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Johnny Castle


also known as Antonio (Chuck, Corbin Fisher), Brock (Jake Cruise), Antonio Lorca (Sharpshooter)

Playgirl Magazine:

PG September 2006 – Fantasy: “Fondle With Care”

PG May 2007 – Men of PGTV (Photography by Studio 1435)

PG August 2007 – Fantasy: “Active Service Deployment” (Photography by Studio 1435)

PG September 2007 – Men of PGTV (Photography by Greg Weiner)

PG January 2008 – Blast from the Past

PG Fall 2014

PG – Online (M/F Fantasy – “Adoration”)     

PG – Online (Friends of PG)

PG Video: Behind the Scenes                       

Other Publications: Men (02/07, 03/07 Man of the Year 2007, 01/08), Mandate (03/06), Torso (02/06)

Videos:  Sun Soaked (2007-gay), Hustle & Cruise (2007-gay)

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