have him hold me! But I feared that I'd never be allowed to ever see him again, and that hurt like hell! I've never cried as hard and as intensely for anyone as I did for David. I felt as though my soul had been completely ripped from my body and shredded! Up to this point in my young life, I'd never experienced pain quite like this before. For the following days, the only time I wasn't crying was when I had cried myself to sleep. And when I woke, the pain kept rushing back in, as if it had been standing there next to my bed, watching, waiting for me to open my eyes again so it could continue the torment. This unrelenting cycle continued for I don't know how long. I just remember the light in the window in my room kept alternating between morning, evening, night, and then back to morning again with no foreseeable end in sight. And then somewhere in all this, I heard a knock as my bedroom door opened. I turned and looked through red, puffy eyes and saw it was Kevin. "Hey, Baby Brother" he said in a sheepishly quiet voice as he entered. "I'm so sorry about everything you're going through right now. " I didn't answer. "I went with dad today to talk to David's dad" he said as he sat at the end of my bed. "And?" I weakly asked, hoping he'd changed his mind about David and me. "It didn't go well. It turned into a shouting match and ended with Dad calling him a 'fucking asshole'." "Really?" I chuckled through my tear-soaked voice. "Dad?" "Yeah, hard to believe for such a mild-tempered guy as Dad, huh?" I nodded and sat up, sniffling. "Yeah, Dad really stepped up to bat for you and David." He paused for a very long moment, thinking about how he would continue. "You're really scaring them, Mom and Dad. They've been sleeping in shifts for three days just so one of them can keep an eye on you." he paused again. "It's really hurting them to see you suffering like this." I felt awful. Guilty that I was worrying my parents to the point that they felt I needed to be watched. "I spoke with David." he added. "What'd he say?" I asked, eager to hear word from David. "He and his dad had a really big fight a couple of nights ago. He threatened to quit school, leave and move out on his own. But his dad threatened to file an injunction against you, to keep you guys apart." "Can he do that?" "He's got enough clout in this county. I suppose it wouldn't be too hard for the little prick to do." It was so unfair! "Why does he hate me so much?" tears rolling again down my cheeks and chin. "It's not you, Baby Brother. The bigger issue is that David's dad refuses to come to terms and accept that his only child is gay." Kevin went on, shaking his head, "He's a fool, really, if he thinks separating you two is going to somehow make David stop being gay. All he's accomplishing is he's driving a permanent wedge between himself and David. Something he's going to regret, something he's never going to be able to take back or undo later." "What'd you tell David when he asked about me?" "The truth. That you haven't stopped crying since all the shit hit the fan with his dad." "How'd he react?" "He broke down and starting crying too, apologizing for the mess his father was making of things, apologizing for how badly you're being hurt, getting caught in the middle." Kevin continued, "He wants to see you so very badly, but his father has him on a very short leash right now. I had a tough time convincing his dad just to let me talk to him." "I'm sorry we never told you." I apologized to my brother. "It's OK." he replied. "I admit I was pretty much hurt at first. I thought that maybe you guys felt like you couldn't trust me." he said, "But over the past couple of days, I've been able to see how serious you guys are about each other...." he broke mid-sentence for a moment, pondering, and then continued. "I realized you guys weren't actually out to hurt me. You were just afraid of what I was going to think if I found out my best friend and my brother are having a gay relationship. That sound about right?" I nodded. "Well," he smiled, placing his hand on my shoulder, looking me straight in the eye "I forgive you guys - if there's anything to forgive at all - and David's still my best friend, OK? I made sure I told him that, too." "How did he react when you told him that?" "Well, he smiled and gave me a really big hug and whispered 'Thank you!' in my ear. I admit it was a side of him I'd never seen before, but ironically, I feel a lot closer to him now." At that, I leaned forward, tears slowly streaming again, and gave my big brother probably the first hug I'd given him since we were kids. I too whispered a teary "Thank you!" in his ear. "Hey, you're my baby brother. I could never turn my back on you, OK? Mom and Dad and I just want you to be happy." he reassured. I held on to Kevin tighter, the tears now streaming down my cheeks again. I felt so much closer to my brother after that, and I was so very thankful that my family was as supportive as they were. I just regretted that David never received the same loving support from his family, and it hurt me so very deeply knowing how much David needed me, but I wasn't allowed to come anywhere near him. I just wanted more than anything to be there for him, to reassure him, to be with him! But his parents went to great lengths to keep us apart until they were able to send David away to live with his aunt and uncle. But David and I were able to get messages to each other, thanks to Kevin, although I was never given the opportunity to see David off, to tell him once more how much I loved him! I was truly heartbroken! Fall turned into winter, and winter to spring. And painful as it was those next several months being apart from David, life went on. I was able continue my studies at the university, and once things had settled down a bit, David went behind his family's back and bought a new phone, so that we were able to stay in touch. We spent hours upon hours talking every day, planning our future together once we finished school. But as happens to all long distance relationships, time passed. The calls became less frequent, we eventually met other guys, and we moved on with our lives. But even though, I never stopped loving David. ----------------------------------------------------------- "So where in town are you staying?" David asked. The early morning sun was coming up through the open windows in the cabin as we crossed over the British coast. I was a little embarrassed because I had to dig into my itinerary to look up the name of my hotel. It was a small economy hotel I found online, out on the edge of town, but it had easy access to the London Underground and access to the heart of town. "Bullshit!" was David's response. "I'm booked at The Montcalm London Marble Arch" he said, reaching for his phone, auto dialing a number. "Jeffery, I need for you to cancel a friend's reservation for me and add him to mine." he paused, looking at me. "You're staying with me." he whispered, covering the mouthpiece. My heart suddenly raced with excitement. "Yes." Jeffery was back on the line as David continued. "Have them bill any cancelation charges to me, please." "Also, while you're at it, see if they can upgrade the room to one of the lavish suites with a jacuzzi, if you would, please." "Yes." "Thank you, Jeffery." He hung up and turned to me. "We have some catching up to do, you and I." he said with a dimpled smile. And catch up, we did. It was so wonderful spending time in London with David! Yes, we caught up on each other's lives, but we also caught up on seven years of fabulous sex we'd missed out on. We discovered that we were both still deeply in love with each other and that none of the guys we'd met since our relationship ended - or rather, was placed on hold - satisfied either of our needs. And so when we returned to the states, we were married. David sold a quarter of his business to his partners, and with the money we built a brand new home together. Totally high-end with a piano studio. And complete with a pool. Surrounded on three sides by the house and on one side by a garage. With a single narrow accessway between the house and garage. Through a wrought iron gate from the driveway.
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